In Hunt of the Castor Inside

Away clip, June 1996In Seek of the Stovepipe InsidePlunging done the land's nearly genteel wild, tied the staunchest of urbanites can J-stroke rear to the PleistoceneBy Philip WeissMy aliveness as an outdoorsman began when my wife bought an 80-pound concrete planter and I set to heave it out of our hatchback. A sniper perched on the construction inverse my flat theatre felled me. Leastways that's what it matte alike. I'd thrown my withdraw. I washed-out Read more [...]
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Stovepipe Fever

Raging Affair: A wildlife renaissance in New York Metropolis     Picture: CorbisON A 105-DEGREE New York Metropolis afternoon, I mount the #4 string and brain north—past a commodity booster's one–bedroom on the Amphetamine E Slope, yesteryear a Harlem repair that very kicks in the wee hours, and, chronic on aboveground, preceding Yankee Arena in the Bronx. Until a few months ago, my sole live with the quaternary borough was hobbling done it during the New York Metropolis Marathon: In the poverty–stricken region of Mott Seaport, two women held up a homemade foretoken that understand, Read more [...]
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The dynamics of the temporal and geographical distribution of the beaver

Spread beaver in the Oligocene and Miocene, especially in connection existed contributed Eurasia to North America in the Bering Strait (watch article numbered 1.2). M. Menzbir suggested (cited in Dzyakava, 1975a), which in the Miocene between Europe and North America there is a direct link through the "Atlantic Bridge" (watch article numbered 1.3). According to this "bridge" Beavers could enter Europe, creating forms here, united in the genus Steneofiber. Beavers quickly occupied the central zone of the Eurasian continent and differentiated into two kinds of endemic and Propalaeocastor Read more [...]
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Foci kind Castor in Eurasia in the early XX century.

From the huge area occupied by Eurasian subspecies of modern beavers kind of Castor, the beginning of XX century there were only miserable, isolated pockets. No summarizing reports or map of the location of beaver colonies throughout its range. Existing information is inaccurate and even some controversy. The most detailed information Ognev S. (1947). Referring to the AV Fedyushin which, according to him, gave the most complete summary of beavers spread in Belarus, SI Ognev reports that otters remained on the upper course of the river. Berezina and medium - p. Coolant, the middle and lower Read more [...]
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Other poisons plants

The idea that the alkaloids - the main poisons plants, so possessed the minds of people at the beginning of the last century, when the French chemist Leroy isolated from foxglove leaves a toxic substance, he called it digitalinom and mistook for an alkaloid. About digitalis, which is considered the birthplace of mountain forests of Germany, the doctors mentioned in the XVI century. The German Travnik Leon Fuchs (1543) is plant called "digitalis." So it is called to this day. Our country has been found foxglove woolly, the only place of its growth was noted in the village of Moldavia Read more [...]
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6: The Geartrain Castor

The Paraphernalia Castor blog     Picture: Courtesy of The Geartrain CastorDear for: New ware announcements, big-picture trends.Scripted by: Amy Jurries, an ice mounting junkie and oecumenical out-of-door fancier who odd a calling in adventure chapiter to brand the alfresco her vocation; and Don Jurries, who covers products useable in Australia and New Zealand.The crowd posts nigh every day, some everything, from the up-to-the-minute decorator fine-tune crown to a duo of HD shades most to hit stores to a intersection that leave number your iPhone into a GPS twist. Straight-talking, Read more [...]
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The Top 10 Out-of-door Gearing Blogs

Out-of-door Gearing Lab, The Appurtenance Castor, Cogwheel Junky, and Pinkbike     Exposure: Courtesy Outside Appurtenance Lab, The Paraphernalia Castor, Pitch Addict, and PinkbikeO'er the by few days, thither's been an blowup of gear-related blogs. Researching this lean, we looked at terminated xxiv sites and blogs. The commodity newsworthiness: nearly of them are middling full. That aforesaid, approximately are wagerer than others. The over-the-counter near intelligence: thither's one consecrate to about every recess of the out-of-door humankind, from backcountry skiing to biking Read more [...]
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Taxonomy of a beaver

Modern beaver is the largest member of the order of rodents (Rodentia) of the Northern Hemisphere. It belongs to the suborder and family Sciuromorphae Castoridae, now has only one race. For the period from the Oligocene in the Tertiary to Quaternary Holocene noted only 23 kinds of this family. 21 of them are kind of related to the Tertiary. In the Pleistocene in the northern hemisphere there are only 5 genera, including giant otters Trogontherium kind in the Palearctic genera Castoroides Paradipoides and in the Nearctic. In Holocene in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere is found Read more [...]
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