In the Chelyabinsk region hosted a meeting of anti-poaching

At the initiative of the prosecutor Nyazepetrovsk Chelyabinsk region Yury Shendrik held the second inter-ministerial meeting of heads of basic services department of the Russian Interior Ministry Nyazepetrovsk municipalities and representatives of hunting farms area. Active participation in the meeting was also the specialists of the Ministry of Environment of the Chelyabinsk region, and representatives of the administration.In Nyazepetrovsky District hunting enthusiasts come not only from the Chelyabinsk region, but also from other regions, the press service of the regional administration. And Read more [...]
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Chelyabinsk highway

Chelyabinsk highway connects the two most important industrial center of the Urals Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk (210 km). In the first section from Sverdlovsk to Syserti highway passes through the undulating ridges of the foothills of the Urals through dense pine forests. Remain behind fruits and nursery (10 km), the village Nizhneisetsk (left), Uktusskie mountains. After Aramilya (24 km) highway runs through the woods, fields and woods, where the picturesque countryside cottages are located, pioneering and tourist-recreation camps. At the 35th kilometer of the road turns to the left in Cherdantseva. Read more [...]
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Spine Nurgush

Map ridge Nurgush: View Ridge Nurgush. in a larger map Nurgush Ridge (MR Satkinsky Chelyabinsk region.) Stretches from SW to NE, is a watershed pp Large Kalagaza (right tributary. Yuryuzan) and Small Kyl (Pool Lake. Zyuratkul) in NW. Its length is about 42 km altitude above 1,000 m, the highest point of the Big Nurgush (1406 m) in the northeastern part of the range. This peak is the highest point and the Chelyabinsk region. Meaning of the word Nurgush. Usually the word Nurgush translated as "radiant bird" from the head. nur - "Ray", "light" and kosh - "Bird". But authoritative toponymists Urals Read more [...]
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Turkina Alexander Gavrilovic

Turkina Alexander Gavrilovic (10.02 (22.02) .1870,4 Upper Ufaley zd Perm. Lip. December. 1919 near Novonikolaevsk), writer. Rod. in the family of the employee. At age 12, he started his career in the office of a messenger. Graduated Chelyaba. Mountains. School (1879), worked as a scribe in the County council, with Feb. 1890 accountant in the office of the Lower Ufaley h-huh. The first Manuf. She died early in the poem you published. in ECAT. week (1889). Collaborated with the gas. Ural. Success was the publication of the story of the last page of Ed. VGKorolenko in the journal. Russian wealth Read more [...]
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TROITSK of p-tion n. in Chelyaba. region. Located in the steppe zone, at the confluence. Uvelka at p. Ui (tributary. Tobol) 121 km to the south of Chelyaba. Regular. June 6, 1743 as Ch. fortress on the border line Uyskoy (Orenbah. boundary line) to-heaven, being on the old caravan route to Siberia, has become a major bargaining. the point where the exchange yard were built, the border customs, open yoke. At the heart of trade with Kazakhstan and Compare. Asia lay exchange dec. rus. products in horses, cattle and small cattle, carpets, karakul pelts, pottery, dried fruit, tea, cotton, yarn, cloth, Read more [...]
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Tatyanichevoy Lyudmila K.

Tatyanichevoy Lyudmila K. (06 (19) .12.1915, Ardatov 08.04.1980, Moscow), a poetess. Rod. in the family of the employee. Orphaned early. Was brought up by relatives in Sverdl. She began her career in 1932 as a turner. Studied at Sverdl. those in-ferrous metals. First appeared in print in 1934 with the verses in the journal. Sturm. She worked as an employee of the newspaper Magnitogorsk Worker (1934-44), dir. Chelyaba. Proc. publishing house (1944-53). In 1965-75 secretary. of the joint Russian. Author of more than 20 Sb. poems, among them Fidelity (1944), Lyric (1955), Sinegorye (1958), Malachite Read more [...]
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Sumin Peter Ivanovich

Sumin Peter Ivanovich (1946, C. Upper Sonarca Chelyaba. region), the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region. After graduating in 1964 high school, worked on Chelyaba. Metallurgist. C-de (CHMP) assistant steelworker, a master of the electric plant. From 1971 to 1978 C. was elected Secretary of the Komsomol CHMP, the first Secretary of the Metallurgical district Komsomol Committee, first Secretary of the Chelyabinsk city Committee of the Komsomol. In 1978, on its own initiative C. spent on the production of Deputy chief of EMS-5 CHMP. From 1980 to 1984 was elected the second, then first Secretary of Read more [...]
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Mikhail Smirnov

Mikhail Smirnov (19.11.1929, p. Beloyarka Shchuchansky District Level. Region.), Musician, composer, Honored. Worker. Arts of Russia (1981). Rod. family servant. He graduated from the orchestra. Faculty of Ur. Conservatory (1955), cl. composition (1961). 1961-70 teacher Chelyaba. muses. uch-conductive :, Chelyaba since 1970. Inst culture. In the work of S. br. represented by Mfr. on ur poems. poets B.Rucheva, I.Tarabukina, Yu.Klyushnikova, L.Chernyshova, G.Suzdaleva by tales P.Bazhova, used ur. folklore. S. pers. 'Union (since 1966), the Russian IC (1992), before. Chelyaba reign. org-tion SK Russia Read more [...]
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SATKA of p-tion n. Chelyaba. region. Located on the western. slope of Eq. mountains, at the confluence of rivers. B. and M. Satka (bass. Belaya) 236 km to the west of Chelyaba. Regular. in 1758 with the mine owners Stroganov page. meth. h-huh. Fate of S. closely connected with many others. facts of the history of the Fatherland. In the years. Cross. War 1773-75 she was a support base of the rebels, in the period of social services. shocks early. XX century. here there was a fierce struggle supporters of white and red movements. After 1917 the village. beg. develop rapidly. In 1922 the village. Read more [...]
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The River Miass

Properties of the river Miass. The river Miass begins at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. When this differential channel of the river Miass is more than 500 meters, because the river flows into the plain. The length of the river Miass is 658 km Starting in Bashkiria, the river Miass flows in the Chelyabinsk region. On the river Miass will fall into the river Iset, North of the town of Kargopol already in the Kurgan region . The main tributaries of the river Miass: Atlan, Big Cialis, Susela. They all fall into the Miass on left hand side of the mountains. On the river Miass posted by town Read more [...]
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LAYER city ​​region. subordination Chelyaba. region. Located in the forest-steppe zone on the eastern. slope of Eq. Mountains 122 km to the south-west from Chelyaba. The first settlement. arose in 1844 when the development of gold deposits Kochkarskoye. By the end of the XIX century. actively exploited several. angry. mines: Assumption, Resurrection, Averyanovsky, Novotroitsky etc.. Gradually the village. merged into a single us. point P. titles. so in the open here tabular deposits zolotosnyh sands. In 1894, the owners of the mines have become French. By the beginning. XX century. developed Read more [...]
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Lake Irtas. South Ural. Chelyabinsk region

Follows one, the Techa river, the right tributary of the Iset river. Map of lake irtas: To view the Lake IRTs in a larger map Countless Islands in the main rocky The biggest rods Peninsula. The bottom is mud, sand in places. Irtyash connected channels with the other surrounding lakes: a Weightlifter, Sungul, Kirati, and other The origin of the title of the lake irtas. The name of the lake comes from the Bashkir "Il" "earth, the place, the party" and "Tash" "stone". I.e. stone location, stone side. Indeed, the lake is within the boundaries of the so-called " Kasli Ural" in the midst of low ridges Read more [...]
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NEPLYUEVKA s. in Kartli district of Chelyaba. region. Located in the steppe zone on the eastern. slope of Eq. Mountains, on the banks of r.Kamysly Ayat (tributary of the Tobol), 42 km to the south-west from Kartali. Titles. after Neplueff II Regular. in 1836 as a military settlement. on a new line Orenbah watchdog. Cossack troops (Orenbah. Boundary line). Until 1919 was a Cossack village. Verhneuralskiy y. Orenbah. lips., us. -cerned bore guard service, engaged in trade, agriculture and dec. crafts. In 1885, in the village. the temple was built Peter and Paul, one of the masterpieces of Russian. Read more [...]
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Matushkino Peter G.

Matushkino Peter G. (20.06 (03.07) .1916, p. Tarutine Chesmensky district Chelyaba. Region. 04.04.1976, Chelyaba.), Historian, Dr. ist. Sciences (1968), Professor. (1969). Rod. family cross. He graduated from the lit. Faculty of Perm. Pedagogical Institute (1938). Member of the Great Patriotic War. Worked since 1952 at universities Chelyaba. Tutor ist. CPSU Head. the department in honey. in-ones (1955-1968), in the Polytechnic. Institute (1968-1976). Author approx. 50 works on watered. and Social-economic ist. D 1917-30's, including 2 monographs. Vol .: Lenin about the Urals: Historical Review. Read more [...]
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KRUTOYARSKY pos. in the October district of Chelyaba. region. Located in the steppe zone on the lion. shore r.Uy (inflow r.Tobol). Regular. in 1743 as a military fortress on pos. Uyskoy fortified line. The fortress was part of the Holy Trinity at. Ufa governorship later Orenbah. lips. In the XIX beginning. XX century. K. Cossack Art., In a swarm, there were 238 households. Us. bore guard service, engaged in agriculture, crafts and trade. In Art. there was art. uch-School and a wooden church (Church of Nativity). K. u. Krutoyarsky manor farm, where, in addition to the Admiral. and households. institutions Read more [...]
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Constitutional Democratic Party (KDP Cadets)

Constitutional Democratic Party (KDP Cadets) Ross left-liberal. watered. Party organization was formed in October. 1905 The second title People's Freedom Party. Opposed the violent social upheavals, the evolutionary way of development of society, ensuring the democratic rights of the individual. Was in consistent opposition to the policy of the tsarist government. Leader PNMilyukov. W. organization efficiency acted in late 1905 in Vyatka, Glazov, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, in the beginning of 1906 in Perm, Verkhoturie Irbite, Kamyshlov, Kotelnich, Nizhny Tagil, Shadrinsk et al. Total org-tions KDP Read more [...]
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Cluster Ilmen Reserve Arch

The purpose of the expedition was just found on the site of the proposed flooding, something valuable. But to find a old town, but not alone, but the whole country towns had no legal representation. But, but, fate smiled archaeologists. Next, in a couple of years, right up to 1991 the scientific community, the struggle for land to save excavated found ancient settlements from flooding. It is not clear naturally, was overcome. Or listened to the voice of the public, and in the country, or simply ran out of funds. Yet, Arch was saved. A little later was included in the Ilmen Reserve. Currently, found Read more [...]
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Kashirinyh Ivan

Kashirinyh Ivan (03 (15) .01.1890, pos. Fortshtadt Verhneuralskiy y. Orenbah. Lip., 1937, Moscow), the military and state. figure. From a family of Cossack teacher. Graduated Orenbah. Junker School (1909). Pers. RSDLP (b) (1917). Outcast. first World War I, podesaul. After the February. roar. prev. Divisional-ta. Since June 1918 before. executive committee at Verhneuralskiy. Council, participated in the fight against Dutov, white and Czechoslovakia. In June-Sept. com. Verhneuralsk Trinity, and then Verhneuralsk neg. consisting Req. guerrilla arm. Since Sept. 1918 com. brigade in the third arm., Read more [...]
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Historical Songs

Historical Songs popular genre in the folklore Y. lyric-epic form IP tells the story of real ist. events and persons. But, like any thin. Manuf., IP admits fiction, travel facts in space and time, the distortion of the names, even fiction. Chap. ist. the value of IP her cum. interpretation of an event, the assessment of a ist. figure. The very choice of heroes for chanting is not accidental: it reflects the cum. worldview. Urals expressed their attitude to Ivan the Terrible, Peter I, Ermakov, Pugachev, Suvorov, and others. Ivan IV is portrayed as a cruel but just ruler, an enemy of the nobility. Read more [...]
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Although initially the elevator was built «in the suburbs», after a few decades it has become a real axis of the city. It will appear here shortly, and the largest at that time the market area of ​​Chelyabinsk. And the building itself became a symbol of the South Ural stolitsy.Odnako in the late 90’s building has been completely abandoned. And all for some ten years it has managed to turn into something like a medieval castle with ghosts. As if the building in front of withered from boredom and nostalgia for past velichiyu.Vazhno noted, however, that the structures of today was only the central portion: two adjacent structures were completely destroyed. Inside the main building is currently almost nothing. Such is the tragedy of a single zdaniya.Po Apparently, this is the only elevator in Chelyabinsk in Russia abandoned building of this size, located in the heart of cities. Dilapidated «architectural lump» is 500-meters from the main square of Chelyabinsk.

For more "interesting": 1) This year Chelyabinsk elevator turns 98 years old. His peers, for example, is building a store, "youth fashion." 2) Who is abandoned grain elevator was one of the main attractions of the Chelyabinsk region for lovers of extreme tourism from all over the Russian Federation 3) concern over the fate of the elevator, Chelyabinsk offer several 10-s project for the reorganization of the structure. Ideas ranged from a conventional dispenser and office center to build a museum of modern art (by analogy with the well-known British museum built on the ground abandoned power station Read more [...]
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