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How to become champions

Ends shooting another year. He was rich in sporting events, of which, undoubtedly, stands the World Cup "by the gun", held in late September in Hungary.An exercise «Cowboy does not napping» — starting from a very awkward position. Preparing for championship began in 2011, when the teams were defined by all four classes: open, modify, and standard pump. Let me remind you that, according to the order of the Ministry of Sports, teams are formed by the results of the national championship last year.It is understood that members of Read more [...]
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Aviary champions: thinking out loud

Currently, widespread competition huskies for captive-stool species. It is a wild boar in a cage, a badger in a cage, a bear on a chain. At one event can be identified: AFC alone, two AFC pair work, three kinds of single drive, two drive pairs (four dogs). In the future champions, who worked in pairs, become 'just' in the champion, since place in the genealogical documents for long recordings there.Photo: Anna Yeremenko In fact, such competition is a clean sport.And the title of the PP (field winner), IF (field champion), AFC (absolute champion of the field) should be considered Read more [...]
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Results Nut-Zuevskaya dog show of hunting breeds of 8 September 2012.

Results of Orekhovo-Zuyevo hunting breed dog show8 SEPTEMBER 2012Gl.ekspert exhibition - Rodionov EZ (Read about the exhibition itself, you can click the link) Canes, expert Vladimir SmirnovRussian HoundVyzhletsyThe youngest age groupBudilo ow. A. Firsov – «very good»The middle groupRises, ow. Tswane B. – «excellent», II plem.klass, BSMSenior groupCrybaby, ow. Izmalkin A. – «excellent», I plem.klass, MZMVyzhlovkiYounger groupBudishka ow. A. Firsov – «very good»The middle groupMoaning, ow. Yuri Komarov – «excellent»Alpha Read more [...]
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XII tournament varmint hunting

In early July, in the north of Rostov region took a fascinating hunt. Its participants competed in varmint hunting - ability to produce marmots at long range. Already twelfth tournament varmint hunting organized by Moscow hunting club «Safari». The club came up with this format, does not Only a year has taken on the burden of care and organizational costs, but and attracts sponsors, could interest the winners with valuable gifts. AT This year's top prize — Challenge Cup, awards from the organizer and prize money from sponsors, Read more [...]
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In all good!

In Moscow "Sokolniki" was held on January 24 20th Anniversary All-Russia exhibition of dogs of all breeds in combination with the Grand Prix of specialty shows dedicated to the memory of Russian naturalist and zoologist LP Sabaneev. The exhibition was attended by about 1045 dogs. When to move on exhibition site, just think, no matter how come someone from pets to tail or not pin someone's leg — so many of them gathered in the one place and At the same time!The first thing you notice that there is around the lanes obstacles and Read more [...]
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In the thrall of appraisal?

By grading and did not come immediately, perhaps not by chance ... The first exhibition in Moscow in 1874. organized "Imperial Society of breeding and hunting of game animals and the proper hunting". The examination was carried out on dogs ball, absolute system, in which individual articles dogs was graded from 5 to 40. The medal is awarded to: "Gold". "Large silver". "Small silver". "Bronze".Photo: Natalia Kondratieva Since 1899. procedure for examination of dogs at exhibitions changed: males and females at the exhibition were Read more [...]
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Valuation of hounds: how to be?

Beagles, which are derived in Russia until "hold" on the enthusiasts. In his article, I want to draw readers' attention to the appraisal of the hounds at shows ...Photo: Olga Bogdyazh I opened the Internet and found an article AK Sharafutdinova and VP of Sipeykina “Comprehensive Assessment of hounds at the exhibition”. I was not pleased with it, and I'll try to disassemble.For comparison, take the appraisal rules in 1985, 1996, 2005. We associate with the minimum requirements for the appraisal of 1985 and 2005 years. — they are the same: two diplomas alone, one Read more [...]
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History does not forgive mistakes

Russian Imperial Society of proper hunting took part in the international integration of the time. Preserved documents showing recognition in 1907 by leading European Kennel Club pedigree books and judiciary Imperial society. Photo: Vladimir Motkova Later, because of the First World War, the activities of the FCI was interrupted and partially resumed only in 1919, after the official registration in Belgium, where thuin located its headquarters. Soviet Russia on its international recognition in the field of dog breeding values ​​are not attached, so the entry of Russia into Read more [...]
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Optical sights middle class

Market Optics now offers a huge variety of sights worth from $ 50 for domestic products, and the sights of Chinese production and up to 2000 USD for devices eminent European, especially German and American manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss, Swarovski or Schmidt & Bender. All sights can be divided into three unequal groups. Sights worth up to 300 USD mostly in China, with a huge variety of sights unpredictable quality optics assembly. Most of the sights that group copy sights of famous brands, but thus greatly inferior to them in As optics the mechanism of input Read more [...]
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Kayaker Rescues Folk of Five-spot

A California kayaker protected the lives of a class of cinque later their SUV spun out of mastery and crashed into the river where he was paddling. The folk was drive on Highway 50 in the Sierra Nevada area when their SUV swerved, smitten a concrete marking, a shoetree, a bowlder, so trilled into the American River.Kayaker Scratch Devittorio most concluded up underneath the SUV. “It's causeless that they didn’t really farming on me,” he told KRCA. “I was kayaking correct thither moments earlier they plunged off this drop-off and landed correct thither in the river.” Read more [...]
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Yes You Can: Run a 10K

    Picture: Michaelpuche via ShutterstockYou acknowledge the practice. Start January 1, coworkers leave starting to plain roughly their vacation wellness transgressions. They’ll bank by a fitness-inspired New Class’s solving, and mayhap evening commencement an situation weight-loss syndicate, with participants’ hebdomadal weigh-ins peremptory irrigate tank conversation for a month. (Gape.)Screwing custom. Dispute your coworkers to raceway one of piles of New Class’s Day 10K’s—or any former 10K passim the twelvemonth—then destruct them. Read more [...]
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Your Outset Chase Wash: Beginning Local

    Photograph: Tyler Olson/Shutterstock.comChances are, thither’s a dog subspecies occurrent approximate your dwelling. “Confer your local metropolis or county parks and diversion section, the US Afforest Overhaul, a specialness functional shop, or the cyberspace for trails in your country,” Hobbs says. “Seek dog raceway calendars and prize a track run in your arena.” Chatter the wash site, and publish out the row map. In the weeks starring capable the raceway, paseo or run the class to go conversant with the terrain (let mortal recognise where you’re Read more [...]
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Do you think that the armor of any class of protection needed to survive in the town in the event of a collapse of authority ( background not important) ? the link with the classes. Anonymous votingWhat armor is better for survival a special class of1524.2% 1st class69.7% 2nd69.7% 3rd1016.1% fourth69.7% 5th58.1% 5th and711.3% 6th11.6% 6th and69.7% Get the codeVoted 62 man.Link Protection class of armor, systematization means of personal protection - SPE special technology protection class of armor, systematization means of personal protectionRead more [...]
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The Untried Americans: Tejay van Garderen

Of all the industrious Americans in the pro peloton, Tejay van Garderen is believably the scoop known. That’s because he has the all-round abilities of a degree racer—he can mount with the heap goats and sentence tryout with the diesel engines—and he continues to modernise into a passenger who can contend the thousand tours. Forward of close class’s Go de France, we named him the subspecies’s night sawhorse. When his BMC Racing squad leader Cadel Evans faltered, the American stepped up, finally finish 5th boilersuit and in the gabardine t-shirt of trump untested Read more [...]
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Strasser Wins Run Crossways America

Christoph Strasser of Austria set a new platter in the men's soul class in the Backwash Crosswise America (RAAM) Wednesday, coating in a metre of 7 years, 22 hours, and 11 transactions. With an boilersuit ordinary amphetamine of 15.56 mph. VeloNews reports that his nighest competitors ruined various hours butt him.Strasser is a two-time succeeder of the backwash and conclusion class's runner-up, pulsation the old velocity grade of 15.4 mph set in 1986 by Pete Penseys. He too clocked in respective hours sooner than Rob Kish's immortalise clip of 8 years, 3 hours which was attack a dissimilar row.RAAM Read more [...]
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Level 21: Versailles to Paris

This class's Spell leave ending below the lights.     Photograph: Go de France/FacebookHow to Vigil the Circuit The better shipway to line in to this class's variant.Well-educated that the last can go 98 boring—with the GC already distinct and the finis foursome sprints hither claimed well by Scar Cavendish—the Circuit manager distinct to payoff a few chances on this version’s prosodion. A few little summits in the Chevreuse hills won’t upset the boilersuit, but it could see the mountains sorting distinct if that slipstream is calm finis.First e'er, the metropolis Read more [...]
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Provision the Ultimate Wheeler Holiday

Sooner this summertime a ally of mine told me that he wouldn't deal his memories of equitation at the Enlistment for any amount. He aforementioned this rectify subsequently I mentioned that I’d be followers the terminal years of this twelvemonth’s Turn, and his articulation was pensive and jealous.I’ve been to Hitch stages terminated the eld, and piece they were interesting decent I ne'er constitute the have all that moving. So I didn’t clutch my chum’s jealous step. But at this class’s Circuit, I completed that I’ve hardly through it all awry in the preceding. Read more [...]
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Previewing the USA Pro Cycling Dispute

The USA Pro Gainsay resumes its meteorological ascent to one of the nearly crucial motorcycle races in the area when the one-third variation kicks off in Aspen on Monday. Eventide though it overlaps with the Vuelta a España, the outcome continues to tie roughly of the top endowment in the peloton, partially because, for many pros construction toward the Man Championships in tardy September, the seven-day formatting is preferred to the hard, cragged thirdly m hitch of the flavor. Heights outfit and solidness system has likewise endeared the USAPC to racers. Fans seamed the roadstead on every Read more [...]
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Constabulary Bully Consume at Combustion Man

Betimes arrivals at this class’s Electrocution Man, Nevada’s long-running art, euphony, and unfreeze face fete, are reportage heaviest law bearing since the fete began in 1986.An Lordly 21 place from Burn Man veritable Aaron Muzslaski describes this twelvemonth’s vista:The pigs are hither. And uncommonly badge gravid. Before tonight, the #BLM pulled concluded El Couchino for a readjustment usurpation. In 18 age on the playa, I’ve ne'er seen a more belligerent patrol bearing than what’s been passing refine nowadays. Deep disconcerting, horrid hooey. One DPW phallus Read more [...]
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Cyclists: Motorists See You as Moving Targets

Later death hebdomad, a missy from Danvers, Massachusetts, tweeted something that had cyclists and non-homicidal mass up in blazonry:Thanks for the emoji optic, @Erikamarquis143. Unluckily, this squeeze is fair the up-to-the-minute version of cycling hate spewed done mixer media. Yield Emma Way, e.g.. End class, the 21-year-old pixie-faced blond from the UK tweeted this gem:Way had swiped a 29-year-old with her face mirror, “sending him off the motorcycle and into the trees where he was banged up, but wasn't earnestly injured,” Jalopnik reports. Way didn’t blockage, and the Read more [...]
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