Rarefied Faerie Lightning Caught on Celluloid

A lensman in Colorado has captured rarified images of faery lightning, hard-to-observe electric bursts that come high-pitched in the air, on a flying supra Bowlder. Jason Ahrns was fast-flying on a extra planer from NOAA when he secondhand a dSLR and a window-mounted Gorilla Pod to pinch pictures of the sprites, red-colored, split-second electric bursts that happen at altitudes of around 40 to 45 miles.Spell sprites aren't well-understood (the kickoff photo of one was captured in 1989) researchers trust that they're caused by a positively-charged lightning rap which reaches the land, causation Read more [...]
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I would not be surprised if on the 2nd day of the war on the threshold of the White house will see young men in vests and caps (Rraga).

Occupied captured Russian paratrooper, as in blue, and a black beret, is not considered prisoners of war — his shot on the spot (from the Charter of the U.S. armed forces).

If I was given a company of Russian paratroopers, then I would whole world has been brought to its knees (General U.S. Haque).

People Margelov not be taken prisoner, and shot them on the spot, because in captivity paratrooper is the saboteur (from the Charter of the U.S. armed forces).

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New video of the Japanese tsunami captured by the DVR

Yu Muroga Japanese driver. That day he was doing the trip, when the earthquake struck on March 11, 2011. Like most people in his neighborhood, he netcustomer for themselves tsunami hazard, as they were far enough away from the shore. Thus Yu Muroga continued to drive and to do their job. HD camera mounted on the dashboard not only captured the shock wave, but the moments that followed later, when many drivers have become hostages of the waters of the tsunami. Read more [...]
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Seizure Subaquatic Photos Comparable a Pro

You don't pauperism to drop respective thou dollars on a figure subaqueous camera set-up to get enceinte images. That's an authoritative example I conditioned fair ahead my late trip-up to the Dominican Democracy.      It all started during the foresighted enactment from Ushuaia to Antarctica when chap lensman Richard Anderson showed me utterly aerial images of hunchback whales hovering in an turquoise sea—the Dominican Democracy’s far-famed Flatware Cant—he'd captured with a point-and-shoot.I was sold. As a state lensman, the estimate of purchasing (and lugging Read more [...]
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Iran shows captured drone

Iranian television channel Press TV December 4 showed drone Boeing ScanEagle, captured, according to Tehran during the spy mission over the territory of the Islamic Republic.According to Iranian officials, they were able to take control reconnaissance drone, before landing on their territory.Earlier, the U.S. Navy Command categorically rejected loss UAVs, saying that they are on a strict allowance, so the disappearance of one of them would immediately become known.According to the Associated Press, some rules can be both ways, since the U.S. is not the only country using ScanEagle in the region. Read more [...]
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Elusive sprite caught

on July 10. Its mystical name outbreaks have been due to the elusiveness. \"Red sprites\" — this short red flash, appearing in the atmosphere at a height of about eighty kilometers (fifty miles). Like Medusa, with vertical antennae, these electrical discharges extend to a distance of from twenty to thirty miles and directly related to the phenomenon of thunder and lightning. These photos of the red sprite were captured by astronauts 31st expedition of the International space station during flight from the South-East of Central Myanmar to the North of Malaysia. The pictures are part Read more [...]
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Ounce Obliterate Caught on Camera

On a ounce turn done the Himalayas, templet Adam Riley captured perchance the first-ever images of a ounce defeat. With fewer than 60 of these cats estimated to be left-hand therein special realm, the photos are a arresting accomplishment.The scenery was captured in Hemis Home Commons in northerly India, which is the largest subject ballpark in Southward Asia and nonesuch ounce habitat. The serial of images shows the leopard stalk a modest crowd of bluing sheep in a absorb, jolty ar. As a grouping of jr. sheep gets detached, the run begins:These images were interpreted by Indris Ultimate Wildlife Read more [...]
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Fierce fighting with artillery passed near Damascus

Around settlements in East and West on the outskirts of Huta Damascus fierce fighting, said "Al-Watan", emphasizing that among those killed, wounded and captured fighters dominated mercenaries from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and several Asian countries.Artillery of the Syrian army is shelling out for the remaining guns in the hands of the rebels on the outskirts Darayya areas in the south-west of the capital.Gunfire is heard from Erbina and Zamalki. Aviation bombed from the air by a stronghold of armed groups in the northern suburbs and Kabun Haraszti.On Wednesday expired allotted Syrian Read more [...]
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Gravity-Defragment soul. Forgiveness

To start the assumption that nature is a medium through which the transmitted vibration, though the vibration of different plans. In addition to the physical plane to be emotional, mental, and others, according to esoteric, psychics and by the way, even the scientists already have experiments, which confirms the field structure of thought.At least, this is logical. Of course, each plane is vibrating at its fundamental frequency. Perhaps together plans are also linked to the frequency of likely frequency extensions of three or close to it was the interaction between the layers.If you think about Read more [...]
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Burial of Lassie

First in the number of victims is earthquake 1920 in the Chinese province of Gansu. According to incomplete statistics, the earthquake killed more than 200 thousand people. Played a fatal role not only strength quake that caused the destruction of the area 450h150 km, but the specific conditions of the soil of Central China. Affected area at the center of the "country of loess" - fertile dust coated winds from the Gobi Desert in the early Quaternary. Loess strata not only move entire hills and buried tens of thousands of people who lived in caves dug in the loess. Caused landslides Read more [...]
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The concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay

The United States has set up in Guantanamo, on the island of Cuba, the center for imprisoned captured "terrorists." Action, to say the least, strange. "Terrorists", captured in other countries - not U.S. citizens. They - not arrested, there is no such law. They - and not prisoners of war. Officially, their countries did not declare war on the United States. Americans call them "unlawful enemy combatants." This definition has nothing to do with legality. This was discussed in the European Parliament, and the Organization of American States, and the famous figures Read more [...]
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1996: All Eyes on Top of the Mankind

Jon Krakauer speechmaking to reporters in Kathmandu, Nepal, May 16, 1996.     Pic: Binod JoshiThe 1996 disaster on Everest, in which octet climbers were killed by a abbreviated but vicious May blizzard, was immediately the about far-famed and near notorious mountaineering chronicle of the 100—an case that captured the populace vision tied more the kickoff Everest raise in 1953. Climbers routinely and stoically die fainthearted, removed deaths. But this meter approximately, sedate web anchors, the presence pageboy of The New York Multiplication, your neighbour who had ne'er Read more [...]
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Sky Scrubbers

    Exposure: Instance by +ISMThe Ten-Second Issue "Trees and plants bear been exploitation absolve solar radiotherapy for millennia, but the engineering has to prove that it is environmentally bettor than planting and burial biomass." —KELLY THAMBIMUTHU, CEO of Australia's Kernel for Low Discharge Engineering and track generator of the Intergovernmental Gore on Clime Commute's 2007 reputation on the bewitch and memory of atmospherical co2 GREEN-O-METER: 3 Boldness it: Well-nigh of us are fossil-fuel junkies, and that's not gonna vary anytime presently. Participate Read more [...]
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In America, the terrorists are not considered

Bus with 15 students was captured terrorist in the heart of the American resort sverhblagopoluchnogo Miami. All cars ... on the track at once suddenly froze, as winter flies: accompanied by an incredible number of police vehicles by luxury villas and gleaming skyscrapers flying little yellow school bus. 8.30. Above the famous beaches of Miami police helicopter hovered. Tens of thousands of tourists in Florida where you can not think of any problems, even sleep together and do not know why, in Miami Beach, mad rush of terror, parents of children captured by terrorists on Thursday morning. "Children Read more [...]
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Withdrawal from the occupied base GTB

GTB provides a departure from the IAF base captured by permission of a senior commander of the report to him after the results of a combat mission, and the commander of the decision taken. Before going to the base of the captured IAF destroyed all found shelter and farm buildings, food, clothing, ammunition, and other physical facilities that are not subject to seizure. Mining areas and shelters made only with the permission of his superior, according to established mining (with registration form and timely notification of federal forces, in whose area of responsibility is mined). When mining Read more [...]
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