Incident detsadskogo

Olga felt that a new school year after the holiday in their own musical lyceum, it is a good start. She divorced her husband, bored with their endless disputes. And not just divorced, and very successfully. In other words, accused him of treason. Returning from malehankih adjacent town where old helped parents in the country and around the house, she smelled that all things feminine wife smelled perfume, and on the collar of one shirt showed traces of lipstick, badly faded. Socks for all this lay - more precisely, stood - a pile and expect their own hours. But Olga and thought for them to wash Read more [...]
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In California’s Santa Claus wore galoshes

A week after the abnormal rains, tatapusin dozens of settlements on the West coast of the United States, California was faced with the second wave of heavy rains. Meteorological service of the United States announced a storm warning. According to the forecast, Santa Claus will have to \"work\" under an umbrella and galoshes, as in New year's heavy rains, storms, stormy winds, emerging floods and landslides. Since last night streams of water walking around the streets of Los Angeles and the cities of long beach. Source: Type Icon News Read more [...]
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Grandpa Frost

At home fabulous Santa Claus in Great Ustyug, found a real prototype of the famous fairy-tale hero. St. Prokop Ustiug back in the 13th century lived in the snow, performed miracles and joy to children on Christmas gifts.If the Western Christian countries Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Christmas trees and gifts in charge, we have the post erected pagan character - magician.This was done in 1935 on the initiative of the Bolsheviks, a member of the Presidium of the USSR Central Executive Committee, Peter Postyshev, who suggested in an article in the newspaper "Pravda" rethink Christmas Read more [...]
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The Pentagon will track the movements of Santa Claus.

On the eve of the Nativity of the Western Joint Command aerospace defense of North America (NORAD) to track the movement of tradition will be the Santa Claus on the planet.On December 1 online US-Canadian command already begin the countdown to the start of tracking, NORAD said.Anyone who wants to know the location of the western counterpart of Santa Claus on Tuesday, December 24 (from 24 to 25 December MSC), and to prepare for his visit, including in Russia, may do so by visiting the dedicated website NORAD, as well as calling by special phone (+1-877-466-6723).Santa's position on the map Web Read more [...]
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In Uzbekistan, the Santa Claus recognized Extraterrestrials

The Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan has advised all theaters of the main characters to rename the Christmas productions - Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. This was reported Uznews artist of one of the theaters in Tashkent.According to him, Santa Claus (Cor Bobo - Uzbek.) Actor proposed to call Stellar Wizard, and Snow White (Cor kiz - Uzbek.) - Wvezdnoy Fairy. The relevant recommendation was allegedly given in November, following a meeting in Tashkent theaters artistic director with the Minister of Culture and Sport Tursunali Kuziev.As stated in the report, the head of department at the meeting Read more [...]
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The realities of the New Year, You Snow Maiden with a striptease, or for the kids?

Christmas characters ordered home, office and even a sauna. How much is the visit of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden on a lap dance ...Order your child on holiday to Santa Claus now.- Of 50 of our grandparents already dismantled 32, - told me in one of the holiday agencies. - Their schedules are full. But we can still burn you, even at 31 December.I'm on a trick not vedus - 31 th highest rates for Grandpa visit. Moreover, on the night of the 1st maximum amount - 880 000. Day is 770, and in the morning - 660 thousand. If you call the grandfather of 29-30 December or Read more [...]
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Joulupukki — Christmas goat

And, did you know that a good Christmas Santa Claus, who lives in Lapland, in fact, angry character in mythology and his name - Joulupukki or "Christmas goat".It now it has become a good-natured, rosy-cheeked old man in a red coat, and in XIX century it was being portrayed evil in goatskin with horns, which came into the house to scare the children. Naughty he cooked alive in a cauldron, and deer just eat. Gradually, with the advent of Christianity, this pagan demon folklore gradually mellowed, become more humane and turned into the kind-hearted old man, whom we all know.And how do you Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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