And again on the brass sleeve

Part twoPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Now, about the experience and the intricacies of equipment and operation. First, the economic component. For those who do a lot of shooting (doves, quail), there is a direct sense to buy these cartridges even a fantastically high price – 40 rubles apiece. At first, the cost of the cartridge will be prohibitively high, but after 10–15 recharges the sleeve has to be free.With careful operation it will be enough for 100 shots, and even more. Just one piece of advice: check all purchased sleeve, without departing from the counter. Our producer Read more [...]
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Cartridge and exploded in a shop

Unbelievable but truePhoto: Alexander Yarkovoy Introduces the reader «HORN» photo. The remains recovered from the grenade ammunition store gazootvodki Turkish Pegasus, belongs to my young colleague and friend. Green cartridge with Five – product Novosibirsk company «Spark»That respect for high-Papkova sleeve. To incredible skukozhennaya plastic sleeve without primer – product company «Record». Here is the patron and exploded in a shop.[mkref = 652]According to the owner, he came to me for examination, was as follows. I will make Read more [...]
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The experiment was conducted: your opinion?

The other day, I conducted an experiment whose result for me was almost predictable. It was necessary only to find out some numbers to work with. Photo The essence of the experiment is as follows. The sleeve charged only one capsule «Zhevelo»I inserted wads of nine different species, but instead shot – rod weighing 0.6 kg. When fired, the measured altitude. It was found that the harder «cushioning» part of the wad, the higher takeoff shaft.The highest result of 3.0 m was obtained wad without any shock absorber. Therefore, the power Read more [...]
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Break capsule

Two or three years ago, "horn" was published my article "When the gun ceases to be a gun." Meeting it was different, but mostly friendly. As always, I am talking about security. The discussion heated argument erupted around I've seen the consequences of breaking the capsule, followed, in my opinion, after the last proshtampovki striker left the barrel, followed by a breakthrough of powder gases back into the block. I mentioned in particular the fact that the holder of the right barrel was driven into the chamber to a depth of 30 mm. Proof of this was not any, and I felt a particular Read more [...]
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How to get rid of misfires?

Misfire is always a feeling of disappointment, at the climax could negate many duties, preparing for the hunt, the work of the whole team. There are plenty of cases when a misfire with tragic results. It's hard to do something, if a misfire has occurred at the time of throwing an angry beast. And indeed pitiful hands, poking around with a gun in the hunt.So, analyze the causes misfires. They can also refer to the cartridge, and to arms. In what may be to blame for a cartridge? At the bottom of the trough liner, which most often occurs because of the pressing capsule «Barclay» without Read more [...]
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The lower punch

In the first half of the XIX century in many countries is a real breaking stereotypes. From the old, and all the usual flint hunters and the military went over to obscure the cap, put on even more obscure rod.35% sostavakapsyulnoy mixture used at the end of the XIX century, was mercury fulminate. Epoch capsule weapons swept the world in the the end of the 1820s. Before this capsule were known quite successfully applied for about a decade, one way or another incarnation. On seemingly uncomplicated device capsule systems require two essential elements — Read more [...]
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About Pyzhi. And not only.

The "horn" published an article by A. Yarkov "A little more about Pyzhi" in which he talks about the independent gear cartridges using bulk wads. Photo: Victor Gurov AT «HORN» published an article by A. Yarkov «A little more about Pyzhi»In which he talks about the independent gear cartridges using bulk wads. In this article he puts forward a number of provisions which, in my opinion, can lead readers, especially novice hunters to the wrong conclusions.Yarkovoy Alexander writes: «… and do not exaggerate if we obtyuriruyuschee value wad? No more Read more [...]
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How to get rid of misfires

Always misfire causes a feeling of disappointment, at the climax shot could negate many duties, preparing for the hunt, the work of the whole team. However, there are plenty of cases where the misfire leads to tragic outcomes. It's hard to do something, if a misfire has occurred at the time of throwing an angry dangerous animal. And indeed pitiful hands, poking around with a gun in the hunt.Photo Darya Shatov So, analyze the causes misfires. They can refer to patron or weapons. AT What could be wrong cartridge? With self-gear cartridges — at trough bottom Read more [...]
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Autumn with Bolognese rod

The tactics of the autumn fishing mostly running. Way along the river bank and toss snap in vending locations. Find a place exit of fish, apply different techniques of fishing and match different bait. Choosing the nozzle also plays a significant role.In the autumn of the causes of poor fish can be a lot, but to tease the appetite of fish is always possible. The proven way — Fishing is in the wiring. When the head moves from the bottom, and even sometimes delayed (angler especially on second or suspend the movement of the float), the fish do not resist the temptation, always Read more [...]
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Test stove Poshehonka Most of PoshehonStar in conjunction with a tent Fiord 4 of Fusion.

Test stove Poshehonka Most of PoshehonStar in conjunction with a tent Fiord 4 of Fusion. Bundle tested in preparation for a winter hike on the Kola Peninsula "Christmas in the Arctic Circle! (Kola Peninsula). " Using the fact that the temperature became colder and negative, and I decided to go Sergey 19/03/14 forest a day or two days to test equipment. It was dark forest came about half past nine in the evening. Lights used to illuminate the Fenix: I Fenix ​​HP11, Sergei Fenix ​​HP10. Used for transporting backpacks "Defender 95 v.2" from Fusion stove Lutchkovo saw, folding saw, Read more [...]
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Cotter-pouch for a day … (Chapter 2, final version)

And so, it's time to hitch a pouch to its rightful place! On a backpack (RDM) has been set for attaching pouches system Molli, but on the pouch does not, and indeed there was nothing, so I had to think and to adjust to the size. For this, I sewed and glued horizontal sling thickness of 2.5 cm Then, slings (Molli) installed on the knapsack had to strap 4 (wrap around straps and flash). Because fasteksy (clips) I have no, I had to resort to a temporary option and set my favorite Velcro. Then I slipped 2 central fastening straps sewn to the backpack sling in the first through RDM, then through Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

STORAGE of BULK Goods IN the BOTTLE.There is the question of how fast to save bulk products, to protect from insects, moisture and other misfortunes. Rescued PET bottle. For ease of falling asleep, you need to make an adapter of 2 covers. The photo of the cover are welded using hot dry palnick, and the seam is hidden under the white tape. When the cover is firmly connected to them make a very huge hole. The top (blue handle) bottle cut and consists of a funnel, which screw on the bottle. Bottom (reddish knob) bottle in which is stored the product (in this case, rice). As comfortable to take such Read more [...]
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survival medicine

The main types of bandages on the head: a - cap; b - cap; in one eye; Mr. both eyes; Dr. ear; e - eight-figurative bandage on the occipital region and the neck; W - on the chin and lower jaw (lores); C - mesh bandage-tubular bandage; and - start and type (to) cap of Hippocrates; praevenio bandage on his nose (l), chin (m), in the parietal region (h) and occipital (o); p - contouring bandage on his cheek; R - lakopetra sticker on the nose.Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Back to nature, or separation from the computer!

Watching as a child most of the time wasted on the computer, decided what would be, at any cost, to change his interests! Thought that the process will be "painful", but nothing happened!Said, done! Gathered, went to the forest! On the eve of both checked and prepared bike. A house packed up on a backpack! First suggested the child put what he sees fit (it was a jar with water and his favorite knife!) I added a warm jacket with a hood and his children's first aid kit. Since his knife was without a full-cover, made homemade sheath. Thick cardboard (such as hardboard) cut to shape blade (with Read more [...]
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Bon appetit, please take SCOFF

At the request of comrades throw out the results of his short "flurry of activity" Ducks I brought home the "okombinezoneenyh" and packaged by plastic bags so as not to foul housing feathers and other wine-how and why overalls described in the previous post. and so we take the continental culture and put defrosted washed with water and take out decompose on the board ALL CAN SCOFF (Joke) potstsTsTstsientov lay the pan with a thick bottom (equipped with a lid) further clean the carrots and cut her circles, and sprinkle the meat with salt (to taste) and spices (I put 2 teaspoons of mixture Read more [...]
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Caps Auer

In number 1 Junior machinery for 1991 was published an article about an increase in the brightness of a kerosene lamp. If you put in the flame cap tissue impregnated with a metal salt, the brightness of the flame will increase because almost all organic substances burn, and the remaining mineral skeleton heat up in flames and he will begin to emit light. I found it interesting idea, and I decided to check it. Since I do not have a kerosene lamp, the laboratory used alcohol stove. Fasten on a spirit wire to install the cap. Sami caps are made of cotton (left and center in the photo) and linen Read more [...]
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Porridge in a mug

Good morning, comrades! Yesterday, the network came across a simple recipe of buckwheat on the train. Just an experiment was conducted. On the results were reported. What we have: 1. Thermo mug from Expedition. 2. Buckwheat 3. Salt 4. Water Pour the rinsed buckwheat (real survayvery may not be washed in a mug 😉 about a third of the volume, pour boiling water almost to the top and cover with lid. About half an hour buckwheat ready! Discard the excess water. Remains salt, add corned beef and get quite delicious and nutritious dinner! Practical use, for example, in a one day hike so I see. If Read more [...]
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How to make alcohol

Create quality alcohol is not as easy as it seems at first glance. But it's not only blue men and wacky songs, but also a solvent for drugs, tinctures, disinfection, medication finally. Given that this is one of the endangered species after BP (all will celebrate ), It will tell you how poluchit.Srazu reservation that moonshine do solely for his own use, that the law in our country is not prosecuted. So, the Internet offers a wealth of recipes as well as home brew moonshine, but there are some problems that can only learn about them cracked forehead. Fabrication apparatus. ] If the wife is Read more [...]
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Decompression needle (Needle Decompression) to assist with tension pneumothorax. Review of decisions

An article for physicians and for those who, for some reason the topic of interest. The list of items included in the NATO emergency first aid kit with a gunshot wound in the prehospital phase, includes a special needle decompression in tension pneumothorax, ARS Needle Decompression Kit. Technique and indications for use will not describe, it is not about that. Those interested can find them without any problems. However, not everyone can afford to buy such a device. Bothering idea selection of available tools for the same purpose, found several devices available for purchase for the average Read more [...]
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For tourist: Select skates

Popularity of ice skates in recent years is gaining momentum. Many people often visit the ice complexes and are thinking about purchasing your own ice skates. To select part of sports equipment, you must first determine what specific goals for the product selected. The right choice - maximum pleasure and comfort on the ice. Important to know that horses are divided into: curly, hockey, amateur and running. Skates are designed for skating lessons and ordinary consumers are not suitable. When selecting curly skates need to stick the following notes: 1. Try to pick up exactly your size Read more [...]
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