What the Huskies do not like to drive fast?

These dogs are called home north "wolves." Best of all, they feel the icy wilderness, where singing their songs Arctic. Most of them look at the world through the eyes of blue. They have a pink nose, erect ears and muzzle expression such as if they are always smiling. Valuable fur, tail and perky natural silence "- characterized the Chukchi husky. These dogs perky, lively character. The hair on It feels like wool fox. They are not bark and squeal only howl — «talk» and «sing». And responsive to Huskies affection and themselves Read more [...]
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Rock song

The winter was frosty, but little snow. Even the reindeer if they were a long time in one place, freezing of the sole, and to somehow keep warm, they beat their hooves on the hard snow. Their noses froze, and the nostrils of animals rubbed the bark of fallen trees. A full-grown bear paw able to break the back of an elk. Short days missed exactly butchering a deer, slaughtered on meat. Herders preferred not roaming, stood at place, mainly engaged in grazing and Feeding deer herd but firewood for yurts. Sun is not It shoots, just lit up the horizon gentle Read more [...]
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Base camp

During extreme survival you need a permanent shelter, the base from which you will carry out raids in search of resources. Such a framework is needed for a single person and for groups. It is clear that requirements for base camp in this case will differ considerably. About the main parameters, which must meet the base camp, we will discuss in this article. First, a permanent shelter should be safe, to a person or group can rest, without fear of sudden attack from the enemy, predators, the other aggressive. Safety – capacious concept. The base should be several ways to retreat to in case Read more [...]
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Safety Camp

Even when you are alone with the wildlife, in the struggle for survival, man needs rest. We need to break up a makeshift camp and arrange accommodation. Of course, this would not halt mnogozvezdochnym hotel, and feel safe It is not necessary. In this article we will talk about security camp, Parking in the wild. Rule №1. Ways to retreat. When choosing a place for the camp, consider possible ways of escape in the event of unforeseen circumstances. You may be attacked by wild animals and you do not have to be trapped. It is for this reason dangerous to arrange accommodation in caves with a single Read more [...]
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Topeak Bikamper

You don’t pauperization a camp to go bivouacking. And when you’re equitation crosswise the U.S. on a cycle, you emphatically don’t deprivation to lug about a binge discharge good of camp poles.Insert the Topeak Bikamper, a personal protection that forgoes poles in prefer of a 26-inch deal—or 700c route—cycle and handlebars for accompaniment. Good property the roll at one end and the pedal underframe at the former to pay construction to the bivouac's walls.The three-season bivouac weighs upright ended 3 and a one-half pounds, and comes with meshwork panels for airing Read more [...]
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Warm Fixes for Hikers: Reparation a Ripped Encamp

    Pic: Debbie Oetgen/ShutterstockThe billet: As you unfurl your bivouac for the dark, you posting a longsighted, scraggy bout in the fly. Firing flickers supra a nearby crest, and you experience you’ll pauperization the raincoat casing during the nighttime. How do you sustenance from acquiring fuddled? The fix: Patch canal videotape mightiness be the obvious quality, the hefty adhesive can leave a glutinous remainder that’s unmanageable to take if you determine to birth your bivouac professionally repaired. The experts at Kelty advocate McNett’s Dour Videotape Read more [...]
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Any ideas for a bivouac to sopor the unscathed class?

A:Real, all those makers you acknowledgment pee fairly near tents. Mostly speechmaking, tents with heavier materials bequeath finis yearner, weightiness not truly organism an exit for car bivouacking. Addition, a camp with al poles may be a petty stronger than one with fibreglass. As you ascend the terms ravel, you'll get to pay more for extra features such as "suite" inner the camp, sun porches, etc.. Cabela's sells a o.k., big bivouac called the Boondocks Three-Room Cabin, which sells for a selfsame sane $270 (www.cabelas.com). And I intend it is a BIG encamp, with a ten- by twenty-foot Read more [...]
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What’s the topper encamp for a sea-kayaking enlistment?

Seedhouse 3     Exposure: courtesy, Big AgnesSeedhouse 3A:Actually, near any rather encamp you can guess leave sour, Sharen. Neither slant nor sizing is a atrociously important matter. Not that you lack a camp big adequate to menage Corrie du Soleil, but thither's no reasonableness to clique yourself into a nylon sard can.So tied though thither's two of you, guess in damage of a three-person encamp. One first-class prize: the Big Agnes Seedhouse 3 ($239; www.bigagnes.com), a well-made, well-priced camp that has dozens of engagement permanently breathing (I don it's a summertime or Read more [...]
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HOW to Correctly SET up a TENT [1].

If you have ever traveled overnight, then was faced with this question as installing a "field house". Unfortunately not any of those seeking to merge with nature knows how to correctly pitch your tent. The tent is one of the key attributes and marks of the campaign. Besides, correctly installed tent is the key to a comfortable stay in the campaign. With the correctly installed tent can be zapamatovat about apologize, damp, cold and condensation on the walls of the tent.This article we will begin with the selection of places for tents. The choice of places for tents must be taken seriously. In the Read more [...]
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How can I physique my own encamp?

A:Nicole, Nicole, Nicole... Implore separate, effective dame, what sends you upon this pursuit? Is it a release of understanding, which has impelled you mad and bey noetic mentation? Is it a life-threatening suit of tackiness, which convinces you that devising your own camp is ameliorate than purchasing eventide a close-out bivouac that's one-half the leaning cost? Or is it the curve wild-eyed charm of such a travel, in which you desire to study something around yourself, and biography loose? Briefly, you're batty. Tents are implausibly complicated things to brand, and fifty-fifty a slender erroneousness Read more [...]
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How easily ventilated are single-wall tents?

A:Single-wall tents that don't use an expensive, hi-tech cloth are seemly progressively plebeian. They bear the precise advantages you citation: less burthen, low price, and loyal frame-up. The Zeus EXO 2, e.g., sleeps two yet weighs below four-spot pounds. Frame-up is real loyal?the camp has an outside anatomy that clips real promptly to the canopy. Cost is $149 (www.eurekacamping.com). Marmot's AT (iii pounds, octet ounces; $179; www.marmot.com) and Flock Hardwear's new Waypoint 2 (iii pounds, one oz.; $250; www.mountainhardwear.com) use tunnel-type designs with two poles, one at apiece end, Read more [...]
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Do I pauperism an «sashay» bivouac?

A:Fountainhead, hardly vocation a misstep an "excursion" doesn't signify you pauperism that rather encamp. Technically speechmaking, an "jaunt" encamp is an super heavy-duty mountaineering encamp for use when mounting Everest or crossover the Southward Terminal by monocycle.For lashings of farting and pelting ?- and bugs, I bear ?- what would exercise amend for you, I retrieve, is a good-quality three-season bivouac. These are some 90 percentage as substantial as expedition-type tents (they won't proceeds rather the c shipment ?- but if that becomes an subject, so the bivouac Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank women-specific packsack for hot, humid conditions?

The Z45     Picture: courtesy, GregoryThe Z45The Z45A:The myopic response is: Nix, actually. Backpacks very kinda suck strong, humid brave. Ones that are raincoat are tied worsened.Gregory's Slut 40 ($189) -- a women's camp that is standardized to their Z45, which I've careworn in hot (but dry) upwind -- is one such selection. It's a near long-weekend ingroup if you gang cautiously, with 2,500 three-dimensional inches of distance. It's a top-loader, with a big pocket/bag in camp and a biggish top lid. And it's intentional so the load-carrying contribution of the ring rather curves Read more [...]
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Do I pauperism a four-season bivouac for the Northwards Cascades in June?

A:The N Expression's Condor, which was sold during the recent Nineties for most $350, certain looks to me alike it was meant as a four-season bivouac, so I'm a fiddling nonplussed when you say you've well-educated differently. In its master conformation the Condor was a beefier variation of the three-season Nomadic, significance chiefly that it had less interlock in the canopy. Anyhow, I only can't trust it won't be tolerable for your Northwards Cascades trip-up in June. Genuine, the endure is apt to be dreadful. Drab, but although it's 75 degrees and gay in Seattle as I spell this, June is a notoriously Read more [...]
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What Are the Better Four-Season Tents?

    Picture: Mightily Redwood Studio/ShutterstockA:Nix beatniks encampment in the tranquillity overwinter landscape—and it’s not as cold-blooded as you’d guess, as longsighted as you bed pile in a four-season camp. These tents are reinforced specifically to hold the rigors of that fourthly temper, with a hardy structure intentional to drop coke too as isolate, block fart, and discharge wet from indoors the protection. (You intimation out as lots as a litre of weewee as you quietus, so you don’t deficiency to arouse to a micro upwind formula inner the bivouac.) Read more [...]
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training camp.

Hi all, here I decided to build such an enterprise as trenirovachnogo camp, where you can work out the tactics of battle in the city and in the forest, to improve their fizichesukyu and mental shape and just rest here campfire songs and playing with penbol ... My house is located on akraine forests and siting problems arise. Now Autumn grass withered and have the opportunity to remove debris from the selected area, numerous bottles of banks and other traces tsyvilizatsii for gathering a winter and pull the material necessary for the construction of any houses bridges, hanging taiga trails and other Read more [...]
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Training departure on January 26-27, 2013.

Scheduled departure training on 26-27 January 2013.All comers - Wellcome.Route 8-9km. Conditions - winter forest. Endpoint route 55.665172 / 38.454075. MO Ramensky, Gzhel forestry. Link to map.Main tasks: 1. Testing of group interaction in the air. 2. Practice orienteering. 3. Testing secretive movement route and approach to the collection point. 4. Setting up a camp "for a time." 5. Masking camp. 6. Testing organization escort camp. Passing the problem: 1. Building 2 local "Snejanka". 2. Testing of various equipment.General equipment for the camp there (ax, saw, bowler, tents, etc.).Algorithm: Read more [...]
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Training departure (8-9 December 2012).

In keeping with this themeTraining held a 2-day check-in Nut-Zuevsky area. Successfully worked out a program for orientation and arrangement of the camp in the winter forest. Detailed report with photo here. Distance traveled to the installation location of the camp is small - about 6 km (map only walked without gps, no accurate data). Original purpose to pass 12 km.do staging camp considered minor and decided not to waste the whole day on the transition, the priority this time were "construction and organizational" work.The starting point (w / train station Avsyunino) came to 10.00 Saturday. Read more [...]
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Can I fail with a camp from The Northwards Brass?

A:Alleged "three-season" tents are the nearly pop packing tents out thither, so thither's no deficit of effective candidates. The Pollywog 23 ($200; www.thenorthface.com) is one such. I consider TNF resign qualification this bivouac awhile, but it's backrest on with its democratic "froggy" cast (if you strabismus until your eyes piddle, it does feeling rather wish a big ol' toad seated on the undercoat). Oodles of airing in the canopy, beneficial full-coverage fly with a generous anteroom for boots and packs, somewhat lighter at scarce below pentad pounds. Its 27 straightforward Read more [...]
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Can the summation of a bivy pee-pee my three-season camp operational year-around?

MicroNight Bivy     Pic: courtesy, Outside EnquiryOut-of-door Enquiry MicroNight BivyMicroNight BivyA:Yea, that?s a full gunpoint. Three-season tents such as the differently first-class Marmot EOS 1 ($225; marmot.com) frequently birth overmuch interlock to be full overwinter tents. But it does sustain a full-coverage fly, so that should avail quite bit. If you?re camped on c, e.g., you can cumulus about coke some the circumference of the fly to manikin a amend sealskin. That volition keep lead from berating 'tween the fly and the camp personify, delivery coke with it.Surely, pickings Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).