Choosing tires for off-road vehicles

By choosing off-road tires for your car, you should follow some general recommendations. First of all, the winter is better to install tires with less tread width. By choosing off-road tires for your car, you should follow some general recommendations. First of all, the winter is better to install tires with less tread width.Each of us, choosing a car in the first place puts such a demand as security, followed by comfort and convenience, economy, ecology, well, and, of course, an advanced modern design. Today, the maximum satisfy such requirements «SUVs». These wheel-drive devices with Read more [...]
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The new, familiar, habitual

Volkswagen manages to make machines that nice ride, but it is extremely difficult for them to say anything unbanal. This is the case with the next VW Touareg.The current generation VW Touareg can be described as almost perfect great crossover for the city. Few people come in head to climb on This polished, handsome in Forestry wilderness. When it is not a new generation of models, and a restyling, both in case VW Touareg-2015 attempts cleverly tell machine only lead to Development from author of an inferiority complex. AT come Read more [...]
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I-5 Nosepiece Waterfall Into Skagit River

A four-lane division of Washington’s Interstate 5 bridgework drop into the Skagit River Thursday dark, sending cars and masses hurtling into the piddle. Officials conceive that the give may sustain been caused by an outsized shipment that “instantly” caused the nosepiece to emit.Patch no fatalities sustain been reported, a spokeswoman for Skagit Vale Infirmary in Rise Vernon aforementioned that two patients interpreted from the fortuity were existence hardened for injuries. A one-third was interpreted to another infirmary. Thither is no parole on their weather. One attestant, Read more [...]
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Freehanded Cyclists Eyes In the Backs of Their Heads

A late Cycle Conference story establish that 40 pct of cycling fatalities come from rear-impact collisions. With helper from electronics pattern house iKubu, cyclists mightiness shortly be able-bodied to outsource their care of existence sideswiped to rad Backtracker.Backtracker’s rear-mounted detector, which has a scope of 153 yards, monitors how finale cyclists are to cars in their rearview, likewise as how chop-chop those cars are upcoming. That entropy is conveyed wirelessly to a handlebar whole that notifies the passenger done igniter pulses: Tardily nictation lights imply cars are approach, Read more [...]
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The Biggest TdF Scandals: 2011—TV Car Crashes Riders

Johnny Hoogerland abaft tangling with a barbed-wire surround finis yr. Anticipate more spills at the 2012 Turn.     Picture: Tim De Waele/CorbisAnyplace in the earth, cars and cyclists can be a grievous combining. But presumption that the Go path is shut to dealings, it’s secure to say that few riders are distressed around organism toppled off their bikes by about distrait or serious driver. But that’s equitable what happened in 2011, when a car that was contribution of the prescribed Spell van fuddled into the day’s fissiparous riders on point 9. Stressful to advance Read more [...]
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Georgia Cyclists Defeat Peak Requiring Motorcycle Readjustment

"Can I see your permit and readjustment?"Cyclists would be asked that motion if a nation nib requiring them to show their bicycles became a Georgia law. Yet, submit lawmakers nixed the visor at a township foyer merging finish nighttime aft the overpowering bulk of speakers—supposedly in the hundreds—came out in opponent to the visor.Family Eyeshade 689 would sustain needed cyclists to buy license plates for their bicycles and pay a $15 one-year enrollment. Disobedience would bear accompany a violation umbrage and a $100 ok. The law would suffer likewise banned cyclists from Read more [...]
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I Chelyabinsk PE.

Dear comrades with this chp meteorite so sick that I decided to write a short story in the first person. I was at work in the area of ​​NW Tarasovka.Sidim claim in an official car suddenly flash first thought pisets.Pamyat why that worked on nuclear strike takes seconds alive, leave the car with a good vocabulary is not normative look at the sky see next (vidio missing in the net.). mate asks where the sound of the explosion? Comes the sound of the body's reaction without golovy.Prikryli ears and head rukami.Pervaya my version of a meteor or link raketa.Sotovaya fun umiraet.Pervoy woke mts, Read more [...]
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What is useful in the car except for gasoline?

Eviscerated cars. Availability what something useful in a car depends on its host, will give an example that there are almost all cars. Salon. 1 kit - variety is no different, but at least something. 2 Seatbelts - strap backpack, sew together but get malomalskoy rope, belt or suspenders on pants for losing weight quickly begin ;) 3, with seat covers - if swag climbs into a backpack, ramming them if prolyubili backpack-sew of them elementary and belt bag thing (rem.nabor with needle and thread in my pants pocket always :)). Rags application weight. 4, Mirror-shave (for unshaven mug not to tight Read more [...]
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Europe in the grip of snow and frost

In Switzerland snowfall resulted in casualties. In the Alps, as a result of avalanches killed seven people - tourists, skiers, as well as a doctor of the rescue team. People looking for a few days, but found too late. Another six victims were rescued a few days ago. Continued snowfall in the UK. Thermometer goes there to -15 ° C. Throughout the country, schools are closed, airports operate intermittently. No better, and the situation on the railways: rail swept snow and ice-covered, trains are. On the highway, people give up their cars. Many cars are literally buried under snow drifts. In the Read more [...]
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External Clip, Mar 2008

Jackstones Johnson in Santa Barbara     Exposure: Jeff LipskyF E A T U R E S IT'S NOT Acquiring ANY COLDER Crossbreed cars and effective lightbulbs are a scratch, but they won't resolve our environmental crisis. The rut is on, and it's clip to get good in a hurriedness. BY Peak McKIBBEN Walking Marvelous AND ACT Cancel Jackfruit Johnson devotes as practically meter to k projects as he does to his medicine. He succeeds at both with legitimacy, optimism, and an replete for where the brandish is headed succeeding. BY JON COHEN THE Westward Testament Upgrade AGAIN The distinguish Read more [...]
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Avalanches in Afghanistan. Photo

Total rescuers who assist the police and soldiers of the Afghan army and the forces of the international coalition, has already managed to release about 2,500 people got trapped in the snow near the Salang tunnel linking Kabul to the north of Afghanistan. (S. Sabawoon / EPA) As a result of avalanches in the Salang Pass in northern Afghanistan, killing more than 160 people. From the zone of the accident were evacuated 2,600 people. According to Afghan authorities, in the tunnel were blocked for at least 300 cars. Built in the 60s by Soviet specialists Salang Tunnel is the only thoroughfare that Read more [...]
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Ural Car Plant

Ural Car Plant built in years. industrialization Nizhny Tagil and in late 1936 early. MY. freight cars. From the beginning. BOB on his pl. taken tank equipment mfr. s one of the Kharkov-ing. In December. 1941 U.V.Z. sent to the front with the first echelon of tanks T-34, becoming one of the largest producers of tanks in the U. of great help in expanding Mfr. had evacuated U. Inst Electric SSR, to-ing developed and implemented in Manufact. automatic electric welding tank shells, have allowed it to manufacture tanks on stream. On U.V.Z. operated 144 production lines, which allowed for years. make Read more [...]
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On the maps of industrialization young Land of the Soviets is a company appeared in 1936 year. In marshy and deaf Ural taiga 140 km north of Sverdlovsk in 1931, was laid the largest plant for the production of freight cars. Was not easy work of builders, with persistence and enthusiasm turns taiga arrays construction site, erecting grandiose future construction of a handsome plant. Read more [...]
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Silhouette of a flying bird — a good sign

     "November 5th. 60 years ago (1936) from the gates of the Ural Railcar came first car". (Calendar of dates and events, №11, 1996) 1 Flying compounds in distant lands     I am in the open-air museum. Here, on a small platform exhibited railway Products, produced in different years Ural railcar plant, which these days is 60 years old. Platform for transportation of goods, cars 4, 6 and 8-axle various modifications, tank, bogies – they are milestones in the history of the factory, its people – the creators of this art. And in the words Read more [...]
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Photos from the

This giraffe died as a result of drought in the Vajra, Kenya, October 9. In Kenya, there was no rain for several years. Crops and animals die, and people are slack. Lack of resources in Kenya and neighboring countries is fueling conflicts intra - group fighting over pasture and water. Proliferation of weapons only exacerbates the situation. (Stefano De Luigi / VII for Le Monde) Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos from the past here, here and here. Photos are clickable.Snowbound Friendship Arch in Chinatown in Washington. Snow, wind and slush covered Read more [...]
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Rolling stock

A little history: " Domestic metrovagonostroenie began in 1934 with the creation of machine-building plant on the Mytishschinsky cars type «A». They produced a sectional (motor and trailer) from the driver's cab in both cars. Design speed – 65 km per hour. In 1938 – 1939 factory made upgraded wagons type «B» with similar characteristics. In their place came after the war wagons type «T». Motor, they had four traction motors, speed increased to 75 km per hour. Circuitry allows for electrodynamic, Dynamic braking. Externally, and interior salons, Read more [...]
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Ahead of time

    In the history of science and technology became dumb scientists and engineers, whose names are not very loud and known, but whose contribution to the development of science and technology is huge and truly priceless. These people include Dmitri Lorenzo, bright bright man highly intelligent and erudite specialist, an engineer of the highest caliber, Chief Designer of Railcar Uralvogonzavoda.     DN Lorenzo was born on November 4 1892 in the village of Trekhsvyatsky Maloyaroslavskogo County Kaluga province in the family of a priest. Received his early education in Read more [...]
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At the Kuibyshev reservoir and rivers Volga and Kama catch offending motorists

For unauthorized travel on ice motorists threatened fines of up to 4.5 thousand rubles In the Republic of Tatarstan (RT) as a result of a joint raid conducted by staff and inspectors Republican Center GIMS Emergencies Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the department of municipal control and supervision over the protection of aquatic and biological resources in the Republic of Tatarstan were fined first offenders. To get to the confluence of the 2-huge rivers of the European part of Russia Volga and Kama Fishermen their cars near the village Fri Atabaevo in Laishevsky region of Tatarstan and off Read more [...]
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Bridges on the Volga

Volga the main traffic artery of the European part of Russia. For the convenience of the program separate the river, it built numerous hiking, road and rail bridges. Some transport facilities to move across the river Volga: 1 Volgoverkhovsky bridge is closed to traffic. 2 Volgoverkhovsky Dam pedestrianized. 3 Penovsky bridge cars and w / e. 4 Selischensky bridge cars. Situated near the village Fri Selyshche towards Zavire. 5 Verkhnevolzhskaya Dam pedestrianized. 6 Skakulinsky bridge w / e. On the stretch-Skakulino Selijarovo. On a steel road Lihoslavl - Soblago. 7 Selizharovsky pedestrian bridge, Read more [...]
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Named after IV Okuneva. New director

    One after another, leaving Wall paneling leading experts, who came here in the beginning of the war, returned to their enterprise, were on the rise. Chiefs of services, departments and divisions replaced their deputies. Leaders of the plant quickly updated and more youthful. IV Okunev not long, less than two years, was the chief engineer. In July 1949, Ivan became director Uralvagonzavod. "Permanent director" so will speak later.     It was no surprise to his appointment as if knew in advance about everything. In Okuneva believed. Valued him as a good Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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