The men are the initiators of the majority of female plastic surgery

Every woman, no doubt, want to look attractive in the eyes of the opposite sexIt moves to give all kinds of experiments with his looks. In addition, it was found that the most commonly on the appearance of the outcome variables spodvigaet women is their companions, who would like to see next to a spanning more attractive person.One of the most desirable qualities for the fair half of mankind is beautiful chest. Correct, attractive shape, location and volume – the combination of all these qualities makes the breasts a woman truly beautiful and sexy. However, not everyone is lucky to be born Read more [...]
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Two of the casket

This coated threaded nut "casket" in itself a work of decorative art. Its lid is decorated with three stories on the theme of traditional Russian hunting bygone times.Photo: Anton Zhuravkov This coated nut thread «Casket» and itself yourself product arts and crafts. Its cover decorated on the three subjects the theme of traditional Russian hunting bygone times.Of course, we knew in advance that «casket» unique gift gun PN Gusev, made in Tula masters of the Central Design Bureau of Research and sports hunting weapons (TsKIB Read more [...]
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So I was stuck!

Response to the article S. Akinshin 'Vrunopravoved-referent. "Back to article: «Vrunopravoved-referent».Mr. Akinshin, reminds me of home and vividly described Krylov fable character «Monkey and glasses»: «…temyu something to squeeze them, they are on the tail nanizhet, they sniff, they polizhet…».I'm talking about the legal terms and concepts. They were not pieces of meat to be straightforward nashampurivat. And not the ingredients for salad; Do not make them French soup «Bourdais» We are living in Russia and Russian law is quite simple. Read more [...]
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Elementary resuscitation

Another copy-paste from yablokofona. Generally, there are good programs write. "Resuscitation (animation) - is the restoration of vital body functions (primarily respiratory and circulatory). Usually death never comes at once - it is always preceded by a transitional period of time or a condition called terminal. In one case, a terminal condition lasts for a second, in the other - the hours and days. It all depends on the degree of damage to vital organs and body systems. Moreover, the changes that occur in the body of a dying man, did not immediately acquire irreversible and can often be eliminated Read more [...]
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Yaroslavsky Chest

Famous throughout Russia podnosny fishing is a unique phenomenon. Miraculously survived and dispersed in numerous museums, household items, as a rule, are still poorly understood. For a long time, for example, in the collections of the Yaroslavl Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve kept a dozen painted things from metal does not attract the attention of researchers. Only recently it was found that among them, and that, basically, the trays outside Moscow Zhostovo end of XIX century there are two Nizhny Tagil. This is confirmed by their riveted octagonal shape, high slit bumpers with "beads" Read more [...]
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Pain in the chest. What to do?

Regardless of their reasons, they indicate serious disorders in humans, and they cannot be ignored.

The doctor must be called in the following cases:

• strong, not passing chest pain,

• high temperature,

• hemoptysis,

• strong pallor, and perspiration on the forehead.

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How to do artificial respiration. What to do?

Preparation: 1. The chest of the victim released from service and laid him on his back. Under the scapula should put a cushion from a collapsed garment so that the breast was higher, and the head slightly hung down. 2. If necessary, clean the mouth of the victim, and the head to rotate to the side. 3. Pull the tongue of the victim, so that it is not clogged his throat. There are various methods of artificial respiration. Their choice depends on the type and degree of injury. The way I (used to help autopause, asphyxia, and other) Your actions: 1. To kneel at the Read more [...]
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Heart attack. What to do?

Still a few weeks before the attack the patient may complain of indigestion, feeling very tired and panting. However, a heart attack always happens suddenly. Signs: • sharp pain in the chest radiating to one or both arms, neck and chin; • the patient is gasping for breath and sweating profusely, felt dizzy. How can we help? 1. If the patient is fully conscious, arrange it in a half upright position, placing something under the head and shoulders (for example, a pillow, a rolled coat and so on), and also fixed something similar under bent knees. 2. Call for Read more [...]
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Tactical shirts from 5.11 — pros and little modernization

As is known, all that prudent person wants out carry categorically refuses placed in pockets ordinary clothes, and if they fit - that clothing with pockets stuffed starts to look not so much. Even the pockets are not encouraging: they are too small, the open, just no.Again, these additional items in our pockets at constant dragging stretched and rubbed the fabric hang out - in general, interfere.The issue in this case - to wear tightly woven clothing with lots of pockets. However, such clothing is usually designed for a marching army or right of use, has the right look, cut and coloring. Read more [...]
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WAGNER Eugene Antonovich

WAGNER Eugene Antonovich (B. 09.22.1918, s.Ponyatovka, Odessa region.), Surgeon, academician. Academy of honey. Sciences of the USSR (1986), Corr. Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (1980), Dr. med. Sciences (1965), prof. (1967), Honored. Physician of the RSFSR (1965), Honored. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1971). Outcast. WWII. Graduated from Odessa honey. Institute (1940). From 1942 he worked at the U. From 1960 to Perm. honey. Institute (since 1970 Rector). Concurrently. 1992 Dir. Institute of Clinical Surgery. V. specialist in region. treatment of diseases of the lungs and esophagus, Read more [...]
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Device for CPR PocketCPR

In parallel with the creation of the post here Norda # cut stumbled on one device to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation, who knows what and who are interested, read under the cut. Immediately brewed one more question from comrades on this topic: recently learned about the existence of the corresponding device for CPR called PocketCPR, which supposedly provides the correct execution of chest compressions during CPR; minimizes the risk of potential damage to the thorax or insufficient compression. During chest compression device is placed on the chest of the Read more [...]
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First aid for pneumothorax prehospital

On the orders of listeners. First, a little materiel. Omitting the nuances and exaggeration, we can say that the lungs - is porous elastic bodies. Their purpose - ensuring gas exchange between blood and air. For this purpose, suited to easy the pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein blood withdrawn. Lungs are located in the chest almost symmetrical to each other. The space between them is called the mediastinum and contains the heart and major blood vessels (the rest omit, because the topic is not relevant).The thorax is closed on all sides by a tight formation. The inner wall is lined with a chest Read more [...]
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How to survive during BP with his wife and baby?

The other day my wife and I were talking about children (going to make Kinder). Well, that's crept into the menu idea what to do, how to prepare for when it comes BP, if you except yourself, and even his wife with a baby? One helmet, logically, can be with a bunch of ammo and Naz relatively quickly flushed into the taiga to the classified izbushonku (or dugout who that is), which is 70 km away. from the starting point. Or sit down at the air, off the basement with lots of Hawk. And you can do both! As you like. But breast rebetenok not go away, it is necessary to drag a lot of additional reserves. Read more [...]
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Named parameters of a perfect body

Men and women have different ideas about how it should look like a beautiful body - his own and the opposite sex. Moreover, by placing all of its own constitution too excessive demands and overestimate the beauty of the individual parts.To understand this, researchers from Newcastle University conducted a study using a special interactive 3D-software. In addition, it was attended by 80 volunteers from among heterosexual men and women. All study participants were young, their average age was 19 years. In the study, they talked about how, in their opinion, should be the perfect body. Along the Read more [...]
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The fishing method butchery moose

Elk - a big animal, and hit a target, it would seem, is not difficult. Believing this, the inexperienced hunter takes aim carefully and injures an animal most often in the stomach or intestines. These wounds are fatal, but before dying, the animal may be several kilometers, the more, the longer he is being persecuted. Outdoor wound elk quickly tightened internal fat or abdominal muscles. Beast on the track leaves little blood, it often does not happen. Therefore, often the hunters either cease to pursue the beast, telling himself to slip or lose track in mnogosleditse. Meanwhile, with the Read more [...]
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Musculoskeletal system. Skeleton

The human skeleton is a bony skeleton performing a support function and the function of a container internal organs: brain, spinal cord, organs of the chest and pelvic organs. Skeletal elements, adapted for movement (long bones, bones of the spine and rib cage), perform a support function and serve as the attachment of muscles. Anatomical skeleton is divided into the skull, spine, chest bone (sternum and ribs), the bones of the upper extremities, pelvic bones, the bones of the lower extremities. Skull bones are facial and cranial bones proper. The thorax consists of 12 pairs of ribs, sternum Read more [...]
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Strapping harnesses

refer to the individual equipment mountain tourist (climber) for the fast and reliable connection of the athlete (tourists) to the main security ropes (see Insurance). O.s application allows the athlete in case of failure, hang it on a safety rope or loop to grasp the node as well as descents with brakes to hold the body in a safe and easy-to-follow-up position. On execution distinguish improvised. 0. a., made of rope, double repshnura or equal to them in strength braided belts, and specially made 0. with. sewn from canvas, nylon or nylon straps. 0. with. divided into chest harness, "arbor", Read more [...]
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Wade Passage

The most frequent type of crossing - the passage of the river ford. The basic condition of crossing the river is the choice of the ford. External signs Wade: expansion of the river on a straight section of it, the ripples on the water surface reaches, shoals, rapids, islands, trails and roads leading down to the river. The exception is the plain of the river. Here the choice of the ford to establish the absence of a whirlpool, deep pits of mud, slime, snags, submerged trees and other items that the implementation of the crossing can cause serious complications. Much more difficult to determine Read more [...]
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Sudden loss of consciousness

First, one must find out the reason why there was a loss of consciousness. If the loss of consciousness is not due to trauma, stroke, fall, man is not subjected to any physical abuse, but suddenly lost consciousness - it is an urgent need to put on your back, get rid of the body tightening things (backpack straps), unbutton the collar, provide fresh air. Sprinkle cold water on the face, the nose gently bring cotton wool soaked with ammonia. When the patient regained consciousness, he has to give to drink strong tea, coffee, or 20-30 drops korvalola valokordin, or 30 drops of valerian tincture. Read more [...]
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Typical health disorders and pre-medical assistance

Health problems can result from:mechanical trauma - multiple or single fractures, torn ligaments, injury with a sharp object or weapon;Frostbite 2, 3 and 4-degree or total body hypothermia and lead to prolonged loss of efficiency to the disease a cold nature;burns from the fire, kerosene stove, igniting the fuel. glowing stove, hot food, solar radiation;disease, the most common of which is an inflammation of the lungs, heart, acute gastrointestinal toxicity. When mechanical or thermal injury suffered provide first aid, and then depending on the severity and nature of the injuries are planning Read more [...]
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