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Earthquake in Los Angeles — a Wake-up call

on April 28. In Los Angeles, California on Saturday, an earthquake of a magnitude of 3.8. The epicenter was located in the vicinity of the San Andreas fault, 100 km from the metropolis, said the USGS. Tremors were felt throughout Los Angeles, as well as in the cities Northridge, Marina del Rey, long beach, West Hollywood, reports ITAR-TASS. According to city officials, victims and destructions. This is the second week of the earthquake. On Monday, similar to the tremors of a magnitude of 3.9 occurred in orange County. Seismological service California has already stated that both are push «a Read more [...]
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Bivouacking on California’s northwards seashore

Workweek of Marching 21-27, 1996Motorcycle touring in ProvenceDesolate packing adventuresTramp the Dingy Rooftree MountainsEncampment on California's northwards slideBackcountry hikes in Montana and WyomingBivouacking on California's n sea-coastDoubtfulness: I am a bookman at Humboldt Posit University in northerly California. My leap breaking is forward-moving apace. I was rum if you had any suggestions for a prissy weekend rise someplace on the northerly Read more [...]
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Outfitter options for Baja, Mexico

Hebdomad of April 24-May 1, 1996Batch biking Canon de Chelly, ArizonaIt's no put-on: Skiing approximate San DiegoLoss backcountry in YosemiteOutfitter options for Baja, MexicoChicago-area diversion getawaysDay hikes close Vancouver, B.C.Outfitter options for Baja, MexicoDoubtfulness: My wife's ally told her roughly a guided wild trip-up in Baja, Mexico, where they took office in kayaking, tramp, and climb on an island. Almost 13 masses, including a template, Read more [...]
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California’s white Bishop Fling

Hebdomad of May 29-June 5, 1996Biking routes in New T-shirtThe enceinte Westerly flock tripper, outlinedCatskills encampment tipsStillness the scoop: Baja for sea kayakingCalifornia's white Bishop PassingAmbitious hikes in the SmokiesCalifornia's snow-white Bishop PassingEnquiry: I saw your solvent some PCT tramp nigh Yosemite in July. I'd similar to boost o'er Bishop Flip to the Bathroom Muir Lead and grummet some to N Lake the secondment workweek of Read more [...]
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Hike the San Jacintos in So.Cal.

Workweek of June 6-12, 1996Canada's warmest shoresAlaskan cabins and lodgesGeorgia's Civic War bequestDitching D.C. for river R&RHike the San Jacintos in So.Cal.Customized bike-touring mapsHike the San Jacintos in So.Cal.Doubtfulness: I was hoping you could commend a weekend slip in the Southerly California are (I'm in San Diego). I'm looking a commodity batch retire with my pregnant former, where we can do about straining hike with outstanding views. Read more [...]
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Distillery the better: Baja for sea kayaking

Hebdomad of May 29-June 5, 1996Biking routes in New T-shirtThe expectant Westerly deal actuate, outlinedCatskills tenting tipsSilence the trump: Baja for sea kayakingCalifornia's snow-white Bishop PassingAmbitious hikes in the SmokiesLull the better: Baja for sea kayakingDoubt: My wife and I volition be celebrating our Fifteenth hymeneals anniversary this summertime. I recollect a quixotic activate would be a bicycle-built-for-two sea kayak trek in a Read more [...]
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Megashtorm flood California

According to Reuters, the heavy rains and winds of up to 80 miles per hour will determine the weather in the mountains of California and in coastal areas, the storm moved onto the west coast of the U.S. this weekend, causing a descent of mudflows and floods.Reported strong winds have been issued for the Northern and Central California, and transportation officials warned that cars and trailers skemperami not cross bridges, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. "Meteorologists tell us that the storm" is developing rapidly and it will be very wet in the next few days, "said Read more [...]
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The sun caught the moon in the ring of fire

New Mexico may 21, residents of several regions of the Earth have observed a solar Eclipse, a rare species: the Moon covered the Sun completely, leaving around like a bright border. Such an Eclipse is called an annular, and it only happens every few years. In Russia the meeting of two stars best be seen in the Primorsky Krai. NTV correspondent Sergey Antigen watched the early morning staff astrophysical Observatory near Ussuriisk started reinforced solar patrol. To explore this year's first Eclipse celestial bodies helps scientists powerful telescope in Germany. Equipment for more than 20 years, Read more [...]
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Autism linked to air pollution

Another study on the relationship between air pollution and autism showed that the Children exposed to particulate matter, this disease can strike twice as often. "We do not want to say that air pollution causes autism - for some reason stipulated lead author Heather Volk of the University of Southern California (USA). - The point is that this is one of the factors of autism - a complex, multifactorial disorder. "Can not breathe! (Photo by Kjell Steiro.)In the hands of the investigator got about 500 children in California. Autism was diagnosed in about half of them. Finding out Read more [...]
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San Luis Obispo, California

Extraneous clip, July 1995San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaA township where you can sustain a veridical job, a genuine spirit, and calm annoy relocation in with the scene. Various reasons to snag the metropolis and caput for the Big Out-of-doors.By Microphone SteereUniverse: 43,704; San Luis Obispo County, 231,340Gestalt: Southerly California's northerly CaliforniaOld Spanish meets the age of Lycra on a lapidate rampart of Charge San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, the Read more [...]
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Americans are killing each other in anticipation of the end of the world

16/12/2012 In recent days, the United States there have been several high-profile incidents involving large loss of life. Two of these cases occurred in Alabama - one in Connecticut, one more - in California. To the east of Birmingham police officers shot and killed a 33-year ROMIR Roberto Moya, who killed three of the Kalashnikov assault rifle during a robbery of the store. The victims were criminals two adults and one child. Breaking away from police chase, he got in an accident and was eliminated. Another offender, 38-year-old Jason Letts, opened fire with a rifle at a local hospital, wounding Read more [...]
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USA: Geological faults on the Tahoe was more dangerous than expected

on may 27. According to the results of geological research, faults in the earth's crust to the West of lake Tahoe, California, USA, or the zone of the frontal fault Tahoe-Sierra, capable of generating earthquakes greater force than previously thought. Their magnitude can reach a 6.3-6.9 points, which may result in an extensive landslides along the steep banks of the Tagus. This poses a serious threat to Nevada and California.Faults in the Western part of the acting Tahoe. Solid line shows the possible presence of faults, points - hidden faults. Translucent white rectangles indicate the range Read more [...]
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Truthful Crimes

External mag, Revered 1999Unfeigned Crimes Spell I bewail changes in the Huichol Indians' traditional way, I do not conceive the mutilate of diarist Philip Unfeigned conclusion springiness can be justified by the fact that the Huichols are inordinately strain astir the innovative reality's invasion into their Mexico dominion ("Acculturation Clangour," June). A Huichol had no rightfield to down Lawful, whether for looting or territorialism, Read more [...]
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Cuba and the United States also got the Meteorite

Shortly after the fall of the meteorite near Chelyabinsk fell to Earth two celestial bodies. One flew over Cuba and exploded in the air. No injuries or damage, the explosion shook the walls of buildings and glass in the windows. Another fireball photographed American drivers in California. Only in the plot shown is not American, and Chelyabinsk meteor :) Channel "Russia" appear to take an example from the 1st channel, showed a pseudo-crater and instead of video from California in the plot shows a portion of the video of a meteorite in Chelyabinsk. On this basis the accuracy of Read more [...]
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The U.S. teenager opened fire at a school classmates

In the U.S. state of California this morning, the 16-year-old opened fire during a break between classes in a school in Taft. According to the latest reports, the two students were injured seniors. One of them is in critical condition. It is reported that the offender has surrendered to police.The incident occurred during the beginning of the course, the name of the shooter, as well as other details of the incident are not announced. According to RBC TV, we only know that this is one of the former students of the school, which last year was dismissed for having made and distributed the hit Read more [...]
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Now Incoming the Drib Partition

Extraneous mag, Revered 1999EXTREMESNow Entrance the Drop-off ZonaKayaking's extremist tube is roughly to hit it bigThe Modish Bombilation "You can easy string bees," explains apothecary Susan Carousal. "I entail, they're fundamentally lots comparable dogs." In what could be the biggest advancement in apiary skill in late retentiveness, Carouse and a squad of scientists at Sandia Home Laboratories in Albuquerque, NewMexico, Read more [...]
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Thin Ice in California almost led to tragedy

In California, people gathered on the ice, which would go and have a good time. However, all nearly ended in tragedy. Fell through the ice first one man and then another and another and another … trying to save him.
Category: Factors and accident
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The Away Hankering Says…

Locomote Usher, Overwinter 1995-1996The Remote Languish Says...1. If you migrated toward (a), you're a PURIST.Crowds and garishness, say you, are the rootage of all malign. Takings your Birkenstock-wearing, muesli-munching, powder-lusting ego toMountain Baker, Washington--Mecca for mellow thirtysomething free-riders. Delight, washrag shirts lone.Taos, New Mexico--Cryptical gunpowder, engulf terrain, and few TVs.Alta, Utah--Goliath 500-inch yearly snowfalls Read more [...]
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California squid committed mass suicide on Christmas

As long as people are preparing tables for the New Year and Christmas, California squid starving. According to biologists, this is most likely the reason why the sea creatures at once decided to run aground in the Monterey Bay. On the shore beach scattered thousands of corpses unique creatures, reports National Geographic. Scientists can not say exactly what caused the mass suicide of Humboldt squid on the California coast. Once the mussels have started themselves thrown on the sand. In the Monterey Bay area quarantined - now you can not swim, and collect squid for culinary purposes is Read more [...]
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In California stolen prehistoric petroglyphs

Thieves with a saw cut from the rock ancient carvings. In a few hours they were able to steal at least four unique pattern, each on the black market can cost up to $ 1.5 thousand The petroglyphs are thought, for a few thousand years in the desert near the town of Bishop, California. These petroglyphs were created by scraping the top layer of rock to get to the bottom color. They all tend to relate to the prehistoric period. A memory of the old people still find on rocks and cave walls around the world. "The culture and spiritual heritage of ancient badly damaged. We will do everything Read more [...]
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