How to fix a bent trunk

Buying weapons through the trading network, and even with it, the "reliable people", we must first pay attention to the condition of the barrel. A careful examination of the barrel may show a number of defects. Based on the survey concludes, is to acquire a new barrel or refuse to purchase. Weapons must be viewed as a breech and a muzzle, guiding the opposite end of the barrel into the light. The chamber is inspected breech. When the barrel is inspected with a muzzle, into the receiver need to put a piece of white paper, and the position of the trunk to give to the light reflected from the white Read more [...]
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Gaps and blowing up the trunks and boxes

  The fault ammunition factory equipment. According to media reports, cases of rupture stems from the irresponsible attitude of factories for equipment cartridges frequent. Unregulated automatic machines pour into individual sleeves on two charges of powder and compressed to a volume of single charge. The pressure of gas in these cases is growing rapidly, reaching, probably 1200-1500 kg / cm2 instead of 500-600 kg / cm2, which is calculated and guns. Naturally, trunks could not withstand the load and burst into the chamber. Rupture of the stem in the chamber is just a sign of excessive pressure. Read more [...]
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Bream in early winter

On irrigation, food rich in mainly oriented to middle and large white bream — before 800 At the beginning of winter location leschovyh schools largely depends on the nature of ice formation and characteristics of the reservoir. In the absence of sharp fluctuations in temperature, when the ice becomes immediately goes to the big bream greater depths, because there living conditions most comfortable for him. Accordingly, looking at him then wells, and the mainstream Other dredging.However, the instability of the weather Recently, Read more [...]
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Channel gathers friends

All gathered friends of the popular channel "Hunting and Fishing" were on a general basisPhoto: Yuri Belikov What you need to do to be loved, interested in your business, continually called and asked about mood (even if you are completely healthy)?It should zazvat friends and acquaintances to visit, set the table and have fun at the conversations, memories and discuss common plans for the future. And when it comes to hunting and fishing, the only way it should do. It is still unclear what is sweeter — fishing or talk about it.This is what TV station “Hunting and fishing” Read more [...]
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Autumn channel

Part 1. General comments It will channel them. Moscow. Firstly, because it is one of my favorite places for fishing. And it's not so much the fish, although it, too, because there are certain periods in a large bite bleak and almost always catch some perch on your ear. And I love the sweet soup.The channel is very convenient to experiment with tackle and bait, because the conditions are changing rapidly catching. Fish migrate, for in one direction or the other. Just measure the depth and the level of water in three minutes has changed to 30 or more centimeters. We throw the bait, Read more [...]
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This is a mystery!

Photo by Dmitry Polimagina Kama in the pre-winter is harsh and generous. Cold, wind, rain, wet snow gives way… But right now the bulk of the fish leaves the extensive shallow watering and accumulates in the vein, slowly migrating downstream. The concentration of walleye is that somewhere on the bottom of the brow nor cast anchor — will bite. And if the roads meet and gossip fisherman flock, fishing remember.This pattern is repeated every year… until last year inclusive. This year everything turned out differently. There were no fish in the mainstream! And there Read more [...]
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Fish ponds Volga cascade

Upper Gorky ReservoirPhoto: Anatoly MailkovIn the Volga River has a variety of unique, by the standards of fishermen, places for fishing. One of these areas is located in the upper reaches of the Gorky Reservoir and is considered probably the best. Here during the course of a large roach anglers flock of Uglich, Cherepovets, Vladimir, Yaroslavl and Moscow. The uniqueness of the place due to the confluence of three rivers – Volga Nemda and Unzha. Sami River above fusion interest alone.Instead Yurievets for slowing down the Volga, since the width of the spill reaches fifteen kilometers. The Read more [...]
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Secrets of Successful fishing on the channel it. Moscow

Part 3: Roach with or without baitPhoto Anatoly Mailkova Channel – special body of water, and not only because of the kind of terrain, variable flow and constant changes of the water level. At first glance, it does not understand that the fish it does. If the fish just use the channel to move between the reservoirs, it would be understandable, but to live in it permanently ... In the channel, even in winter, there are perch and roach, bream and even a perch. From the obvious to the feed channel has a zebra mussel, and in large quantities. Apparently, in the colonies of shellfish Read more [...]
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Announce all the menu! ..

Photo Anatoly Mailkova On catching carp are not I wrote only a very lazy writer. Year-round fishing of this fish I was lucky to be engaged in the decades in completely different reservoirs in southern Russia. Qarase caught in lakes and stagnant waters ponds, quarries and reservoirs, estuaries and floodplains, wetlands, kopanok, abandoned wells and basins of cooling towers in flowing waters and steppe mountain rivers, forest streams. This theme is huge, so I turned to mainly to flowing water, with which penetrate the Read more [...]
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My favorite reservoir

There are ponds, which you remember for life. Of course, they had to catch and often catches and remembered his impressive. My favorite Vazuzssky steel reservoirs, Yauzskaya, Ivankovo, Uglich and Rybinsk. Of course, not always fishing everything went smoothly. Sometimes, when these bodies of water and came empty. Still, a good knowledge of the reservoir bottom topography, the conditions under which one or another fish out at certain points to feed, ensures success.Describe all the episodes of fishing is not enough space, even in such a big newspaper like «Russian hunting». Read more [...]
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and don’t you feel sorry for them.. they did not regret..

01.03.14 - Bandera kneeling require forgiveness of Kharkiv 11:323 Mar 2014 at 1:55|I like149123 49 commentsZaryan Morning said Yaroslav have in mind Yaroslav, and the other guys, all commentators actions in Ukraine with a request to write right - Bandera - not - banderivtsi-. Bender is a city in Moldova, and Bandera - you know who...3 Mar 3:12|2Airat R. to execute all and who is the camera keeps3 Mar 3:21|1The survival. SV-BUNKER replied Novel Brunarski A novel, we don't watch the 1st channel.. this is for you, your channels securily Read more [...]
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Extreme kitchen

Good day. In the morning, during breakfast, sometimes sticky in zomboyaschik. On the subject of news, mostly, but sometimes just some brain cud tuplyu. So. There are not obscure channel Ren-TV. And there it broadcast "The Dinner Party". In the description of the show will not go, can find themselves. And once, when I was flipping through the channels depend on the channel after this ridiculous phrase "Extreme Cuisine". Became interesting. One of the participants of the cooking show decided to treat other dishes, which he believes can be prepared in the event of disasters of various kinds and large Read more [...]
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In March 1971 the taiga wilderness Cherdyn district, Perm region was rocked by a powerful nuclear explosion"Mushroom" he saw the inhabitants of the nearby villages for 10s km It was one of the 715 (a) nuclear tests for peaceful purposes in areas of the USSR.In the 70-ies of the stately brains majestic powers were often visited by ideas on how to fool nature. Scientists of various stripes were harassing the idea of cornering the Northern rivers, to fill one or another ephemeral pond in the South of the USSR. In 1971, all was ready for the realization of the principle of the project, which received Read more [...]
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The decision on construction of hydroelectric power station was made in 1942 to supply Satka industrial area with electricity. The war went on and the front needed a wide variety of products. And means and energy for production. The project was designed and prepared under the guidance of authoritative hydro, academician S. I. Beetle.

The project was quite unusual and used the topography and nature of this part of the southern Urals. On lake Zyuratkul, whence the river Bolshaya Satka was planned to build a dam to raise the lake level. So the lake, which we currently litsezreem, approximately three times larger than the natural mirror Zyuratkul. Further, from the dam was derivative, in other words an outlet channel with a length of 9 km to the basin. Why was required to build the channel such length? The thing is, what exactly in this place there is a significant height difference, more than 100 meters. What you need to give Read more [...]
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Construction of the dam

Good day, comrades. In YouTube has one channel dedicated to single hikes through the taiga / user / abvgat / featured Soon the channel will vremyani materials on a very interesting event, the joint construction of the dam comrades from across the country will be a lot of fun  small cutting his video made by one of its subscribersYet that year abvgat muddied here such dvizhuhuAt that time he did not even think that people will subscribe and come thousands of miles to build a dam stranger guy. But still the world is not without good people building occurred in late May. Read more [...]
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Lanoshenka - A river flowing in the central part of the Novgorod region Malovishersky area. Is a right tributary of the River Huba. Belongs to the basin of the Baltic Sea, Lake Ilmen and the basin of the rivers - Huba, MSTA, Volkhov, Neva. The general direction of flow of the river in the upper Lanoshenka in the south-west, in the middle reaches of the river is oriented to the south, downstream flows in the south-west. Lanoshenka river originates from Lake aspen in the swamp mosses Spassky in Malovishersky area. The river flows into the river Huba 11 km from the mouth of the latter, near the village's Read more [...]
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CONSERVATION Tools: corrosion of channels trunks.

CORROSION OF CHANNELS TRUNKS.Corrosion of channels trunks of small guns well researched, and well-known constructive methods of its prevention. But we don't know all the background corrosion of channels trunks and ways of preserving them from corrosion during the whole time of service tools.Rust (corrosion) occurs in a bore in the form of a brown residue (spots) and is wiping the bore nezapyatannoy rags. Rust formation is accompanied by the destruction of the metal parts, with the result that they fail. Corrosion of the barrel cause the decomposition capsule composition containing bertoletova salt. Read more [...]
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Communication, is everything ;)

He has not yet become radiovladeltsem, but the question is interested in a long time. Here is what was to dig into the public domain. Nadeyu someone will be able to check and confirm deny. First there ------------------- CAD ----------------GAI: 1st Battalion SP DPS ATC CAO "Galic", Tver, Burgher, Krasnosel'skii 450.6125 input: 462,4875 DPL: 261 2nd Battalion SP DPS ATC CAO "Zaraysk" Tagan Basmanny 4th Battalion SP DPS ATC CAO "Safonovo" Arbat presnya 452,7375 DPL: 371 (Two units of the same frequency) 3rd Battalion SP DPS ATC CAO "Pryłuki" Jakimanka, Read more [...]
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In Azerbaijan, a breach in the dam flooded the village

A breach in the dam on Friday morning, the Kura River flooded the village Bayramly Shirvan region of Azerbaijan (100-120 kilometers west of Baku), according to the Baku TV channel ANS. «We can say that the water flooded the entire village. Dozens of homes were under water», — According to the regional correspondent channel. Critical is the situation in Salyan. «In the morning, the water level in the river rose another six inches. Work is underway to strengthen the bank. On-site employs about 200 emergency workers and large machinery», — said in a Read more [...]
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Alpamys Of Akanov :

Radio "Midland XT511 Base Camp".AM / FM radio with integrated radio FRS/GMRSTechnical properties:The channels 22 FRS/GMRS (communication with keys quick access)Frequency channel GMRS 462.550 ~ 467.7125 MHz, WX 162.400-162.550Frequency FM/AM: AM 530 ~ 1700 kHz, FM 87.9 ~108.1 MHzDimensions of receiver: (H x W x D)cm: 16,25 x 18,75 x 3,65;Weight (kg): 0.54;The monitor size (W x H)cm: 8.56 x .2.38Power: 4AA or 5V DC;Charging from the integrated Dynamo: 2 TPS x 90 sec = 60 minutes of the receiver;Range of operating temperature: 10 to 50 CThe sound of excitement, tone: 1050 Hz;Except: 121 Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).