Russian Cat Field Reopens

A Russian carnival sept reopened Moscow's illustrious cat house. In a distinctive read, cats leave skateboard roughly degree and may fifty-fifty be ground reconciliation on spinning plates. Founded hardly earlier the flop of the Soviet Unification, the theatre, run by antic Yuri Kuklachev and his sons, Dmitry and Vladimir, lately reopened undermentioned major renovations. "With cats, apiece demonstrate is an extemporisation," Yuri Kuklachev's jr. son, Vladimir, told AFP. "About cats delight the level, they lovemaking it when we sentinel them attentively, piece others do not similar Read more [...]
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Jaguars Preoccupied with Calvin Klein Scent

Calvin Klein Compulsion for Men doesn’t fair draw likewise deeds on jaguars (existent jaguars).Instead than remunerative an army of bailiwick assistants to detect the knotty cats, wiildlife biologists much deploy cameras in jungles from Guatemala to Nicaragua to seizure images when these lonely, nocturnal cats surpass. But how do they come-on the big cats ahead of the camera? Later examination many dissimilar fragrances, one investigator now swears by Fixation, which, according to The Guardian, contains semisynthetic "beast notes" alike to those secreted by cats.Every Read more [...]
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Leave carry atomizer forfend a catamount onset?

Parry Violation     Pic: courtesy, REIBuffet ViolationA:An super interesting doubt. As about readers are credibly mindful, a puma (alias panther) attacked a duo of batch rockers in California close month [External On-line Word: January 9, 2004]. They survived, but officials investigation the incidental ground something lots more macabre: the eubstance of a 35-year-old wheeler the like panther had killed and stashed for ulterior meals. Boilersuit, painter attacks are seemly more plebeian granted increasing busyness invasion into panther soil; all things considered, though, attacks Read more [...]
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Prissy pussycat: a distaff panther prowls cheeseparing the townsfolk of Kalispell, Montana.     Pic: Gail Shumway/TaxicabDainty kitten: a distaff panther prowls approximate the townspeople of Kalispell, Montana. The target: one swoop and this cow elk is dinner for a puma in Yellowstone Subject Green. The cat: Yellowstone painter F125 stares fine-tune from a Douglas fir, moments ahead winning a ketamine-laced scoot. Hounds Cooter and Jerk perk the cat's odor. The huntsman: Arizona rancher and conservationist Warner Glenn has tracked cougars all his aliveness. The trackers: biologists Read more [...]
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Et Tu, Pot?

External cartridge, June 1999Et Tu, Puss?Stalk a scrape, slinking army of savage cats done the ruins of antediluvian RomeBy James Hamilton-Paterson On a late chat to rome i had the initial belief of having arrived in the center of an epidemic. Lots of world vomit seemed to be passing on. On sidewalks and pavements, on patches of sess and in gutters, haunt gobs ofpasta poached in hemorrhages of tomato sauce, or browned and chunky Bolognese. Oft the Read more [...]
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Truthful Crimes

External mag, Revered 1999Unfeigned Crimes Spell I bewail changes in the Huichol Indians' traditional way, I do not conceive the mutilate of diarist Philip Unfeigned conclusion springiness can be justified by the fact that the Huichols are inordinately strain astir the innovative reality's invasion into their Mexico dominion ("Acculturation Clangour," June). A Huichol had no rightfield to down Lawful, whether for looting or territorialism, Read more [...]
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Social movement in New Zealand calls for ban cats

01/22/2013 Cats in New Zealand destroy rare species of birds, so they must be banned, says the founder of "Cats Out!" Gareth Morgan. "This little fluffy ball, who lives with you, - a born killer," - says the official website of the movement. According Moragana annually cats in New Zealand destroy natural environment. "Cats need to go, if we really care about the environment," - he said. Morgan also said that "the problem of cats in that they kill birds for fun." Although, as stated by the founder of the extravagant movement, it encourages owners of cats Read more [...]
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The Overtaking of the Jumar

Away cartridge, Revered 1999ObliterationThe Cat Is His HatOne man's movement to down savage felines. And get copious in the treat.The Exit of the JumarWhile grading the fabled 5.14a itinerary "To Deadbolt or Not to Be" in Exchange Oregon's Metalworker Sway Province Green finale May, Beth Rodden experient an eldritch convergency with the retiring. During the fortnight it took the 19-year-old to realize the preeminence of beingness the Read more [...]
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Scientists blamed the destruction of billions of cats in animal

The greatest threat is just wild and homeless members of the genus. Scientists believe that cats are killed every year, billions of animals in the U.S. and are a serious threat to the wildlife of the country.A team of scientists from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology and Protection Service Fish and Wildlife Service analyzed the data of previous studies on cats as predators and published them in the journal Nature Communications.According to information received, the cats are killed each year from 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion birds from 6.9 billion to 20.7 billion mammals. Scientists believe Read more [...]
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Scientists have found that the ancient saber-toothed cats died out not from hunger

Scientists said they lived in the ice age saber-toothed cats died out not from a lack of food. Previously it was thought that about 13,000 years ago, many of the animals have disappeared from the face of the Earth, including predators because of competition with man for food.Studies recently found remains of saber-toothed cats, it was found that this assumption is not entirely correct. The scientists checked the teeth of these animals. This suggested that the cause of the extinction were the very different circumstances that have yet to be determined."We know that when food becomes Read more [...]
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Should I bring a cat?

Each of us has ever wanted to have a pet, but cramped urban apartment does not allow us to do this. If you do decide to take this step and choose a cat, I advise you to read this article. Cats like a lot, and keep a cat in the apartment much easier than a dog. The reason is clear - the dogs overall pretty animals that occasionally need to walk and lack of courts makes such seemingly easy task in a difficult and tedious process. But before you bring the cat again beware as you prepare to see in your home this pet. For cats characterized by a constant moulting, so six will be just about everywhere, Read more [...]
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Why do cats have nine lives?

The cat belongs to the genus of mammals squad predators, cats. Cat - the perfect predator. If we consider the cat as a mechanism, we can see that this "mechanism" is made for murder. Each part of the cat's "arsenal" ingeniously fitted to the other, and all of it is aimed at one thing - catch and kill, and then, of course, eat. Cat - the personification of harmony, grace, intelligence, cunning. It is associated with the concept of human unsolved mystery. This mystery man was associated not only with the good, but with a terrible, ineradicable evil. This led to tragic Read more [...]
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Scientists declassified main weapon cats

Parasite Toxoplasma gondii able to change the behavior of rodents so that they lose their fear and become easy prey for cats. Parasite of cats can already be transmitted to man. Apparently, it affects the victim's immune system, causing it to produce a compound commonly found in the brain.Perhaps the immune system and the brain evolved, using a similar mechanism in order to control behavior, says Antonio Barragan from the Karolinska Institute. So, normally a parasite must absorb dendritic cells. Thus, other immune cells learn to recognize the pathogen. This writes MedDaily. However, the Read more [...]
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Unusual Adventures of normal animals

Unusual case, it is not fit to represent the persistence of quadrupeds, occurred the other day in the Republic of Komi. From Ukhta to Syktyvkar, spaced about three hundred miles, under the hood drove kitten. It was discovered only service station workers, which revealed hood of the car for an oil change.When workers began to change the oil in the engine, in the narrow gap between the defense and to the engine suddenly discovered black-and-white kitten. The animal was in shock and did not publish a single sound. Employees of the service station shelter kitten-traveler traveling on the planet Read more [...]
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Cats & Dogs. Scientists argue over who is smarter

Many animal lovers believe that cats - cats smarter than dogs. In favor of this view says, for example, is that the dog in the cerebral cortex neurons is half than that of a cat.The dog may well have a drink from the toilet, she obediently follows his master everywhere, and even to relieve themselves she needs someone who will bring out. Cats are also completely self-sufficient, if they examine all around the regal look like around - their empire. It would seem that all is clear.However, cats can make the room: recent studies have revealed the hidden genius of dogs. Wall Street Journal quotes Read more [...]
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Quarantine for rabies introduced in eight districts of the Altai region

Quarantine for rabies introduced in eight districts of the Altai region, animal disease laboratory-confirmed rabies, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative of Department of Veterinary edge.   Territory Governor Alexander Karlin signed a resolution "On the introduction of quarantine for rabies in the Altai region." The basis for the signing of the document was information about the origin of veterinary control rabies in domestic animals in the region. "Diseases recorded in dogs and cats, in this regard, in areas where the injected quarantine, prohibited from Read more [...]
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Sedation and anesthesia induction

Appointment of agents induction of anesthesia aims to prevent the excitation stage animal, and also reduce the amount of anesthetic needed to provide surgical anesthesia. In applying the drug dosage of barbiturates or tranquilizers may be reduced by almost 2 times. These drugs also facilitate all the preoperative preparation of animals, especially in cases of aggressive behavior. Morphine. In dogs morphine causes vomiting, salivation and defecation, in connection with which it is administered 30-40 minutes prior to anesthesia. Emetichesky effect of morphine is reduced by combining it with atropine. Read more [...]
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Theory of sleep-2

The theory of sleep centers arose largely influenced by clinical observations, note the relationship of sleep and wakefulness with the defeats of certain structures of the brain. Initial observations in this regard were made L. Mauthner in 1890. He described several cases of encephalitis, fatal. Sick of death had long been sleepy. At autopsy of the dead were found in the restructuring of deep parts of the brain, whereby Mautner suggested the presence in these areas center sleep. Later, during the great epidemic of lethargic encephalitis, an Austrian scientist Economo (1926) on the basis of Read more [...]
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Modern research on the mechanism of dream-3

In the laboratory, A. Fine wires interesting experiments on the role of the adrenal glands in the development of sleep during stimulation of the hypothalamus. It turns out that during stimulation of the anterior or posterior parts hypothalamic sleep occurs only in intact cats and in cats with pre-denervated adrenal sleep does not come. During stimulation of other areas hypothalamic either intact or in operated cats (with adrenal denervation) sleep does not come. However, if you enter adrenaline cats with denervated adrenal glands, the latter comes the dream. Based on these studies have hypothesized Read more [...]
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Modern research on the mechanism of dream-1

Famous physiologist Anokhin back in the 30s on the basis of their research the hypothesis that sleep is caused by complex interactions of the cortex and subcortical structures of the brain. This is now confirmed by many authors in their mechanisms of sleep EEG studies. Anokhin data formed the basis of some important points made by the author of this book. In numerous studies of AV Thin (1968) The role of the sympathoadrenal system in the neurohormonal mechanisms of sleep, coming under the influence of electrical stimulation of the hypothalamic region. In the laboratory, A. Thin Borkovskaya A. Read more [...]
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