Memorial Dawn

What is the charm of this hunt? So the question is probably asked everyPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev We woke up late in the afternoon. It was a warm sunny day. The body ached pleasantly from physical overload. Things backpacks piled in a heap, geese hanging bundles in the dressing room, dirty-gray monster standing in a clearing in which the product is difficult to discern the domestic auto industry, – all this should be put in order.My partner urgently for a couple of days had to go home. He will join me later. Despite the fatigue, the soul happy and a little sad feeling because Read more [...]
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Karaatysh Yalan

Karaatysh Yalan meadow dark Atysha, location on the so-far away from the waterfall Atysh. It is from him will be a little to the north and west. Up on the plateau. I do not know why such a title in the tract. But most of the field is very clearly traced dollars towards Lemeza and once a very long time ago, apparently on the dale tech stream. Maybe even the river Atysh. Only now it was apparently a very long time ago, many thousands of years ago. And maybe not so long ago. After all, the title to come from somewhere. Once in the clearing was a summer camp, where horses graze, or, or cattle. What Read more [...]
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For two passes. Part of the 5th

Somewhere in Urmanov cuckoo. Usually before a thunderstorm all living pritihaet hides. Only mosquitoes begin satanet, and where only taken it all winged multitude? A cuckoo lurking somewhere in cheremshannike, where it was quiet until, sometimes handed rare cuckoo. Apparently and its troubled wave of an approaching storm. Guessing how to live, not risk. The descent was over, and soon the road led to the immense clearing, rushing straight on through it, she diagonal to Progal between with 2 strong ridges. In the meeting point two mountains, the one that broke off a strong beveled tip, helmets and Read more [...]
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Mountains Boiler Chubarova, Listvyanaya

Mount boiler is located in the center of the best preserved in the area prisverdlovskom mountain taiga of the array, which is just 35-40 km north-west of Sverdlovsk, between Nizhny Tagil and Kuzinskoy railway lines. This harsh top, standing on the main watershed of the Ural Mountains, from which originate the Malaya Black flowing into the lake Isetskoe (Ob basin), and Black, Chusovoi inflow (Volga basin), equally well be seen for dozens of miles from the Devil's Mounds and Mount Volchikha, from Tavatuya and Bilimbaya. Boiler refers to Bunarskomu ridge that starts from Birch Pass at Moscow road Read more [...]
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The main methods of opening overwhelmed shelters.

In places where clear blockages, where their height exceeds 1m, targeted to smooth out splinters and pave the way for the dam. When the debris height least 1 m should be clear, making the passages for auto transport width to 3.5-4.0 m For passing oncoming vehicles suit every 150-200 m special site. One rescue group, reinforced by a bulldozer, for 10 hours of work may make the passage in the rubble of a width of 3.5-4.0 m in length up to 4 kmDependent on the nature of the destruction of buildings, which are shelter, can be used in subsequent methods of their disclosure: clearing the rubble of the Read more [...]
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Avalanches blocked the movement through the Salang pass in Afghanistan

KABUL, 7 Mar — RIA Novosti, Andrei Greshnov. Numerous avalanches came down in the night of Monday on both sides of the Salang pass, through which runs the main road from the Northern provinces of Afghanistan in the South, told the media head of Department ensure traffic to pass General Rajab.   According to him, dozens of avalanches descended to the North and South of the Salang tunnel under the built in economic and technical assistance of the USSR. The length of the tunnel is almost 2.7 thousand meters. Previously Rajab said that the clearing of serpentine rock on Monday Read more [...]
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Record snowfall in Rochester, new York

on December 30. Residents of Rochester, to go out, had to dig out the entrances to their homes, which was covered with snow. Some citizens on clearing the yards it took more than an hour. Some could not do without the help of neighbors. The road connecting the blocks were subtle that brought many challenges to those who decided to go to work on your own car. To release the snowy Rochester, took much more snow removal equipment than usual, because this snow already can be attributed to these records. Were involved in those machines that are typically used only in cases of emergency. While clearing Read more [...]
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Not far from our village, the lake was a forest glade - Cherepova. Once it sowed oats, but now all over the clearing were growing large white daisies and red clover. Of clover and daisies I found clumps of wild strawberries and a long time sitting in the grass, picking cocoa. Middle of the clearing was a small, but very fluffy pine. Settled under the pines ants. Slightly away from the ant hills I always found funny little family of mushrooms with oil. Oil was a lot. They hid under old pine needles and there slyly glancing at me with his yellow-head hats. On the edge of the clearing Read more [...]
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Eastward Beatniks W, Free Finally

Jay Vizor Refuge JAY Vizor, VERMONT If you're looking pulverisation eastward of the Mississippi, Jay Crown is your berth. Finis twelvemonth, storms whacked this outback haunt, octet miles from the Canadian delimitation, with 571 inches of whiten englut. That happened to be a disk, but the five-year intermediate is calm 428 inches, a chassis that many resorts in Colorado can't compeer. Thanks to minimum crowds and legion obscure glades, pathless coke is as park in-bounds hither as it is off-limits at otc places in New England. Ilk the 22 glades and chutes elsewhere at Jay, one-and-a-quarter-mile-long Read more [...]
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The seventh day

The seventh day For two days I stayed at home, but today broke the early morning quiet, came to a clearing. Foggy morning again. Away on pock first filed in morning forest voice snowbird. I sat on the edge of a clearing about young firs, did not move and waited. Right next to me got out of the bushes teterevyata. Teterevyata already large - males are dark, they have penetrated a black pen-osachey adult roosters. Now they are not so friendly roam the woods, do not run and each other. One found an ant pile and set it as a "swim" as chickens bathed in the dust. Another cock Read more [...]
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Yellow Devil

Young SIRF feared nobody. And whom to fear if nature has given this large forest fly-zhurchalku unusual dress! If what the artist put SIRF near feisty wasp, and looking at her, held a small brush on a black body flies bright yellow stripes, exactly the same as that of a wasp. SIRF, completely defenseless, did not have to hide from the sharp beaks of birds, and of the terrible jaws of predators, dragonflies. Noticeable even from a distance black and yellow pattern, as if copied from zhalonosnoy wasps baffled every lover eat insects. And wasps in the woods all feared: who has ever experienced Read more [...]
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Orientation in forest

If the spore plants - mosses, ferns, horsetails, club mosses, and fungi - found in the open, it indicates that there has recently been a forest. Before we delve into the forest, we must always pay attention to the sun, remember which side it is located. If the sun is on the right when you exit in the same direction of the forest need to place it on the left.At a delay of over an hour in the woods, remember that due to the rotation of the Earth sun seems to have shifted to the right. Therefore, when the output from the forest to the sun, if we use it as a guide, we have an additional dodge left Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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