Solar Activity paralyze humanity in 2013

A powerful solar flare in 2013 could lead to global chaos, causing disconnection and disruption of satellite communication systems. NASA warns that the peak of the magnetic energy of the solar cycle and the number of sunspots and flares in 2013 can generate a very powerful radiation.As a result, solar storms can cause on earth powerful geomagnetic storms, disabling worldwide electrical network for hours or even months, causing disrupt your normal life.British Defence Secretary Liam Fox (Liam Fox), who spoke at an international conference on the vulnerability of power networks with the main report, Read more [...]
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In Martian dust storms born lightning

Scientists have simulated the inner workings of lightning "jet dust storms" on Mars, which is a hundred times faster than regular storms and are bombarded with dust high into the atmosphere of the Red Planet.Mars - very dry and dusty place. Storms sometimes cover the entire planet, and orbiters see as persistent dust layers reach great heights (30 º 50 km above the surface). The mechanism of the latter phenomenon is unclear.High resolution model based on data from the instrument OMEGA, which is located on the satellite Mars Express, helped figure out how thick spherical pocket dust Read more [...]
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Photographic: USA after hurricane Nor'easter

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Urethral diverticulum

Congenital urethral diverticulum is a bag-like protrusion of the back wall of her communicating with the urethra more or less narrow channel. It occurs mainly in men. In women, urethral diverticula are usually acquired, often on the basis of birth trauma. Congenital diverticula occur mainly in the hanging and scrotal urethra. Of acquired diverticula on the basis of injury or inflammation, they differ in that they are lined, like urethra, columnar epithelium and are connected to the urethra relatively narrow channel. Acquired diverticula are lined with squamous epithelium and widely communicated Read more [...]
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Symptoms and course of cancer of the stomach-2

The destruction of the tumor, causing development of purulent and putrefactive processes, leads to thrombosis and arrosion supply its vessels, causing bleeding begins. Bleeding is usually small. Often blood can be detected in the feces of only his research in chemical reaction (Gregersen). However, once started, bleeding steadily at the ongoing collapse of the tumor. Therefore, for gastric cancer is not typically a one-time detection, and the constant presence of fecal occult blood. More heavy bleeding, causing vomiting and bloody tarry stools, we have to be uncommon. This happens when involved Read more [...]
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Duodenum disease

Tumors duodenum (benign and malignant) are rare. To include benign adenomas, lipomas, polyps, etc., they are not reaching a large size, can be asymptomatic. Malignant tumors of the duodenum are rare. Cancer is more common than sarcoma. The most common cancer of major duodenal papilla causing at growth obstructive jaundice (see), and a symptom of Courvoisier - Terje (distended gallbladder is detectable in the form of pear-shaped bag). At any location of the tumor in the duodenum the picture of high intestinal obstruction. Pain occurs in tumor invasion into adjacent organs. Treatment operative. Parasites Read more [...]
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Hurricanes, storms, tornadoes

Hurricane (typhoon) - Wind of enormous destructive power, with a velocity of 30 m / s. Wind speed is the most important characteristic of a hurricane and is in most parts of Europe from 30 to 50 m / s, and in Asia, particularly in the Far East of Russia - 60-90 m / s. Storms occur at any time of year, but most of them goes through Russia in August and September, which facilitates prediction. Supertyphoon power equal to the power of the hydrogen bomb in about 200 Mt, and the energy expended in such a typhoon during its existence, several times the size of this giant. Storm - a very Read more [...]
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Evacuation and treatment of wounded and sick-11

A common characteristic feature of the majority of Russian doctors had no antagonism between professionals and high sense of medical debt, which helped save not only lives, but also the injured limb wounded. This unique feature has played a large role in the war of 1812 and helped to return to build a lot of wounded soldiers. In shelves, five or six years after the War of 1812, continued to serve as soldiers with limited function of the lower limb after a gunshot fracture of the hip and leg. Especially a lot of the soldiers continued to serve in the wheelchair moving teams, the personnel who worked Read more [...]
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