Beaver Belarus and its use

Recently in the media of the Russian Federation and Belarus appear articles on the value of the beaver in the national economy and its fisheries.Photo AV Grishin I am encouraged by the very fact that different points of view are heard. I also can not stand aside to discuss the issue. I have a wish for a professorship: treat others felt more tolerant, and even more so to the publications of ordinary hunters practitioners. Only in this case we shift the deadlock hunting our two states – Russia and Belarus.Beaver – The original inhabitants of the rivers and lakes of Belarus. Read more [...]
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Adventurers of the Twelvemonth: Filmmaker Dave Mossop

Crisscross Abma and Dave Mossop at Isinglass Heli Guides, British Columbia, Canada. Photographed in January 2010     Picture: Mattias FredrikssonInto the Psyche Contract a consider Mossop's mind-blowing approaching pic.The almost telling ski movie of the preceding yr had no diagram or book. It was largely a digressive aggregation of scenes—privy flows, ever-changing seasons, huckaback shots—with an suspension for a clime PSA from Aspen Skiing Companionship scolder Auden Schendler. That power not vocalize so fun, but All.I.Can, from 33-year-old Dave Mossop and his yield Read more [...]
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Canada: Flooding in Toronto has left more than a million people without electricity

July 9, 2013. Yesterday in Toronto, Canada began heavy showers. Now completely flooded city streets, sometimes the water level reaches 2 m. Traffic, including the metro, paralyzed. According to forecasters, less than a day in the metropolis has dropped 90 mm of rain, and most likely in the next few hours, this figure will increase to 100 mm.Authorities urged people as possible not to leave their homes, but some of them even if you want to not be able to do that. Meanwhile, thousands of people were locked in the commuter trains currently rescuers evacuate the passengers. In Toronto, a "hot Read more [...]
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Snow ruled point in North America. Photo

Snow-covered cars, closed schools, fatal accident: the cause of the chaos in many American states was barbaric invasion of winter. Meter snow drifts and strong wind made many streets completely impassable, and already announced that the next attack.USA Massive snow storm the paralyzed significant part of Connections States and it's almost two weeks before the beginning of the cold period of the calendar year. Powerful snow drifts and ice caused chaos on the streets of many American states in the middle of the western and southern parts of the country. Hundreds of schools remained closed. Read more [...]
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Canada Claims Northerly Rod

Who owns the Galosh? Death hebdomad, Canada efficaciously aforementioned the neighborhood is their's. The Canadian governance submitted an covering to the U.N. finish Friday claiming the outer limits of state's continental ledge includes the Northerly Punt.Canada joins the otc heptad nations with galosh borders—Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and the U.S.—eying the resources below the northerly sea. The U.S. Geologic Sketch estimates this unclaimed area contains 30 pct of the humans's unexplored gas and 15 percentage of unexplored oil."We are dictated to Read more [...]
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Evacuation in California because of the floods. Video

Residents of 540 homes in southern California to be evacuated due to the threat of a powerful mudflows from the mountain tops. Mud avalanches after intense rainfall on Friday and Saturday destroyed or damaged more than 40 buildings in the settlements of La Canada Flintridge and near Los Angeles. There were no casualties, said fire protection service of Los Angeles County. Bad weather has hampered traffic in the city and its suburbs. Because of the flooding area on Saturday were blocked several local roads and a portion of a major highway. For residents of La Canada Flintridge and left temporarily Read more [...]
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Is thither a bike-touring encamp worthy for both Australia and Canada?

MSR Zoid 2     Pic: courtesy, REIMSR Zoid 2A:I genuinely ilk the MSR Velo ($400;, a big two-person bivouac with the strange have that apiece of its vestibules testament protection a pedal. So two riders and their bikes all hitch dry! But it's a big encamp so is unquestionably on the big face?most 9 pounds. If you're touring unaccompanied, that's much of supererogatory slant to bear. MSR's Hubba Hubba ($290), on the former paw, comes in at a lots more slim quatern pounds, two ounces. It's likewise a two-person camp, but that's Okay in my hold?it good agency more way Read more [...]
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Photos of the huge sinkhole in Canada

Residential building fell into a huge hole A huge sinkhole in the Canadian province of Quebec, in the town of St. Jude. May 11 in the ground formed a giant crater, it vanished without a trace a family of four.A terrible tragedy occurred in Canada. In a small community near Montreal in the ground formed a giant cavity width of 500 m and a depth of 30 meters. Prefontaine family home fell into that hole in the roof. Dad Richard, mom Lynn, Anais nine-and 11-year-old Emily watched a hockey game when the house began to sink into the ground. As a result of the tragedy of the whole family died. Read more [...]
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Why are U.S.-certified PFDs not sanctioned in Canada?

Reach Hitch     Picture: courtesy, MECRange GoA:You're rather compensate, Charles, U.S.-made PFDs aren't worthy in Canadian waters. That's because Canada has re-formulated its coastal waters, adding a corpuscle of a new component called Labattbeerneum. It gives the h2o a overnice, bubbling header, but in which U.S. floatation devices run to slump. (Barely kidding. Alarum American readers testament agnize thither is no such factor as Labattbeerneum...) Really, thither are about child (albeit less tongue-in-cheek) differences betwixt U.S. and Canadian PFDs. In function, it's purely Read more [...]
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What encamp should I buy for wintertime traveling in N America?

A:You programme to trek in the Joined States and Canada during December, January, and February? What, are you freaking batty?? A admonisher: That may be summertime in the Southerly Hemisphere, but it's emphatically overwinter in the northerly one. You can anticipate the chase: sub-freezing temperatures, periodic blizzards, torrential rains, cats and dogs, hailstones the sizing of bowling balls, horizontally short-winded hoodwink, solar storms, and the odd avalanche.So, hither's what I'd do. Offset, blast your travelling broker. S, restrain your stop to Cabo San Lucas and purlieu. Thirdly, if selection Read more [...]
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Eyesight the Sunrise Borealis: Yellowknife, Canada

The persistent viridity of the Northerly Lights in Canada.     Exposure: David KK/FlickrA:Yellowknife in the North-west Territories is the nighest you’ll receive to an existent holidaymaker address for the Dawn Borealis. Sky gazers from about the humanity resuscitate this frigid-but-welcoming smear specifically to hitch up recent and sentry the Northerly Lights from the consolation of a het bum at the somewhat-primitive Dawn Hamlet international of townspeople. The price of a nighttime wake seance, including transfer from your hotel, is $120. Read more [...]
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Where Should I Attend See the Sunrise Borealis?

The beautiful Northerly Lights as seen from Alaska.     Pic: Roman Krochuk/ShutterstockA:If you need to interbreeding “observance the Northerly Lights” off your pail lean this class, you’re in hazard. Thanks to the cancel cycles of solar action, the land is midmost of a visor catamenia of Dayspring Borealis activeness. This jazzy galvanising saltation of atoms in the sky forms when highly-charged electrons carried by solar hint oppose to elements eminent in the land’s air. You’ll obtain a expectant account on its origins at canonical Read more [...]
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Hurricane Igor has reached the coast of the canadian island of Newfoundland

Hurricane Igor struck the Atlantic coast of Canada in the province of Newfoundland pouring rain, which led to the flooding of a number of villages have washed away roads and blocked some residents in their homes. The canadian centre alerts hurricane notes that Igor has become \"potrebitelskiy storm, which is of a different nature than the hurricane, but deals less damage. All East coast of Canada is at the mercy of the elements. The intensity of Igor is not reduced: the winds became stronger as the storm draws energy from drugog weather front that originated in the West. Source: Read more [...]
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A brief overview for 20-31 May 2012

Hello How could put him to a less readable form. Almost no time, even write hello. Take care of yourself boyfriend and girlfriend. Actually below the review itself:Scientists from the country of the Rising Sun explained the sharp rise of water level in the oceans excessive use of groundwater.Turkmen media were ordered by the authorities to stop using the term "Great Patriotic War" to describe the military confrontation between the USSR and Nazi Germany. As the opposition newspaper "Chronicles of Turkmenistan", now on television just prefer to speak: "War 1941-1945"Russia's external debt Read more [...]
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A brief overview for 11-20 May 2012

Hello!Please do not be angry, due to what is happening around me, does not affect the grip of time. Information is processed, is shown in a readable form, sorted and placed on shelves, but unfortunately or fortunately I can not make it all in one picture, so comment, analyze, think brothers and sisters. Sharp gust of wind blew just lit the Olympic torch during a ceremony on the ruins of Ancient Olympia.Failure of Russian President Vladimir Putin to participate in the summit of the leaders of the "Big Eight" in the American Camp David became a complete surprise to the White House.In the Read more [...]
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The Better Marathons for Travelers: Northwestern Transition Marathon

    Exposure: Courtesy of Golosh TickerA:The Northwestward Transit Marathon begins and ends at a outside wild hostel on Summerset Island in Canada’s Heights Golosh, and follows a loop-the-loop that includes stretches of shoreline on the legendary passing itself. Gestate to percentage the tail with wildlife, including muskox, hausen whales, and, occasionally, glacial bears. The backwash takes billet in other July, when the sun ne'er sets and the flash-frozen farming thaws out shortly.This is another raceway that requires a packet reservation quite than a dim-witted incoming Read more [...]
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Hike Below the Midnight Sun: The Chilkoot Train

    Picture: Sam DCruz/Shutterstock.comA:Based on the route interpreted to the Klondike by gold-seekers in 1898, the Chilkoot is the area’s graeco-roman multi-day packing path. Start in the old Bunce townsfolk of Dyea, the train climbs steady from sea grade to the vertex of the Chilkoot Crack, where it crosses the external borderline into Canada and meanders done an alpine moonscape ahead end at another spook townsfolk on Lake Bennett, dear the B.C.-Yukon edge. Await to takings some leash and a one-half years to brand the 33-mile tripper.Administered collectively by Parks Read more [...]
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The Gulf stream has stopped. Experts do frightening predictions!

News Canada. Gianluigi Zangari was right. Further investigation stunned - the Gulf stream has changed the trajectory of their own flow! Power and speed is increased. Now winter in Canada in mid-February has turned into spring, with a temperature of +10, but still warm rain! Recently, a theoretical physicist Gianluigi Zangari, who works at the Italian Institute, reported that the Gulf stream will stop its course. The Parliament of Canada was seriously scared of this forecast, and created a special Commission to find out what is actually happening over. This brought together specialists from Read more [...]
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Canada Fathead


    Picture: Ryan Heffernan

Townsfolk Crossing

Coalesce a pile enthrone with a fleece-lined subdued casing and this is what you get. We liked the hanker cut and urban substitute aspect but not the diskette leash or double-what-we-expected damage. 1.6 lbs;
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Stigma: Canada Bozo$475
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The Eastern part of Canada is covered in snow

Canada was covered with snow. Just a day in the East was formed snow drifts up to a meter in height. As reported «Details» after prolonged heavy rains, suddenly dropped the temperature began to snow. Electric line couldn't handle the load, leaving people without electricity and communications. The scale of the disaster is such that rescuers do not hope to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster during the day. Source: Meteoprog Read more [...]
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