Bait Boat + = bream

For a long time I catch a spinning, but I still have to always have a pair of moving goods by 30–45 g and several meter leashes of monofilament fishing line with different diameters and with different hooks. Enough to pass a braid in Georgia, to bind to the appropriate swivel leash – Donka and ready! It can be caught in a variety of settings. Specifically for catching bream I have always cooked two leash. Length approximately one elbow, the other – with his hand. Thickness leashes – 0.22 mm. Hook – Kamasan Carp specialist, № 4 - on the white bream Read more [...]
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Forty Days

Mikola Zuhar on the last fishing trip. With a recent caught fish. We met with Nicky at all, consider recently. About 10 years ago, even, maybe less. But time to get used to each other. Now that Nick was dead, I have to wean. We give it hard. I still probably do not fully understand how much lost.The most striking, I think, Kolya's character trait was a sense of responsibility. Neither of whom I had heard so often phrases «That's my fault». «it's my fault». The desire to look for a cause failure – the best way to grow, to improve. Combined with the Read more [...]
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Fishing at Christmas

First fishing in 2014 has stood out for Christmas. Long Christmas holidays helped raise perch lovers and here we are in the predawn four go on the ice Karpovskiy reservoir near the famous Gracheva beams. There Karpovka river makes a huge zigzag half a kilometer horseshoe. This is evidenced by an ancient map, drawn up before the flood, and caught the eye of Alex. Of course, after the flooding. Joke. In short, in this area can be found Karpovskiy so-called piled – favorite habitat and hunting perch. Thus, mainly the depth of two to five meters. At the bottom there are Read more [...]
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The smaller half a meter

Photo by Aleksey Kolomiets Most fishing experts begin analytical articles with phrases like: «…The first time I caught this way many years ago. In that day…»- And then, after the amusing stories, go to generalizations. But my first ice fishing on the minimum depth in the spring, so I will speak in the order, and get back to the case and then, if the word is necessary.First iceAt this time the fish are biting at any depth, we can not say that it tends to be shallow. Another thing is that the angler tends to sites with opaque ice, which are usually located Read more [...]
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Not my place

I back on the ice. Last winter passed me, and the matter is that there were two reasons. My constant companion throughout the winter carefully destroyed plans: cost somewhere gather, he offered tomorrow to go to the more interesting fishing. Tomorrow he has a working, family problems and other monthly. And the second reason - my passivity.Photo Anatoly Mailkova This year I have decided in the autumn of that I fish, and if he wants to – adjoin. All would be nothing but a cold, my old car with the first frost, and eventually the whole week I was forced to listen and read as Read more [...]
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When memory scratched

Hunters – very patient people. Waiting game or a beast, they have to be for a long time without moving, to endure discomfort for the sake of their prey. Fishermen have also come in the days when it comes to the waterfront and include all your patience. Such fishing are remembered for a long time. Of course, I was prepared for a meeting with midge dignity. I bought a set of smoking spirals, aerosol spray against mosquitoes and, without fail, a mosquito net.When moved Akhtuba flood for the first time after a long, and I want to stay in a place where water flows through the Read more [...]
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Rosrybolovstvo advocates standards yields for amateur fishing

It is necessary to establish the rules of amateur fishing in the catch, and they should be the same for both locals and visitors. This statement was made today to journalists the head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries (Rosrybolovstvo) Andrew Deadline, noting that the proposals contained in the draft law on recreational fisheries. It is expected that the rate of yield will establish the subjects of the Russian Federation, and if the water is in the territory of several subjects, the federal center, he said.A.Krayny also said that it is necessary to prohibit the sale of fish caught during recreational Read more [...]
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Rybinka, Borok: this time — without fish

Photo by Mikhail Volkov I do not remember such cloudless prospects for successful fishing, as this time. Beautiful weather smooth, impressive records of friends. Therefore, the absence of catches, in fact, a natural result.When the pressure jumps, and acquaintances of the fishermen report very modest results, where fishing is planned thoughtfully. A few days before the start of a head start to scroll in the tactical scheme to schedule the best routes for the movement of the pond. And when it's time to go on the ice, a win-win plan ready. At this time nothing like this. Once all Read more [...]
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Spring in Rybinsk

Romka and Shreds with a catch Second I am working with dinner. More day I called Pasha and boasted how good his bite. He ran from work and seduced his dacha. I slept badly, tossing and turning, and all four had jumped up, began to gather. In order not to wake the family, waiting for dawn on a bench near the house. But the birds sing, and I rushed to the river. I really wanted to catch ide.The spill did not go, and immediately wrapped in bottlenecks. He collected more bait and sit down in the dark. The first promising zavodinki were empty. In the bushes climb higher. The next retreat Read more [...]
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Diligence or prayer?

 Photo by the author This story I always remember with pleasure. It so happened that the weather has presented many surprises: Volgograd snowed, and then a sharp warming followed by cooling at all blocked access roads to Volgograd. The floodplain go fishing – Siberia is like shoveling the snow to clear. Fishing reports on the Internet is clearly indicated that the reservoir fish Karpovsky lately is not caught, but the road to the «piggery» It is clean. So we went there. German Petrovich «Voucher» for bass, Oleg Ulanov and Prokopych mormyshkami Read more [...]
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With the balances on the current

 Photo by the author I always thought that the catch on the balancer most effectively in standing water. On the balance beam during commits more chaotic movements, it is difficult to catch the bottom, it is not clear that the rocker gets up there, in the water column. Maybe it's just «sausage» I do not understand how.Of course, trying to catch on within I had, but only when an end and fry worm, which I tucked in without fail on a large jig hook. With this in mind, I wandered through the fisheries exhibition in Moscow. Revised set of any rocker, but I always thought Read more [...]
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Not so easy … rotan

Photo by the author Finally, we hit the first real cold, in small lakes and quarries arose reliable ice and fishermen flocked to the opening of the season. Most fishermen winter roads though contemptuous of Rotan, but the open season is usually catching these fish. Most often this is due to objective conditions – major water bodies simply are not yet covered by ice reliable, and that has to go into small lakes and peat career.But for all the apparent simplicity of catching rotan, there are always those who will catch a hundred pieces of fishing, and some thirty. So there Read more [...]
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Plunged in the autumn with the head

It's time! It has long been time for me to break out of the concrete slum of the city and enjoy the autumn with his head! And the problem seems to be solved easily, but that's just like not only drive as far as the Don, namely plunge in the fall with his head! What if visiting again explored his new place? The fish is caught there, the mushrooms grow and fall there. At the same time something else scout…Stop the car! Farther – on footThe first ferry across the Don in Trehostrovskoy we arrived on time. Upstream is a lot of fishing boats. Apparently, catch bream or Read more [...]
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The first visit to the old Don

Always at the beginning of the summer, I try to come back to their familiar places on the Don. And now the summer, strawberries will sing – time! With fellow travelers extremely lucky, both fellow replaced after a night watch and ready to go fishing with me on a weekday. Both my «changer» like fish feeder, respectively, have brought the bait, worms and maggots. I decided to catch the only spinning.I really wanted to see how the place has changed the old proven. I really wanted to be there first this year. Rattle jig has not yet been disturbed snags. Previous Read more [...]
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People sign and fall walleye

 Photo by the author I myself am skeptical about national signs. My mother always watches for March 14: «Koli on Evdokia chicken water drunk, then Yegor Day (May 6) lamb grass feels full.» True, May 6, I always ask her, saying, sheep ate the grass? Is chicken March 14 water is not drunk? Of course, everyone is different to the national weather forecast on the signs. But in my fishing practice, there is one observation of behavior depending on walleye in Donby folk superstitions.Perhaps spinning all know that autumn – One of the best times of the year. With Read more [...]
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Pike pranks

« How many times told the world…» - For fishing must be prepared carefully. Anything can happen. You can never be 100% sure that the fish is caught it is this, precisely at this. It would seem that there to understand? No, my friend and I decided to go to the Don, only to catch walleye! And why get distracted by all sorts of chub and asp? We purposefully dzhigovat!On the Don pike rarely caught, at least where we catch walleye. Well, sometimes, break into someone purely by chance ... If you're lucky, and the hook caught on the edge of the mouth – fisherman Read more [...]
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While the water falls

This year we have a vernal water very lucky. For nearly the middle of July, and the water level in the Volga has just started to reach the level of the summer. We started naked sand bars. But at such a time – Fishing can be very labor. After the water level every day falls lower and lower, and every day the fish have to look again. It just so happened that I had a rest for a week on the Volga, on the southern border of the Volgograd region. We have been «Kazanka» with a motor and a great desire to taste as much as possible of the summer. A light breeze blew still Read more [...]
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On the dangers of stereotyping

Sometimes it can not be amazing as bait angler chooses. I first noticed it a long time, when I was working on one of the gamekeeper fishing bases. I give the client a known place nice results, I tell what fish and what bait you need to catch. However, after some time the client begins to touch the bait in his box.Previously, I was greatly surprised by it. There, where the depth of all caught on a jig – They tied a surface lure and try to catch something. Asked «what for» The most frequent response is something like: «Presented, is a couple of years, one Read more [...]
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Evening perch

 Photo by the author The water in the Volga River in the north of the Astrakhan region in late September, stood up and became cloudy. We decided with a friend, in spite of that, to make the competition part of the festival «Cup Trophies Daiwa-2014». I want to tell you what happened to us on the first day of competition. Looking ahead, I will say that such fishing I had never in my life. Here is how it was.On that day, when we arrived to the competition, the rise of water stopped. The next day began the fall of 30-40 cm per day. We have traveled all available to Read more [...]
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In April Milyushino

Twitched, of course, run on the familiar places ... But the choice fell on Milyushino where just yesterday Sasha Sergeev hit output medium-sized pike-perch ... And Wake-up couple Khlebodarova gave information that Anya caught hekov five in the morning, in the afternoon found in pure nickle and Sasha caught two more ...In general, after 12 we have somewhere stepped on the ice, snow and sluduyuschy ... Sashka Snezhik noticed a kilometer away, he stops ringing. They returned because in pure poklёvok no more. Evenings did not wait, and we both knew that very reason. Just like in Read more [...]
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