He appeared in our city apartment on the last day of the year, completes the twentieth century. On the eve of New Year's wife opened the door and entered the apartment, holding a brand new cell within which bustled with anxiety bird brick-red tail, the size of a normal bullfinch. Clinging to the bars, she jumped wildly on the cage. - Keep newcomer! - And wife gave me enthusiastically surprise cage with strange birds.It was crossbill-Elovikov - common bird of our northern forests, which we know from early childhood, but to see it in the wild ever not for everyone. Bird unusual beak, like two crossed Read more [...]
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Quails my uncle

Uncle Ahmad - bedanaboz, and in Russian - Sparrowhawk. With the onset of spring gardens and streets of our village filled with sonorous pereschelkom quail. My uncle was a master at catching these birds.Photo YIM Hafiz / flickr.com (CC BY 2.0) For ravine on clover field he set snares and often brought home feathered captives. Ahmad gave me the females and males kept the vociferous. Novoselov, I put in a cage, watered with spring water, fed millet. And after a while I quietly let them back into the wild. When my uncle was interested, as they say, are faring my quail, I put aside Read more [...]
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So we called the little animal, which gave us the familiar hunter from Siberia. Chipmunk - a resident of the taiga, but we learned that he gets used to captivity, and feels at home no worse than the forest thicket.Photo Nina Stawski / FLICKR.COM Even better: Squirrels in captivity lived for about three years, and at home can live and ten. So we said, a hunter and prompted his better contain, than to feed.Chipmunk was put in a metal cage squirrel cage. Inside the house, and built next few perekladinok hung from racks. A Hunter has advised Read more [...]
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Lookup For California Teens Enters Tertiary Day

Government from 4 unlike counties are ingress the tertiary day of their look for two California teens that went lacking in Trabuco Canon in Cleveland Home Wood. Nicholas Cendoya, 19, and Kyndall Jak, 18, had contacted regime on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. via cell to quest help, locution they were almost a mil from their car and couldn’t incur their way cover. Government plant the car but the teens were nowhere nearby, their cell barrage presumptively beat.O'er 50 lookup and delivery crews with the Orangish County Sheriff’s Section are presently hunt for the couple on substructure and via whirlybird, Read more [...]
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WE will need:1. Two paper lattice under chicken eggs 2. Sawdust of various sizes, the smaller - the better, because it will be denser3. Candle or paraffin from pharmacies (is worth a penny) HOW TO DO:- before making kindling, fine sawdust to dry.. ( for example in a frying pan or even how)- lattice stick one to another, so that the molten wax is not leaked through. pour dry dry sawdust sawdust in the grille, compact, but not very and re-added to the edge of the cell.- melt a candle or ordinary paraffin (remember t melting ~hiraba)- neat pour the contents of each cell, so that the composition soaked- Read more [...]
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Evgeny Fenglin

GENERATOR NGOSThe main mechanism:When hydrogen enters the cylinder of the motor, it is burnt there, as a regular standalone fuel, the complementing and replacing a certain amount of gasoline (diesel fuel).Components:The device dry hydrogen cells quite normal: the system consists of the dry hydrogen cell HHO Cell) and hose-pipes.Dry cell consists of grouped iron plates (each of which in turn is connected to a positive or negativesource battery), immersed in water. As electricity begins to overcome the small gap between the plates, it begins to break down water molecules into its components of oxygen Read more [...]
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Chain collar, continued.

Continuation of the article is irrelevant in Katori limit characters. Start - Up to 2 m) can be cast without collecting in the upper part of the loop network. Both hands raised and spaced as widely as possible, taking up cargo cord excess cord going into the loops, 2-3 in each hand, so that the bottom edge of the network does not reach the ground 30-40 cm, then the network is thrown rather pounces the pond characteristic movement resembling the same as they throw wide the tablecloth on the table or on the bed sheet. I was lucky to see how Castine-govuyu network throw together: two low catch teenage Read more [...]
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About knives in different situations

Greetings to all! Of course, the knife in extreme conditions the most important and versatile tool for a normal, healthy (head) men love a cold steel genetically determined. Very pleased to read your article about your favorite dear comrades blades of homemade, about experience and practice. That's decided to share his, not that experience ... just look at life in the annex to the situational melee weapons. This Carnival expecting guests, my wife started a cleaning in the apartment and asked me to remove (temporarily) to something all his "sword", ie knives. I laid them out on the cape to wrap Read more [...]
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Bandolier of the soldier’s belt

Hello. I was lying around the belt remaining after service. When I bought the gun, the need arose for a bandolier. Three days and this is the result: This required: belt slings 3m wide and 3m 5cm 3cm wide straps, strong thread, triangular needle, glue. Cut the sling 5mm long 12.5 cm, sew one edge on both sides of the sling 3mm:Put the second sleeve and sew the seam:Put the second sleeve and fold the sling width 3cm:Sew. Cut off the excess:The view from the opposite side:Connect the ends of the straps, sew them:Cut off a piece of the long lines of 5 cm, smear glue, attach the workpiece Read more [...]
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First aid for pneumothorax prehospital

On the orders of listeners. First, a little materiel. Omitting the nuances and exaggeration, we can say that the lungs - is porous elastic bodies. Their purpose - ensuring gas exchange between blood and air. For this purpose, suited to easy the pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein blood withdrawn. Lungs are located in the chest almost symmetrical to each other. The space between them is called the mediastinum and contains the heart and major blood vessels (the rest omit, because the topic is not relevant).The thorax is closed on all sides by a tight formation. The inner wall is lined with a chest Read more [...]
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Another example of bringing people together. ?

Network organizations have appeared in ancient times in the East, for several reasons, one of which was ongoing brutal wars and punitive operations sufficiently powerful intelligence agencies. In addition, Eastern societies have a clan-tribal structure and clans are not unusual. What was unusual was the appearance of non-governmental organizations, where their relationship did not play a decisive role. Network organizations have shown their exceptional resilience and are currently experiencing a period of the next heyday as easily operate between states, clans and other types of social structures, Read more [...]
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And you can not just destroy helping ;)

Stumbled in the internet for what's Old. Can the concept of survival is necessary to include, section "survival in the genocide?" FIG knows. Komrad with honey. explain the formation of AMP.Criticism of the draft Federal Law "On Biomedical cell technologies" 1. Draft law many scientific blunders. Here are the most striking:1) biomedical cellular technology - the process of getting the product to restore cellular structures and functions of human tissues and organs by replacing the cells of these tissues and organs cells input from the outside, or by activating the body's own regenerative processes Read more [...]
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Can I use a cellphone sound to quest helper in the wild?

iPhone     Picture: William Come-on/FlickrA few days ago, I would deliver aforesaid to block approximately victimisation a cell in the backcountry since response was so express, especially in the westerly U.S. That has changed; evening distant regions same the Navajo State in Arizona let cell-towers. You're lull express if you're in the bum of a canon or 'tween deal passes. That’s where an Ir planet headphone would semen into frolic. I bear victimised sat phones in narrow-minded canyons and otc places where cell response isn’t useable.Evening if you don't get receipt, Read more [...]
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Scientists saw coronal cells on the Sun

on April 13. These strange structures in the solar corona astronomers from the Laboratory naval research in Washington noticed quite by accident, studying the image of the Sun obtained by the satellite Heliophysics System Observatory. High in the sun's atmosphere, scientists saw something never seen before - cellular structure with clearly defined boundaries with a diameter of tens of thousands of km Such patterns can be seen on the surface of the Sun, but high in the atmosphere they were discovered for the first time. These «cell» or «supergranule» similar to the bubbles Read more [...]
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Mobile phones cause mass insanity

Checking one person SMS messages or e-mail via mobile phone causes a chain reaction - much like yawning. Researchers from the University of Michigan for a few months have seen the students in a cafe on campus and noted the frequency with which they use their mobile phones. They found that those students who have spent at the tables for about 20 minutes, about a quarter of the time paid cell. If one of the neighbors took out mobile, spontaneously took up the rest of the gesture - and the use of telephones has increased to 40% of the time in a cafe. The reasons for this behavior is quite simple: Read more [...]
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A biological cell that is capable of producing laser light

A team of scientists from the United States has created a living biological cell capable of producing laser light, scientists report in the current issue of the scientific journal Nature Photonics. The new technique has created a cell capable of generating a light-emitting protein that was previously obtained from luminous jellyfish that live in the oceans.As a result of these genetic manipulations, the researchers got the living cell, which produces directional light emission in the green light range. In the future, based on similar techniques, scientists plan to improve the quality of microscopes, Read more [...]
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The causative agent of leprosy reprogram infected cells

The bacteria that cause leprosy (leprosy), proved to be outstanding experts in the field of stem cells: they are easy to carry out what the scientists out abyss of time and effort. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh (UK) found that "prokaznye" mycobacteria may draw mature cells in an undifferentiated, stem condition and reprogram it to turn into another cell type.One of the first objectives of the agent of leprosy are Schwann cells - helper cells of nervous tissue that form the myelin sheath around the axons of peripheral nerve fibers. The researchers took Schwann cells Read more [...]
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Cancer — genomic malignant degeneration

DNA segments consisting of four chains were found in the chromosomes of cancer cells, which gives reason to consider such a sign of malignant transformation of the structure.DNA can exist in many forms. For example, can change parameters of the double helix, it may become more compressed or elongated, spiral itself - to be as right-and left-twisted, and the interactions between the nucleotides may be very different from those postulated classical Watson and Crick.Many of the alternative forms of DNA exist in the living cell and needs them for some purpose. But there are others who, it would Read more [...]
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Scientists have created the world's first cell-killing cancer

Scientists have created the first cells that can kill cancerous tumors. This dramatic breakthrough was made by scientists in Japan. According to them, the development of this technology paves the way for the creation of cells that can be directly administered to cancer patients.Such cells (T-cells) occur in small amounts in our bodies, but it is hoped that the injection of these cells in large amounts will produce turbo-charge the immune system.To create a new type of cell scientists first had to reprogram the T-cells that specialize in killing a certain type of cancer, the other type of cells, Read more [...]
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A new type of human cell division

Many types of malignant tumors tend to increase the number of times the event of chromosomes in a cell or polyploidy. It is known that, for example, at 14 and 35 percent of breast cancer and gastric cancer, respectively, have a triple or multiple set. (Recall that the normal cells of the human body have a double set of chromosomes). The basis of this phenomenon is a violation of the normal process of cell division - mitosis. Usually precedes mitosis phase synthesis, in which there is a doubling of the genetic material (copy of all forms of cellular components). After that, as a result of mitosis Read more [...]
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