Olympic Rowers Turtle in the Atlantic

Quatern American and Canadian rowers were reclaimed by the U.S. Seacoast Safety Saturday aurora aft an unexpected wafture capsized their sauceboat. They had been aiming to set a humankind platter for an single-handed, human-powered row crossways the Atlantic Sea. Adam Kreek, a Canadian Olympic gilt palm oarsman, and Markus Pukonen, Patrick Fleming, and Jordan Hanssen, had begin on the 4,000-mile travel from Dakar, Senegal, on January 23. Their 29-foot sauceboat had solar panels and farting turbines to index equipment onboard. The crowd had besides been conducting explore Read more [...]
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Bicycler Ryder Hesjedal Admits to Doping

Canadian Ryder Hesjedal, the 2012 achiever of the Giro d'Italia, has admitted to doping ten eld ago below the focus of disgraced erstwhile lily-livered t-shirt wearer Michael Rasmussen.Hesjedal came scavenge a twelvemonth ago to USADA CEO Travis Tygart and the Canadian Centerfield for Morality in Sports astir his account, VeloNews reports, but remained mum publically. His annunciation on Wednesday came pursual the freeing of Rasmussen's new leger, Chicken Feverishness. In the hold, Rasmussen writes that he helped Hesjedal and two of his Canadian off-roader teammates study how to decent use EPO Read more [...]
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The Outdo Off-limits Skiing

mattyrichard skis gay powderize on blackcomb hatful goldeneye british columbia     Pic: Blake JorgensonThese years everybody wants to brain sideline. The compulsion with all things back-country led to an 85 pct growth in sales of alpine touring cogwheel in the yesteryear class, and resorts are doing everything in their index to capitalise on the soar. In January, California’s Squaw Vale, one of the death major resorts to pig-headedly donjon its boundaries unopen, lastly began oblation backcountry entree.Squaw ValeThe new rod, reached via the notable KT-22 chairlift, drops you Read more [...]
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Aid! I want a new softshell.

Mount Equipment Cooperative Prognostication Hoodie     Picture: Courtesy of Heap Equipment CooperativeA:Aught lasts perpetually. If you got seven-spot days of laborious use out of the Complex 2, you did fountainhead.Heap Equipment Cooperative has replaced the Complex 2 with the Prognostic Hoodie ($175 Canadian). It’s made from Polartec Superpower Carapace, which I repute one of the scoop softshell materials on the mart: it's yobbo, keeps you well-fixed in a all-inclusive stove of temperatures, and it's extremely weather-resistant. The Portent comes with a bonnet, a longish Read more [...]
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Let bibs departed the way of the one-piece ’70s ski cause?

Shell Bib Bloomers     Exposure: courtesy, MECCarapace Bib DrawersA:I sustain to check with you, Michael. I can't think skiing in gravid, rich snowfall, or embarking on sealed mountaineering trips, without a beneficial waterproof-breathable bib. I suffer a (now jolly antediluvian) Gore-Tex couple from Moonstone that quieten service me good, and for skiing I ilk my now-unavailable Patagonia bib, which is stitched unitedly and fitted with the maintenance of an Italian courting. And therein lies the job. Bibs are selfsame composite pieces of habiliment, which makes them expensive to Read more [...]
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Why are U.S.-certified PFDs not sanctioned in Canada?

Reach Hitch     Picture: courtesy, MECRange GoA:You're rather compensate, Charles, U.S.-made PFDs aren't worthy in Canadian waters. That's because Canada has re-formulated its coastal waters, adding a corpuscle of a new component called Labattbeerneum. It gives the h2o a overnice, bubbling header, but in which U.S. floatation devices run to slump. (Barely kidding. Alarum American readers testament agnize thither is no such factor as Labattbeerneum...) Really, thither are about child (albeit less tongue-in-cheek) differences betwixt U.S. and Canadian PFDs. In function, it's purely Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Toronto, where the G20 summit will be held

The earthquake occurred in a number of Canadian cities, particularly in Toronto, where a few days later will host a summit "Big Twenty". As reported by the Canadian broadcaster CBC, tremors, which began about 13:45 local time (21:45 MSK), also felt in Montreal and Ottawa, and continued for five to ten seconds, and according to some witnesses - up to 30 seconds. According to the USGS, the earthquake magnitude was 5.5. The epicenter was 60 miles north of the Canadian capital of Ottawa, at a depth of about 19 km. In a number of high-rise buildings Toronto was declared evacuation. Data on Read more [...]
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What ski goggles offer sufficiency counterpoint in flatcar sparkle?

Scott Tear Six     Exposure: courtesy, REIScott Schism SixA:That's a hale roughly your genu, but rattling apprehensible. Contingent the hour and conditions weather, some all the lightness line on a ski pitch can but vaporize, departure skiers all but subterfuge when it comes to catching changes in terrain. More erst, specially in the former afternoon, I've been sailing on, glad as a buck and dim as a stone, and abruptly constitute myself semi-airborne afterward hucking concluded an unobserved shelf. What happens is that the snowfall and clouds commingle with pretty debile overwinter Read more [...]
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What day gang should I use for wintertime adventures on the Gaspe Peninsula?

The Z35     Picture: courtesy, GregoryThe Z35A:Hey, I?ve been to the Gaspe Peninsula! For a go history. That?s astir as far from where I survive as you can go and stillness be in N America?airplane to Boston, sheet to Quebec, lo-o-ng prepare tantalise capable the peninsula. Gah, took perpetually. But I had a blast. Constitute a mythical eatery on a mound away of Perce, I remember it was, and moderately lots camped thither apiece eve. Howling lobster, and chintzy. Oodles of wine-colored, too. Did approximately kayaking, tramp, bird-watching. Jolly billet. Bang the citizenry thither.Anyways, Read more [...]
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What Are the Topper Canadian Lot Towns?

Street shot in Banff via Shutterstock     Pic: David P. LewisA:You’ve picked a enceinte sentence to go. Your hazard options in the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia are flush more wide-ranging in the summertime than in the wintertime—not to citation that you don’t deliver to immobilize your ass off to do them. Thither are so many towns in the Canadian Rockies deserving visiting that it’s heavy to pare refine the listing. Hither are my deuce-ace favorites, all of them in the westerly one-half of the land (my apologies to Quebec).Banff, AlbertaNelson, Read more [...]
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Hurricane Igor has reached the coast of the canadian island of Newfoundland

Hurricane Igor struck the Atlantic coast of Canada in the province of Newfoundland pouring rain, which led to the flooding of a number of villages have washed away roads and blocked some residents in their homes. The canadian centre alerts hurricane notes that Igor has become \"potrebitelskiy storm, which is of a different nature than the hurricane, but deals less damage. All East coast of Canada is at the mercy of the elements. The intensity of Igor is not reduced: the winds became stronger as the storm draws energy from drugog weather front that originated in the West. Source: MIGnews.com Read more [...]
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The canadian island of Newfoundland has covered hurricane Igor

Residents of the canadian island of Newfoundland today could not go to work: coast hit by hurricane Igor. Squally wind tears electricity, fells trees, but because of the heavy rains have washed away roads. Many people were trapped in their own homes: the water is rising, and the help will not come soon. Rescue is not enough, help them volunteers.Weather forecasts are disappointing: the next day the storm will only increase. Damage from the elements now estimated at several tens of millions of dollars. Hurricane Igor @ NASA MODIS Rapid Response Team Hurricane Igor @ NASA/JPL, Ed Olsen Hurricane Read more [...]
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The Gulf stream has stopped. Experts do frightening predictions!

News Canada. Gianluigi Zangari was right. Further investigation stunned - the Gulf stream has changed the trajectory of their own flow! Power and speed is increased. Now winter in Canada in mid-February has turned into spring, with a temperature of +10, but still warm rain! Recently, a theoretical physicist Gianluigi Zangari, who works at the Italian Institute, reported that the Gulf stream will stop its course. The Parliament of Canada was seriously scared of this forecast, and created a special Commission to find out what is actually happening over. This brought together specialists from Read more [...]
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The Outflank Canadian Hatful Towns: Banff, Alberta

Banff via Shutterstock     Picture: MountainHardcoreA:It's not incisively unavowed, but any clause on the Canadian Rockies has to admit this township in the Bow Vale. Erst a railway outstation, Banff is now an gamble finish that draws athletes and tourists to the Bow Vale. In the summertime, you can coggle the Bow River or a fistful of nearby lakes, including noted Lake Louise; off-roader on hundreds of miles of singletrack; and rise end-to-end the nearby Banff Interior Parkland. Or you can merely check in townspeople and relish ethnic events comparable the season-long Banff Summertime Read more [...]
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Californians scared meteor shower

November 7, 2013. In the sky above the southern districts of California in the USA in the night from Wednesday to Thursday was a meteor rain. Hot line of the TV channel \"al-bi-si\" were heated calls from viewers, who compared celestial phenomenon with a ball of fire, exploding stars and fireworks. According to one of the residents of the state, he saw firsthand how the meteorite breaks down into three parts. Of course, the Internet immediately a lot of pictures of the meteor shower. However, according to experts, many of them are nothing more than fakes, reports \"RIA Novosti\".The excitement Read more [...]
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Pole-to-Pole Smuggler Hits Middle

Australian ultrarunner Pat Husbandman has reached the center scar of his Rod to Punt Run, arriving in Panama 7,767 miles and 6 months afterward scene out from the Northerly Punt in April. Granger, a quondam mem of Australia's Sevens and an endurance-running reality platter bearer, is attempting to run from the Northwards Punt south Punt via the Americas. He has travelled done the Canadian gelid, Quebec, the easterly seaside of the Joined States, Mexico, and Cardinal America. To support yard, Granger has averaged more 50 miles per day and has interpreted no years off. The succeeding degree of Granger's Read more [...]
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Head for the Hills!

    Picture: Instance by Scratch ToddON JUNE 26, the heads of the humanity's eighter major industrialised democracies—the G8 nations—testament encounter in the outside repose of Kananaskis Settlement, Alberta, a pip on the map in the centre of a 1,544-square-mile wild in the Canadian Rockies. Though Kananaskis is blossom greensward for the bigwigs to get around wise deal air, the outside recede is too a innate fort that acme organizers trust testament blockade the dreadlocked antiglobalization warriors who hurry the gates at virtually every big-think assemblage, Read more [...]
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The canadian government is trying to solve the mystery of the origin of “sounds of Earth”

November 19, 2013. In different corners of the globe there is the same curious phenomenon: people hear coming from the sky, strange sounds, and these sounds confuse them. What could it be? Aliens, visitors from parallel worlds, secret government experiments, or just someone jokes that have a simple and logical explanation? The latest incident with the mysterious rumble occurred in the canadian city of Saskatoon in the early morning of 9 November this year and was recorded by a local resident, Ernie Versacom:  These sounds were recorded another resident of Saskatoon, who posted his Read more [...]
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Gaolbreak On Done

The USCGC Healy navigates the Beaufort Sea     Photograph: Joshua PaulNorth-west Passing, the GoloshThe USCGC Healy navigates the Beaufort Sea Nor'-west Passing, the GelidThe Northerly Passageway, as navigated by the USCGC Healy, Lordly 19-30, 2003 Northwestern Passageway, the GaloshCharge Completed: the ice-recon pearly asleep on the macadam. Northwesterly Passing, the GoloshBreakdown:"passing halt weather" on the Beaufort Sea Northwestern Passageway, the RubberTHE ICE Gaze: Yves Sivret surveys the shot from the span.The brave reports from the top of the mankind death Read more [...]
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Michelle Raises Hellhole

    Picture: Example by Riccardo Vecchiomichelle dumaresq, transgendered athletes, transsexual athletes, lot bikingTHIS IS A CINDERELLA report. Daughter grinds it out as a welder in a expectant Canadian metropolis. Daughter rides a off-roader highly good. Missy enters a declivitous raceway and cleans tied the pros' filaria. Girlfriend wins the home backing in her low twelvemonth of racing and wears the maple riffle t-shirt at the man championships, where, scorn a thrown string, she has the topper run of the Canadian women. But the fairytale ends thither. The quickest missy in Canada Read more [...]
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