Simplicity and reliability

IL-58 Boxed 1963g.v. After many years and many guns I have risked the wrath of dissenting, I tell them about the gun IL-58 16-gauge, as the most successful series of the Soviet period.  Once again I saw the photograph of the author gun DC «HORN» V.Lukashova. By all indications, the IL-58 16-caliber, issue 60. With a gun and hunt me. External similarity of our guns does not mean that it is with this lodge and they were released then. Just the embodiment desired, in my case personally.I also had a chance to hunt almost all post-war gorizontalki – by IZHB to Read more [...]
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«Too late, Dubrovsky! ..»

Lied merchants, to the extent of how much things have to happen for the lied saints more than lied to merchants, for the sanctity of more trade and believes himself a skillful way ...Internal capacity a brass sleeve tsentroboy, to our chagrin of Sanya, was clearly small. According to the instruction on the package smoky «Bears»We fell asleep to equip the sleeve 16-gauge minimum, ie, five grams of powder.Then zapyzhivali cardboard kruglyashi and two felt-pyzhami from 12 gauge, after re-cardboard lining, umyakushivali navoynikom almost from under the hammer (though smoker and is not afraid Read more [...]
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Surveying 7.62

One of the major factors influencing the battle rifle, it is the state of the trunk. When buying a rifle, especially - b / y, or "ograzhdanennogo" army, boring bore is mandatory (along with test shooting). You can find kits army, but sales there are 7.62-mm caliber. Design FeaturesA set of gauges for monitoring the internal diameter of the barrel of the gun muzzle of 7.62 mm in the fields. The set provides a check of the trunk diameter in the range of 7.61…7.68 mm, with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and consists of 6 Surveying cylinders of different diameters, with high accuracy Read more [...]
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How well they started …

I can not say that in buying my first shotgun I came totally unprepared, so to speak, on the same enthusiasm. I read a few books on hunting weapons, and with all sorts of mechanisms I "you" since childhood, a good engineer and a mechanic. Creatively comprehended all the information available and taking license to buy a gun, began to search. The program maximum in this quest - gorizontalki, in which at least one barrel without choke, ie cylinder, and there's how it goes.I am fully aware that this problem is hardly feasible. Recent guns of this type released in 1955, it was the TOZ-B. And then began Read more [...]
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Fight small caliber rifles

No advantages of small caliber rifles to large-caliber guns there, but plenty of drawbacksPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova This article is in no way encroaches on the authority of such outstanding professionals as Alexander P. Ivashentsov and Sergey Buturlin. However, in the history of science and technology sometimes there are incidents.How AP Ivashentseva have formed the opinion that small-caliber rifles have several advantages over large-caliber guns, no one can say. In my view, the logic of reasoning was that the smaller inner diameter of the barrel, the more pressure a barrel can Read more [...]
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Mystery .32

How many mysteries and puzzles to keep domestic hunting weapons! Pilot and experimental production, small series, non-standard gauges - all this says about the richness of Russian weapons history.TOZAN Terminal-B 32-gauge. It as well as on the trunks with fore, the serial number is stamped gun «2». Issue one of the most popular OTE­-quality weapons systems — Tula model «B» — It has been launched in 1902 and lasted from minimal changes to 1956, and taking into account the more serious modifications Read more [...]
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Gun piece of manufacturing can be proud of not tolkoohotnik, but also a collector. What TOZ-34, known in our country, everyone! A whole generation has grown by local hunters this "vertikalka." One can argue endlessly about how successful or gun design is flawed. But the fact remains rare rifle in the world can boast such a wide popularity. Nowadays, this popularity has not disappeared, many hunters dream of having in their arsenal the most "Thirty", of course, the Soviet edition. It was the Soviet edition of the best "certified" quality guns, which for modern rifles Tula, unfortunately, Read more [...]
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Wonderful are thy works, O Lord!

B XIX and early XX century were remarkable gunsmiths and oruzhievedy that could work not only a gun and bench tools, but also perfectly possessed pen. List all the great journalists of hunting and hunting weapons is impossible, but Griner, Zhurke, Fedorov and Buturlin knew all the weapons and hunting world ... A Greener illustrations from his book "Shotgun" is still reprinted in all the current publications and rifle passports. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The books Fedorov and Buturlin described everything now invented like new. But almost the entire XX century came the war, both in Read more [...]
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Nine and three

During his more than 20-year-old hunting life I had the opportunity to visit the most different corners of our vast country from the Far East to the Kola Peninsula ... is extracted furs, bird shot and hit the animal. After each trip, considering the pictures and notes, always wondered - what hunted taiga men and people whose life has become an integral part of hunting and fishing. This is all the indigenous peoples of the North, the Old Believers – hermits of Yakutia and Evenkia Cossacks Sikhote-Alin, our Ryazan and Vologda peasants living in the villages with their gardens and an indispensable Read more [...]
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Reflections lover of hunting weapons

Weapons I have always loved and wanted to have it, but to come close to the implementation of his desire I could not so long ago, but for a short period of my serious study of hunting weapons, ownership and repair some of its accumulated experience and reflection that solicit on paper.Shotgun Matzke. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Not to say that in buying my first shotgun I came totally unprepared, so to speak, on the same enthusiasm. I read a few books on hunting weapons, and with all sorts of mechanisms I «you» childhood, a good engineer and a mechanic. Creatively comprehended Read more [...]
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16th caliber — the perfect choice

Years passed, and the USSR no longer a niche sixteenth caliber caliber firmly occupied the twelfth. This was, perhaps, arms factories, has been steadily declining for the release of this caliber weapons. And once reduced production of weapons, ammunition, too, began to produce much less.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova A few years ago, even in Moscow it was difficult to find the cartridges 16 caliber with the required number of fractions. Now the situation is changing for the better, again began to produce guns sixteenth caliber, and in the range of virtually every major manufacturer has Read more [...]
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About «Cayge» and about insults

Mnogie authors criticize Izhmash for "Saiga". For critics resent the owners of these guns. Emotions they are clear, but unfortunately, objecting to criticism, they often do not carefully read carefully in it. So, Victor Korneev offense for himself and criticized me Igor Dedenkova. Like, it had only Igor Dedenkovu  bring their weight characteristics «Saiga-20S» (3.7 kg), I immediately rounded the figure up to 4 kg and brought his gun up to 5 g, and even without the weight of ammunition and belt.Let me remind you, however, that any comparisons with his gun Igor in that article, I Read more [...]
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Alpine dandies

Fitting we are not spoiledOnce we were allowed to have rifles, people rushed for the available old army carbines KO 44, and fortunate, for the hunting and the SCS options SVD.Hunters thought their bullets allegedly piercing rails in able to hit with any animal the first shot. If this is not It occurred, still remained in the carbine ammunition that could be released in a matter of seconds. What in versus they can show rifled shotgun (fitting), and even to Besides and so expensive? Most hunters from fittings perceived merely eccentric. I and himself, Read more [...]
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CZ550 — Czech contradictions

Probably no other rifles, speaking of which have expressed so much controversy. If you sum up the opinion, it appears that the rifle CZ550 very good, but with modesty addition, for the price.Shutter CZ550 dismantled: lugs, extractor, firing pin spring and drummer. What is a CZ550? AT based on its well-proven millions of repetitions of the slide design of military rifles «98 Mauser». AT Brothers Paul and construction William Mauser was obvious findings, makes it truly outstanding engineering achievements. But there and it something Read more [...]
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7,62h39: Continuing the theme

And then came the moment of truth: the specialists and hunters have not reached a consensus about the effectiveness of this cartridge hunting (as, indeed, and other rounds of 7.62 mm), and officials, without further ado, have banned the use of the long-suffering cartridgeAnd then came the moment of truth: the specialists and hunters have not reached a consensus about the effectiveness of this cartridge hunting (as, indeed, and other rounds of 7.62 mm), and officials, without further ado, have banned the use of the cartridge when the long-suffering hunting more or less big game. Immediately Read more [...]
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Clonoboy Street Piccadilly

The nineteenth century was rich with great inventions armories. One of the most important achievements is the development of a unitary cartridge and the widespread introduction of breech-loading principle. For its practical realizatsiioruzheynikami all over the world offer a variety of practical solutions.Photo by Oleg Pokrovskogo.S weapon chambered for .577 even today hunting large African animals. Another note that handguns, is a direct descendant of artillery in XIX century, developed in parallel with the her. Despite significant difference calibers, cross-fertilization Read more [...]
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7.62 mm or 9?

I read an article by Mikhail Ivanov «About threaded cartridges» In response, I quote the author: «In many ways, I agree, but what's the bet».Michael is right that even now, a poor hunter for most weapons available 7.62mm — Just look at the prices in shops. Who is this «is to blame»? Of course, the manufacturer.Yes, we had cheap 9mm carbines. It HPE-103 and «Saiga-9» chambered for 9H54. Who can not see them in stores. «There is no demand» — as stated by the manufacturer.There are two reasons. First — neraskruchennyh 9mm, Read more [...]
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Travel weapons

What tourist weapon preferable rifled or smooth? Arguments in favor of one or the other lead easily. Preferably, of course, the combined, but in our case, when the acquisition rifled barrel very difficult for the population, the palm has to give smoothbore options.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova In this situation, one should pay attention to the store, a native of Tula KBP, gun “Lynx-K”. Thanks to the original “breechless” arrangement with a moving trunk, it compares favorably with most other guns close class in compactness and weight. Although insufficient margin Read more [...]
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On the pool for gladkostvolki

Recently, a bullet to the rifle bullet seriously pressed to gladkostvolke. Now everyone knows, from which to shoot wild boar, elk, bear ... The data on energy in joules, in kg / m many obscure and bullet for shotgun - uncivilized, is out of date. In response, someone snaps timidly trying to explain it somehow did not really look in the woods of Central Russian Army man with a rifle.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Taking advantage of the incompetence of the potential buyers, the market continues to grow arms, little use for hunting large animals. The debate in the press, slowly but still Read more [...]
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«Tula aunt»

I started to hunt in twenty years. My first gun was a great IL-57 (IL-54 modification of the 16-gauge). It was the best Russian guns, not like modern crafts, and many of them away to foreign cars. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Coincidentally, at the same time I have inherited two guns from the late uncle. Guns were unusual at the time. I must say that my uncle was an avid of wolf and bear hunter. So, one gun for wolf hunting was pump-action Winchester prewar issue 16 caliber mascoy 2.9 kg.The second – for hunting bears was hammerless shotgun 10 gauge French production, coupled Read more [...]
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