Offer, in my eyes, an exciting addition to the equipment of the hunter - buttons from an old cardboard or plastic hunting cartridges. Liner any method (better narrow cutting tool on a lathe) clipped the tube and the cap of the drilled hole. For water-stability of the surface of the buttons on the reverse side should be covered with two coats of any film adhesive.Made by this method buttons for many years used me in hunting jackets and suits and always arouse the enthusiasm of your own originality.C. Lopatkin#vyzyvayustchimNikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Economical Camelion

Greetings to all. A long time to read the site, but decided to write just now. Seen here similar topics, but I will try to share their experience. So converted flashlight use for six months.Always wanted to be independent from buying disposable batteries, so I decided to replace them with that - it is rechargeable. Few people know that the batteries from cell phones is much more durable than I thought. "Rolls" in the first chip and the element remains intact. Therefore, even recessed battery will work without the chip. Briefly describe how to do a flashlight. Took broken Camelion, cleaned board Read more [...]
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survival communications

On the Russian market began implementing extreme ultra-secure phone teXet TM-3204R. This is a real vehicle, which is not afraid of water, no Graziosi, and together with that has a fairly impressive set of features. The phone is yet another rebranding device AGM Rock V5 German company's AGM for the Russian market.Model teXet TM-3204R is concluded shockproof case phone protected from Graziosi and water according to IP67 standard. The phone runs on the Android operating system 4.0.4, during testing no updates had not been found, supports 2 active sim cards, and has a fairly large battery of 2000 mAh.The Read more [...]
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Rag tuning for Boar 12

All welcome! To increase the wearable ammunition, I decided to make a pouch to store on the butt smooth bored shotgun boar 12. Factory pouches designed for threaded AK-shaped, smooth-to Boar not fit: the other dimension of the store and the presence of turning on the butt cheeks make their exploitation impossible. Having worked with a tarp and sling that's what I camePouch fastened the buttons located on the sling (although dressing takes time but the pouch is attached securely, eliminating distortions and bias during the shot) Store in pouch fixed buttonDuring the test, immediately revealed Read more [...]
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In the modern town, and not only in the town, very often have to leave your car unattended in an unguarded Parking lots or on the street out of sight. In this case, even if the opening of the machine by an attacker to trigger a regular alarm, you will not hear.Wouldn't it be nice if the car while trying to steal, he would call on your cell phone and why not only Need to teach your car to use the phone. Create it with the help of step-by-step annotations.These alarms can operate not only on cars, and on all other objects, such as summer houses, garages, etc. only Need to predict what turn the device Read more [...]
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Continued global review of LED lamps. Part 2

Start here.TestingIn order to make it easier to compare the lights, we divided them into groups according to the size and the main purpose. Indeed, judged by the same criteria headlamp designed to illuminate the road under your feet, and long-range hand, lets you see hundreds of meters, it would be pretty weird.Hand modelRelatively large lights on batteries size AA and C: AITEC AT2001L, MELLERT MasterLED x5, MELLERT MasterLED x9, LED-LENSER V2 TL, PELI 2020 SabreLite LEDBrightness and uniformity of illuminationAs we noted in our first test, firms have several different approaches to Read more [...]
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Wired postBP Us

Good morning.Continue about electronic homemade, if already my last topic vyzhivu.ru/blog/guestroom/4067.html called positive feedback.As you already know, we adhere to the rule that minimize the cost of soldering and homemade. Today I want to share with you just a device wired connection, which consists of only 4 parts (sik!). TTX. The above scheme provides voice almost 100 meters. You can work simplex (single-sided job as on the radio) over twisted pair or full duplex on three-core wire.In standby mode consumes no energy.Placed in a matchbox with speaker and batteries. I do not need Read more [...]
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Pouch for pot

Bought the Swedish army in the summer and needed a bowler pouch for him. I had to sew. Took the usual camouflage cloth, tarpaulin and linings. And green sling 25mm, Castle fasteks green pair of eyelets at the bottom and double-slotted four buckles on the side of the screed.As I sewed it all kroil images not preserved. So I can imagine the end result leash.Inside the tube is sewn - neck tie with a hat of gum prodernutoy in eyelets, with lock and okonechnikom.On the inner side of the upper valve placed on velcro and buttons, detachable pocket - wallet (So under every little thing). Read more [...]
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Combat extrasensory

This phenomenon is understandable for a long time. During the 2nd world war, Russia had gained their own specroscop specifically from individuals possessing the natural ability to sense the enemy at a distance. The Germans logical thinking has always prevailed over natural "animal instinct", and their genes have been thoroughly emasculated by the fires of the Holy Inquisition from psychic encroachments. But the war was necessary to oppose something diabolical capabilities of Russian, Serbs, Bulgarians and other Orthodox, whose protcol not burned at the stake.The way to counter was designed by Viennese Read more [...]
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Nalobnik Petzl, — what’s inside? (TikkaXP and MyoXP)

Finally vouchsafed otfotkat and link graphics. Technical information is available at Russian mirror offsayta, Here we consider the construction onyh.Sobstvenno - proceed.Good old TikkaXP, now, like, taken from production and replaced TikkaXP2. In my case - 1W Luxeon'e.Everything is simple and clear. Rubber rings on the body (battery compartment) for LED collimator on a low battery indicator. Rubber and rubber switch mode «Boost», pressed against the body inside a plastic insert. 3 bolts with a notch Allen, directly under the batteries. Lumileds Luxeon on a standard sprocket with contact Read more [...]
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101 composition on the keyboard, which can make life easier. (save, in order not to zapamatovat)If you work a lot with the computer, then you understand that for a quick and productive work, you must try to do without a mouse. This article will tell as more comfortable to use: Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, Mac, MS Excel, MS Word.* GoogleCtrl+L or ALT+D or F6 - go to address bar and highlight its contentsCtrl+K or Ctrl+E - go to the address line and enter the query as a favorite on deflate search engineCtrl+Enter - turn tratata in the address bar in www.tratata. com Ctrl+T - new tabCtrl+N - new Read more [...]
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my slide-EDC

I do not know what to write about it, I was satisfied with everything in it, describe what living in pockets))) 1) work gloves (with blue bumps), the second pocket is empty, breaks a pack of cigarettes. 2) 2 overhead, underneath two internal pockets (for documents, notebook, pen, etc, etc) until empty 3) 2bolshih pocket on the back of the same size type ryukzachek until empty. 4) 2 main pocket compass, a box of matches, 3 meter rope, spoon, butylek hydrogen peroxide, salt, toilet paper. 5) PET bottle pocket 0.5 is not included, has lived folding saw. 6) PET bottle pocket under 0.5. 7) lives Read more [...]
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How to get rid of industrial plastic cable ties

Looking is not found, it may be useful to someone.How to get rid of industrial plastic ties used as "good" and "bad" guys as handcuffs.1. If hands clasped behind his back.2. If hands clasped in front.3. If two hands clasped ties. Read more [...]
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and again about the Chinese …

Many people know about the existence of ancient China Fashion beskryuchkovoy carp ordinary pugovitsy.vyglyadelo is about tak.na end nylon cord leash knit several of the same material, each of which was attached ordinary pugovitsy.vsya this svyazochka zaleplivalas cooked porridge and tightly formed in lump the size of a walnut to mandarina.posle which, being thrown into podgruzhenny Probable point of catching. (progenitor of modern nipples, bosses). carp began to dissolve porridge, with flowing, sifting through the gills all the inedible portion of the cord korma.pugovitsy just treated to takovoy.v Read more [...]
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Restore and bring to mind a Chinese lantern.

Many have various Chinese lanterns, working from a single battery. Like this:Unfortunately, they are very short-lived. For information on how to return the flashlight to life and some simple improvements, can improve these lights - I will tell more. The weakest spot in such lamps - button. She oxidized contacts, resulting in a dull flashlight begins to shine, and then can not stop all included. The first sign - lantern shines with a normal battery is weak, but if you flip through the button several times, the brightness increases. The easiest way to get a flashlight to shine - to proceed as Read more [...]
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Boss — Button improvised.

The theme is simple, but to talk about global issues do not like, whisking in a little. Let me tell about everyday.Happens - came off in a campaign button on his pants or other clothes. Came off and got lost somewhere in the litter. Usually tourists-vyzhivantsy care about threads, needles called to cram. On the left is usually buttoned tight. Come to the rescue of the old invention - the boss. Boss - it can be said, vintage button was, for example, type in the haversack Turkestan Army of the Tsar. Can also be found on the Soviet RD. For its manufacturing only need a strong rod or sliver, as in Read more [...]
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Author: Dmitry Kolotov Created review: January 2010 Review posted with the permission of the author. In short, the blade of steel ... 4034. Aluminum handle with Kraton inserts. I disclosed Length 20 cm 12 cm length of the closed in the open state II 17 cm, 10 cm in a closed Well, if for more detail, the Speed Lock by Boker - it's one hundred percent automatic. You press the button, the blade jumps out and fixed the lock. Button is good because it is made flush with the handle. How to wear a pants pocket / pants, as worn in the bag, the knife never spontaneously never opened. Read more [...]
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Extreme testing locks (part three)

Authors: AlexScar, Mikhalych...Part two here  Break - not to build. Especially break, using a proven methodology. So, participated in the test themselves victims in the amount of 6 pieces, has already become a famous "Yelda" out of cans and no less famous titanium scrap, foldable ladder as our desktop and calloused hands. Knife clamped in a vice grip on established additional clamp to the blade not wriggled out of the grip, the handle hanging "Yelda" and fills the canisters with water.After each test canisters were weighed, the data is recorded,and the contents Read more [...]
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Benchmade 9130

Author: AlexScar Created Review - July 2007For automatic knives have always had mixed feelings. For a long childhood and adolescence briefly in Asia, once I got to a good automatic knife. Quite large, with a side discharge. The quality was great! Maybe it was a super-fit, may, in a particularly tricky device lock, but the blade flew fast, sharp and seated just tightly. Given the fact that the case was in the early 90's, when the knives that cut really well, and the more machines were oh-oh-oh, very small, and they have been banned, you can imagine the feelings overwhelmed me every Read more [...]
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Elektromegafon EM-12

Elektromegafon EM-12 Appointment: Elektromegafon EM-12 is designed to supply voice and alarm siren in the open and in large enclosed spaces. Description: To ensure a high degree of intelligibility of the speech signal overload the amplifier input signal to the amplifier is used pre-correction and response measures are taken to preserve the symmetric limit output at all its levels in amplitude. To ensure energy efficiency amplifier output stage it operates in the switching mode (mode D) using adaptive pulse-width modulation. The housing is located elektromegafona amplifier and the battery compartment, Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).