The formation of holes in the street day Street in Cambridge

Somerville has already spent several hundred thousand dollars is regarded holes this year, and it seems that on the street day Street begins to see a new failure. The hole may receive or Somerville or in Cambridge - it's on the border. I am no expert, but in the asphalt obviously there is a hole leading into a small cavity under the ground. In addition, in the break I watched as the wheels of the cars are exactly on the hole size-with-ball-for-bowling. I took a few photos.And these were done from the inside out failure. I lowered the camera inside and turned on the flash.Translation: Read more [...]
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Scientists from Cambridge afraid Rise of the Machines

Cambridge scientists plan to deal with an issue that is central to science fiction, but would not a science and technology development in the death of civilization.Center for the Study of existential risk analysis exposes the risks posed by the development of biotechnology, the same researchers at the Centre said that it would be dangerous to also disregard the danger of a robot uprising.Films like "The Matrix" and "Terminator" represent enslavement of mankind by robots and artificial intelligence systems.Not long ago, the U.S. military has developed a similar system to Read more [...]
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Cambridge is on the internet ancient biblical manuscript

Cambridge University has published in its digital library a copy of the Nash Papyrus - the second oldest known science of biblical manuscripts. Manuscript, digitized in high resolution, features ten commandments of the Old Testament and part of the prayer "Shema Yisrael" ("Hear, O Israel").Nash Papyrus, which dates from the second century before the Christian era, in 1898, was discovered in Egypt, the first description of the manuscript was published in 1903. He was considered the most ancient Jewish manuscript until the opening in 1947, The Dead Sea Scrolls, also known as Read more [...]
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Cambridge filmed inverted rainbow

English astronomer from Cambridge managed to videotape an amazing and very rare natural phenomenon known as an inverted rainbow. As the British television channel Sky News, this phenomenon has never been seen in the area.Unusual photograph was taken by Dr. Jacqueline Mitton (Jaqueline Mitton). Scientists call the inverted rainbow effect zenith arc (circumzenithal ark). It is curious that it does not need either of rain or clouds necessary for the appearance of an ordinary rainbow - an arc equal in length to a quarter circle, appears on a clear blue sky in the presence of ice crystals.Inverted Read more [...]
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The formation of holes in the street Day Street in Cambridge

Somerville has spent several hundred thousand dollars to zalatyvanie holes this year, and it seems that the street Day Street begins to appear new failure. Hole may appear or in Somerville or Cambridge - it is on the border.I'm no expert, but the asphalt is clearly a hole leading into the small cavity in the ground. In addition, the break I watched the wheels of passing cars are exactly the size of the hollow-with-ball-for-bowling. I took a few pictures.And these were taken from the inside of failure. I dropped my camera in and turn on the flash.Translation: Antoshkina AnastasiaSource: Wicked Read more [...]
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Metropolis Without Limits

    Picture: PhotoDisc93. Trench THE HOTEL Tread-wheel and dash done Boston's Esplanade, a greenbelt flanking the Charles River. The 17 miles of paved and stain paths crack awing views of the metropolis horizon and hook runners, cyclists, and inline skaters from sunrise to sundown. 94. Sopor Smartness at the 9 Nada, a stylin' hotel in the downtown Ravel Dominion where urban-contemporary decor—heaps of deoxyephedrine, ni, and dressed woodwind—meets the traditional New England quilt of goose-down comforters. (Doubles, from $279; 617-772-5800, 95. Read more [...]
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