Trump-pa-pa, or Chinese demon

When in Russia there were the first Chinese ATV (five years ago), they laughed at them for a long time. Ugly, unsightly, and when the "Chinese" began to move them something suspicious creaking and ringing.Trapm 300 4x2  Today on the Chinese cars, too many joke, but they actually became less something creak ring and break off.In the domestic market under the brand of motor vehicles «Tramp» It appeared in 2007. For camouflage English names Chinese roots lie. But no one did not want to cheat. Just Russian entrepreneurs under the roof of one brand (invented by them) Read more [...]
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In the mountains and forests of Manchuria

Taiga noiseThe dead of night. In a barely visible trail zverovoy sneak two hunter. Dark dense cedar noise. Groaning tops mighty giants; cold north wind shakes them with a roar swept over the earth, hardened by his icy breath. Old gloomy taiga muffled roars, singing his formidable majestic song.- Where is fanza? - Said one of the hunters, turning to his companion.- It must be close! That will go a little bit and will fanza - replied the other, considering the match with fresh traces of Chinese street on the trail.Come on, but all the huts there; the trail winds along the shore of a mountain stream, Read more [...]
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Hot «Chinese» in the cold North

Cars from China, especially in the segment of off-road vehicles, tougher competition with domestic "crooks". Low cost, good military, unpretentious, they are more likely to attract the attention of hunters and fishermen, hunted in godforsaken distant expanses and road builders. In the Russian market SUVs H3 (c this year called Hover H3 Great Wall H3) are in steady demand from lovers ride on and lanes off-road. Vortices ability we have seen in the prohvatit restyled Hover H3 New, in including New version of the H3 TURBO at Arkhangelsk province. Read more [...]
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Budget Department

Passion for hunting and fishing unites completely different (as on the status and on the wallet) people. Manufacturers guns, spinning and other "related" products to commercial pursuits understand this and make products for any needs and financial capabilities.195 000 is a new stelsovskaya «shestisotka». Well where you do not see Chinese ATV at this price ?! AND the only thing that was not available to miners limited family budget, it is inexpensive, but while quite reliable ATV. An empty niche to fill in Zhukovsky took Motorcycle and Bicycle, Read more [...]
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Crabs in the Volga

An indirect confirmation "... And we - children without sorrow     Among caring merchants     We only expect oysters     From the shores of Constantinople ... "     AS Pushkin      "Eugene Onegin".          Do not accidentally chosen the motto Pushkin's lines. It was also once the flats on the Black Sea colonies of oysters, the famous and beloved by the ancient Greeks and Romans.      And who but historians of zoology, is able to recall this mollusk, "Constantinople delicacy", sung by Pushkin, and eat the while he was serving in the Office of the Odessa Read more [...]
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Cheap trinkets?

When do you need and do not need the Chinese lure?Photo by Sergey Semyonov Chinese manufacturers flooded the market a long time fishing tackle. Someone happened to those cheap gear negative attitude, someone successfully catches has been more than a year, and finds no reason to complain. I can not agree that the majority of Chinese tackles are not always suitable for the practice of fishing. But they have a definite plus – they are cheap. Capital anglers can smile and turn the page of the newspaper, but it did not make a fisherman from the provinces, who wants to follow the Read more [...]
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Chinese Beauty

"That stands in front of you a huge elm shirokovetvistoy with its apex, the slender cedar, oak and linden that empty, hollow trunks of old age more fathoms in circumference, the walnut and cork with beautiful feathery leaves ...".Orange vane - "sail", producing the strongest impression on the human form tertiary sprouting feathers, which, when folded the wings protrude vverh.Risunok Tatiana Danchurovoy Hunter road memories of places where've seen before unfamiliar animals. I remember one time for a short trip to the Khor river in Khabarovsk Territory.Within one daylight in the Read more [...]
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Leastways 66 Die in Tibetan Landslip

Astern a monumental landslip interred a minelaying cantonment in Tibet's Gyama Vale on Friday, deliverance workers bear healed the bodies of 66 mine workers interred below the sway and mud. No survivors get been constitute, and hopes are attenuation as the lookup continues for the 17 that are distillery wanting.The hypothesis of subaltern landslides halted hunt efforts originally this hebdomad, with operations resuming Tuesday cockcrow. Rescuers are probing a detritus bailiwick that covers some two miles.This calamity has sparked an unprecedented measure of critique from Chinese bloggers of the Read more [...]
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Hoot Flu End Cost Rises to 9

Two more patients died of shuttle flu in Chinaware this workweek, delivery the eruption's end price to ennead, as officials proclaimed they had traced the root of the virus to chickens and angry birds from some easterly Asia. The Chinaware Securities Diary reported on Wednesday that a vaccinum for the virus bum the disease, H7N9, was in evolution, and would be uncommitted in the commencement one-half of this class.The air of hiss flu responsible the flow epidemic was outset observed in world finis month, and has septic a totality of 33 citizenry in Chinaware. Patch doctors and scientists afield Read more [...]
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Chinaware to Pulverize 1,300-Year-Old Synagogue

Chinese officials in the metropolis of Xian are preparation to destroy well-nigh of a 1,300-year-old Buddhist tabernacle in edict to hike their diligence for UNESCO Reality Inheritance condition for another situation. Spell approximately of the aged buildings in the synagogue composite are probable to dodging the ruining bollock, two-thirds of the synagogue, including the hall and canteen, leave be ruined. "The headroom leave emphatically scathe about antediluvian sites," an unknown staffer told AFP on Thursday.In an wry spin, the buildings are existence exculpated to reinforcement Chinaware's Read more [...]
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Transport of Endangered Pangolin Gist Runs Aground

A Chinese vas that ran aground on a saved Philippine coral reef was plant to control more 20,000 pounds of inwardness from the pangolin, a saved species prized for its hypothetical medicative qualities. The transport hit an atoll on April 8 on Palawan Island, a UNESCO-designated Man Inheritance Situation. An extra seek of the sauceboat Sunday revealed 400 boxes, apiece containing betwixt 25 to 30 kilograms of quick-frozen anteaters. An external ban on trading scabrous anteaters took force in 2002, but illegal swop continues as the centre and scales of the animals are precious at ended a 100 Read more [...]
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Chinese Sportfishing Watercraft Sinks Off Antarctica

A burn, remote-controlled Chinese sportfishing watercraft that was zizagging off the sea-coast of Antarctica finale hebdomad washed-up on Sunday, suggestion an external deliverance travail. The Kai Xin caught blast finis Wednesday and all 97 gang members were reclaimed by the Norwegian krlll sportfishing vas Juvel.Fearing an oil wasteweir, the Chilean navy sent a sauceboat to tow the Kai Xin to refuge. The electrocution 341-foot transport sank ahead they could think it.The nautical collaborator for Chilly's parcel of Antarctica aforesaid that a heavy oil release is unbelievable. “An environmental Read more [...]
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Chinese Crampoon Presumed Beat on Makalu

A Chinese mounter is wanting and presumed drained aft wretched a surrender piece descending from the top of Makalu, the earth's fifth-highest summit. According to Explorersweb, Xiangliang Liu was mounting with an external outing unionised by Heptad Summits when he plunged fine-tune a snow-clad brass off the mount's Nor'-west Ridgeline Received road. Seven-spot Summits possessor Mingma Sherpa told Agence France-Presse that quartet Sherpas had searched for Liu on Wednesday and Thursday, and that his companionship had asked for a eggbeater to research for the 46-year-old mountaineer when that proven Read more [...]
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Extraneous Chance Accord: Hitchhiking the Silk Route

A car motors yesteryear the Karakoram Scope good where Moore and Burke's journeying leave end.     Pic: Koonyongyut/ThinkstockAfterward many months of preparation, we’re ultimately off and rolled. On June 10, we began our hitchhiking travel in X’ian, one of the antediluvian capitals of dynastic Chinaware and the start head for the Silk Route. Terminated the succeeding few months, we volition tardily pee-pee our way westward, visiting internal parks and ethnical sites until we end our tripper in Kyrgzstan and Uzbekistan. As we locomote, we volition research how Chinaware’s Read more [...]
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Offset Chinese Passenger Out of Giro

The outset Chinese passenger to introduce the Giro d'Italia, Ji Cheng, has reclusive beforehand of the 6th leg because of a feverishness.Squad dr. Edwin Achterberg told the Associated Jam that Ji matt-up rattling debile and couldn't eat breakfast. "We don't deprivation to contract any risks. Wellness comes beginning."On the 5th point, the 25-year-old Argos Shimano passenger helped actuate mate Privy Degenkolb to triumph. Ji was the beginning Chinese passenger to conclusion the Spanish Vuelta, placing Hundred-and-seventy-fifth close yr. "I upright got cast during the dark, and it Read more [...]
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Chinese Crampon Dies on Lhotse

A Chinese crampoon, Xiaoshi Li, died piece attempting to crown Lhotse, the mankind's fourth-highest mount, on Monday."Li died due to illness on his way to Lhotse summit," Nivesh Karki of the excursion arranger Septenary Tip Treks aforesaid. Li fly ill on Saturday at 8,000 meters piece attempting to feeler the top. "The saving functioning by the chopper was operated for two years but could not be successful due to inclemency at the acme where Lee had fallen cast," the mountaineering segment of Nepal's Ministry of Touristry told Xinhuanet. Read more [...]
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Tailspin the Ball and Go

    Picture: Pichugin Dmitry via ShutterstockWE Birth Emerge THE former end. Subsequently two months of walk-to and hitchhiking atop the Tibetan Tableland, cross grasp afterwards depopulate stove, livelihood with the Tibetans, feeding yak gist on the mellow plains below a blinding blue, we sustain fallen out of the mountains into the lowlands of Chinaware and its sea of humans.A melanize dark and the gearing place invade. We are beingness humbled by a mob of hundreds, perchance thousands. The string is years tardy. A thundering, prehistorical steamer locomotive cleaves Read more [...]
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Beijing Man Builds Apartment-Top Lot

Chinese government deliver tending a Beijing nonmigratory 15 years to level an unreal "flock" he reinforced lawlessly on top of a high-rise flat blockage. Neighbors say workers leased by Zhang Biqing, the psyche of a traditional music troupe, reinforced the 8,600-square-foot shake, corner, and bush-covered construction generally at dark, brush apart their complaints that the additions were prejudicious the edifice's geomorphologic unity."He was selfsame chesty," one neighbour, who asked not to be named, told CNN. "He could aid less around my complaints."Local urban Read more [...]
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China paralyzed by snow. Video

China attacked the strongest in the last 60 years snowfalls. Over the weekend, Beijing and vicinity Chinese capital covered 30-inch snow cover. More than 3,500 schools in Beijing and neighboring Tianjin have canceled classes on Monday. Winter Break for students extended indefinitely. By the authorities in the cities set up special squads for snow removal. Thousands of passengers were stranded at Beijing Capital International Airport: hundreds of flights delayed and dozens canceled. However, the airport management promises to renew the message soon. Dozens of snowplows clean runways. Traffic Read more [...]
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Meteorite over Beijing

In the vicinity of the Chinese capital for several days the search continues for a meteorite that fell from the sky in the evening on Wednesday. For his fall watched by thousands of Beijing residents caught up in the moment on the street. They describe it as a glowing object that quickly moved from the south-east and presumably fell in the highlands Bayhuashan. After the local observatory has confirmed that this was indeed a meteorite, and even provided video footage of his fall, many Chinese have rushed to find him. According to scientists, this cosmic body, if the search to a successful Read more [...]
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