Human capital Hunting

Human capital - an important and growing factor in the development of States. World trend. This is us recently in his speech Valdai reiterated our president. Speech, of which some in the West spoke with contemptuous irony: that the electorate of Putin's "blooms" when "angry and accusatory" speech aimed at a domestic audience.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev I would like to remind our Western colleagues that this «electorate», though fell to him is not easy, but having a good hunting skills, and drove strangled the fascist beast in his lair. This species-specific Read more [...]
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Beast weekdays capital

Badger was able to get into the specially protected zone of the KremlinPhoto: Valery Liushkov “Snowdrifts almost all year round, and countless bears on the streets…” — with a light hand of foreigners visiting Pervoprestolnaya already that age can not get rid of such an exotic “virtual” image. But the last of the wild “bear” on the territory of what is now Russia's largest metropolis, plagued more than 200 years ago! However, if not clumsy, the other representatives of wildlife on the streets and in the quiet back streets of the capital Read more [...]
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In the capital of Dagestan, torrential rains

In the capital of Dagestan pour heavy rains, and in the south of Azerbaijan tons of snow. It seems a bit strange, is not it?Going in for the past three days of torrential rains in Dagestan Makhachkala flooded some streets that led to traffic jams. On the avenue Akushinsky December 9 in a traffic jam got hundreds of cars. The very prospect completely flooded, the water is already approaching the ground floor located near the houses. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the city does not have enough tow trucks and some cars are middle of the road with a stalled motor. The situation Read more [...]
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«Unusual» snowfall

Forecasters called this snowfall "unusual" because it was formed in the zone of influence of the anticyclone, which usually brings heavy rainfall. Because of the so-called "city effect" forecast was developed according to the worst case scenario. And in the prefecture were informed that in the capital there was a great snow, two hours after it began. "Such a strong band of precipitation our computers did not show even a few hours before the start of snowfall," - said the CEO Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region Alexei Lyakhov. Meteorologists predicted at this week's frosts expected the Read more [...]
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Beijing raises the price of water

Water in the Chinese capital will rise from 22 December to 8%, the initiative of the authorities should contribute to a more economical use of water residents of the metropolis, according to Monday news portal "Sina". The cost of one cubic meter of water in residential buildings will rise to 4 billion yuan ($ 0.6). Over the past five years, one cubic meter of water cost 3.7 yuan. The last time the price of water rose in the capital of China in 2004.As explained by the city authorities, the price increase should contribute to "improving water use efficiency, increased use of wastewater, Read more [...]
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Flooding in Brazil

Flooding caused by heavy rains that struck the capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings, killed at least 19 people, 12 were injured to varying degrees of severity, according to a Friday news agentstvoAgencia Brasil. In particular, according to the agency, sixteen people were killed in the municipalities of Belford Roxo, Niteroi, San Juan de Merito, Jacarepaguá, Bass Lobo (Vaz Lobo) and Quintin (Quintino), three - in located near the capital city Duki- Caxias and its surroundings. According to the agency, more than 600 people in the capital were forced to leave their homes and celebrate Read more [...]
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Estonian capital covered with snow

In Tallinn raging blizzard. In the capital of Estonia came perhaps most heavy snowfall over the last century. City officials have asked all motorists to refrain from traveling by car.

Those who, in spite of the treatment by the authorities, still decided that weather at the wheel, had to literally dig out cars. Just a few hours they were completely swept snow. On the streets of the city formed snowdrifts that caused a lot of small accidents.

Source: Conduct

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Beijing off the gas because of the cold snap

The Chinese capital because of the cold snap severely reduced the supply of gas to industrial enterprises, supermarkets, office buildings, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper "China Daily". A cold front brought air on Sunday in Beijing heavy snow and the lowest temperatures in 50 years: up to -16 ° Celsius. In this regard, in the city jumped 30% gas consumption: residents of the capital to escape the cold, including gas heaters. In this regard, the authorities considered a priority to ensure gas supplies to residential buildings, rather than in the premises of factories, shops and offices. According Read more [...]
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The coldest winter in India

The coldest in the last seven years winter was the cause of death in the northern states of India, more than 400 people, according to Indian media on Wednesday, citing official sources. Cold hold for a second month. In Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi the capital of the temperature at night drops to 5 - 7 ° Celsius. Thermophilic India, houses in which traditionally are not adapted to the cold weather, do not have central heating and double glazing, even, it was a real disaster. Among the dead from the cold, most - the homeless and day laborers who flock to the capital for work from remote places Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Tokyo

Experts have recorded an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 in the area of ​​the Japanese capital, data on casualties or damage were reported, no tsunami threat. As reported by the national meteorological office, the epicenter of the disaster was near the Izu Peninsula, its center lies below the bottom of the Pacific Ocean at a depth of about 10 km. The strongest quake was recorded in the resort towns of Ito and Atami. Fluctuations smaller force felt in the neighboring prefectures of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, in most Japanese capital and several other prefectures in the southern part of the island Read more [...]
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Snegomaggedon the eastern United States. Photo

We do not know why Obama called it snegomaggedonom but beautiful sight.According to the American broadcaster CNN, heavy snowfall that hit the east coast of the United States, paralyzed traffic and left hundreds of thousands without electricity chelovek.Snegopad hit the east coast states from southern Indiana and further east — New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, — everywhere paralyzing traffic and disrupting the normal flow of life. Snowfall left without electricity hundreds of thousands of people. The President of the United States Barack Read more [...]
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In New Zealand earthquake damaged Parliament

The earthquake led to the formation of cracks on the roads July 21, 2013. In New Zealand, near the capital Wellington was an earthquake, which damaged the parliament building and caused a brief cessation of trains. 6.5 magnitude quake lasted about a minute. Its center was located 57 kilometers south of the coast at a depth of about 10 km. Authorities said there is no danger of a tsunami, despite the damage caused to buildings and power lines. The earthquake occurred at 17:09 local time, and the impetus was felt as far north up to the Auckland region.Damage In Wellington in many buildings Read more [...]
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Earthquake near the capital city of Montenegro

Earthquake of magnitude 4.5 occurred on Thursday morning at 21 kilometers southeast of the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, in neighboring Albania, said Montenegrin Seismological Service. Information on casualties or destruction have been reported yet. "The earthquake could cause minor damage in the epicenter," - said in a statement seismologists. Tremors could be felt in the Montenegrin town of Bar, Budva and Ulcinj. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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French-lemezinsky plant

But first, the plant was named Lemezinskim, by the name of the forest cottages on the shore of Inzer. The fact that Lemeza this location is very close to Inzer and location of the plant to Lemezit only about 5 miles. Well, under the charcoal burning forest was set aside by the banks to the upper right Lemeza Lemeza what they say skeletons coal stoves and coal piles at the former villages Lemeza Yurt and Berezniki. Lemezinsky plant in 1890 built Ufa merchant Alexey Semenovich  Sofronov. This is one of 2-Sofronova brothers, after whom is named Ufa Sofronovskaya Sofronovskaya marina and mountain Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Chile. Photo

Information on the damage element of damage while a little. It is known that there is damage in Concepción, a few houses collapsed in the capital. Witnesses said that people ran away from the falling debris on them, reports Associated Press. In Santiago, near Providencia, destroyed one of the main churches in the city, according to TV Chile. In the capital, the airport is closed, stopped all air traffic. Read the main news"Bi-bi-si" cites eyewitness who came by e-mail to the editor or appearing on the microblog Twitter. "I am in Santiago, we were shaking for about two minutes. On the streets Read more [...]
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Chilean city of Concepcion moved 3 meters

A powerful earthquake in Chile has led to the fact that the city of Concepcion, located 400 km southwest of Santiago, moved to 3 meters in a westerly direction. Precise GPS-measurements geographical coordinates indicate that the capital of Chile - Santiago also shifted by 28 cm to the west. Moreover, even the capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires, located 1,300 kilometers from the epicenter, moved 2.5 cm to the west.Arrows indicate the direction of displacement of the earth's crust. Photo source: University of Hawaii Source: Nature Previous News: · The earthquake shifted the Chilean coast · Read more [...]
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Lived fervently and passionately

    In July this year, July issue of the Krivoy Rog city newspaper "Chervoniy Girnik" material appeared on the former Director Victor NTMK Udovenko. It is encouraging that memory of Victor G. Udovenko lives and in the Urals, and in his homeland. Offer readers (abridged) excerpts from the article, prepared by our Ukrainian counterpart.     Last autumn, the body patriarch of the national high school - National Technical University Ukraine (and he rightly divides the title with capital National University named after Taras Shevchenko) decorated with 16 (!) Commemorative Read more [...]
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Demidov shares

    November 24, 1995 The State Duma adopted the Federal Law joint-stock companies. In the history of this country already, and now Russia has gone to the second round corporatization of industrial and banking capital.     Joint-stock companies in Russia emerged in the pre-reform period. By 1914 year there were 2,235, and in 1621 was among them industrial. Since October 1917, all of society ceased to exist.     But in the USSR liability society began to emerge in the 20s during the transition to the NEP, and in 1929 they began to be replaced by different forms Read more [...]
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Where is the steel capital of Russia?

     At the end of the XIX century. Nizhny Tagil Plant, without having the status of the city, wore the unofficial title "Iron capital Russia". By the middle of the XIX century. independent factory and nearby villages merged into a single village, called "Nizhny Tagil plant"Or "Nizhnetagilskom". According to statistics, by 1855, its population was 27,717 people, and he was the first county-level cities of the province of Perm. In 1858, there are more than two hundred handicraft and four hundred commercial establishments. Taghilsky merchants kept Read more [...]
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Joint-stock companies

Joint-stock companies form of organization of enterprises whose capital is generated through the sale of shares (stocks), bonds, enactment in Russia in 1836, acted in 2 forms of AD and private limited companies. Economic nature and value of joint-stock companies was determined such legal bases org-tion, as the principle of limited liability of shareholders within their contribution to fixed assets; legislative approval and public reporting; fixed, officially approved, the amount of capital and all its changes; outstanding shares on the stock exchange. For private limited companies was characterized Read more [...]
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