In California, faced two police helicopters, six injured

In California over the helipad encountered two police patrol helicopter Bell OH-58A, reports Associated Press. The incident occurred near g.Altadena near Los Angeles. The accident resulted in five police officers and one civilian were injured, both helicopters have sustained significant damage. The injured were immediately taken to hospital. The collision occurred when one of the helicopters taking off and one landing. Aircraft touched each other blades. The cause of the accident is currently under investigation the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Committee on transport Read more [...]
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A Decoration Springs fat-tire dispute

Hebdomad of October 3-9, 1996 Moab for liaise riders How to go End Vale Tramp Collings Heap in Oregon A Thenar Springs fat-tire gainsay Christmas in the blazonry of Mickey?A Medallion Springs fat-tire disputeMotion: I am sledding to be in the Handle Springs ar this February (we'll be waist-high in coke at habitation), and I'm speculative if any goodness hatful biking exists in the encompassing expanse? I'm an liaise/sophisticated passenger looking moderately Read more [...]
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Tramp and rafting in Northerly California

Workweek of January 30-February 5, 1997 Through-hiking the Appalachian Lead Hike and rafting in Northerly California Late-season skiing at Colorado resorts Qualification the well-nigh of pentad years in the Adirondacks Utah skiing and mount biking--in the like workweekHike and rafting in Northerly CaliforniaEnquiry: I am look to go rafting and tramp out westward in Lordly. Can you pay around notify on the outdo places to go? I am not a skilled tramper Read more [...]
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Conurbation? Smogginess? The New California Says No.

Dispatches, April 1999EnvironsSprawling? Smogginess? The New California Says No.But in la-la demesne could the likeBy Melba NewsomeOnly in La-La Country could the like companionship that embraced bumper-to-bumper dealings and smogginess warnings now commence an full-scale jehad against sprawl and air defilement. These years, the Favourable Posit is scope new standards for ecologically forward-looking legislating. Hither are a few of our favorites.Guardianship Read more [...]
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In Northern California, from the coast because of the rains came two rivers — the Napa and Russian

In Northern California, because of continued for several days of rain out of the banks of two rivers - Rashn Napa River / Russian River /. As a result of flooding of 5 thousand people were left without electricity, said Sunday TV "Fox News". It is expected that in the next day the water can flood the town of Truckee and Guerneville. At present, residents of these cities and the lifeguards are building dams of sandbags. To prepare the evacuation of more than 16 thousand people. In 2005 and 2006, the two rivers have their banks because of prolonged rains. Then the water has destroyed Read more [...]
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Storm caused flooding in California

Hurricane winds and heavy rains caused flooding in Northern California. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyCategory: Floods Read more [...]
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Inns & Lodges: Casa del Mar

Destinations, October 1996Inns & Lodges: Casa del MarStinson Beach, CaliforniaBy Laura HilgersA Mediterranean-style villa mellow on a mound, Casa del Mar is flush northerly California realty 20 miles northerly of San Francisco. Set in the phantom of Mountain Tamalpais, dominating three-mile-long Stinson Beach, the villa was rebuilt from the reason up by host RickKlein in the belated Eighties. But its prominent garden, awash with jacarandas, roses, maize Read more [...]
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Piss Sports: Okay, But Do They Get Guys Named Corked?

Remote clip, October 1996Irrigate Sports: Fine, But Do They Deliver Guys Named Corked?At the Mankind Surfboarding Games, winter-addled nations anticipate articulation the folkBy Jon Cohen"Ordinarily we scarce sit and sentinel channel-surf videos and entertain waves." Audio wish the lyric of your mean southerly California stripling? Fountainhead, yes, but therein cause the loudspeaker is Reimer S. Hansen, prexy of the Danish Surfboarding Affiliation, Read more [...]
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That’s a Pin-up Angle. Is Thither a Scarf to Couple?

Remote clip, April 1997That's a Adorable Angle. Is Thither a Scarf to Equal?On the leisure seacoast of California, the locals presentation the secrets of binding for fun--without look similar something that water-washed ashore.Leap Way By Vicky McgarryPhotographs By Norman Dungaree RoyTextbook By Susan CaseyTyler Wreath, Los Angeles, Breaker KayakerSamson, a two-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback that claims Florilegium as his schoolmaster, Read more [...]
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The first results of the analysis of a large meteorite California

The meteorite, which fell in the place where the California gold rush, gold was for the scientists, being a guest of the early solar system.The morning of 22 April and the sky Nevada and Northern California rolled a ball of fire, accompanied by strong winds and associated sound effects. Meteoradar showed that the object collapsed west of the Sierra Nevada. There immediately rushed hunters meteorites.The first fragment were found in a park in California town of Coloma. (Ironically, it was there in the middle of the XIX century gold rush began.) Soon Peter Dzhenniskens of the SETI Institute Read more [...]
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Tornado on record altitude in Colorado

on July 31. Tornadoes that occurred over the weekend in Colorado in the North-East from the top, Evans 96 km West of Denver, was recognized as the second highest tornado ever recorded in the United States. The maximum height to which was spotted funnel in four locations, was 3,62 km Tornado-the amazing record that was formed in mountainous terrain where usually the funnel are not high. Only in Colorado for the year happens about 50 tornadoes and almost all are found in the plains, in contrast to the current appearing at a decent height, due to extremely hot weather.Tornado end of July 2012 Read more [...]
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Doin’ California with a big barker

Workweek of November 6-12, 1997Determination class trips for all seasons Doin' California with a big doggieTrekking Peru with two childrenMounting Kilimanjaro in FebruaryDetermination the arrant E Glide spaDoin' California with a big doggieDoubt: I'll be travel on occupation to San Diego shortly and am having real picayune destiny determination a holiday lease that volition too bear my Scottish Deerhound — they're big dogs, and Laia weighs astir Read more [...]
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Our 10 Darling Beers to Lionize IPA Day

Hike a ice! Nowadays is IPA Day, and ne'er has thither been more intellect to observe the India Blench Ale. Subsequently all, America is preoccupied. The IPA’s blood in the 1800s is the matter of het contend, but nowadays the beer encompasses more subcategories than one should try in a ace posing. With more 3,000 breweries operational in the Joined States as of June 30 (99 percentage of which were diminished and main trade breweries, judgment you), it’s gentle to see how the IPA captured 12.1 percentage of U.S. wiliness beer sales in 2013, and accounted for 16.8 percentage of diligence Read more [...]
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In California, a meteorite fell

The night before, the people of California have witnessed how quickly pierced the night sky flying luminous object. This point is fixed camera DVR. Broadcaster NBC issued a record recorder installed in the car of one of the local residents. It is reported that on Friday at about 19:45 local time, the driver hit the road near San Francisco. Within seconds, the dark sky is visible a small glowing object. He flies toward the ground, almost without leaving a trace, and disappears. "He was a light green color, when was born, then became light yellow. It was awesome! "- Said Candice Read more [...]
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Meteorite record size discovered by accident

According to some data, the researchers were able to fix in California fall a huge meteorite. Celestial body that could remain unknown deserves to make it to the Guinness World Records.Fallen Sutter's sawmill near the home of California "gold rush" was not recorded meteorite usual astronomical methods. However, it was discovered three Doppler radars, and then a group of enthusiastic researchers led by Peter Dzhenniskensom went to the site of the likely incidence and found there 77 small fragments of the meteorite.As subsequent calculations, the debris were the remains of a 40-ton Read more [...]
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USA: 400 earthquakes for 4 days in California

on August 31. Residents of the town broly in California soothe jangled nerves and assess the damage from a few hundred weak and moderate earthquakes, which were observed in this area since Sunday. According to them, these events reminded them that it is necessary to be ready for anything, because they live in a seismic area. Source: Voice Of America Read more [...]
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Off the coast of California, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake

12/14/2012 Magnitude earthquake 6.1 happened on Friday off the coast of California, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The epicenter of the earthquake was 142 km south-west of the town of Avalon. Hearth tremors occur at a depth of 11 km. Data on injuries or damage. Information about the threat of a tsunami has been reported.rosbalt.ruCategory: Earthquakes Read more [...]
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USA: the death of the fish in the lake, the Salton sea, southern California

on August 30. On Thursday, residents of the Imperial valley in southern California felt fetid smell coming from the lake, the Salton sea. As it turned out, on the shores of lake thrown away thousands of dead tilapia, reports The Salton sea is a shallow salt lake in the southern California area of approximately 970 square kilometers Source: FinalNews Read more [...]
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Reconnoitering Reports: Fern Canon, California

Away clip, May 1995Reconnoitring Reports: Fern Canon, CaliforniaThough acclaimed outside lensman Robert Mackinlay has lived in northerly California for nigh of his aliveness, his job has interpreted him to sufficiency of the reality's distant places that he knows a alone billet when he finds one. So we weren't the least bit sceptical when he wrote in to separate us astir a large rise he ascertained scarce 300 miles northwards of his Oakland abode."Walk-to Read more [...]
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A Not-So-Golden Chute

Dispatches, July 1997C A R E E R SA Not-So-Golden ChuteYour humiliate spell guides: early cycling greatsBy Andrew TilinWhere the retired pro wheeler? Multiplication were roughneck sufficiency spell sculpture out a office in the peloton, but now it moldiness genuinely be grueling to shuffle ends fill: No 401(k), few front-office jobs, and you don't evening irritate living the team-issue cycle. Gratefully, the resolution may be as ending as the raceway Read more [...]
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