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Avenged the twentieth century

     Reveal reference book FP Dobrokhotova "Ural north, middle and south"Published in Petrograd in 1917. Read about Nizhny Tagil: "Huge population is scattered in a picturesque valley on both sides of the river Tagil On the hills above the village of lords located churches and chapels. At the entrance to the center of the village of conspicuous large old buildings immediately a number of monuments, some churches are very beautiful and original architecture".     Many of these buildings have disappeared, as have disappeared and many picturesque Read more [...]
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Jehovah’s Witnesses-Ilintsi (Zion’s Branch, Forest Brotherhood)

Jehovah's Witnesses-Ilintsi (Zion's Branch, Forest Brotherhood) religious sect, founded. W. in 1840 Nikolai Ilyin Sazontovichem (1809-90). Rod. in the officer's family, he studied at the Catholic college. In 1827-46 he served in the army. Upon his retirement, I. settled on Baranchihinskom s de, where he organized a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Christian trinity united in opposition to all the people of Jehovah, man-god, born of woman, wife Elogaymy God the Father. Jehovah appearing to people people., Called himself Jesus Christ. IV-VI recognize the dogmas of the crucifixion and resurrection Read more [...]
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Stigmata — signs of Christ’s Passion

We all know that the hands and feet of Christ was pierced with nails, on his head he wore a crown of thorns, scratching his forehead and scalp. And his chest was pierced by a spear. For more than 750 years in some people appear signs of Christ's passion, which are called stigmata. They appear in the form of bloody wounds on the hands, as if they were hammered nails, in some cases, such as wounds appear on his feet. Some owners have the stigmata wounds on the forehead that resemble scratches and pricks of the crown of thorns, and someone on the back appear bloody streaks that look like footprints Read more [...]
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What do we really know about Jesus?

In September, Harvard professor Karen King (Karen King) found a fragment of the Gospel, which she called "the Gospel of the wife of Jesus." This piece of papyrus, made a lot of noise, and once again raised the question of what we know about the historical Jesus of Nazareth, as well as to whether the gospel, not included in the New Testament, is a source of valuable information. It is difficult to find a more suitable time issues, as there comes a time when we celebrate the Nativity of Christ.This fragment is just a small piece of papyrus - the size of a credit card - and its inscription Read more [...]
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Cross - one of the most common symbols of Christianity associated with the martyrdom of Jesus Christ. However, it is widely used in the mysteries of other people long before the events described in the Bible. Assyria, Ancient Egypt, Northern Europe of the Stone Age, the British Isles - all image of a cross in one way or another connected with religious beliefs that have arisen before Christianity. But these cults were more or less well-known members of the Christian church at least from ancient authors. But when Europeans penetrated into the wilds of Africa and across the Atlantic, it truly surprised. Read more [...]
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Benedict XVI found a bug in the calendar. Scientists have long debated about when Christ was born

Pope Benedict XVI believes in the Christian calendar mistake, in which the Pope blames monk Dionysius the Little, who lived in the VI century, writes the Daily Mail. In their calculations the age of Jesus Christ that was mistaken for a few years, says the Pope. Their observations Benedict XVI wrote in his book about the life of Christ, which on Wednesday published in 50 countries. He believed that Christ was born a few years earlier, the newspaper said. Scientists have long debated about the birth date of Jesus Christ. Some believe that it happened between 6 and 4 BCE Surprisingly, Benedict Read more [...]
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Apocalypse in the conventional sense - it doomsday. There are many different opinions and predictions of the apocalypse, Apocalypse (Greek - revelation). Revelation, the very last book of the New Testament, as well as the common name of the Jewish and Christian texts, based on the book of Ezekiel and Zechariah. The most important religious works on the subject of the Apocalypse. "Book of Daniel", three books of Enoch (Hebrew, Slavic and Ethiopian), "The Apocalypse of Ezra," "Apocalypse of Abraham", "Apocalypse of Baruch" and "little Apocalypse" Read more [...]
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Doomsday predictions of the Bible

Christianity, like other other world religions, we predicted the inevitable end. The Bible repeatedly says that the earth, which was created by a higher power, can not last forever. Those who have studied the Bible in chronological order, are faced with allegories that our land will have to survive for a short reign of Antichrist, after which the world will witness the second coming of Christ. There will be a battle between good and evil, which in its physical incarnation ended with the defeat of darkness. The victory of light over darkness, marks the end of time. All mortals will be destined Read more [...]
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Children of God (Family of Love)

The founder of this sect is David Brandt Berg. He was born in 1919. in California. First Baptist Church was a preacher, but not earning laurels in this field, he decided to try his luck in the prophetic craft. In 1968, Berg declared himself Moses, David, or just Mo, and founded a commune youth Bible study, "the lad, for Christ." In print her a nickname "The children of God." This was the heyday of the United States of hippies and Yippies. To the latter-day "biblical patriarch" flocked to wander young people, drug addicts, alcoholics, the homeless. Berg assured Read more [...]
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Evangelical Christian saints Zionists (murashkovtsy)

Sect murashkovtsev  appeared relatively recently - in the 30 years of XX century. in Polesie, which was the part of Poland. In the Polish press of the time there were reports of the appearance on the eastern outskirts of the state of the new sect, led by "prophet bloody faith" Ivan ants. Ivan was born in the village Murashko Razmerki Polesie province. On the eve of World War I, like thousands of his countrymen, he had gone to far America to seek his fortune. In America Murashko became a Baptist. After the First World War, he returned to his homeland as a Baptist preacher, and then Read more [...]
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Mormons (Church of Jesus — Saints last time)

The word "Mormons "Derives from the name of" The Book of Mormon. " But they call themselves "The Church of Jesus of Latter-time." The founder of this sect is an American Joseph Smith (born 23/12/1805, in Zharone, Vermont). His family often changed their place of residence. Joseph Smith did not receive systematic education and school education. From his ancestors, he inherited a predisposition to the fantastic dreams, visions, etc. In 14 years, he had the first vision. In this case, it was revealed that he is in no way joined the existing church (religion). In Read more [...]
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Jehovah's Witnesses

Among the religious organizations of the Protestant type stands out "Society of Jehovah's Witnesses »Whose name simply Jehovah's Witnesses . The origins of modern iegovizm leads with 1872., When poor American merchant Charles Roussel has created a circle of "Bible Students", sets out to find the "Holy Scriptures" prophecies of the future of humanity that have tried in vain to find William Miller and his followers. Through the efforts of Russell and his entourage was established doctrine, based on the prophecies, which seemed founder iegovizma, overcome mistakes Read more [...]
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Skopchestvo (eunuchs)

Sect eunuchs  spun off from hristovoverov in the XVIII century. Eunuchs to a higher state of moral perfection - is a physical castration, though precluding any possibility of sinning. To get rid of the chief sin - "leposti", ie, carnal desire, it is necessary for the teaching of eunuchs, get rid of "seducing" bodies. Salvation of the believer can only guarantee castration - "baptism of fire" - otzhiganie hot iron or cut off with a razor knife genitals. Isolated from hristovoveriya, eunuchs kept much of faith and worship, but the basic idea hristovoveriya - permanent Read more [...]
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Hristovoverie (whips)

One of the most active areas of "spiritual Christianity" was hristovoverie. Hristovoverie, whips, God's people  - The name of the same sect. One of the rituals of the sect lay in the fact that during the sectarian zeal lashed themselves with whips, rods - hence one of the names. At the core beliefs of the sect are mystical ideas about the possibility of invasion of the "Holy Spirit" to select people who are honored as "Christ." Based on this, a sect called the "hristovoveriem." Themselves followers of the sect consider themselves "God's people." Read more [...]
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In IV. in the Roman Empire appears sect Manicheans , based on the dualistic world view and close to the Gnostic teachings, which will be especially important in the next century. The name of the sect is derived from the name of its founder - the semi-legendary Mani (ok.216 - 276). He was born at Ctesiphon (Persia), the family-sectarian "krestilnikov" adjacent to the Gnostic Mandaean communities. Because of this, Mani sooner acquainted with the esoteric teachings. For a time he was a Christian presbyter. Black little different sources, he developed his Christian Gnostic doctrine and Read more [...]
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