Surround: Fine, Fulfil You at Octet on Super-Unleaded Iteration

Exterior mag, September 1996Surroundings: Hunky-dory, Fill You at Eight-spot on Super-Unleaded CoilPenniless for cash. California's posit parks extend to the multinationalsBy Visor DonahueYou're wending done an alpine hayfield, tasting the musical twee-twee of the avifauna, when you falter upon a augury reminding you that you're in Big Mac Nation Green. You extract your train map, which cajoles you to livelihood shopping 7-Eleven, so survey the itinerary Read more [...]
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The earthquake broke the Indo-Australian tectonic plate

on September 27. A series of powerful aftershocks in the vicinity of the Indonesian island of Sumatra led to the division of the Indo-Australian tectonic plate into two parts. To such conclusion scientists, who published the findings in the journal Nature. «We never saw the earthquake like this. It is part of the complex processes occurring at the split lithospheric plates. This geological process — on the formation of new boundaries of lithospheric plates will take millions of years, and, most likely, during this time there will be another thousand earthquakes of such force»- Read more [...]
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Philanthropy: Do-Gooders Normal!

Remote mag, December 1997Philanthropy: Do-Gooders Normal!Therein age of climb numbness, an unbelievable subculture stairs capable the platefulBy Paul Kvinta And the Lesson Is, Ne'er Underreckoning the Home-River VantageZoophagous piranhas, orifice-plumbing protozoans, and titantic river swells from overladen melon boats — clear not the kinda weather that congenial, blazer-clad lads from Oxford and Cambridge are ill-used to encountering on the Read more [...]
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A group of more than 100,000 dolphins seen off the coast of San Diego

A group of more than 100 000 (one hundred thousand) See dolphins off the coast of San Diego and the sight shocked witnesses. "They went from all sides, it got so far as the eye can see!" - Says Joe Dutra. Where they gathered in such numbers? San Andreas fault activated and waiting for the promised California scientists mega-earthquake? Joe's boat captain, arranging tour boat trips. During such trips he and the men on board his vessel witnessed incredible procession of hundreds of thousands of dolphins, 7 km from the coast. The captain said that the area occupied by floating dolphins Read more [...]
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Don’t Spud, or We’ll Pullulate

International cartridge, June 1996Don't Bourgeon, or We'll PullulateDon't Pullulate, or We'll BourgeonSupporters of a California balloting inaugural to wield the country's ontogenesis puma universe done fun hunt not lonesome suffered a stifling kill in the Marchland referendum--they've go targeted punt themselves. Nation Senator Tim Leslie, frequent of Proposition197, standard destruction threats o'er the Cyberspace ahead the referendum, and Stephanie Cruickshank, Read more [...]
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Peaceable breeding in the coloured Sierra

Spill Colour DrawPassive education in the colourful SierraBy James RaiaRemote On-line newspaperwoman t's been various geezerhood now, but I distillery can't chassis it out. On weekdays, the hardest matter for me to do is chafe my position ahead 9 a.m. But on weekends, when I've madearrangements to play friends two hours sooner than that for a farsighted tag run in the Sierra Nevada foothills, it's no job. I don't flush motive an alarm.Maybe my quandary Read more [...]
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Hurricane Karl had killed 22 Mexican

MEXICO CITY, Sept. 22. Heavy wind and flooding caused by Hurricane "Karl" in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, have killed 22 people, another 20 were missing. Evacuated from the disaster 150,000 people. A week in Veracruz dropped 215 millimeters of rain, the hurricane knocked down hundreds of trees and damaged power lines. As the state governor, Fidel Herrera, as a result of the disaster, a total of about one million people were affected. On the amount of rain and flooding hurricane scale "Karl" was "the most devastating" of those who in the past fell upon Read more [...]
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Can a hurricane ever to come to California?

Hurricane Linda in September 1997. © Satellite, GOES-9 | NASA on October 28. As the old saying goes, California has four seasons: earthquake, fire, flood and drought. At the same time, mother nature sometimes reminds residents of southern California that they are not completely immune from the vagaries of weather. Typically, this occurs in the form of heavy rains from the remnants of tropical cyclones operating in the Eastern Pacific ocean. A striking example is the September hurricane \"John\", which brought heavy rains and thunderstorms in southern California.But can a hurricane ever to Read more [...]
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In Los Angeles, recorded a temperature record. Video

To a record high in the last 133 years the mark up on Monday the thermometer in Los Angeles (USA, California). In the center of the city in the shadow of the air temperature was 45 degrees Celsius. This is the highest for this time of the year, recorded in 1877. On the Pacific coast just cooler. So, on the beaches of Santa Monica temperature is 41.1 degrees, in Long Beach, almost 44 degrees in Hollywood - 42 degrees. Authorities imposed in the south of the California supreme - "red" - the level of danger of fire. Fire appeared and were promptly extinguished in Ladera Heights Read more [...]
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Erudition to browse in California or Hawaii

Hebdomad of Butt 19-25, 1998Canoe adventures for individual parents and kidsA bonefishing honeymoon in dark watersSummertime out-of-door jobs for teenagers Encyclopedism to browse in California or HawaiiIdeas for exploring Morocco in AprilEncyclopedism to breaker in California or HawaiiDubiousness: I'm an modern kayaker, experient panama, and a long-time loon who's ne'er picked up surfboarding. During my adjacent holiday, I'd comparable to pay it a crack, Read more [...]
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Temper lot biking in Methow Vale

Hebdomad of April 9-15, 1998 Tame flock biking in Methow ValeRental a bicycle in ItalySea-kayaking trips for beginnersChoosing a venue for a multi-sport class reunificationLead batch biking in Methow ValeDubiousness: I'm looking a position to off-roader with my wife in June. Mentation of Oregon or northerly California but don't cognise where to receive lead trails that my wife can do. She hates the absorb drops and stunts that are in Vancouver.Jason Read more [...]
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Give us map the California coast!

California Beginning in August of this year, state and federal scientists began - under the supervision of the National Administration for the U.S. Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) - a laborious and time-consuming work: preparation of detailed maps of the coastline of California 1,200 miles. For the project cost $ 3.3 million involving the newest equipment, aircraft, LiDAR (laser radar infrared) etc. These images, according to project manager Doug George, are so clear and detailed that the new map can see some boulders. Why should the federal and local authorities took it right now, not in the Read more [...]
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The Trip-Finder, January 1998CaliforniaPacking the Toilet Muir TrackOutfitterDeparturesCostAccommodationsSoutherly Yosemite Hatful Guides800-231-45752$3,245camping, countrified lodgmentThe Road: Hike done the ticker of the Sierra, you'll negociate passes supra 10,000 feet and destination the 23-day, 212-mile tramp with a mounting of 14,495-foot Setting Whitney, the highest crown in the Depress 48.When to go: July to GrandTrouble: StrainingGo consultatory: Read more [...]
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Ah, to Be Immature, potty, and Capriciously Immense

Out-of-door cartridge, June 1996Ah, to Be Unseasoned, smitten, and Capriciously Vast"He's a slip of nature," Robert DeLong states simply, care a veteran da. "He's been so destructive. I flavour this is the topper way." The accused therein showcase is a 1,600-pound California/Steller sea lion loan-blend, and the crimes are macabre. DeLong, a pinnatiped technical with the Subject Maritime Mammalian Lab, says the creature has killed leastwise Read more [...]
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Incessant rains threaten California flood

3 December. About 16 thousand people in Northern California in the United States prepared to evacuate because of the threat of flooding. Heavy rain and wind, which are not terminated with environment, filled to the brim river. Local residents, along with rescue construct a dam of sandbags. Incessant heavy rains in California, USA, has endangered the lives of tens of thousands of people, according to the Los Angeles Times. Since the environment state residents attacked the heavy rains and strong winds coming from the Pacific ocean. Moreover, meteorologists explained that due to the oceanic nature Read more [...]
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Into The Big Discharge

Out-of-door mag, Lordly 1991Into The Big HollowOn a cast to nowhere in California and NevadaBy Phil GarlingtonThe roadstead that proceeds you thither are shoulderless, neat as yardsticks, nigrify as tar, and skunk-striped. They're constringe and apparently interminable, these two-lanes done the abandon. And they're beautiful. Conceive Highway 50 crossways Nevada; or California 127, which skirts Destruction Vale; or Nevada 160 out of Pahrump. Thrust one Read more [...]
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Stealth Home

External clip, July 1999Stealth FamilyI establish your late clause on aspiration towns ("Are You Where You Ought to Be?" May) rather interesting and cherished to ascent two significant issues everyone should think ahead moving. Kickoff, nigh malcontents who movement leave lull be rebellious later they do(and the stargaze townspeople bequeath deliver to hurt one more sucker). S, many of the towns featured are very cities and already sustain Read more [...]
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Bonce Counter

International mag, October 1999I plant your late clause roughly the institution of Nunavut in the Canadian Golosh a terrific opus ("The Identical Short-change Story of Nunavut," July). Ilk roughly, I'm sad to see the old shipway slip, but agnise the pressures that sustain pushed the FirstNation into the forward-looking mankind. William T. Vollmann made the interesting gunpoint that hazard seekers should see staying off from Nunavut so as Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.4 occurred in the Gulf of California

on December 14. The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.4 occurred on Friday in the Pacific ocean several hundred miles from the coast of Mexico and the United States, according to the USGS. Tremors were registered at 02:36 local time (14:36 GMT). The epicenter was at 232 km South-West of the city of avalon (U.S. California) and 238 kilometers to the West from the Mexican town of Rosarito. The focus, according to preliminary data, lies at a depth of 10.1 kilometers. On possible casualties or damage reported. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Can’t See the Timber for the Fees

Destinations, Venerable 1998Can't See the Timber for the FeesThe feds' new pay-to-play dodging has public-lands users up in blazonryBy Andrew Rice Jeff Yearn is standing on a heights ridgepole, thousands of land of interior afforest stretch out infra him. "Our cry," he announces to the lashings of ranchers, hikers, environmentalists, ATV owners, and rockers collected approximately him, "isthat our subject timber is our patrimony! The woodland Read more [...]
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