Use of hunting skills in the eternal struggle against rodents

One day, in the most gluhozime, I had to get my old fighting glands. Traps that bish.Mezhsezone, skukota. And then suddenly, unexpectedly fell on me rat attack.I do not remember the last time I heard a rat race in his apartment, but from somewhere came the beast. The house is old, more prisoners the Nazis built in the late 40s. And that's how one night, heard the sound, I Chernuha jumps down and runs to the kitchen. I came back with nothing. But I wake me even ten times their vigilance. I decided that mice bred and waved - eka prodigy. But in the morning I found progryzenny through a bag of barley. Read more [...]
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Riverboarder Descends the Greens Narrows

Pro riverboarder Kid Galt ran the get-go comely of the Common Narrows—Gorilla rapids included—victimization nada but a riverboard and a duet of fins this workweek. “What kickoff caught my attending many days ago was how utterly picturesque Gorilla was.” Galt told Canoe & Kayak. “That stuck in my header, and it’s e'er been a speedy I’ve treasured to run.” Piece many in the the paddling community let hopped on the  riverboarding bandwagon, about calm see it as a antic. "Something for citizenry to do who can’t kayak, as a tourer activeness, Read more [...]
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Riverboarder Descends the Common Narrows

Pro riverboarder Chaff Galt ran the offset comely of the K Narrows—Gorilla rapids included—victimization cipher but a riverboard and a brace of fins this hebdomad. “What get-go caught my attending many eld ago was how dead picturesque Gorilla was.” Galt told Canoe & Kayak. “That stuck in my nous, and it’s invariably been a speedy I’ve cherished to run.” Spell many in the the paddling community deliver hopped on the  riverboarding bandwagon, around hush see it as a caper. "Something for citizenry to do who can’t kayak, as a tourer Read more [...]
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Oldest Support Creature Killed During Search

Birth you always wondered what the earth's oldest life sensual is? Comfortably, it’s a dollar, and it's deadened.Scientists killed the 507-year-old bivalved shellfish named Ming (a extension to the Chinese dynasty in mightiness when it was natural) in an endeavor to decide how old the fauna really was. The mollusk was launch in an Icelandic seabed in 2006 by researchers from Bangor University, according to The Fencesitter.  Determinative the age of a dollar is standardised to numeration the rings on a corner. In Ming's cause, more 500 development lines were tight into barely a duo millimeters. Read more [...]
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Olympic Flashlight Carrier Catches Flack

The contrast 'tween Olympic blowtorch and man blowlamp momently foggy finish Wednesday when onetime bobsledder Pyotr Makarchuk caught blast piece carrying the Sochi Olympic fire done the Siberian metropolis of Abakan.It appears that fire from the tor leaked onto Makarchuk's arm and berm as he jogged done a push of bystanders. When his berm caught firing, an date quick extinguished the brilliance. Neither tor toter nor the bystanders appeared to be injured.The bug is the modish fucked-up in the Sochi Olympic blowlamp relay, the longest blowtorch relay in innovative Olympic chronicle. In October, Read more [...]
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A Passenger’s Pail Name

C is bucketing from the stone-gray sky in Santa Fe nowadays, and I was beaming to incur this television to fort my eve exercise—resettled inside due to the blue conditions. It’s awe-inspiring how 96 of beautiful footage of equitation in splendid conditions can prompt you.It got me mentation, too, around all the equitation I did close yr and the equitation I trust to neutralise 2014. For approximately of us, it’s that season: when breeding plans first back, around goodness laborious efforts commencement to charge the consistency out of its residual posit, and goals and racing plans Read more [...]
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Ponoy on the river in the Murmansk region poacher caught with 16 instances of salmon

The police officers in the course of search operations conducted as part of Operation "Putin in 2013", in the Lovozero district, Murmansk region on the river not far from Ponoy mouth of the river Swan arrested poacher. His catch for the police was a record this year and made 16 copies of the salmon. Broken Murmansk inhabitant born in 1976 illegally, without a license, spinning caught a 16 copies of the Atlantic salmon, the caused significant harm to the state. All fish caught and spinning as a weapon of illegal fishing, the police seized from poachers. For violation of fishing regulations instituted Read more [...]
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For fishing on the river in the Sakhalin region Krupnyanka poacher was appointed six months of hard labor

Global arbiter judicial district number 7 town Makarova Sakhalin Oblast convictions in relation to 2-poachers: inhabitant Dolinsk Constantine Z. and poronaytsa Gennady P. They found guilty of committing crimes stipulated Fri "in" Part 1 of Article 256 of the Criminal Code. Tribunal found that at the height of salmon season on the river 02.08.2012 Krupyanka Makarov District citizen Z., without special permission from the introduction of set nets illegally caught 64 fish salmon instance, and October 18, 2012 citizen R. also with the introduction of networks and without permission in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk Read more [...]
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Poachers Tambov region caught more than one hundred pounds of fish

Fisheries Inspectors of municipal control, supervision and protection of aquatic biological resources in the Tambov region of the Moscow-Oka Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Fisheries in the period from 11 to 25 August 2013 conducted 40 raids nine conservation. Raids took place on the rivers Plaskusha, Aleshnya, Chamlyk, ponds Macs Alekhinskoye, Otrozhki, Interfarm, Tyutchev, Korovinsky, Shacha, Hmilina, Shatilovskaya, Ekstalsky, reports the Moscow-Oka territorial administration Rosrybolovstva. According to the results of conservation measures inspectors fishing control Tambov Read more [...]
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In China caught waterfowl «zmeekrokodilov.» Photo

Strange waterfowl body snake and crocodile jaws were caught in the river in Hunan Xiang. Photos from China. In one of the village restaurants in Hunan Province on June 6 started a large influx of visitors. But most of them do not come to dinner, and look at the "zmeekrokodilov", which recently acquired a host fish market. According to the newspaper "Xiaoxia Morning" a few days ago, the owner of a restaurant in the village Xiaoxia went to the market for the products for the restaurant and saw these strange creatures merchant. Total sold 4 "zmeekrokodila", he bought two. Merchant Read more [...]
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Flooding in Colombia. Footage of the miraculous salvation. Video

Dramatic footage of the rescue operation managed to remove the witness in Colombia. There is a powerful flood had caught 3 passengers and taxi driver. To evacuate them from the car had through the window. The girls were rescued. And when it came to the driver - something unexpected happened. Turbulent flow car was deployed, the poor man fell into the water, and it took over. As it turned out later, the man was unhurt after a few hundred meters it caught rescuers. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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In Croatian the river caught a piranha

photo:Getty Images/ Croatian fisherman caught in the Drava river in the North-West of the country the piranha length 26 cm, said on Thursday the Agency EFE with reference to the Croatian media. President of the Association of sports fishermen Osijek, Josip Gimnastic confirmed that we are talking about this piranha. \"This fish inhabits the Amazon river, in the waters of South America. Most likely, the piranha was a pet of some man, and when she grew up, the owner threw it into the river,\" said Th. Gimnastic. However, the fisherman caught a piranha, said that he had seen in the river Read more [...]
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In Volgograd tons caught giant herring!

At fishers town hero-a real feast! This year to Volgograd got a huge shoals of large power hungry herring. She caught everywhere and at any depth. On Spartanovka from morning till evening, hundreds of fishermen stand shoulder to shoulder: of the bite on the Volga long gone. - Eight years the herring were not taken, \" says the fisherman with experience Dmitry Martov. - Some said that its in Kalmykia all catch networks. Others alluded to the bad environment. The second version, in my opinion, more convincing. Now many enterprises stood up, the water has been cleaned and the fish rose again to Read more [...]
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In the river caught poltronova cancer

Kiev 47-year-old Yuriy Kostenko with his friend Ian the other day in the river caught cancer a meter long. It was in Kiev on the waterfront at the Metro bridge. - Went with Jan fishing, thought to catch catfish. In the morning did not catch at all. Standing there, already frozen before lunch. Jan was going home. And I threw a rod. Thought 5-pound catfish pull, and that the cancer was. Eyes could not believe. Such a great haven't seen, \" says Yuri Nikolaevich. Shows photo. Polumetrovye cancer was hooked claw at the hook. - Didn't want him to take, and Jan threw himself into the trunk houses boast. Read more [...]
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Wrecked truck in China has resulted in large emissions of sulfur vapor

The truck with gray turned over, and then caught fire in southern China, the driver was killed, said Friday the Agency Xinhua. The accident took place on a Friday night on the road in the district of Nanning city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region of China. Truck for unnamed reasons, while rolled over and fell into a ten-meter ravine, and then caught fire. Reportedly, the driver was killed. About how many chemicals were in the car, not reported. According to the Agency, in the area of the accident recorded high concentration of toxic gases. Currently, the fire is extinguished. Local environmental Read more [...]
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Crimean fishermen caught a shark Goblin

In the Black sea, the Crimean coast fishermen caught hitherto unseen in these latitudes being. Not a mutant and not a hoax - scientists have identified the catch as shark Goblin and called the event incredible. This is not just a rare instance - rare!Each case encounters with the predator - unit and serves as the occasion for the writing of scientific work. But against the background of Egyptian passions catching sharks in the black sea resort area looks like PE. Local authorities catch seized and put information on the topic ban. Toothy monster on the deck of the ship - extraction of Sevastopol Read more [...]
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What should I do if I get caught in a duster?

Tony Squatter     Picture: Courtesy of Antediluvian PathwaysTony SquatterTony HomesteaderMoxie your dentition to shut the big poppycock. Badly, cover a sirocco alike a snowstorm and stick. With your mankind rock-bottom to a few feet round you, you don’t wishing living walk-to and hazard slump a shelf, erratic off path, or acquiring missed. The bulk of sandstorms are passing so holing up awhile is the topper solvent if the rage is upon you.Retrieve ilk a cowman, and crouch succeeding to a bowlder, nether a shelf/spelunk, or otc semi-protected region; masking your sass and scent Read more [...]
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County Pembrokshire thousands of sharks

on June 28. In the photo below the lucky fisherman Wayne little poses with honorary trophy, 78-pound blue shark. Normal shot to the Adriatic or the Aegean sea, but this shark was caught near the town of Milford haven, County Pembrokeshire (UK). And these sharks now there are many hundreds, if not thousands.Experts believe that the shark swam down to the warm current that guilty and unusually warm weather, standing already with the month in the British Isles. Now there is the average temperature does not drop below +33 Celsius. Blue shark or great blue shark, or mokou, as it turned out, quite Read more [...]
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In Lipetsk sea fishermen caught a piranha

on July 28. In Materska reservoir appeared piranhas. Exotic fish caught on a hook Lipetsk fisherman. An exceptional case - tropical predator in the middle lane not found. Vladimir King - fisherman-lover with a decade of experience, but such a miracle-the fish had only seen on TV. Surprise anglers no bounds. Mr King, the Fisher-fan: \"Pull out, and didn't understand what. Thought some small bream fitted with springs. Friend yells, \"You caught it there?\" and I don't understand. He came over and said: it seems like a piranha.An unusual catch at first dwelt in a house of Vladimir Read more [...]
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In Tuapse fishermen caught a piranha

29 iulie prey with sharp teeth - piranha appeared in ordinary Tuapse apartment on the Calarasi after fishing. It was Packed up and left to be stored in the refrigerator. - Fish, stretched from the water, played in red and scarecrows predatory grin, - said Olga Sacrava is her husband brought with fishing toothy predator. In General I would like to know, where did it to us swam? Underwater predator, reaching a length of 30 centimeters, able to the bone to oblogati their prey in a matter of minutes, inhabits the fresh waters of South America. The most famous place of live piranhas, the Read more [...]
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