«Too late, Dubrovsky! ..»

Lied merchants, to the extent of how much things have to happen for the lied saints more than lied to merchants, for the sanctity of more trade and believes himself a skillful way ...Internal capacity a brass sleeve tsentroboy, to our chagrin of Sanya, was clearly small. According to the instruction on the package smoky «Bears»We fell asleep to equip the sleeve 16-gauge minimum, ie, five grams of powder.Then zapyzhivali cardboard kruglyashi and two felt-pyzhami from 12 gauge, after re-cardboard lining, umyakushivali navoynikom almost from under the hammer (though smoker and is not afraid Read more [...]
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On the antique weapons and amendments to the law

Adoption of the bill significantly reduces the range of antique weapons in free circulation in accordance with the expert opinion of the Ministry of Culture of Russia.The work on this version of the bill did not participate historical weapons experts of the Ministry of Culture, workers specialized government arms museums, experts in ballistics.The prevailing opinion of the developers of the draft law on the public danger of weapons under a unitary cartridge is totally wrong and unfounded.The only true concept of the separation of antique weapons, a free circulation is possible in the presence of Read more [...]
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Cartridge and exploded in a shop

Unbelievable but truePhoto: Alexander Yarkovoy Introduces the reader «HORN» photo. The remains recovered from the grenade ammunition store gazootvodki Turkish Pegasus, belongs to my young colleague and friend. Green cartridge with Five – product Novosibirsk company «Spark»That respect for high-Papkova sleeve. To incredible skukozhennaya plastic sleeve without primer – product company «Record». Here is the patron and exploded in a shop.[mkref = 652]According to the owner, he came to me for examination, was as follows. I will make Read more [...]
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First study, then shoot!

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Part 2You always have to remember the lesson of the old hunter ST Aksakov that each gun has its own special charge, which has better. I would add to that the need to have a gun for personal liner. Before charging of the cartridge, you need to lathe manufactured, knowing the exact size of your internal gun, the two tools. First – This pyzherubka, cardboard pad beneath which must go through the channel of the barrel with a certain preload, tolerances turner knows better than anyone. Second – navoynik a metal, the outer diameter of which should Read more [...]
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Calibre for good shooters

"Right hunter" shoot only when sure of the exact hit "post"Photo: FOTOLIA Use a relatively small caliber for hunting large and dangerous animals can be recommended only for professionals with good marksmanship and a great experience to stay cool, even in critical situations.Most compatriots to recently hunted large animal smoothbore guns, trying to find the bullet and heavier to put under it a little more powder, more relying on stopping action than the accuracy of the shot. Then it was probably correct, because the accuracy was nowhere to take Read more [...]
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Break capsule

Two or three years ago, "horn" was published my article "When the gun ceases to be a gun." Meeting it was different, but mostly friendly. As always, I am talking about security. The discussion heated argument erupted around I've seen the consequences of breaking the capsule, followed, in my opinion, after the last proshtampovki striker left the barrel, followed by a breakthrough of powder gases back into the block. I mentioned in particular the fact that the holder of the right barrel was driven into the chamber to a depth of 30 mm. Proof of this was not any, and I felt a particular Read more [...]
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Nine and three

During his more than 20-year-old hunting life I had the opportunity to visit the most different corners of our vast country from the Far East to the Kola Peninsula ... is extracted furs, bird shot and hit the animal. After each trip, considering the pictures and notes, always wondered - what hunted taiga men and people whose life has become an integral part of hunting and fishing. This is all the indigenous peoples of the North, the Old Believers – hermits of Yakutia and Evenkia Cossacks Sikhote-Alin, our Ryazan and Vologda peasants living in the villages with their gardens and an indispensable Read more [...]
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New in the old world of ammunition

The end of the XX century and the beginning of XXI give a lot of surprises hunters. There is a rapid build-up of an entirely new technology in a hunting rifle, ammunition, hunting. In Moldova, opened the hunting market, and there are many foreign weapons, it is not known to us, the manufacturer.In addition to the new range of shotguns, new ammunition. This was new in the old, familiar world of ammunition and written this article.Gunpowder «Falcon»Of course, there will still be a long time. He thoroughly studied, mastered by all. But it would be foolish in the presence of the restaurant's Read more [...]
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16th caliber — the perfect choice

Years passed, and the USSR no longer a niche sixteenth caliber caliber firmly occupied the twelfth. This was, perhaps, arms factories, has been steadily declining for the release of this caliber weapons. And once reduced production of weapons, ammunition, too, began to produce much less.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova A few years ago, even in Moscow it was difficult to find the cartridges 16 caliber with the required number of fractions. Now the situation is changing for the better, again began to produce guns sixteenth caliber, and in the range of virtually every major manufacturer has Read more [...]
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«Boxed» shotgun

In one of the first to read my magazines read that preferred rifles with twin barrels vertical. They and the wider field of view, and overturning moment of return less, and best of all our IL-27. Nothing about guns, it was decided to take it and said this to my father, who went shopping. I was not yet 18 years old, and designed it to him myself. Imagine my surprise when opening the box, I saw a gun that did not vertikalka and gorizontalki.Photo: Vladimir Motkova – A IL-27 was not? – I asked drooping voice– it «single-piece» IL-43 rifle, and is cheaper.The Read more [...]
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Semi «Benelli M2»: the first joys and sorrows

MTS21-12 released in the Soviet era, many hunters is still, maintaining the reliability and excellent fight For a long time I have been a supporter of the Soviet semi-automatic machine with a movable barrel MC 21-12. I liked the simplicity of the device, the ability to refine «by itself» wooden boxes, since it blank, you could buy in any hunting store.It was impossible to complain and automation in terms of uninterrupted recharging during shooting. And this continuity was ensured only in the case of ready-made cartridges purchased. However, the purchase ready-cartridge Read more [...]
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Alpine dandies

Fitting we are not spoiledOnce we were allowed to have rifles, people rushed for the available old army carbines KO 44, and fortunate, for the hunting and the SCS options SVD.Hunters thought their bullets allegedly piercing rails in able to hit with any animal the first shot. If this is not It occurred, still remained in the carbine ammunition that could be released in a matter of seconds. What in versus they can show rifled shotgun (fitting), and even to Besides and so expensive? Most hunters from fittings perceived merely eccentric. I and himself, Read more [...]
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Hunting for wild boar is not far off

It starts revival among hunters on ungulates, mostly wild boarPhoto: Dreamstime Aug. Sept – the height of the summer-autumn hunting «writers» on various types of game birds. Here space and for those who like hunting for a duck as the «samotopom»And in the morning and evening flights.Owners sporting dog withdrawn soul with their pets for hunting on the red game, while others can not wait to the end of September and early October, when you can find places to vysypkami woodcocks, where the forest hermits gather at favored by limited areas before flying Read more [...]
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Shotgun power

Many of our readers probably have not had time to participate in discussions about the "power and killer" of various firearms. Not only beginners, but also experienced hunters often ask such questions. And we will try again to address this "eternal theme" ...Gunshot systems, there are many, but it turned out that the progress in the arms was actually the last two centuries has been grandiose. Some others took turns shooting system — They changed their principle of operation, the method of ignition, calibers, ammunition, gunpowder… And now, in an era of relative stagnation in the development Read more [...]
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7,62h39: Continuing the theme

And then came the moment of truth: the specialists and hunters have not reached a consensus about the effectiveness of this cartridge hunting (as, indeed, and other rounds of 7.62 mm), and officials, without further ado, have banned the use of the long-suffering cartridgeAnd then came the moment of truth: the specialists and hunters have not reached a consensus about the effectiveness of this cartridge hunting (as, indeed, and other rounds of 7.62 mm), and officials, without further ado, have banned the use of the cartridge when the long-suffering hunting more or less big game. Immediately Read more [...]
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Clonoboy Street Piccadilly

The nineteenth century was rich with great inventions armories. One of the most important achievements is the development of a unitary cartridge and the widespread introduction of breech-loading principle. For its practical realizatsiioruzheynikami all over the world offer a variety of practical solutions.Photo by Oleg Pokrovskogo.S weapon chambered for .577 even today hunting large African animals. Another note that handguns, is a direct descendant of artillery in XIX century, developed in parallel with the her. Despite significant difference calibers, cross-fertilization Read more [...]
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Ignite charge!

It would seem a simple task ignition of gunpowder charge for many centuries does not rest gunsmiths. And today in this direction are constantly going ...Capsule to dulnozaryadnym muskets. A characteristic feature of the structure is cross-shaped petals, convenient for quick manipulation capsules. Initially, the ignition of gunpowder charge in Firearms produced using pieces of smoldering coal, a little later — a red-hot iron rod. Around the 1370-ies begins to apply the wick — slaboskruchennoy cord from hemp yarn impregnated with a solution Read more [...]
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Samokrutov for deer

European and Siberian roe deer - the most promising species for hunting economy of our country10 million individuals of European and Siberian roe deer lives in the world today. It Was recently pleasantly surprised to read in EGR several articles on independent gear cartridges. Before of the more common materials other content, favor ammunition factory production. My personal experience and bitter experience tells friends that are responsible for hunting cartridges need to prepare yourself. Too hurt to miss the prey when buckshot barely breaks it skin Read more [...]
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Anatomy ultraprecise

To create extremely accurate rifle, gunsmith should use the basic elements from the best manufacturersPhoto SHUTTERSTOCK Elite of modern long guns are for long-range rifle and precision shooting disciplines.[mkref = 823]Sharpest guns to mass-produce at factories impossible. This piece goods — the product of individual creativity gunsmiths made for specific shooters who themselves determine the order and composition of the components, depending on the task.At number 10 «R & R» in 2010, we wrote about a record Alexei Petrov firing a rifle GM-1 made at arms Read more [...]
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7.62 mm or 9?

I read an article by Mikhail Ivanov «About threaded cartridges» In response, I quote the author: «In many ways, I agree, but what's the bet».Michael is right that even now, a poor hunter for most weapons available 7.62mm — Just look at the prices in shops. Who is this «is to blame»? Of course, the manufacturer.Yes, we had cheap 9mm carbines. It HPE-103 and «Saiga-9» chambered for 9H54. Who can not see them in stores. «There is no demand» — as stated by the manufacturer.There are two reasons. First — neraskruchennyh 9mm, Read more [...]
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