In Kemerovo -40 °

Classes in local schools canceled, postponed flights suburban and intercity buses. Pupils first to eighth grades do not learn in Kemerovo on Wednesday because of the impact the 40-degree cold. Wednesday, December 23, became the most frosty day for the area since the beginning of the autumn-winter season. In "the coolest spots" field today recorded minus 40-43 degrees in the "warmest" - minus 34 °. Transporters canceled due to cold weather a number of inter-regional, inter-city and suburban bus lines. "Because of the cold weather on Wednesday in Kemerovo canceled classes the first shift of the Read more [...]
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United States in the grip of a blizzard

As reported by BBC Radio and Television on Saturday, the most powerful winter storms raged on Thursday evening and Friday - the day of Christmas, in some areas, the thickness of the snow reached 60 centimeters. In South Dakota, Texas and Oklahoma due to a series of accidents closed some highways. Thousands of people in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois were without electricity. According to the Associated Press, warning of a blizzard effect in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. The cyclone caused havoc on the roads and the cancellation Read more [...]
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BERG-PRIVILEGE legislation on Dec 10. 1719 defines the policy rus. Prospect Island in the region. mining ind. Hand. prom. created Berg-board. Local authorities adm. authorities (governors, magistrates) excluded from control of rock fishing. Monarch as the supreme owner of mineral resources proclaimed the right of unimpeded freedom of mountain search and ores minerals on any lands gos Islands. Law guarantees the protection of hereditary ownership of developed mines and Manuf. facilities. For page. Mining s-ing instructed to make removal of 250 square meters. yards of land at the declared place Read more [...]
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Icelandic ash cloud touched Asia and Africa

The ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano that caused traffic jams in Europe today has touched Asia and Africa. A total of 500 of the ash canceled flights, closed 8 airports in Spain, five of them - in the main resort of the country - the Canary Islands. According to forecasts, the particles of volcanic ash can cover the entire Iberian Peninsula by Wednesday evening. For a few hours and was discontinued air service in North Africa - Morocco. Reached a dangerous cloud of Cyprus, but the authorities of the island has not yet imposed a ban on flights, unlike Turkey, which already canceled dozens Read more [...]
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Due to snow storms in the USA thousands of flights were canceled

More than 2 thousands of flights canceled in the U.S. due to the snow storm, which covered the South-Eastern States of the country. Freezing rain, deep snow, up to half a meter, and poor visibility were also the cause of many traffic jams and accidents on the roads. Without electricity due to breakage of the wires remain several thousand residents dozen U.S. States.Monday was cancelled about a quarter of all flights in the South-East of the country, including 1450 flights «Delta» and 270 flights «AirTran Airways». Most of the aircraft had to land at the airport in Read more [...]
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The eruption of Tengger (Caldera) on the island of Java

JAKARTA, January 29. The eruption of Tengger (Caldera) on the Indonesian island of Java has violated the traffic on it the most populous island in the world. According to ITAR-TASS, in the canceled dozens of international flights linking the resort island of Bali with other parts of the world.Thus, according to the Australian airline Jetstar and Virgin Blue, about 4.5 thousand passengers stuck in airports of the two countries. As stated by the representative of the Ministry of transportation of Indonesia Bambang Ervan, ash emissions struck the airspace within a radius of 200 nautical miles Read more [...]
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Snow paralyzed Europe

on January 27. Half of Europe was under the snow. On the roads of chaos, canceled flights. Throughout power outages.Heavy snowfall has covered the Balkans and most of Eastern Europe. Two days strong storm made roads impassable. In many places the drifts 3-foot layer of snow. In Romania, the Prime Minister ordered to send the army and tanks to clear roads and get him stuck in the way of motorists. For the last day were saved from hypothermia passengers of hundreds of machines. However, they have claims to the authorities. — Yes, of course, the government helps us, tea posts. Kidding! Read more [...]
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Storm from Japan canceled New Year in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky because of stormy weather canceled all mass New Year events in the city center. Spoil the party people of the city had to security reasons. Local authorities told Itar-Tass that the weather can only get worse. Peninsula covered powerful cyclone from Japan, which brought the stormy wind, sleet and snow storm. In the south-west of Kamchatka meteorologists recorded gusts up to 35 m / s. In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky wind speed until a little less - 17 m / s, but even that was enough to townspeople had to forget about street festivals. In the near future a vortex that Read more [...]
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Georgia Sheriff Cancels Valentine’s Day

Sheriff Scott Berry in northeast Georgia has canceled Valentine’s Day due to inclement upwind. The declaration was made on February 12 done the Oconee County Sheriff’s Facebook pageboy and has since garnered lots of tending.“The Oconee County County Sheriffs Berth announces that Valentines Day has been Off from a business Northerly of I-16 to the Georgia/Tennessee edge.Men who survive in the designated "NO VALENTINES DAY Partition" are free from having to fail and buy drawing scratchers and Hershey bars from the niche stores until February 18, 2014, due to ice, Read more [...]
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At Heathrow airport canceled dozens of flights, no trains from the British capital to Brussels

At London's Heathrow airport canceled 70 flights. Planes could not take off due to heavy snowfall, which struck on Friday at the British capital. Manual air port close one runway. Cyclone broke the quiet life of the entire United Kingdom. Of not only the pilots, but also for train drivers. Four trains did not go from London to Brussels, broken inner rail. And difficult for motorists. Drifts on the roads, the technique is unable to cope with the effects of snow. Authorities urged people try not to drive and wait out bad weather at home. In different parts of the UK in children began Read more [...]
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Snow covered the apocalypse Japan

Japan stormed powerful cyclonic vortex center is located just 300 kilometers south of the country. And if you are in the south of the heavy rains, on the north - the intensity of the charge of snow, followed by icing phenomena. Visibility in snowfall often deteriorates to 500 meters in some places snowdrifts grew to 50-70 cm All of this paralyzed traffic in the north of the rising sun. As the website of BBC News c works intermittently Tokyo Haneda Airport. As a result, canceled 60 domestic flights, in the waiting rooms of thousands of passengers stranded. On international flights while the Read more [...]
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U.S. winter weather bedevils

The United States have fallen snow storm. In two days, American meteorologists have recorded a total of 34 tornadoes, killing six people, hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity. Airlines canceled domestic flights on motorways recorded a surge in the number of accidents. During the day - 34 tornado. In Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Christmas is ruined. There is such a buzz, if the plane flies right over your head. Arkansas, where the snow - a rarity, swept up as accustomed to storms Illinois. Drifts there reach a height half. From riots verse 25 people Read more [...]
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More than one thousand flights canceled in the U.S. because of snow and storms

Snow and storms have caused the cancellation Wednesday of about 1.5 thousand flights in airports north-eastern and central United States. Another 170 flights canceled on Thursday, the company said, leading graphics performance monitoring air traffic in the country. The most difficult was the situation in the "air gates" Indiana, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont. According to the U.S. National Weather Service, a powerful cold front reached the east coast of the country. Here come the heavy rains and snow. In the states of New York and New Jersey Read more [...]
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Pupils several Kolyma district sent on forced vacation due to the 50-degree frost

Classes for students of all classes canceled due to severe cold in Susuman Srednekanskaya areas and Kolyma. "Temperature is minus 51, so in order to preventcolds, classes in schools had to be canceled, "- said Tuesday the press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry.The report also notes that the fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services in these areas are operating normally.Category: Element Read more [...]
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Snowfall paralyzed traffic in the capital of China

12/14/2012 Beijing Weather Service on Friday announced the "blue" level of danger due to heavy snowfall, which does not stop for 12 hours.Snowfall began at about 19:00 on December 13. As of 8:00 am rainfall in the average reached 4.7 mm. Snowfall has complicated the traffic across the capital. The authorities were forced to block several sections of expressways. Moreover, the situation is complicated by the Beijing airport "Beijing Capital", which canceled 51 and delayed 22 domestic flights. Also canceled 4 and 8 international flights delayed. Forecasters predict Read more [...]
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Abnormal frosts have caused the cancellation of more than 20 bus lines from Tomsk

Truckers were forced to cancel 22 flights on Friday from Tomsk because of bad weather, according to the website of city bus station. Thus, of the long-distance canceled flights to Novosibirsk to 9:10 (06:10 MSK) and 12:10 (09:10 MSK), to Novokuznetsk at 10:20 (07:20 MSK), to Semipalatinsk at 13:40 (10 40 MSK) to Pavlodar to 17:45 (14:45 MSK), to Gorno-Altai at 18:45 (15:45 MSK) to Barnaul at 20:10 (17:10 MSK), up by 21 Belokurikha 00 (18:00 MSK) to Novosibirsk airport "Tolmachevo" at 21:45 (18:45 MSK), to Novokuznetsk at 21:50 (18:50 MSK). Of intra canceled flights to Teguldeta, Kargaska, Read more [...]
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Heavy snow, cover Europe, led to traffic jams in many countries

In Europe, the snow covered several countries. In Romania, the military and rescue workers could hardly make their way to stranded motorists on highways. Buran has swept cars first long dig. Freezing the occupants to evacuate special items heating. Across the country, canceled classes in schools. Disrupted the movement of trains, and the airport in Bucharest canceled or delayed most flights. Without the help of heavy machinery can not do in Serbia. There's snow literally cut off from the outside world the inhabitants of several villages. In many of these residents remained without Read more [...]
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Record low temperatures in the UK

Record low temperatures show the thermometer in the UK. Up to £ 10 got cold in Scotland, in the county of Buckinghamshire in central England - to £ 9. Thick fog covered most of the country.By the morning of December 12 London Heathrow Airport canceled more than 60 flights - in Warsaw, Nice, Stockholm, Aberdeen, and several cities in Germany, many planes delayed the arrival and departure. Another one of the six airports in the British capital, London City Airport, canceled at least six morning flights to European cities, including a flight to Edinburgh. Also delayed the arrival of aircraft Read more [...]
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Shuttles from Tomsk to Gorno-Altai Belokurikha canceled due to frost

Thirty-degree frost caused the cancellation of two long-distance bus services from Tomsk Tuesday. As the agency "Interfax-Siberia" in the control room of Tomsk bus station, on Tuesday canceled flights to Gorno-Altai 18:45 (15:45 MSK) and Belokurikha at 21:00 (18:00 MSK). According to forecasters, the Tomsk region until December 14, is expected to abnormally cold weather with minimum temperatures to -37 degrees. In turn, EMERCOM in the region in connection with the forecast warned of the possible occurrence of accidents. All these basic services recommended a set of preventive measures. Read more [...]
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Aviakollaps in Poland: heavy fog paralyzed airports

In Poland, the second day of canceled domestic and international flights. In several regions of the country - heavy fog. Visibility is almost zero. In Krakow airport canceled more than half the flights. To somehow relieve the waiting areas, where there are hundreds of passengers and flights redirected to other air harbor country. According to weather forecasts, the fog can last for days.Category: Element Read more [...]
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