Orientation in the jungle

Orientation in the jungle it is a very difficult task. In order not to go astray in the humid Equatorial and tropical forests should be used very special orienteering techniques. We will discuss in the current article. The main problem for orientation in the jungle – the high canopy of trees called primary jungle and almost impassable, it is the same in all directions, thickets of secondary jungle. Completely unable to focus on the moss, as in the taiga and forests of the middle band, where it grows abundantly on the North side of tree trunks and stumps. In the jungle everything is just plastered Read more [...]
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Inconspicuous Fires Desolate the Virago

NASA scientists suffer observed that wildfires in the Virago rainforest are the main effort of disforestation in the realm. Researchers get antecedently blessed farming for well-nigh of the disforestation as they were ineffectual to racetrack the fires, which tan downstairs the wood canopy.The sketch shows that understory woods fires burnt round 2.8 percentage of the timberland 'tween 1999 and 2010. The foresightful, dull blazes creeping downstairs the canopy kill betwixt 10 to 50 pct of trees, NASA proclaimed. Scientists consider that a combining of mood weather—wish low humidness—and Read more [...]
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Airforce Drops Two M Envenom Mice on Guam

The U.S. Airforce took to the skies o'er Guam on Sunday to cascade expiry upon the invading and troublesome brownish shoetree serpent. But alternatively of napalm, bombs, and mustard gas, planes released 2,000 deadened mice, stuffed to the gills with venomous painkillers, which sailed mildly refine to the ground on diminutive unlifelike parachutes.The stagnant creep fall was the one-quarter and largest such performance, function of a $8 1000000 broadcast aimed at wiping out the snakes and delivery Guam's endangered hoot universe.  Officials too trust to preserve the estimated $4 1000000 it Read more [...]
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How easily ventilated are single-wall tents?

A:Single-wall tents that don't use an expensive, hi-tech cloth are seemly progressively plebeian. They bear the precise advantages you citation: less burthen, low price, and loyal frame-up. The Zeus EXO 2, e.g., sleeps two yet weighs below four-spot pounds. Frame-up is real loyal?the camp has an outside anatomy that clips real promptly to the canopy. Cost is $149 (www.eurekacamping.com). Marmot's AT (iii pounds, octet ounces; $179; www.marmot.com) and Flock Hardwear's new Waypoint 2 (iii pounds, one oz.; $250; www.mountainhardwear.com) use tunnel-type designs with two poles, one at apiece end, Read more [...]
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What’s the nigh covenant one-person encamp and quiescence bag for overwinter bivouacking?

The Hilight     Exposure: courtesy, CarbonadoThe HilightThe HilightA:Hmmm. The problem with almost unaccompanied tents is that they're intentional to be ace whippersnapper. And that agency they suffer lots of network in the canopy, which makes them jolly parky in the wintertime. Distinctive is the MSR Hubba 1P bivouac ($250), which is pretty roomie for a unaccompanied protection and real loose to ring at around leash pounds tied. The fly offers fantabulous reportage, but the canopy is blowy.So, credibly the topper selection is something same Carbonado's Hilight ($370). It's a minor Read more [...]
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How can I forbid condensate indoors my bivouac?

    Photograph: Jens Ottoson via ShutterstockA:Marmot's Bury ($359; www.marmot.com) is a big, roommate two-person camp. As you recognize, it's intentional for three-season use, significant it has quite bit of interlock in the bivouac canopy network doors, a network venire at the cover of the encamp, two engagement panels in the cap. I've not secondhand this encamp, but I've slept in tents that suffer alike designs (if you face tight at tents, you see that all the big makers Marmot, Sierra Designs, Batch Hardwear, The Northerly Expression, and like ploughshare around six staple designs). Read more [...]
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What’s the flock with fly-only pitch options with tents?

A:The trade is this: Sometimes the upwind but makes the common double-wall camp twist extra?all you motive is a rainfall fly to discourage the odd exhibitioner. Or, you don't charge if you deficiency bug gauze, but you wishing to preserve the two or trey pounds that the canopy weighs. So yes, a encamp such as TNF's Roadrunner 2 ($249; www.thenorthface.com) or Sierra Designs' Orion AST ($219; www.sierradesigns.com) gives you the pick of encampment in lavishness or fetching a more Ascetical overture. In the suit of the Roadrunner, its jammed burden is almost six pounds including fly, canopy, and Read more [...]
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What’s the skill arse single-wall camp fabrics?

Waypoint 2     Pic: courtesy, Mount HardwearWaypoint 2A:Until latterly, single-wall tents attended be constructed of hi-tech, identical expensive fabrics. Not Gore-Tex?stringently speechmaking, Gore-branded Gore-Tex is not sanctioned for tents because of its deficiency of fire-resistive coatings?but chemically standardized materials such as ToddTex and Tegraltex, as you bill. Both are rattling like, ie the like: a PTFE membrane (teflon in its full-of-the-moon halo, a stuff monovular to "hellenic" Gore-Tex) is bonded to water-repelling ripstop nylon on the away and blurred, Read more [...]
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What’s the outdo high-quality whippersnapper camp on the grocery?

The Lightning XT 4     Exposure: courtesy, Sierra DesignsThe Lightning XT 4A:Certainly, Casey. Thither are piles of dear tents out thither that leave employment swell for you. Belike a solidness three-season is the fine.If you deprivation a bazaar come of respiration (not a bad estimate with quatern masses), so a goodness pick mightiness be Sierra Designs’ four-person Lightning XT 4 ($450). Its big vantage is weighting. It comes in at scarce complete seven-spot pounds, which way you can spreading it out nicely into piles of approximately two pounds (canopy/fly/poles and Read more [...]
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What’s the better two- or three-person packing encamp?

The Aureole 2P     Exposure: courtesy, MarmotThe Nimbus 2PA:These years, thither are quite few out thither, Allan. A genuinely overnice one is Marmot Atmosphere 2P ($299). It’s a two-person encamp that hits the five-pound crisscross. Its pattern has rattling immerse walls, so the inner has a large smell of capaciousness. Doors on apiece slope brand approach light. It has full-mesh walls for enceinte airing, but the fly offers heavy reporting and rainwater shelter. So as far as privateness goes—so as the fly is on, you’re covered. So to talk.Thither’s Read more [...]
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Can three-season tents be victimised in the bamboozle?

A:Certainly they can. Three-season tents and four-season tents don't dissent all that often, leastways in footing of morphologic unity. Like terminal lastingness, fundamentally like fly and canopy materials. A lawful four-season encamp leave incline to deliver the undermentioned characteristics: Less network in the canopy, for a niggling more passion; a bigger foyer, for storing train and perchance donning boots; more internal blank, for bulkier overwinter vesture and dormancy bags; in around cases, an extra rod for supererogatory immunity to blow payload. The biggest substantial trouble, potentially, Read more [...]
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The Outflank Packing Tents: MSR C Reflexive 2

C Reflexive 2     Photograph: Courtesy of MSRA: C makes bicycles lightness and inflexible—and it can do the like for tents. MSR’s C Reflexive 2 uses c poles for a burthen savings of roughly 30 pct versus traditional poles. C is solid and pliable likewise—paragon rod substantial.Boilersuit, the Automatic utilizes a pop designing employing an throughout rod that acts as the “backbone” of the bivouac, with a short-change cross terminal that holds up the sides of the fly and canopy. The canopy is generally engagement, but a fly extends clear to the priming Read more [...]
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By cranberries without incident

Returned yesterday from a cranberry plantation Bryansk forests, sleep it off, there is still 2 weekends, and you can unsubscribe. This campaign was the first in several years wandering intelligence, targeted to receive the gifts of nature, and not litrobolno vyzhivalcheskoe-round events such as why then probably all went very smoothly and in a soft spot of adventure was not found. After passing through the forest route on minimum UAZ (not more than a mile), car hid in the spruce forest. The road is disgusting, this time the machine is not mine, and the host of an SUV with a little experience, Read more [...]
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Reviews snaryagoy

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and tovarka   Let me bring to your attention a few reviews about snaryagoy, a recent run-in at the May departure for exploration NATO base in Ulyanovsk. 1. Tent Outdoor Project Adar 3 AL. Purchased in Kant, for me and the wife. Although considered a triple, but was chosen in size sleeper of promise: "... once the tent, then why not have a minimum of comfort ...", we are large enough with his wife ... Immediately after the purchase terribly nervous, because the store could not be verified, and all three descriptions (site picture "passport") differed Read more [...]
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What’s a shellproof camp for Moab’s moth-eaten weather?

MSR Hubba Hubba     Photograph: courtesy, REIMSR Hubba HubbaA:Yea, I see your pointedness most the debris. But I recollect it?s less of an issuance than you envisage. Rightful, the MSR Hubba Hubba ($280, www.msrcorp.com) has a canopy (inside camp) that is virtually totally interlock. And no, I wouldn?t recollect you?d deprivation to be session therein in a sandstorm. Nevertheless, its fly provides moderately wide reportage, so it would surely do much to hold detritus off the fly. If it?s blowy I can see about debris approach up below the fly, but I shouldn?t remember much. And evening Read more [...]
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What Are the Topper Zip Business Tours?

Walk a roach nosepiece on Navitat's zip pipeline grade in Northerly Carolina     Pic: Courtesy of Navitat Canopy AdvenA:Though wild zip cable tours aren’t incisively new, they've alone lately begun proliferating in the U.S.. Hundreds get sprouted up in the close dec, and many more are beingness reinforced. You bear many suitable choices, Brendan, but conceive these beginning.Navitat Canopy AdventuresMaster ZiplineSequoia Canopy ToursArbortrekZip Adventures Read more [...]
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L.L. Noggin

Microlight Unaccompanied     Exposure: Stiff EllisWhy It's CoolheadedIt's one of the few alone tents I can dress inwardly of without doing Pilates. The 36-inch roof let me sit posture-perfect. The 20-square-foot base spans vii and a one-half feet, with decent board to slumber and too cache my dress and former essentials. » The all-mesh canopy panted alike a adolescent on a hot escort, patch foursome ceiling vents chaperoned out all abridgement. » Foursome quoin stake and two terminal basketball are all it takes to tumid the canopy. With the fly connected, the heave adjusters Read more [...]
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Hogan Ultralight 1     Pic: Corpse EllisWhy It's Sang-froidThis separate instauration is firm, flowing, and comfortable. The quick-pitch canopy is suspended below the fly, so it hoists in a unity channelise. » The chief terminal togs done a one-way arm. Easy-peasy. » The 33-square-foot level is roommate, and I could guy out the walls a tidy ogdoad inches. » Scorn a minor interlocking impanel in the largely taffeta canopy, this bivouac is an über-ventilator. » The four-inch sunblind made for a certifiably dry incoming and passing during around rich precip, Read more [...]
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survival basics of survival in nature winter

THE HEAT-REFLECTING ROOF.1. Paste in the snow close to each other twigs or sticks, narabete on their snow. The resulting snow ball melts evenly and will take the form of a visor. In the space between the canopy and the fire will be very warm [1]. Fire or multiple fires, should be spaced not closer than 2-2,5m fall.2. On stuck in the snow at an angle of 50-60° durable sticks you can hang a piece of cellophane or tissue. This simple screen will reflect the heat waves coming from the fire, and will help to warm up the ramp with 2 parties [2].A more suitable alternative fire - "nodja".3. Read more [...]
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I was looking for treasure

Greetings esteemed comrades) Begged off, once again, in his beloved wife and two kids in the woods for the weekend. Take time off, as his wife, given her birthday relatives, camera ... This outing planned start me and my colleague the next day after the previous one, ie 2 weeks ago. My colleague, a keen fisherman and is ready to go anywhere, but there was an opportunity to leave the spinning. My hobby is finding old coins on the ground where people once were, and already so dtsat years and never in sight)) And brings us a love of nature and a chance to live another day away from the people Read more [...]
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