“Unusual” snowfall

Forecasters called this snowfall "unusual" because it was formed in the zone of influence of the anticyclone, which usually brings heavy rainfall. Because of the so-called "city effect" forecast was developed according to the worst case scenario. And in the prefecture were informed that in the capital there was a great snow, two hours after it began. "Such a strong band of precipitation our computers did not show even a few hours before the start of snowfall," - said the CEO Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region Alexei Lyakhov. Meteorologists predicted at this week's frosts expected the Read more [...]
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Photo snowfall from space over Washington

Snowfall from space. Photo NASA NASA released images of a powerful storm that caused the catastrophic snowfall on the east coast of the North American continent. Pictures were taken by satellite Aqua. Pictures and descriptions are available on the agency's website. Snowfall is the result of a collision with the front of the storm of cold air. As a result, snow, marching a few days, almost paralyzed the movement of ground transportation in Washington, DC and Baltimore. Blizzard stretched for 800 kilometers, taking 14 states. As a result, in the American capital was broken the record for the Read more [...]
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Frost and snow in the eastern United States

To turn off the electricity in homes, schools canceled classes and loss of life caused snow, wind and cold weather in the eastern United States. According to local authorities, in the state of Tennessee from frostbite four people died. Life of two people taken to the state of West Virginia and the capital of the accident, the cause of which was the difficult situation on the roads. Without heat and light when the outside air temperature -18 ° spent last night residents 1,4 thousands of homes in Maryland. Local energy mobilized forces for an early restoration of electricity. Energy promise to Read more [...]
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Evacuation of 320,000 people in Japan

Map of Hokkaido Japanese authorities evacuated 320,000 people from the Pacific coast of the country for fear of a tsunami, reports AFP. 40 minutes after a small (90 centimeters) of the first wave to the Japanese islands came second, the height of which was more than 120 centimeters. According to the agency, the second wave podtopilo Nemuro port, located on the island of Hokkaido. Flooded, in particular, were warehouses and port territory. Court did not suffer as previously went to the open sea. Dead and wounded no significant damage to the tsunami also caused. Despite this, Japanese authorities Read more [...]
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Chile earthquake shifted the Earth’s axis and shortened day

Earthquake in Chile led to a reduction in the length of Earth days and shifted Earth's axis by 8 centimeters. To such conclusion the employee's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Los Angeles Richard Gross. Scientist calculated that due to the devastating earthquake reduced the terrestrial day by 1.26 microseconds. In addition, the strongest tremors led to a redistribution of the Earth's mass and moved the axis about which the Earth is balanced by about 8 centimeters. This axis is different from the axis of rotation of the planet. At the North Pole, for example, the point of intersection of the axes Read more [...]
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Byzovskaya epic

    Before the monument architecture becomes a museum object required great deal of research, restoration. Only a small circle of leaders, researchers, conservators knows what Herculean efforts sometimes they require.     Two years ago ethnographic expedition historical and revolutionary museum found in the village of Bizova interesting farmhouse, allowing tracking changes in the home of the single-chamber hut to the three-chamber for 70-80 years. It consists of two huts: the old and the "young".     Old impressed all who saw Read more [...]
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What backcountry ski can cover rasping afforest terrain?

The Orion     Pic: courtesy, KarhuThe OrionA:No, you don't pauperism telemark skis, nor do you indigence cartroad skis. Sounds ilk you relish the execution of the Fischer E99's ($295; www.fischerskis.com) but wishing something a lilliputian shorter for maneuvering about trees and like. Ail is, eve at 170 centimeters you're on the short-change end of backcountry skis. One selection is to get a distich of Karhu Orion skis ($220; www.karhu.com), which are a supposed "short-wide" ski. They're a passably subdued ski, allowing goodness turn on pugnacious terrain, and get metallic Read more [...]
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Element is de-energized 300 towns and villages in Ukraine

Heavy rains and gusty winds left without electricity on Tuesday about 300 settlements in Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions. Most affected Chernivtsi region, where no light and communication were 182 towns and villages. In the seven districts in the area to the west of the country were flooded 3650 homes. In the regional center — the city of Chernivtsi — 18 flooded streets and destroyed a pedestrian bridge. MOE, local utilities and railroad urgently strengthen the part of the railway connecting Ukraine and CIS countries with the Balkans. Read more [...]
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Powerful snowfall paralyzed the U.S. (video)

Powerful snow hit the Eastern coast of the United States, more than a thousand flights were canceled at airports in Philadelphia, new York and Boston. Snow storms that led to the collapse and on the roads, in Washington even had to clear the road to the White House that there drove the motorcade of President Barack Obama. Only for the last day in new York fell about 30 centimeters of snow. Rain and frost had turned the roads in new York in the rink. Bad weather forced the mayor Michael Bloomberg to declare a state of emergency. From the harsh winters suffered even a symbol of new York — Read more [...]
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A female giant groom found two feet below the

The tallest girl in the world - Brazilian Elisani Silva rise 2 meters 6 centimeters fell in love with his admirer rise 1 meter 62 centimeters.17 year old teenage girl Elisani da Silva Cruz, ranked in the Guinness Book of Records, which has a 14-year rose to 2 meters 6 centimeters, found love in the face of a 22-year Fransinaldo Carvalho. Young people met a few months ago in his native city Salinopolis record holder in the State of Para and inseparable ever since, despite almost half a meter difference in height.Fransinaldo builder, whose growth of 1 meter 62 centimeters, said he had never been Read more [...]
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One person was killed due to the snowfall that hit the South of Argentina

on June 13. Heavy snowfalls are actually paralyzed life in the southern Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, one person was killed, completely disrupting the flow of traffic, said on Tuesday the channel Telesur. According to local authorities, the depth dropped from the beginning of June snow was 70 centimeters on the plain and up to one meter in the mountains. In the coming days, expect to see even up to 20 centimeters of snow. Meteorologists say that the number has already fallen since the beginning of the month of snow over the entire winter last year (in the southern hemisphere it is winter). In Read more [...]
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About a thousand people were evacuated due to flooding in Jakarta

Flooding caused by heavy rains in the Indonesian capital Jakarta has paralyzed traffic in several parts of the metropolis and forced authorities to evacuate nearly a thousand people, reported Friday newspaper Jakarta Globe. As the chairman of the Moscow Office of Disaster Harp Akili (Arfan Akili), water levels in some areas of the city at the height of disaster reached 2.5 meters. "The height of the water in East Jakarta was 30 to 250 centimeters, but (now) it dropped to 10-50 centimeters," - he said. Total in Jakarta last night were evacuated 953 persons, and in some areas of the city Read more [...]
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Brazilian schoolgirl dropped out due to the high growth

14-year-old Brazilian Elisani Silva was forced to drop out of school, since due to its excessively high growth, it does not fit on the bus. Silva growth of about 2 meters and 5 centimeters, and the girl continues to grow each year and adds to more than 14 centimeters, which is pathological. However, experts still can not help her - parents Elisani not afford medical examination daughter. By assumption, physicians familiar with the history of the young Brazilian, unusual growth of the girls may be due to gigantism - a phenomenon that is often associated with the violation of the pituitary gland. Read more [...]
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After the earthquake on 11 March 2011 in Japan on the vast territory settles earth

on 20 December. According to NHK WORLD, the Ministry of environment of Japan stated that almost 6 thousand square kilometers of land throughout the country settled more than 2 centimeters since the massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011 This figure is almost one thousand times higher than the data of the previous period, and is a record for all time of data collection since 1978. The earth has settled more than 2 centimeters in about half of the 30 tested areas in 20 prefectures. This level is considered to be potentially dangerous to the stability of buildings. It also reported that more process Read more [...]
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New York and Vermont filled up with snow

Pozndnoaprelsky snowfall in New YorkIn the northern parts of New York and Vermont received more than two feet of snow. Unexpected for this time of year, snow left without electricity for more than 30,000 residents of Vermont. As representatives of energy companies serving the region, the restoration of electricity supply to homes technical services will take several days. Late spring snowfall in these areas - a rarity. The last record was recorded in Vermont, April 27, 1874, when it also fell to 60 centimeters of snow. In New York, a record - 56 centimeters of snow - was recorded April 23, Read more [...]
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Lake level dropped by 12 centimeters

The level of Lake Baikal in the previous year decreased by 12 centimeters, approaching critically low levels. The reason - the lack of rainfall in the summer and early fall in the catchment area of the basin of the deepest freshwater lake in the world, and that Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Buryatia, the neighboring Mongolia, ITAR-TASS reported.According to the head of Michael Ludwig, "for 11 days level Baikal holds one mark - 456 meters 78 centimeters in the Pacific dimension, reflecting a sharp decline in the inflow lake, When a year ago level reached 456 meters 90 centimeters, Read more [...]
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Unusual snowfall

Forecasters have called this snowfall "Unusual", since it was formed in the zone of influence of an anticyclone, which, as a rule, does not bring heavy rainfall. Because of the so-called "city effect" forecast was developed according to the worst case scenario. A prefecture received information that in the capital there was a great snowfall, two hours after it began."Such a strong precipitation zone our computers did not show even a few hours before the snow", - said the director general Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region Alexei Lyakhov. Meteorologists to forecast Read more [...]
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South America will shake to its foundations

Chile does not come up after a natural disaster on February 27. And to suggest that the public will soon be able to return to the traditional way of life has become even smaller. American seismologists have promised that the country in the coming months, expect 25 to 45 new tremors magnitude More than 5.Such information is contained in a report published today, the U.S. Geological Survey National. Seismologists have also warned about the threat of a new earthquake of magnitude 7. The likelihood that it will happen, is about 30%.Recall, February 27, 2010 in Chile occurred magnitude earthquake Read more [...]
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Element is de-energized 300 cities and villages in Ukraine

Heavy rains and strong wind left without electricity on Tuesday about 300 settlements in Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions.Most affected Chernivtsi area, where without electricity and communications were 182 towns and villages. In seven districts of this region in the west of the country were flooded 3650 homes. In the regional center - the city of Chernivtsi - 18 streets were flooded and destroyed by a pedestrian bridge.MOE, local utilities and railway urgently strengthen railway section linking Ukraine and CIS countries with the Balkans. Railway line threatens Read more [...]
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Record snowfall in Anchorage

April 8. In the city of Anchorage, Alaska in one day was broken record snowfall for the winter season. Previous record was set in 1954 1955gg and he is 335 centimeters. In the same year, a record snow fell even during the Easter weekend, and at the moment for a top record five centimeters short of precipitation, snow began to fall on Friday morning, and all day there were 2 additional inches of precipitation, a couple of centimeters fell for Friday night and During the day on Saturday. In general, the 2011 long awaited snow precipitation began to fall on October 30. No one expected that this Read more [...]
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