Lit Fuse

At the world championships in dulnozaryadnomu weapons held in the autumn of 2014, the constant delight of spectators and respectful attention caused shooters shooting competition of the wick weapons. Hundreds of years in the ranks.The longest lasted matchlock guns in Japan. Because of its isolation, gunsmiths of Japan had practically no competition and, consequently, did not develop a weapons lock, and perfected old. When Europe has dominated capsule weapons in Japan was still shot from a gun wick.PHOTOS RAMA / WIKIMEDIA.ORG (CC BY-SA 2.0) I must admit that, despite more than forty-year Read more [...]
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Fankenlyust – Castle falcon comfort

     The enthusiasm with representatives of the Wittelsbach dynasty for centuries, it seems, no capital changes have happened. Hobbies, these are not distinguished by great diversity, at least in the XVIII century: the fine arts, hunting and beautiful floor. On the other hand, such recruitment is not so bad. In the end, modern European culture through the efforts and passions of princes, kings and their wives and mistresses enriched truly outstanding architectural monuments. First famous Charles VII, who created an extraordinary palace and park ensemble Nymphenburg. In his footsteps and went Read more [...]
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Traditional English

Traditional English hunting rifle conforms to the recognized pattern: the 12th caliber, horizontal arrangement of trunks, lock type Anson - the delay or the lock on the side ground bed with a slight bend of the stock, a little weight.This type of gun brought to perfection in the first half of the XX century, and since then it has not really changed. If you have money, you can order handmade gun from the master, which will make it according to your requirements, using the same tools and methods for which age more than a century. However, be prepared to wait four years to pay and, at best, 50 thousand Read more [...]
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Disneyland for adults

I do not want to throw stones in the garden of our Moscow organizers of exhibitions dedicated to the hunt, but do not say that they are boring and monotonous, I can not. It seems that it's just for show event.The Anglo-French hounds — the common name of a group of rocks which differ in mostly color and growth. All of them are the result of cross-breeding with English Foxhound French hounds. When my friend Hunter from France invited me to annual exhibition with beautiful name Game Fair, I I thought: whether or not to round up on the Read more [...]
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Excursion into the world of castles (izvanie second) Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The main defect pins Horizontal model illustrates the basic defect open the locks. This defect allows to open the lock, picking up one pin at a time, and so you do not need a key to pick up all the pins simultaneously. Fig. 3.1-3.3 shows how you can push the lock pins one at a time. The first step in the process - expose lower plate action of mechanical force directed along it. Because of this one or more pin are adjacent to the walls Adjust the top and bottom openings of the plate. The most common defect lock is that only one pin is flush with the wall adjacent the opening. Fig. 3.1 Read more [...]
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Excursion into the world of castles (izvanie second) Chapter 1

Today, my little pervert, I'll teach you how to break the lock. Chapter 1 It's easy The main secret of lock picking yavlyatsya that it's easy. Pick locks everyone can learn. The theory of lock picking - a theory proper use of mechanical defects. There are some basic concepts and definitions, but the bulk of the material consists of a reception opening locks with certain defects or characteristics. Construction of this manual reflects this structure. The first few chapters offer a vocabulary and basic information about locks and lock picking. You can not learn to open locks without practice, Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. On the outskirts of Kyshtym and Castle

Toward the close of our holiday, despite the weather deteriorated, yet decided to make a raid on the North of the Chelyabinsk region. Visit neighborhood cities Kyshtym and Castle: a man-made desert and turquoise water, with majestic mountains and pristine lakes, as well as the parking lots of old people. 1 In fact, that's arrival in Kishtim. 2.Sprava located a stone Cross Worship 3.A is a man-made desert in the village. Tayginka near Kyshtym, but to get the truth desert photo with dunes, dunes, did not work, because the weather was wet and sand tightened like a swamp. Was dangerous to move deeper Read more [...]
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Termite key

Decided to share their expertise so to speak. In his forge, I often use it for work, and I advise you all to get too for Nazan, namely thermite pencil. It is suitable for welding metalditaley and burning metal or requires no electricity anything, just to look like a normal electrode, but just not the same. Make it simple enough. To do this, take a piece of wire (and the lowest possible quality), an average thickness of it should not be more than 5 mm. Top wire is covered with termite, for its preparation mix sawdust aluminum (not silumina) and iron in the ratio of 23:77 akaliny respectively. Dimensions Read more [...]
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Kaslinskim CASTING

Kaslinskim CASTING thin. cast iron. On Kasli chug.-lit. and iron-s de, founded. in 1747, the development of thin. casting early. in 1820, what a great role managing z-ing Kyshtymskoye mountain env. G.F.Zotova and foundry master M.E.Teplyakova. Models were used, made using the original German and others. Europ. sculptors and brought in Castle of bronze casting workshops Upper Iset and Vyisky s-ing. In 1860 the range KL has grown considerably. MY. the so-called armchair casting (small plastic, candle holders, podchasniki, ashtrays, decorative plates) became a regular. Showed his characteristic features Read more [...]
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Lightning left without electricity for more than 3 thousand inhabitants of Chelyabinsk region

A bolt of lightning on Tuesday hit the transformer station (TS) in Kasli district of Chelyabinsk region, resulting in more than 3 thousand people, including City Hospital, were left without electricity, said on Tuesday the press center of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. "On Tuesday at 09:10 (7:10 MSK) in operational duty shift Crisis Management Centre region was reported in part without electricity in the city of Castle. Reason for the disconnection was hit lightning in the TA-61, resulting in a collapsed post insulators transformer, "says the report. In the area off hit kaslinskim City Hospital, Read more [...]
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Pouch for pot

Bought the Swedish army in the summer and needed a bowler pouch for him. I had to sew. Took the usual camouflage cloth, tarpaulin and linings. And green sling 25mm, Castle fasteks green pair of eyelets at the bottom and double-slotted four buckles on the side of the screed. As I sewed it all kroil images not preserved. So I can imagine the end result leash. Inside the tube is sewn - neck tie with a hat of gum prodernutoy in eyelets, with lock and okonechnikom. On the inner side of the upper valve placed on velcro and buttons, detachable pocket - wallet (So under every little thing). Read more [...]
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Is it good for women to traveling unaccompanied in Thailand?

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS Amber: Bangkok's Thou Castle     Picture: CorbisBangkok's Chiliad CastleALL THAT GLITTERS IS Aureate: Bangkok's K CastleA:Thailand can be a position of sempiternal chance thrills or big-city hustle, and you should mix and mates according to your notion. As for travelling unparalleled, sweat not. Evening if you wish to jaunt unparalleled, thither are so many like-minded travelers about that society is ne'er far from mitt, if but for a sauceboat rag to the islands or an info-gathering beer. The material subject? How do you toughness the madcap itch to drumhead Read more [...]
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Top Ten Finds

International Mag, 1999 Yearbook Go UsherTop Ten FindsA Rajah's holiday castle in Bali, an eco-retreat in Chilli's Lake Dominion, a farmhouse in Nepal — sometimes the outdo hideaways are the ones you're least belike to learn astirHostería Ðkail, Chili"Mind the Ðkale maelstrom," warned Rosebush the biologist, a stager client. "This billet has a way of suck you in." Upright ask the Solitary Satellite guide author who Read more [...]
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COLD STEEL POCKET BUSHMAN   Author - Dmitry Kolotov, Review posted with permission of the author I work as a mechanic at the factory and in the tool box, along with the different tools I have is a homemade knife with a fixed blade. Tool box I do not always with me, so I made myself more and folding knife to carry it in your pocket. Gave a friend and a knife to cut something left. Was too lazy to make a new one, and I decided to get a factory folding knife. The requirements put forward tough ... Manufacturer: Cold Steel Blade (steel grade): German 4116 Stainless The total length Read more [...]
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Extreme Testing Military vs Dejavoo and Tri-ad lock on the American Lawman against Griptillian from Doug Ritter. The first part

Lyricist - Nicholas Created: February 2011 At the beginning of February 2011 our Club was held the next test, this time the four knives from companies Benchmade, Spyderco and ColdSteel. We were interested to compare the Spyderco Military and Benchmade Dejavoo, check the quality and reliability of a new castle tri-ad lock on the knife ColdSteel American Lawman and additionally, in some tests involved Benchmade Griptilian ™ from Doug Ritter RSK (Ritter Survival Knife).   Just a quick retreat for those who have been on this page by accident and did not know who we are and what need these tests. Read more [...]
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How were the first castle

In the 18th century the world zamkostroenii started a real "boom". While new technologies were invented metal, used to this day. One influenced by the "green dragon" mechanics during bleaching (between binges) came up with a variety of intricate designs. Here are some examples postdeliriynogo creativity: Or this (obviously, the same mechanic had rolled on a white horse) Locks are used everywhere: they even closed bags If this attach to a belt buckle and fasten on a good Levi's 531 of your spouse, you get a great chastity belt? Such locks in the United States closed Read more [...]
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China: Experts in shock from the giant castle

on may 23. According to local residents, in Sichuan province fell a giant hailstones, weighing less than 600 grams, experts in shock. In solar day was a huge castle, witness what has become a large number of people sleep on the streets immediately after his fall. However, the experts have some doubt about it «earth» origin. Probably a large ice fragments of the meteorite, which broke up in the atmosphere. Near the town of Sheki nga, Sichuan, still visible traces of the fall of a large piece of ice with a diameter of about half a meter and a weight of 600 grams. According to Read more [...]
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Resort in The Queen’s Castle

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean EscapadeResort in The Baron's CastleSeptember 17, 1997"Por favour, senor," the doorman aforesaid, stretch for my ring. It was plain not the usage for guests to convey their own bags. He hefted my stale ingroup onto his berm, my mounting helmet swingy hazardously approximately an cosmetic lamp in the vestibule. The early script clutching Nan's beaten-up pannier, Read more [...]
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Hail in Kuzbass: ice fell from the sky a dense wall

on 15 August. In Kuzbass liquidate the consequences of the disaster. Hail the size of hen's egg fell last night in the city of Mezhdurechensk and toes. Suffered about twenty people, including several children. Broken glass in homes and cars. The damage has yet to count. Hail enormous size up to 5 inches in diameter fell in Mezhdurechensk and its surroundings the night before. Visibility dropped sharply, ice fell from the sky a dense wall. Rainfall accompanied by strong winds and rain. The people element found on the street, were obliged to seek shelter under awnings, in doorways and stores. Read more [...]
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Archaeologists have discovered the Umayyad era castle

The ancient castle, dating from the I century AH, was found in the valley of Al-Akiko in Medina, said with reference to IINA agency Saudi Press. The castle ruins were dug out of the ground of the archaeological team of the High Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, said the head of Dr. Khaled Bin Muhammad Askubi (Khaled Bin Muhammad Askoubi). In addition, the Saudi archaeologists have found pottery, glass, stone tools and steatite ceramics. According Askubi, Department of Antiquities and Museums at the commission two seasons led excavations in the valley near the historic castle, named after Read more [...]
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