As we went to Salt Zaymische

The solution instead of the usual travel to the Volga Don did not come immediately. But… In Don I still have time to go and check perch at «family» koryazhin. But to see new places in Salt Zaymische – It was very interesting. According to the friend, this summer he was well caught there zander, asp and catfish. Early Saturday morning Glory drove to my garage, we loaded his belongings into my shnivy, picked up a trailer with an inflated boat and headed toward the fishing luck. For talk about that, about this quickly slipped night city. Flashed through the Read more [...]
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Bear Wilderness

Photo by Mikhail Krechmar Bear – animal special. The meeting with him the majority of people believe that it is forever memorable event, and for obvious reasons, this is not particularly eager. But there is in our country a place where bears are not just a lot, but a lot, and for those who live in these places or work meetings are becoming commonplace.  Every encounter with the beast in its own unique, each stirs the blood. After the contact time with the beast, the distance to it, and other circumstances (the presence of weapons, the behavior of the bear, or bears, Read more [...]
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Other Kamchatka, or two weeks on the West Coast

"When the last tree is cut down when the last river is poisoned when the last bird is caught, - only then will you realize that money can not be eaten."- Statements of the leaders of the North American Indians.Kamchatka safely be called the land of brown bears, because This peninsula is the highest density of clumsy predators world. Altai, Kamchatka and Belarusian­And this — the place where you want to go back and return. When after two years drew the opportunity again to visit Kamchatka, and with friends, a foretaste of happiness Read more [...]
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Unzha River in late summer

Good in August Central Russia! Very good! The invisible thread pulls me in the nature this time. Especially love to while away the night on August Unzhe River. What a great fishing here August! AND peaceful fish — roach, bream, carp — caught. AND Predators peck good. Okun, a example, with rushes on the go bait. AT search of prey and pike, and perch tirelessly scouring the Water backstreets.August came unexpectedly. Putting aside all the things I I am going on Unzhu River in Manturovo to his Read more [...]
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Around 90 black dolphins washed ashore in New Zealand

About 90 black dolphins jumped on the coast of New Zealand in about the same place where similar happened in the beginning of January, according to local television station TVNZ.The incident occurred in the Bay of Golden Bay, near Cape Farewell. Department of Natural Resources called for volunteers to assist its staff in the rescue of marine mammals. Currently, the scene moved about 350 volunteers who have experience in dealing with such situations."Chances are that the Dolphins will get out back into the sea during high tide tonight's very small, but as soon as the dawn, we will come back Read more [...]
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Successful Dawn

Kryakash sits down stuffed, but after my shots quickly subsidesPhoto: Sergey SvistelnikIn our civilized age related to hunting, many changed. Often, people hunt, not departing far from their cars, and walking through the swamps, and even more so on the swamps and bumps, enthusiastic they did not cause. People often go just to relax in the lap of nature, and if need be to hunt.The results of such hunts are usually very modest in terms of the bagged game and successful shot can not be said about the amount of alcohol consumed. I do not know, as in other places, but we are gradually slipping duck Read more [...]
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Good luck

In fishing around major trophy discussed and remembered for a long timeThis carp weighing about 12 kg and was caught after the "wrong" bite spinning. Hard fighting continued for more than half giant, and cost a lot of effort and nerves. And the same question: "honest" if he caught? .. Photo: Anatoly Mailkov. My story is deposited in my mind for a lifetime. For all his years of experience fishing the fish on their gear, I did not catch. I do not even imagine. However, he knew that the fishermen caught it on the Donkey, kiddle but to spinning…AT the quiet and warm Read more [...]
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And ice and water …

Our urban river in the beginning of winter in some places does not freeze. It affects the proximity of residential heat. For a small river here quite a lot of big fish. Often out of the bush willow will turn hvostische such as the Volga not always see! ..Photo by the author In short, one clear frosty morning my friend and I decided to uncover tested «Telescopes» and look at the surface of the river. Moreover, we assume: the night on the beach, the crackling fire, gurgling soup to smoked pot and floating in a frosty haze Moon…Night on the banks of the campfire Read more [...]
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Appreciate and cherish

The desire to write this short note I was born a long time, and on February 26 this year, has acquired quite specific plot outlines. Why is this date, I will talk about below. But I spent some time pondering whether or not to do it, for crying in the wilderness — not my role. Although, of course, there is no desert — I read, I see, I feel that many of the same reason, the soul is not in place. And after a couple of completely unacceptable dialogues, read a few days ago on the site, decided that the comment is required. It's about time.What we, the commentators Read more [...]
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The roar of the surf foam

Please distant muffled noise. Then rolling kick. The wave hits the shore, the sky vzmetaya sheaves spray. After a moment, the noise again – not rustle, not hiss. The water goes back into the ocean, leaving a wet strip of coast. On her wandering boy with buckets, bags. I walked closer and the boy with a long knife in his hand showed me a handful of mussels, some small shells. Nakata next wave, covering the sand white foam. When it subsided, the boy hid catch and hurried to the bared edge of the reef.A little watch the brave miners nautical gifts and sends along the coast. Read more [...]
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Catfish from Uncle Andrew

Photo by Aleksey Kolomiets Kozlovsky dam, called on the name of a small village Goats Ostrovsky District, known to many fishermen and famous for a good catch. It is quite beautiful nature, noise roll, and Great River gently caresses a lot of stones, boulders, scattered back in the Ice Age. In spring, summer and autumn nice peck pike, perch, bream, ide, chub, roach, rudd, chub sometimes. It is known that in these places are found even a catfish.This summer we came with his wife to the dam to fish and met a solid cheerful man with a fishing rod. We met and talked about fishing. As Read more [...]
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Amateur on the waters

Photo Anatoly Mailkova In his book, «Notes on angling fish» STAksakov says: «Fishing, as well as other hunting, and just happens addiction, and even strong passion».After graduation in 1955, my friend Tolia Wolves, with whom we went to the same group of the institute, and then worked together, invited me to go fishing on the river Dubna near Moscow.Volkov was a hunter and fisherman, and it was his «strong passion». I have not seen this, and «simple addiction», But had a strong curiosity about the classes, which I previously had no Read more [...]
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All agile autumn approaches sunset: the branches were bare in  raznolese, showered with acorns oaks, scattered the seeds of long-birch and lionfish ash, and a bright ruby ​​berries euonymus, viburnum and Rowan tint bleak landscapes.I'm sitting on shore in Bityug a vain attempt to catch on zhivtsovuyu schuchyu bait toothy predator. But, you see, in it is a date with favorite river fishing is not successful destined to take place… Brightened bityugskie water, and vegetation withered away even with a four-meter Read more [...]
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Mystery Lake Bottomless

Photo by Dmitry Polimagina What can unite the old bathhouse, a herd of cows and the inhabitants of the pond? At first sight — nothing! However, here the situation is much more serious. A story told me Valery, a fellow fisherman, guard the parking lot, has its roots in the last century.So, the profit fishing he learned as a child from the villagers Kalka situated near the lake bottomless. Vodoemchik size of approximately 1,000 meters by 300 is twenty-five kilometers north-west of Pskov. Next, due north of him, 250 meters Lake Pskov. The size of these lakes, of course, incommensurable. Read more [...]
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Last ice on Tsimla

Outstanding wonderful day for which strain and had to dig on the matter. Last fishing from the ice on a reservoir Tsimlyansk! For such a holiday can be with his wife and quarreling, promising to do it all at home in the first half of the day on Sunday.Vovk competently fussed around her «Plague»On which I had the second time to rush toward the unknown. Not afraid of no great catch, or the fact that fish and so nowhere to go home. Must go.- Without fish there do not leave, it is a fact. We were there last weekend know lope nakolbasili ?!- And I think that today will Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 9

Enclose under some backpacks waterproof material hardly worth it. Full containment can not be achieved, and if once water gets into the bale. already will not be spilled, and backpacks will get wet there all day. Lay on top of things, too, do not need a tent: it prevents climb into backpacks, and in the event of flooding over the raft inflates, burst into pieces and will not interfere with pull things. When it began to rain, and backpacks dry, and then cover them with a tent and better plastikatovoy film, tied it around corners.To reduce the size of the trunk of the things are not afraid of Read more [...]
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Dam. What to do?

They are the biggest threat to tomorrow. Water, overrunning dam, rushes down and hitting the bottom, creates a rapid whirlpool. Water vortices toss from side to side all that is in them, and drop back to the dam. Precautions: Approaching the dam, immediately pricelevitra to the shore. If you do not have time to do it and for drew you to the dam: 1. try to steer the boat away from the edge of the dam; 2. make sure that the boat is not turned over and fell into the whirlpool. If it happened Your actions: 1. Immediately jump into the water. 2. Dive as deep as possible, Read more [...]
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Season 2012. Nostalgia.

Good day. Let me introduce myself - Eugene. Checked recently, although I read website about a year. These dank winter evenings attacked melancholy gray and nostalgia for the past season. To somehow appease her, made a small photo for some places where it was already in the year. And that's what happened, I hope these photos and awaken your memories. But first, a little help, so to speak for the memories. I myself am from the city of Cheboksary, a small town on the Volga River in the Republic of Chuvashia. On the other bank of the Volga begins the territory of the Republic of Mari El, literally Read more [...]
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Coercion to Justice

As you know, in the woods on the Aboriginal people share, tourists and Muscovites. History confirms this observation occurred in the Altai. With Belukha returning group of Muscovites (big-man 15) on the way down, they decided to take advantage of someone else lying on an inflatable boat shore unattended to cross the lake (bypass was laziness). This in itself is not terrible, even if, to left on another boat shore, well-pomateritsya to men, bypassed the lake took their boat and no problemmy. But for intellectuals educated in Moscow it was too simple, they cut and flooded the boat at the Read more [...]
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Survivalist camp bath

Care for a civilized man has one priority in life. Regardless of conditions, domestic or extreme, it is important for compliance with health and psychological comfort. Nature in this camp will help Bath improvised or specially prepared for this material and devices.Hiking bath suit with long term parking on the waterfront. For this we first construct stone hearth, for which you should pick up stones - pellets, strength and durability which are tested by nature. At the outbreak kindle a fire and stoked it up until the stones do not warm up to the desired temperature. Heating degree stones check Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).