When you are survival in difficult conditions the group then goes to the first place the possibility of connection, communications between team members, as well as the communication with the center, the base camp. The availability of high-quality communication allows the group to operate more efficiently, to react to the changing environment, away from hazards. Will try to figure out what communications can be available to man, in the fall of civilization. It is obvious that as a result of global catastrophe or war, will be disrupted or partially disrupted fixed-line telephone communications; gone Read more [...]
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MINING in prom. form of extra-economic coercion, which consisted in mandatory training on s-dah certain number of days in the city for the right to lease from factory owners farmland, meadows, pastures or receive fuel, p. materials. On a number of s-ing (Mikhailovsky, Yuryuzanskom etc..) For the right to get a job slave. had to cut and deliver to the sd certain number of Kurennykh firewood. In the beginning. XX century. 25 h of privately-dah Perm., Ufa, Orenbah. lips. of 210, 3 thousand. dec. land, which was in use gornozavodskogo us., 159.9 thousand. (76%) were allocated slave. free or for a Read more [...]
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CONSPIRACY common name. magic genres national poetic creativity, which are verbal form, often accompanied by ritual action, to the paradise provides the artist desires conspiracy the object of his sorcery, often by means of wonderful thoughts and certain conditions are met. W. Z. portrayed in oral and written forms from the XVIII century. Subject Z. determined, on the one hand, the practical needs of artists, on the other., Real possibilities of nature and people., But usually refers to the sphere of activity, to the paradise characterized by a large proportion of accidents (hunting, fishing, Read more [...]
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SUNDAY SCHOOL uch. Head. with classes on Sundays for all comers. In Russia, emerged on the initiative of progressive intellectuals in the late 1850s, at the U. in 1860. In particular, in Perm. lips. in 1901 there were 32 VS, in 1914 only at the beginning. UCH-127 VS cabbage soup intended for illiterate and semi-literate slave., artisans cross. and their children. They were taught reading, writing, arithmetic principles, at certain history, geography, drawing, drawing. In 1864, monitoring of the religious and moral education was entrusted to the priests. In VS teachers worked for free or for a Read more [...]
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Should I use a silk lining alternatively of a dormancy bag?

A:Advantageously, with a one-for-one disc, I'm batten 1.000 (in American-speak), so why peril my spic-and-span disk? But what the heck, I'm certain I can roast this one outta the common too (another Americanism).The fact is, you rattling don't motivation practically in the way of quiescency gearing for that contribution of the man in Revered. You'd credibly be equitable o.k. with a Cocoon Silk Ma Lining from Figure Saltiness (US$60;, which if you're a ardent tie ought to living you well-off to most 50 degrees Fahrenheit (ten degrees Celsius). You could addition that paygrade Read more [...]
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How can I build the fondness in a dormant bag?

Whippersnapper Overcharge Bag Lining     Picture: courtesy, REIREI Whippersnapper Sheepskin Bag LiningWhippersnapper Shear Bag LiningA:Easily, contribution of it is due to uncomplicated biota. Twelve-year-old girls aren?t all that big, so she has less caloric volume earlier.But thither are things you can do to micturate certain she girdle ardent. Good-quality foresightful underclothing is substantive. I care woollen. The Iceboat 200 Haven Crewe ($65) is an first-class slice. Too, pee certain she has quick socks, twinkle gloves, and a close-fitting ardent hat. At bedtime, brewage Read more [...]
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What’s the scoop way for a insensate tie to add lovingness?

MummyLiner     Photograph: courtesy, Excogitation SaltinessMummyLinerA:It's not surprising you're chili in your bag, level though you're dormancy in temps easily supra the bag's "evaluation." Everyone has a dissimilar national thermoregulator; men incline to slumber a fiddling heater, naturally, so a guy could be in the like eccentric of bag, rectify following to you, and rib. Brusk of purchasing a new quiescence bag, thither are quite few things you can do. Piddle certain you sustain a beneficial pad, for one. When you nap, you course infatuation the insularism at the Read more [...]
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Which hydration ingroup won’t saltation approximately on hanker train runs?

Wasp     Exposure: courtesy, Ultimate GuidanceWaspA:Naturally, appointment a camp in your showcase is care meet place?you're not exit to uncovering one on the Web that you can be certainly volition fit. You'll demand to haulage yourself into an outside shop some Santa Monica and try roughly on. That aforesaid, I can certain piddle around suggestions to beginning you in the redress management. I'm a fan of the Ultimate Centering packs; they're igniter, well-made, and enter various sizes for unlike activities. For you, their Wasp ($70; power be a near prize. Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Nod (cock)

Nod is one of the main components of the winter, and in some cases, and summer is a rod or a nod, nod as some still refer - cock. In some cases, used nod and summer - onboard fishing rods, fishing in various options plummet.Unfortunately, virtually all of the nods, we litsezreem on the shelves in most cases do not meet the requirements of anglers, almost all of them need to be improved. Everyone is familiar with two main functions: nod:First main and - giving mormyshke certain type of vibration bait.Second function - bite registration.Nods there majestic huge amount. The Read more [...]
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Tourist note: processing and storage of berries

Berries after harvest should be subject to the respective processing, otherwise they will deteriorate rapidly. Usually to prevent spoilage resort to subsequent method of home canning.Preserving using sugarDryingPreservation by the action of the highest temperature.Salting, pickling, urinating.Marinating.WARNING!Before you begin the process of processing of berries, you need to keep in mind about some of mandatory rules, the implementation of which should be mandatory. For canning should be used only healthy and ripe berries, but because of their collection in the forest or Read more [...]
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Ancient genes — the key to the management of plant

Scientists from the University of Warwick have found genes in plants that contain the secret of why some genes in the evolution of "off" and the other "on", and vice versa. This discovery will accelerate the study of plants and in the future will help to solve the problem of food security.Regions of DNA that are more than 100 million years, are involved in the management of the expression (activity) of other genes of the plant. Simply put, they once moved to the "on" or "off" certain genes that help or hinder the plants adapt to specific environmental Read more [...]
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Stone circles, scientists found in Bashkiria, can be compared with the English Stonehenge

Archeologists and geologists involved in the excavation of the monument, located in the district of Bashkortostan Uchalinsky since 2004. But their latest find was truly amazing discovery. Taking pictures from the plane, they found at the bottom of round construction, amounting to a diameter of about fifty meters. These stone circles on a scale comparable with Stonehenge in England. The head of the archaeological expedition Vitaly Fedorov estimated age of found object about five thousand years. For the construction of facilities of this scale was necessary to use a certain technology, which Read more [...]
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The eyes and ears of the adversary

Of course, from the beginning tests on Novaya Zemlya test site was kept under close supervision of our potential adversaries. But that's interesting, nowhere have I seen mention of the fact that our two guards and naval forces of the landfill would create conflicts with intruders. Covered the new land division and subdivision defense, consisting of minesweepers and patrol. They had the right to detain all vessels that followed without warning and special permission to restricted areas. Aerial reconnaissance on the way to the archipelago were our special aircraft Air Division. For exploration Read more [...]
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No reason to panic!

Panic - not the best assistant when your health or life is threatened. Where productive to analyze potential threats, giving them an assessment based on personal experience and common sense. Then, once it becomes clear what is really worth paying attention to, and what can be discarded and forgotten. The principle here is simple. Take a look around and to start recognize that we do not live in the worst country in the world, not in the very poor and the very ill. We use certain civil rights that the Constitution guarantees us. We have adopted some, while far from ideal form of democracy, and Read more [...]
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The frequency of hurricanes depends on clean air

June 25, 2013. A group of researchers from Mediacentre Hadley conducted research on the linkages between the frequency and intensity of hurricanes and air quality, and came to very interesting results. As the researchers found, the efforts of people to make the air cleaner may not always have a positive impact on measures to weaken hurricanes or to prevent their formation. It has long been known that in the modern atmosphere is a certain amount of solid particles of a certain size, for example, aerosol waste from industrial facilities or home kinds of human activity. These aerosols serve as a Read more [...]
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The extinction of the bees is fraught with the complete collapse of agriculture and hunger

Without bees mankind will not survive. And might not survive ... (Photo Visuals Unlimited / Corbis.)Britain could face a food crisis due to population decline of honey bees.Bees as pollinators of plants "responsible" for every third piece of our food. Consequently, if the insects disappear, pollinate certain types of flora, the farmers can not grow crops such as apples and pumpkin. Scientists also fear that a lack of pollinating insects may be the one that is not properly pollinated species can not grow. By the way, in his time, Albert Einstein predicted that if bees disappear from Read more [...]
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Possible errors in the general logical reasoning about global risks

1. Confusion between the probability as a measure of variability object, and the degree of confidence, as the measure of information about the object. The first term refers to a random process, such as radioactive decay, and the second to the unknown process - for example, hunches. However, global risks are phenomena, estimating that we have to give probabilistic judgments about the processes at the same time and probability, and unknown. So here is a question of the degree of confidence in a given probability. In this case, the likelihood and degree of confidence multiplied. More we discussed Read more [...]
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Means pre-emptive strike

Few have a system of total control - you have the ability to prevent the risk. Now usually regarded as a last resort blow missile and nuclear forces on a point source of risk. Here there is a curious contradiction to the construction programs bins for survival - if these are secret bunker and invulnerable, they will be difficult to destroy. Moreover, they shall contain a fully equipped laboratories and scientists in the event of disaster. Therefore, it is possible that "superweapon" will be created in such a bunker (like in the Soviet Union created an underground nuclear plants to Read more [...]
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Conscious stop technological progress

Often, proposals refusal to technical progress or violent, or by invocation to the conscience of scientists to the prevention of global risks. There are various options on how to implement this stop, and they either do not work or contain caveats: 1. Personal rejection of the development of new technologies is practically nothing on affect. There will always be others who will. 2. Campaigning, education, social action or terrorism as a way to get people to abandon the development of dangerous technologies - do not work. Yudkowsky writes: any strategy that involves the unanimous action of all Read more [...]
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Protection of global risks. The general notion of preventability of global risks

Obviously, if we can find out that there are some simple, clear and reliable ways to counter global catastrophe, we have significantly improved its safety, and a number of global risks cease to threaten us. On the contrary, if it appears that all the proposed measures and remedies have their flaws that make them at best ineffective and at worst - just dangerous, we need to come up with something radically new. It appears that the system of protection - in every phase of the development of global risk - should have the following functions: Observation. Analysis and decision making. The destruction Read more [...]
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