Ushakov, from father to son, son to grandson

Age of Russian business well over a thousand years. Political development of the Russian state giant areas paralleled with their economic development entrepreneurs. In 1918, the Soviet government under pain of death forbidden enterprise, and until recent years it was regarded as a depot, a criminal. Of Russian life, seized the most important element of economic development, eliminated a layer of Professional Organizers, which gave rise to the domestic economy and nurtured for centuries. But their history is entitled to the attention of our contemporaries. Each clan is famous entrepreneurs and Read more [...]
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SVERDLOVSKAYA AREA formed on January 17. 1934 (spun off from Eq. Region.). In 1938, to ter. region. Connect the upper-Tavdinsky district of the Tyumen region. and r-us Chelyaba. region .: Butkinsky, Kamyshlov, Pyshminsky, Talitskii, Tugulymsky; from the SO highlighted in Perm. region. In 1942, of Chelyaba. region. in SO transferred Kamensk-Ural, Kamensky and Basil r-us. SO is located in the foothills of the middle. and North. W., on B includes hours. Zap. Siberian Plain, in the extreme southwest Land Ufa plateau Vost.-Europe. Plain. River Tavda Tour Iset? Pishma. In the northeast and B. a lot of Read more [...]
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KOKSHANSKY CHEMICAL PLANT Regular. in 1850 the cross. s. Bondyugi K.Ya.Ushkovym on the Kama river in Elabuzhsky y. Vyatka Province. Specialized in mfr. chromium salts, Ch. arr. potassium bichromate or potassium dichromate, worked on the basis of sulfur and copper pyrites mined in Verkhoturye y. Perm. lips. Zd given to th. T and bichromate in, Mfr. copper and yellow. sulfate, supplying them ext. and partly external. markets. The plant also manufactured ceramic pipes, valves, tanks, coils, and from 1890 and acid clay. Zd was Naib. large enterprise sector in Russia. By 1914, he had seven steam engines, Read more [...]
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KARPINSK city ​​region. subordination Sverdl. region., is 436 km north-east of by ECAT. on the lion. r.Turi shore. The first pos., Refs. Theological erected on it the church of John the Evangelist, appeared in 1768 during the construction of merchant M.Pohodyashinym iron-smelting and iron- h-huh. After the discovery of copper ore Turinskih zd moved to smelt copper, Mfr. copper cookware, cast bells. Prior to 1917, worked here Electrolytic Copper and chemical s-dy, was mined coal. In the village., Is q. Theological mountain env., There were 2 churches, 3 Zemsky uch-conductive, meteost., Approx. Read more [...]
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IRBIT of p-tion n. in Sverdl. region., located 204 km east of the ECAT., on the right bank r.Nitsy. The first settlement. (Irbitskaya settlement) appeared in 1631 Its convenient geogr. and economic situation contributed to the creation of the yokes. c. (1643). In 1686 in the village was built yokes. hotel courtyard. The position of the yokes. strengthened in connection with obtaining Irbitskoi Sloboda status HS (1775). By the beginning. 80s of the XIX century. I. yokes. played an important role in the trade of Europe. Russia to Siberia, China, Wed Asia. In the yokes. days in the city flocked Read more [...]
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Dizhur Bella Abramovna

Dizhur Bella Abramovna (30.07 (12.08) .1906, der. Belozerye, Kiev reg.), Eq. writer. Rod. in the family of the employee. In 1915 the family moved to the U. In 1928 she graduated from the chemical and biol. Faculty of Leningrad. Pedagogical Inst. Alexander Herzen. Worked as assistant chair of organic chemistry Sverdl. honey. Institute, an expert chemist in region. police department, the head. chemical lab. at a factory. D. author of several. publ. scientific. work. In 1939, in the journal. Young Guard were napech. her first poems. Since 1943 Prof.. Lita engaged. First Sb. poems D. (Thinking) came Read more [...]
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Gubahinskij CHEMICAL PLANT built in 1979-1984 in g.Gubaha Perm. region. Regular. production of methanol (or wood alcohol), a raw material for many others. industrial sectors. First, methanol is produced from coke oven gas coming from Gubahinskogo Coke s yes, then in order to increase production and reduce the cost of Manuf. it is translated from the coke to natural gas. Volume Vol. 2.5 thousand. Tons per day, 750 thousand. Tons of high level of automation of technological processes all mfr. service in a shift of 22 slave. and engineer. The complex is virtually non-polluting. Along with methanol, Read more [...]
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Bereznikovskiye CHEMICAL PLANT

Bereznikovskiye CHEMICAL PLANT as an independent company under the number 237 was separated from the Bereznikovsky himkomb-ta in 1939 for the development of Manuf. barium salts. Since the beginning of the Second World War on the sd arrived equipment and staff were evacuated from the cities of enterprises. Novomoskovsk, Slavic, Rubezhnoye. This allowed in 1942 to start producing products of organic synthesis: picric acid, synthetic phenol, dinitrophenol, sodium metal, and others. For the army was organized by Mfr. Drug: streptotsida white calcex, chloroform, hexamine, antifibrina. In the postwar Read more [...]
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Bereznikovskiye Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant

Bereznikovskiye Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant (AO Nitrogen), was put into operation as a component h. Bereznikovsky chemical comb that in 1932 in Berezniky Lv. region. and was the first-born by Mfr. ammonia. Increasing and expanding Manuf., Especially during the Second World War, the company in the 1950s becomes Naib. close of chemical s-ing W. In 1970, the company switched to the use of natural gas Tyumen. This allowed to commission two large-capacity unit is powerful. 450 thousand. tons of ammonia per year. In the 1980s, mastered Mfr. carbide (urea) of highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer. Zd Read more [...]
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BEREZNIKI city ​​region. subordination of Perm. region. Located 273 km from the city of Perm, on p. Kama. As B. there since 20 March 1932, was formed in connection with the page. Bereznikovsky himkomb-ta. Included in its composition the Leningrad Military District, Dedyukhin, neck-rye others. Village. appeared in the XVII century. in connection with the development of salt. G. got titles. by logged-in its composition pos. Berezniki anti-cerned located Birch Island. B. c. chemical. prom., employing the country's largest enterprises of JSC Uralkali (Potash Company Verkhnekamie), AO Nitrogen Read more [...]
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The chemical was damaged off the coast of Brittany, the crew evacuated. Video

A chemical tanker carrying 6 thousand tons of solvent on Friday was seriously injured in a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of Brittany in France, 13 crew members were evacuated by helicopter, reported by France Presse with reference to the Maritime Prefecture of the port city of Brest. @ EPA According to authorities, the chemical Uranus under the Maltese flag collided with a cargo vessel 100 km South-West of the island Wasan, resulting in received «a significant hole». After the incident of 13 members of the crew of chemical landed on the rafts, which they later withdrew Read more [...]
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In our city, it seems powerful chemical pollution from a military factory.

Dear comrades! Very concerned about a strange smell in my apartment! I live in Biysk Altai Krai. It was once BOX MILITARY. Now, military factory rumored started up again. We've got ispytatetlny ground for military rockets, such as Mace. Muck in these rockets rare and very poisonous. My father worked at the plant at the time shovels, God rest his soul. So here, yesterday I started doing environmental work on the air conditioner - air is blown from the street hot, through a pipe in the ground and fed into the room cooled to room ground. I immediately felt a strong chemical smell of the pipe (where Read more [...]
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Biostop Clothing from ticks and biting insects

Such here clothes against ticks company offers "Biostop." Pointing to the best of their costumes mechanical and chemical traps on the sleeves and kurtkah.Himicheskie trap kills ticks within 2-4 minutes, and they are completely safe for humans and remain in effect for 50 washings (3 years socks!). Mechanical protection, proven to prevent the penetration of mite to the body, provide cuffs on sleeves and trousers, horizontal folds trap, hood, as well as inner shirt sewn to the shelf and jackets tucked into trousers. Comparing with traditional costumes Biostop costumes here:Там Read more [...]
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Battery with your hands.

Article site power supply and charging of portable electronics in those places where no electricity may advantageously be used along with other power sources and simple chemical current sources, the galvanic cells.Their use is possible in the cottages for long term stays in the absence of electricity, as well as in remote villages where electricity or none at all, or the constant power failures. In Soviet Russia chemical sources of current or galvanic cells are widely used in amateur radio technology Read more [...]
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In the Tula area because of soil subsidence derailed six cars

on April 18. The causes of railway accidents, which derailed 6 freight cars with crystal grey, find out in Efremov the district of Tula region. The cars derailed and overturned on April 16, about 5 hours 30 minutes in the morning to line the path from station a Small Andreevka Moscow Railways OJSC «Efremov chemical plant». According to preliminary data, wrecked cars was due to subsidence of soil under the tracks. Work on the restoration of traffic on access routes continue. Representatives of EMERCOM of Russia, as reported by «Interfax» noted that the threat of seal Read more [...]
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In the Blagoveschensk district of Bashkiria fixed mass Mor fish

In the Blagoveschensk district of Bashkiria fixed mass Mor fish on April 25. On the Eastern shore of lake Acikel in the Blagoveschensk district of Bashkiria eve discovered a huge number of dead carp. Ecologists report: the width of the continuous strip of the deceased and even moribund fish comes up to six meters. The length of the strip is more than one kilometer — it is several tons. Birds it emerges at the surface of the lake the fish don't even touch it. Arrived at the Republican staff of the Department of the middle Volga territorial administration of Federal Agency for fishery. Read more [...]
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USA: Strange chemical smell in San Diego, California

on August 17. Authorities are investigating the cause of messages from around the County of San Diego about the presence of a strong chemical smell, like kerosene, diesel fuel, automobile exhaust fumes, lighter fluid or other substances on the basis of oil. In the afternoon, environment, received dozens of calls from County residents. According to the administration, any fuel spills or discharge from the jet engines of aircraft in and around the County were recorded. Unexplained phenomenon is similar to the episode, which happened about a year ago, when people in different areas Read more [...]
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Israeli minister learned about the preparation of the American invasion of Syria

Minister for Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon in an interview with Israeli Army Radio said that the U.S. is preparing for military intervention in the Syrian conflict, said "Arutz Sheva". The minister said that the final decision on early intervention will be taken if the Syrian government will decide to use chemical weapons against his own citizens.Ya'alon said that Washington, despite the outward calm, very concerned about the developments in the neighboring country of Israel and the possible consequences of the civil war to the region. The minister also said that the U.S. government Read more [...]
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Syria: Rebels could transfer chemical weapons

Syrian authorities are concerned that the rebels could get chemical weapons from several countries, and then blame the government in its use of force, according to a letter from the Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council. "We are genuinely concerned that some of the countries that support terrorism and terrorists, could provide chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups, arms, only to say that it was used by the Syrian government," - said in the letter.It says that a statement of concern about Read more [...]
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Scientists said the continuous growth of male infertility

12/06/2012 French researchers found that since 1989 the world has seen a steady fall in male fertility. The relevant data were published in the journal Human Reproduction. In the study, researchers studied more than 26,000 men and found that from 1989 to 2005, the concentration of sperm decreased on average by almost a third, from 71 million per milliliter to 48 million per milliliter. Attaches particular importance result of the fact that the study was first involved a large number of people.That a reduction in sperm count continues to progress for the past 17 years indicates increased adverse Read more [...]
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