Polar Bears began to drive away with rubber bullets 12 caliber

The polar bear, which this week has again visited Amderma settlement in the northeast of the Nenets Autonomous District, was driven away by the use of rubber bullets.As the press service of the department of natural resources, ecology and agriculture of the NAO, with reference to the deputy director of the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental protection Igor Kisliakof recently in Amderma his agency sent 40 cartridges with rubber bullets and 20 hand flares.For assistance in the use of these funds deter predators of nature appealed to the Centre based in Amderma Border Service.To ward off Read more [...]
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First aid for injuries

With an open fracture must be prevented from entering the wound infection and simultaneously immobilize the injured limbPicture: Marat Velichko Accidental injury is available to any hunter or fisherman, found themselves in a difficult situation, far away from the point of professional medical care.General principles of first aid for injuries and accidents lies in the fact that as soon as possible to stop the impact of damaging factors and to take urgent measures to maintain vital body functions of the affected person. To do this you need to know what you can do, and that is absolutely Read more [...]
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9. Working with tribes part 1

#vyzyvayushchikh9 Working with tribes h 1 6:0910 Working with tribes h 2 4:0411 Change guns 3:4912 Care at lower level 3:0213 Values when leaving the strip attack 7:3814 Options to leave the band attack 11:3515 Tactical step 8:2616 Pass the open doorway 5:26Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Is Consumerism The Mood’s Foe?

Source Andrew Winston says it's capable consumers to get big companies aboard environmentally.     Pic: gyn9038/Getty Images Late, the Interior Clime Appraisal revealed innumerable shipway mood variety is already fixing our day-to-day lives. And more latterly, a NASA discipline revealed that a important glob of the Antarctic is in "irreversible hideaway" and that the resulting low-lying advance during this hundred bequeath strength the Intergovernmental Jury on Mood Alteration to revision upwards its already intimidating prognostication of one to iii feet. What do we do? Read more [...]
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What American God Taught Me Most Track

    Photograph: Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.comI bear an mortifying confession to micturate: Observance American God makes me a punter smuggler. Thither, I aforesaid it.I came belated to Perfection passion. By the clock I ascertained it, finish wintertime, it had foresightful been scripted off as a bum, back-number contend. But I left-hand the TV on astern end twelvemonth's First-rate Trough, and thither it was in my parlour. I was spellbound by the contestants, who marched out onto the arrange and belted out their better songs, unplugged and whole lone, before of 3 judges and the Read more [...]
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The Raging Register

    Photograph: Wasan Srisawat via ShutterstockIs thither any wellness gain to boozing your own water? Eric Lanners, Minneapolis, Minnesota In the feeling that crapulence pee promotes health, an estimated trey trillion Chinese starting their years with shots of homebrew. About New Agers title a day-by-day drachma of wee does everything from remedy cancer to addition libido. Almost urologists differ, expression you power produce an transmission if your urethra hosts bacterium or viruses.Diminished doses are ordinarily harmless—weewee is 95 percentage weewee and 5 pct Read more [...]
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A Photo of Braveness

Death hebdomad I took our ten-year-old girl, Ellie, to tryouts at a esteemed ballet civilize. She’d been flighty all hebdomad, way more rule, so I tape-recorded around photos to the backbone of the driver’s behind.The pics, from our holiday finish Revered, distillery offer a prissy jar of paternal pridefulness, and—I hoped—would meet Ellie with the self-confidence essential to do easily at dancing tryouts. I beggarly consider the girlfriend, spidering some on underweight niggling cables and swerve sway at calamitous capitulation high.France does touristed mini-adventures Read more [...]
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WildcatDynafit Fauna.     Photograph: Courtesy of DynafitWith a DIN of 16, Dynafit claims their new, jacked-up bandaging, the Brute, is the lightest freeride touring dressing on the satellite. Dissimilar over-the-counter Dynafit bindings, whose toe pieces just dismission laterally, the Savage's rotates, wish nigh alpine bindings, affording it ninety-six of consecrate and allowing it to engulf elf vertically without (needs) cathartic you. That's a effective affair for backcountry skiers who care to launching off farce. At scarce shy of 4 pounds per duad, they're Dynafit's heaviest Read more [...]
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Yesterday at the Marathon

    Exposure: Kenshin Okubo/Associated PressureI wasn’t certain I treasured to be extraneous. A brace transactions afterward I time-tested, but I didn’t try identical grueling.Much of masses birth already scripted astir the bombs at the Boston Marathon. What it was ilk to be at the finishing pipeline, and what the bombs mayhap signify. So this volition be brusque: I wasn’t identical approximately the cultivation and I don’t attention roughly what any of it agency. Peradventure I’ll upkeep more after but I’m too disorder correct now.I was in the ballroom Read more [...]
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Trending: Beers With a Local Penchant

A drift in cunning brewing has beer makers quest out local flavors to colligate someone brews to their environs. NPR Word reports that brewers are headed into their own backyards in look of ingredients alike leaves, roots, berries, and level fungi to make a unambiguously local discernment.The drive has evening created groups care Beers Made by Walk, which leads hikes in hunt of pint woof ingredients. Great breweries same Deschutes and New Belgium get evening participated in the walk hunts.Minor breweries care Defect Eagle Brewery in Salinity Lake Metropolis are tramp into the mountains in Read more [...]
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Care knives.

Now (there is a will) can be obtained from the patterned Damascus blades, super alloys and ancient as the world uglerodki. Handle, even serial products, manufactured using exotic - amber, bone, horn, and all sorts of wonderful timber. But how to take care of all this, if it is not hanging on the carpet, and constantly pushed to the owner at the bosom of nature?Foldable blades.Enough, though occasionally lubricate joints and spring pocket knife with one or two drops of oil. This will provide a free and open folding knife will prevent corrosion and reduce wear on the blade. Regularly check Read more [...]
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Are woollen shirts as full as synthetics?

A:Merino woollen is so endearing binge. And I bet thither's much of it usable in New Zealand ?- subsequently all that's woolen state. Boilersuit, woolen has standardized properties to goodness synthetics, and when I started outside poppycock, lo these many age ago, woollen filled the like wear recession as synthetics do now: It was the poppycock you jammed that could donjon you ardent when wet. Modernistic fleece wear is ignitor, softer, less fidgety than what was useable 20 age ago. It's too identical indestructible. The odor bit I'm not certainly almost. Sure, about synthetics adhesion to feel Read more [...]
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Thus began the

    Anniversary of the oldest hospital coincided with the August day celebration of the city.     Museum Demidov at the hospital for the last time considerably enlarged documents, pictures, memories associated with its history. Preserved petition statesman Gennin from March 1722 to Peter the Great, in which this high official wrote: " Inasmuch as I am always saddened breast and perhaps without doctor prematurely die, that previously did not ask for me only, but for the origin and treatment of the future when I need artisans who zaskorbyat without doctor suddenly Read more [...]
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On guard health

     In each area of ​​the city, every major company has its own clinics, health centers, staffed by specialist doctors. Doctor may resort to laboratory tests: make an X-ray, an electrocardiogram. Require special care for patients – He was sent for treatment.     It was not so before. In 1912, for example, during a smallpox epidemic killed every fourth. Fever, plague, erysipelas claimed thousands of lives. And no wonder. In 1913, in Nizhny Tagil was only two hospitals – factory for 50 beds but zemskaja 83 beds. And although the district hospital Read more [...]
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Factory Hospital

    Found some interesting archival materials on the factory hospital in Demidov times, which has served as the progenitor of the second City hospital. It was a small wooden building, like a hut with a clean and dirty halves. Here is the description Chamber: "there were 28 beds with a dirt floor and acidic air. Here are obsessed with different serious illnesses and almost never recover. There were two chambers, one - women, other men of the clerks and Officers people".     Hospital this first existed as a hospice, which were collected artisans crippled people, Read more [...]
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Forgotten outskirts of the Leninsky district

    Once village Gorbunovo applied to suburban areas but now the residents of the village, constantly living there (and there are, according to official statistics, last year, there were 650 people) "patron" Leninsky district administration.     Problems in the village, according to 84–year veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Paul Alexandrovich Kotovshchikova, which for many years is the owner of one of the gardens in the village Gorbunovo, accumulated what is called the roof. Retired offered a ride to Gorbunovo, to see what is the situation in the Read more [...]
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Away Mag, Jul 2005

Lancet Armstrong     Photograph: Drop-off WattsF E A T U R E S Enlistment DE FRANCE 2005 Sole: Breakaway Birdcall it Dumfounding Gymnastic Grandness 101: In our protection to, and conversation with, Shaft Armstrong, the stress is on survival, consignment, correction, and the well-nigh unbelievable reaching of authorisation in cycling story. By Hal Espen STREET Combat-ready MAN What was it alike to be Gig in the 2004 Go as he planate foes, got squabble on by crowds, turbocharged his way up grampus mount stages—and flashed his "Stagnant Elvis Smiling"? Therein Read more [...]
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War creates a special memory

     A typical day. The streets are full of people. Do not they know that in one of the houses of Dzerzhinsky district, very close to the pine forest, lies gravely ill person who does not react to the presence of strangers?     Anatoly Goncharuk, who served during the Great Patriotic War in the Urals Volunteer for today – only in the area of ​​survivor who fought veteran Panzer Corps.     Tolia Goncharuk It was the youngest soldier, fought in the Recon received several wounds, was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War First Class, medals Read more [...]
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Is thither an substitute to skintight bicycling leotards?

A:Yea, but that Spandex is silken! Makes you go quicker! Quieten, I see your period. It isn't perpetually the well-nigh decorous matter to wearing. You do get roughly options. Belike the topper is the Tokyo Blotto from Drop Izumi. It's a mid-weight polyester-Spandex stringent desirable for temps in the 30s and 40s?and depress with a lighter underlayer?but is reinforced more care a heave than a cockeyed, with a moderately loosen fit. You'll feel comparable you're wear apparel, not a covering of nigrify pigment. Toll is $80 (www.pearlizumi.com). Cloudveil's Highline Leotards ($90; www.cloudveil.com) Read more [...]
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What’s the topper kick for Rainier?

A:Postponement! Don't rushing out and buy those Asolo AFS Guides! The Usher?or Guida, as it now is called?is so a o.k. thrill, a moldable kicking with Survive insularity. And be is not inordinate for a high-end flush: $350. But I'd say it's more rush than you pauperization. And if your Koflach boots chewed up your feet, I care that the Guidas power do the like (although fit is a big matter, and maybe your narrow-minded feet were hardly swallowed by the Koflachs). Rather, I extremely urge you try one of the newer-generation leather boots that are desirable for climbs care Rainier. A model: Salomon's Read more [...]
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