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In birds trivia

September hunting season is in full swing. For most of us it was opened in August, but ask anyone, especially the owner of the gun dog, and he says that in September - the most interesting for hunting month.Show all cooler nights on morning dew falls abundant and there is heavy fog. But Here prigreet September sun, it shatters mist, obsohnet dew, wind rises and fly cobweb spiders is settled by air — a sure sign of the beginning of the Indian summer. It is believed that it is necessary to From 14 to September 21, but sometimes it comes a little Read more [...]
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Rules should be changed, but …

Recently, after a long illness, he died a famous canine, journalist Valery Bedel. We are publishing the last article, which he wrote at the request of our editorial board.Polevoi? Winner poi? nter Zeus photo Nicholas Sorokina Read article EN Smirnova «From concepts to certain» («Hunting and Fishing XXI Century» № 8,9, 2013) and consider it necessary to express their opinions. Immediately, I note that the attitude to the rules of the test pointers 1981 we have a respected Yevgeny Nikolayevich (hereinafter — EN) the same: they long ago should be changed. Read more [...]
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From Darfur to Yamal. Photo

7 December UN starts climate change conference in Copenhagen. Say, as always, will be about saving the planet from global warming. Nine photographers agency NOOR produced an impressive report - that the planet is not so, and whose life after the conference could change Honestly say, global warming - it is primarily a policy and then science. When in 2007? M climatologists have officially recognized that greenhouse gas emissions are to blame first and foremost people with their industry, the political campaign was already in full swing. The Kyoto Protocol signed by the time a hundred-plus countries Read more [...]
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India, drought, wheat, prospects

In India, a temperature increase of 1 ° C will result in a loss of 7 million. Tons of wheat. In 2009., Which was the warmest since 1850., Climate change, leading to natural disasters, killed 55 million. Lives. This is stated in a study conducted by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), writes the Hindustan Times. Global climate change is the most serious threat to agriculture in Asia. Climate change leads to more frequent natural disasters, including droughts. Increasing the temperature by one degree Celsius would mean for India wheat crop reduction by 7 million. Tons or loss of $ 1.5 Read more [...]
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Record tides flooded the Marshall Islands

June 28, 2013. Tiny Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean flooded record tides that swept the capital Majuro and forced the government to welcome the American rescue teams with the words "Welcome to global warming." Strong storm surges coupled with high tides flooded runway at Majuro. On the level of the general warming of the oceans increases. An increase in temperature also means stronger storm surges."From drought to floods - my people are suffering from the effects of climate change," - said the Minister of the Marshall Islands, Tony de Brum. "Thousands of people in the north are suffering Read more [...]
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So many things. . .

Read-leaf through the forum quite a while, but the first unsubscribe raz.Tak not be angry ... I always wondered: do not zaparivat dear friends to carry a lot of things under the proud name NAE or EDC? People almost ax with a wear-"and suddenly come in handy." Poyetomu here decided to throw out the photo contents of their pockets (and they did not have enough) that does not change (in composition) for several let.Estestvenno hiking, nature- fishing-kebabs is all changing, supplemented, adjusted depending on the location, weather conditions, etc. etc. Sneaker-catching accept tips Read more [...]
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Scientists predict an unprecedented drought in Australia

Australian scientists insist that global warming - it's a reality. At least in Australia. According to the calculations of researchers over the past 50 years, the average temperature on the continent increased by 0.7 degrees Celsius. According to forecasts, the country expects an unprecedented drought.Australian scientists have published a new report on the state of the climate, according to Reuters. The report came a few months after the discovery of errors in the forecasts of researchers concerning the extent of global warming. UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in January acknowledged Read more [...]
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Satellite imagery of the region

A careful study of satellite imagery affects the researcher. The entire surface of the continents of the Earth is covered with literally right circles, ovals, arches, rings, semicircles, arcs of different sizes from huge structures, such as Western Siberia, to very small circles, for example, suffusion depressions. The occurrence of major and minor depression, forming extensive areas of subsidence varied. In Western Siberia, it is primarily the thawing of permafrost. Thus, when considering the stability of the unity of the West Siberian Plain and its variability over the last 20 thousand. Years, Read more [...]
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In the Upper Ob stop today for Water stable

In the basin of the Upper Ob at the beginning of January 11, 2013 a measured water situation. Difficulties with water supply systems, municipal and industrial water supply is not, reports the Upper Ob Basin Aqua Management. Mode of operation of the Novosibirsk Reservoir, located in the basin of the Upper Ob carried out in accordance with the approved schedule, the flow of 345m3/ S, the discharge of 474m3/ S, reservoir levels for eight hours local time: upper reach (low) - 112.28 meters at NEC 113.5 meters (level change per day amounted to 0 cm) at the dam hydro - 112.30 meters, the water level Read more [...]
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In the Arabian Peninsula the climate is changing

The Arabian Peninsula is undergoing significant climate change. Seasons change and the intensity of rainfall, registered a record rainfall, the number of sandstorms, said Monday a prominent Emirati meteorologist Ibrahim al-Jarvan.Categorically that climate change in the Arabian Peninsula, will be possible only on the basis of not less than 25 years of observations, but now, according to the database, obtained in recent years, we can say that the region "has become the arena of climate change. The new data do not coincide with the values ​​that were recorded during the three decades before Read more [...]
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Climate change in Australia

In Australia, climate change becomes catastrophic proportions. Materials, which publishes The Los Angeles Times, it is impossible to read the faint of heart. Farmer gardener Frank Eddie told the publication that the drought in his area has been going on for ten years. "A lot of suicides. Sad mood. Families break up. Complete ruin. " South Australia is suffering from drought and catastrophic wildfires north — from flooding caused by monsoons, agriculture is in decline. During the period of the most massive in the history of forest fires in February 2009, killing 173 people, as well Read more [...]
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1970-1980. Breadth and upward change, we are waiting for change!

    "Change, we are waiting for change" it seems that these words of the song of Viktor Tsoi in the late 1980's. sounded everywhere. Change is really advancing, and very, very much happening first not only in the country but also in the Dzerzhinsk region.     First in February 1988, in the Palace of Culture hosted an open meeting vagonzavodtsev with the city to discuss ways to solve the environmental problems of Nizhny Tagil.     First in the history of Uralvagonzavod in 1989 of a few shops were strikes of the workers.     Read more [...]
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In Peru, the glacier has destroyed 20 homes

A piece of ice broke off and fell into a mountain lake that overflowed and destroyed at least 20 houses in the mountainous region of Ancash Peru. Authorities in the region «charged» in the incident climate change.

According to experts, if the picture is not climate change, the glaciers in Peru below 5.4 thousand. M will disappear by 2015. The most pessimistic climate scientists predict that fully glaciers in Peru could disappear by 2050.


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HOW to Find out WEATHER WIND: signs of bad weather.

Wind blowing all day and growing with the coming of night, indicates the approach of a cyclone.If the wind changes direction clockwise ("behind the sun") this means that the cyclone captures the observation site own right (usually southern) side. The right side of the cycle is usually filled with warm air. The weather here is unbalanced (the pressure can also jumping), but, generally, no significant precipitations with weak or moderate South-westerly winds. In the winter it predicts low layered cloudiness in spring and autumn mists, in the summer sky and often remains quite bright. The threat of Read more [...]
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Indonesian cities suffer from climate change

Sprawling city at the equator the world's largest archipelago — Indonesian - are already suffering from the effects of global climate change, but their power to try to prevent damage coming, said Friday the newspaper Jakarta Globe, talking about passing in the Indonesian capital of the Joint exhibition programs of cities on climate change. "We can not predict the weather, using traditional methods," - says the mayor of Bau-Bau on Buton island in the province of South Sulawesi Amirul Tamim (Amirul Tamim). Global climate change is already manifest themselves there as unpredictable Read more [...]
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Medieval drought in Africa is repeated

Who died because of the drought giraffe. (REUTERS / Stefano De Luigi / VII Network / Le Monde Magazine) An international team of researchers studied the history of the climate of the North-West Africa by tree rings. In the samples contained not only information about climate areas in the Middle Ages, but the forecast of climate change in the coming decades. In general, the researchers traced the climatic changes that have occurred in the territory of modern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia from about 1179 to the present day, although the oldest samples (it was found in Morocco) dates back to the Read more [...]
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130 years of temperature change on Earth

August 3, 2013. How did the temperature of the earth's surface? In order to answer this question, the researchers collected information about the temperature for 130 years from 1000 weather stations in different parts of the world and combined them with modern satellite data. The result was an impressive video. The mini-movie depicts the temperature change on a global scale with respect to the local average temperature of the mid 1900s. Red means warming, blue - cooling. According to the findings of scientists over the last 130 years the earth's temperature has increased by nearly 1 degree Read more [...]
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Sun’s magnetic field will turn soon, according to NASA

August 6, 2013. These solar observatories by NASA show that the sun was close to the point where its magnetic field «turn over»That is, change the polarity of the opposite - it happens every time, when the light is at the peak of the 11-year activity cycle, said the American space agency. «It seems to us there are not more than three or four months to complete inversion of the field. This change will cause a ripple effect throughout the solar system»- Says an expert in solar physics Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University.Solar activity is subject to the 11-year cycle, Read more [...]
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The northern hemisphere is overheating

The dotted line designates the territory with an average temperature below normal; integrity of the loop marked overheated territory. Deviations from the norm are expressed in degrees Celsius. Source: University of Alabama Huntsville American scientists have published a map of "overheating" of the Earth. Abnormally hot weather recorded in the northern latitudes - near the Arctic Circle. American scientists from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (University of Alabama Huntsville) with support from NASA and NOAA published a report on recent climate change. To prepare the report, the authors Read more [...]
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Climate change will increase the number of immigrants from Mexico to the United States

Climate change will lead to a significant reduction in crop yields in Mexico that may encourage its population to migration - in particular, by 2080 in the United States can immigrate to 6.7 million Mexicans, or 10% of the working population of the country today, U.S. researchers reported in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Michael Oppenheimer (Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University and his colleagues quantitatively assessed the impact of changes in yield rates of migration of the population, and subsequently apply the calculations Read more [...]
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