What good dungeon

The relief of our planet is very diverse. Man in extreme conditions should make maximum use of all terrain features for their own purposes, for survival. Today we talk about natural dungeons, caves, grottos. What value can give the dark places of the person. Firstly, Caves – very shady places where great hiding in merciless heat of a tropical afternoon. Secondly, in caves and grottoes it is often possible get water. It must be said that often the water flow at the time and created these moves in the mountainous, volcanic rock. Normally, the thread is not strong, but it is present. Also, water Read more [...]
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Natural shelters Caves

In conditions of extreme survival it is very important to find or create the correct, safe shelter, for the organization halt, overnight or a long stay. The different climatic and natural zones in demand and may be different shelters. For example, in forest areas outside the competition booths of various designs. But the shelters are particularly valuable natural cave and similar elements of the relief. On peculiarities of selection and training of its cave for shelter and we'll talk in today's article. So, on your way met cave, and you want to use it as a shelter. First, you want to explore the Read more [...]
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South Ural.Ayskie pritёsy.Kurgazakskaya peschera.Nasha trip

   Before going to the cave certainly eat better, two spoons !!!))) Cave KurgozakskayaObnaruzhit it can be in Satka area on the left bank of the river corridor Ay.Peschera grotovogo-type, consisting of 3 large halls, connected with each other passages. The cave entrance is in the form of a regular elliptical arches up to 15 meters wide on a longish axis. Slope of the log without any grounds, immediately goes into the steep descent to the grotto Pigeon. The plan he recalls wedge, wide base which serves as the entrance arch of the cave. The length of the cave 37 meters and the maximum Read more [...]
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Chanva river cave

The length of the river Chanve 30 km.Along the river Yayva 40 km.The duration of 8-10 days.Vehicles raft, kayak, inflatable boat.Best time in July and September. Chanva Yayva left tributary, the length of 70 km. Across the river steep elevation changes. Riverbed extends deep rocky valley. In the coastal cliffs and buttes in the woods there are many caves, both known and unknown. Of Kizel be reached by bus to the village of North Kospash. Here transplanted at a passing car going to the village Thawed (7 km). Another option. From the train station to the village Lunevka Thawed bus 7 km. Thawing Read more [...]
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The tract Tishekle Tau Holey mountain

Funnels have a depth of 10 meters or more. Inside their trees grow. Ponor have some significant amount of up to 15 meters in diameter. Have a rugged form. On such days are open Ponor cave entrances. Here for a long time does not melt the snow, since sunlight seeping badly, and the cool air in the days of stagnant Ponor.It is said that the cave here stretch right up to the Big Kurmanaevskaya cave. But it is all natural stories. Although the tunnels underground, gypsum strata really is ina this account there are plenty of stories. Tunnels communicate with the surface wells, funnels. On certain Read more [...]
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Smolinskaya cave

Lovers of caves and scenic spots can be advised interesting route to the area of ​​the village by the river Iset Smolinski. Bust of siding need to pass through the village to the village of Pokrovsky Beklemischevoy (8-10 km). Iset here is very beautiful, is not like the quiet, small river in the vicinity of Sverdlovsk noisy foaming and boiling water in the shallows. Cross the bridge to the right bank of the river, walk 3 kilometers down downstream to a large log. Cave Just 200 meters from the Iset, on the right side of the log at a height of 12 meters. Before entering area with rock shelter, Read more [...]
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Rock Ring

Karst arch has a complex shape with 3 holes. Dimensions of bolshogoiz them three by four meters, the length of the arch 5 meters. The walls and the roof of her slozhenyplastami limestone. This form karst topography is a remnant skalnogomassiva in what had previously been laid old cave. During mnogihtysyachelety water and wind uniformly destroyed limestone massif that itogeodnazhdy led to the collapse of the arch of the cave. Another, similar Rock-ring monument nature karstovyymost Kuperlya, located in the south of Bashkortostan, the river Nugush, on the ground of public parkaBashkiriya. Another Read more [...]
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Serginskoye cave

Among the many Ural caves are well known to tourists caves Nizhneserginskogo district. The first of these Stalactite or Katnikovskaya (local name), located on the right bank of the river Sergi 10 kilometers from the resort. Go first 8 kilometers of Mikhailovsky path or along the railway line, and then at the crossing turn east into the forest. Here all paths and roads leading to the river. At this point, under a mountain of limestone is pokosnikov hut. From it in 150-200 meters to the north-west entrance to the cave Katnikovskuyu (for orientation: from the hut river turns sharply to the left, in Read more [...]
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Seminar in Shulgantashe

1-3 March 2013 Organisers: Municipal Nature Reserve "Shulgan-Tash," Working Party on the Protection and Use of caves under the Ministry of Environment of Belarus, the Urals Association cavers, the Federation of Speleology and Speleotourism RB Venue: Burzyansky district of Bashkortostan, cordon "Kapova cave" municipal nature reserve "Shulgan-Tash"The purpose of the workshop - education cavers society activists and workers protected areas included in the full Biosphere Reserve "Bashkirian Urals", on the environmental attributes, scientific and practical value of cave ecosystems in the Southern Read more [...]
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The Duck River. Novoutkinskaya pond, cave

3.5 kilometers from the station Kourovka is the village Novoutkinsk incurred in 1749 in connection with the construction of the melting plant. Now here plant electric welding machines and apparatus "Spark". Near the village of big beautiful pond the same age of the plant. The shore of the pond good place for recreation, swimming, fishing. Below pond Duck river flows at the foot of the treeless ridge of steep cliffs composed of inclined layers of limestone. In one of the rocks the water created a small cave, known under the name Novoutkinskaya. The entrance has a triangular shape. First Read more [...]
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The River Serga

There in the Urals small rivers, which represent the remarkable beauty of the corners of our region. These rivers include the river Serga and its tributaries Bardem, Demid and numerous streams. Length Sergi 113 kilometers, the area of the basin 2170 square kilometers. Serga is clean, clear water, beautiful beaches, wooded and gently sloping, steep, and rocky. The river in General shallow, although in some places the rocks of its depth and up to several meters. Width changeable from 8-10 meters up to 20-30 meters on the dams. On the shores of the many convenient places for rest and fishing. Route Read more [...]
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About Elder Averky

One iztakih reclusive old man was Averky that lived in a cave on the banks of the River Eye, blizderevni ancient pier. How knows legend Averky yavilsyabratyam-Sosnina conservatives, who lived in the village of Surrounding Eileen and predstavilsyakerzhakom. The brothers were rich and as many in Satka surrounded revnivoderzhalis an old belief. In general, once again, Satka conservatives is a separate topic for the story. But in the face of the brothers, our hero found nadezhnyhpokroviteley.Pescheruemu seen they are also indicated. The cave, which later became known as Averkieva pit, located on Read more [...]
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About hermits serpievskih

The main cave cave serpievskogo hail Yamazytash thanks Ignat has long become famous all over the Urals. And it is known more as a Ignatievskaya cave. But Uncle Misha is a fast part of everyday life. He used its utilitarian and stored potatoes and other reserves, taking into account the fact that the cave is always the same temperature. Very, you know perfectly for storage of vegetables! Collected back in the cave and pottery shards, habitat evidence here of old people, for themselves on the fun. From what he read otshelnichal not adored. But  peasants-Simachev, laughing but know that he ran Read more [...]
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Natural Park Muradymovskoe Gorge

Little detached from the rest of the world, with its microclimate. Where the summer air insist on grasses. Where pine and linden climb old mountains. And if you raise your head and look up, you can see the how in the fathomless sky soaring osprey. But the main domain Muradymovskogo gorge, not counting the tranquil landscapes are his cave. Altogether there are 36 in a natural park in some of the pictures they found an old man. The cave Pigeon grotto and found parking Mesolithic era. Muradymovskie caves today are great deal of work for archaeologists, paleontologists.  Work on the study of Read more [...]
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On the Iset

Cherdantseva village - village. Length of power transmission - der. Brute force - with. Brod. The route length of 100 km, the length of 5 - 6 days. Iset Article source to the city Kamensk-worked its way through the mountainous terrain of limestone cliffs teeming shoals and rapids, occasionally spilling over the plain broad reaches. From the village to the village of Brod Cherdantseva around Kamenska Ural on the water about 100 km. Kayaking this way can be overcome for 2 days, by boat - for 4 Iset flows along the railway Sverdlovsk - Kamensk Ural, 5 - 15 km from it, so that the route can be completed Read more [...]
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CAVE LOG Located in the Lower Paleolithic p. Chusovoi (Perm. Region. Dobriansky district). Opened in 1939 M.V.Talitskim, was studied in 1951-52 and Bader V.I.Gromovym. In 1960-80 th memory. Inst. V.P.Denisovym, A.F.Melnichukom, P.Yu.Pavlovym. Stratified findings are not made. Collection of lifting material has 196 items. Fauna: mammoth, horse, sat down. deer, bison. For stone tools PL characterized by flat cores and right processed ostrokonechniki (rubiltsa), scrapers, large chopping tools bilateral processing provertki. Techno-morphological parameters collection stone tools PL can be dated Mousterian. Author: Pavlov Read more [...]
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CAVE WALL PICTURE first, Naib. early manifestations of fig. activity ancient us. U. Math. 4 caves on the South. W., in the k-ryh discovered wall paintings: Kapova, Ignatiev, Serpievskaya 2 and Muradymovskaya 2. Kapova Ignatievskaya cavities and kept up to several. dozens of fig. Pleistocene animals, symbolic signs, anthropomorphic creatures made red paint and black. Fig. these caves belong to the late Upper Paleolithic pore. These unique memory. on ter. D in their DOS. characteristics of the placement of figures in the depths of underground cavities, repertoire fig., structuring of underground Read more [...]
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Cave Shamakha

The cave entrance is a hole irregular shape. Privhodovaya part of the cave is a maze of passages watered. In winter, the water freezes here, and the border of ice moved into the cave at 120-130 meters from the entrance. Very long, about 500 meters, watered course, developing in a northerly direction, leads to the area koltsovok. Here begins a few moves in the west, north and south. Facilities in this part of the cave are small, the bottom is filled with their strong layers of clay with traces of time (repeated) streams. One of the moves, passing small grotto, stretches to the north and leads to Read more [...]
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Dry Cave Atya

Exploration of the cave began in 1959, when it was tested for a length of 200 metrov.Na this day the total length of the cave is studied moves 2,130 meters and the lowest point of the cavity is on the days of the siphon of the lake in the cave  "Unexplored." Large distance from the entrance to the distant caves - 250 m. Floor area - about 12,000 m2. The cave is a horizontal branched 3-storey karst cavity-Ponor corridor-type grotovogo complex shapes with areas of the maze. The cave entrance is on the right terrace of the river Atya, at a height of 5 m. Represents the arch, a width of 25 m and Read more [...]
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Cave Salavatskaya

Salavat cave is often confused with the cave Salavat Yulaev, which is further north on the river bank Yuryuzan. The difference in these caves with a similar title, not only in geography, and that in the cave, which is on the bank of the river Yuryuzan, according to legend, Salavat Yulaev really hiding from the royal troops. And in the cave of Gafuriyskogo area artist Arslan Mubaryakov Salavat Yulaev portrayed in the movie. It is not clear what motivated the famous director James Protazanov, decided to stay in the cave Salavat else, if you have an existing layout, but with the passage of time, the Read more [...]
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