YouTube introduces a fee-per-view video

YouTube video sharing was not enough advertising revenue. Another source of income of the resource could be the monthly fee charged for a subscription to some channels.YouTube administration intends to propose to holders particularly popular channels charge a fee for access to their videos at the rate of 1 to 5 dollars a month. And almost half of the proceeds will be taking YouTube itself. In addition, the fee may be charged for viewing video libraries and live broadcasts. Experts estimate that in 2012 YouTube revenue was about $ 4 billion. In a corporation, Google, which owns the broadcasts, Read more [...]
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Template to Summertime: Flatwater Is for Sissies

External clip, June 1995Pathfinder to Summertime: Flatwater Is for SissiesFearfulness not the charged froth--canoes can grip whitewater, tooBy Marni JacksonIf you've ne'er canoed whitewater earlier, by all agency cut this out, tapeline it to your toddle, and bear it lining you as you access your commencement stewing swirl or hydraulic startle. Barely brand certainly you likewise land on soul who knows what he's doing or takings an intensifier weekend class. Read more [...]
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The huge dome of cold plasma surrounding Earth

And this veil affects space weather. Clouds of "cold plasma" are found in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, and they are distributed by a quarter the distance to the moon, according to data the data received from European satellites. Earth generates cold plasma, weakly charged particles at the edge of space, where sunlight separates electrons from the gas atoms, leaving only their positively charged nucleus or nucleons. Researchers believe that these difficult to detect particles influence on space weather, or rather the effects of solar flares on Earth, causing geomagnetic storms. Read more [...]
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Formation of the magnetic field of the Earth

Huge solar energy falling on the Earth, not just re-emitted by it in space, and a large part is converted into different types and stored planet. Justification of a unified approach to the mechanism of the conversion and use of solar energy can be the basis for the integration of knowledge about our planet and the processes occurring in it.Over the last three decades to get a huge amount of information about the world, especially through space exploration. The most important, in my view, was the discovery of oppositely charged radiation belts (RPGs) and a powerful electric field between the ionosphere Read more [...]
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The rotation of the atmosphere and ocean currents

These phenomena are usually explained thermal effects of radiant energy of the sun. But it is an electromechanical conversion of solar energy the Earth provides the most complete understanding of the essence of these processes. Recall that the atmosphere and the oceans are water in a uniform electromagnetic field of a spherical space vehicle. Substances found in the charged particle under the action of Lorentz force moving in the same direction (electric drift). Pulling the neutral molecule dipoles, they set in motion the air and water masses of the oceans.It is known that the direction of Read more [...]
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Tightening the water masses

It is known that the surface of the ocean floor steep. Consequently, the number of charges on the ridges than in the depressions. It is logical that when the voltage across the plates of our planetary electric machine can begin the process of ionization of the water layer between the top of an underwater mountain range and the ocean. As a result of the charged particles in the water, come in intense counter-movement: the electric field the positive charges move downward and negative - up. Movement of opposite charges to each other leads to a current, and hence the circular magnetic field. Read more [...]
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Powerful solar flash threatens satellites electronics — scientists

January 28. A powerful X-ray flares, which occurred on Saturday night, has led to a sharp increase in the flow of charged particles in near-Earth space, which can threaten the spacecraft, told RIA Novosti the head space weather forecasting center of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN) Sergei Gaidash . According to the Space Weather Center of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA), on Friday at 18:37 GMT (22:37 MSK) occurred on the Sun-ray flare class X2. Its source was the active region 1402, which has already been Read more [...]
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