Bream in early winter

On irrigation, food rich in mainly oriented to middle and large white bream — before 800 At the beginning of winter location leschovyh schools largely depends on the nature of ice formation and characteristics of the reservoir. In the absence of sharp fluctuations in temperature, when the ice becomes immediately goes to the big bream greater depths, because there living conditions most comfortable for him. Accordingly, looking at him then wells, and the mainstream Other dredging.However, the instability of the weather Recently, Read more [...]
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Predator of the sparrow unit

This bird is in many respects unusual. Forty-LIKE, BUT NOT Forty RODNYA.PO behavior and many external sign - typically small predators, but is to further kinship with waxwings and thrushes. APPLY TO songbirds, but the songs do not POET.NAVERNOE, it's time to call it: gray shrike.The name of the shrike was because of the appearance - it's really far away can be confused with a magpie, which (in miniature), he is a bit like its appearance and color: gray with a touch of black and white, with a long tail step. A bit like a magpie shrike and pozyvka - sharp "check-check-check." The Latin name of this Read more [...]
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As we walked elk vabit

We waved Andryukha the marsh moose vabit. Wetlands good - gonnaya. And the weather is right, too. There is no wind. Night moon. Starry sky.In the open lowlands fog. Headlights lanterns light the way of fun. The mood is cheerful and festive zamechatelnoe.Dazhe, almost New Year.About three o'clock in the morning without reaching a kilometer to the marshes, felts stronuli moose, whether it is itself in front of us went. We misunderstood. I felt moose close to the left about fifty meters. Then the animal is calm step forward we went. We then headed to the intended location, but left three or four hundred Read more [...]
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Twilight guest

(Notes huntsman)Illustration Christine Buckham I often had to hunt night time — early and Late fall, winter time. Hunt was something like one another, but, as we know, nothing is absolutely identical it happens.Watching nature, many know her secrets and puzzles. Sometimes, when I suddenly catches the wind and the incident rain, but You can not leave, you had to stand up am. AT winter I I am watching the moonlight and the beauty of nature life animals, nocturnal.It looks nice on the fatliquoring hare winter. Read more [...]
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Fish red pen

In ponds where many rudd, catching it is very interesting. It is important to choose the right place for fishing and pick up the nozzle of the season and the weather — then the result is immediate impact.Rudd is widely distributed in the middle zone and the southern regions of Russia. Prefers flow, with thickets of water vegetation ponds, creeks and oxbow river, reed and reed lake. Keeps increasingly on small and medium depths in the grass or reeds, avoiding places with fast current. Catch rudd from bridges, shore or from a boat, looking Progal in the grass, reed or cane. Read more [...]
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The combination of small reservoirs

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Each lure in tiat a charge of success, but everything depends on the practical experience of spinning. Fisherman teaches the theory and exam he takes on practice. Practical experience — recipe for success. In confined waters where fishing pressure is great enough, and groupers Pike-to travyanki ordinary baubles are often indifferent. It was such circumstances may fetch spinning lures unusual designs.Wobblers — this lure on form and color imitating the appearance of a fish, insect and other animals. Read more [...]
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Float Winter dams

Most anglers in the early days of winter give priority to the fishing rod, equipped with a nod and a jig, jig but sometimes for some reason alarming roach, perch and other fish. If the fish is just touching the nozzle without locking hook jig in the mouth because of her even a small weight, the hook in it is sometimes impossible. However, when the smallest hook nazhivlen bloodworms or other head suddenly be more confident bite.It is important to focus on that float tackle for fishing pond must be made thin, so I move on to snap. For fishing and great depths when Read more [...]
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Close to the shore

Midwinter — difficult time for fish in almost all water bodies, hidden with a thick layer of ice and snow. And even thaw to melt water has a greater negative impact on life under the ice than positive. This happens due to the fact that through the ice located «afloat», Oxygen-rich fresh water can not penetrate in any way and is on the surface. Then she completely clog countless micro-cracks, through which at least some gas exchange with the external environment, when the ice was dry.In the narrow coastal zone where the ice is usually in the middle of winter «Freeze» Read more [...]
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Seduction schooling bass

The formation of ice on ponds safe - happy time for fans to race with blesёnkoy skipjack predatorPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov It was in the first half of this winter's most productive hunting and gambling, because at this time still continue to fatten perch, coeval staying in large flocks, and ease of punching a large number of holes facilitates the search for clusters with decent-sized predators.Catching schooling predatory fish from the ice, especially perch and pike-perch, the most ancient Russian craze appeared long before the invention of jig, which is needed in order not to sit Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Photo by the author At the end of last week, metropolitan area was dominated by a very active cyclone. Passing through the region of its atmospheric fronts accompanied by high winds, thunderstorms, rain and even hail. In addition, the weekend started strong and prolonged cold snap, when the air temperature, especially at night, dropped significantly below normal for this time of the summer. This stormy weather, of course, could not affect a certain way on the behavior of different fish: fish tend to leave the shallow water with steep waves and more cold water and much better caught Read more [...]
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That does not happen on the hunt!

It was an overcast November day. We huntsman came to the edge of a large, recently harvested corn field. Even in the approach of trails, beaten animals in the copse of trees, it was easy to guess that this place is frequented by game. And roe deer, and wild boar are regularly visited by here, to profit by crop residues, nedoubrannogo harvesters. The field is a small hill on top of which was stretched small grove adjacent to the farm gardens. After inspecting the field with binoculars, I found near the forest group of deer grazing peacefully goals in seven to eight. Not strong, Read more [...]
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Near the coast

In fishing practice sometimes create a situation where fishing takes on the nature of the problem that requires the angler find true solutions to problems as to attract fish to a certain place and to establish the optimal gear. These difficult conditions may be, for example, a hurricane uncomfortable direction, a strong vortex flow, fluctuations in a wide range of water level and its sudden haze and clear and dense concentration of fish in the narrow coastal strip with an excess of certain seasonal food here.In the case where the sum summer season with constant heavy rains, the Read more [...]
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Summer bait and tips

Part 4. RARELY USED NATURAL BAITContinuing the discussion on whether to use some effective, under certain conditions, fishing natural bait, I would like to focus on a bait like amphipod.Reading books, books and knizhentsii about fishing in each of them there are a reference to the amphipod (Gammarus). What is interesting, well, virtually all the literature in reference to this bait, anyway, is a reference to the Siberian reservoirs. However, the amphipod crustacean-widely distributed throughout the waters of Russia. Maybe amphipod, inhabits the waters of the Moscow region, and does not reach such Read more [...]
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Time of big dace

Autumn dace For catching each fish probably exists throughout the year has its own best time, even if it is very short. And now, when it was quite bare trees sadly shake their dark branches in the piercing wind pre-winter and fallen colorful leaves soaked and formed a colorful carpet on the bottom of ponds, it's a great time for fishing in the wiring of the largest, well-fed autumn dace, even in the icy water rapid on bite and very brisk when playing.We can not say that the dace not bite at any other time of the year, but then the fishing becoming prey mainly small fish and they Read more [...]
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Brave Hunter

Winter. I go over the snow to the ravine, hoping to meet with the hare. I thought, and suddenly ... The first impression that a fly flew. "What fly? On the street in January "- corrects itself and change direction, trying to get closer to the place where it seemed to move. I must say that my vision is not very, I would say: very much! I am approaching the snow, and I see a small dark spot. Weak-eyed squinting and leaning, I come closer. What? At first I can not understand, and then refuse to believe his eyes: an owl.Coming close and bent, it turns out, nose to nose with an owl the size of a sparrow. Read more [...]
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Flash flood

Towards surviving in extreme conditions, there may be a variety of obstacles and dangers, up to the most unpredictable and deadly. And the more dangerous it can be for a man some natural phenomenon than it is surprising. Today we will talk about one of the most unexpected and dangerous effects for the traveler – flood flood. While wandering people can move in different relief and areas. Among other things, you can be in a dried up river beds, off the coast of small rivers and mountain streams, in ravines, canyons and other places close to water bodies. You can not suspect anything, brook, Read more [...]
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5 Trips Polish Storage Lane: The Terms of Exemption

Evensong at Messiah in the Forsake Monastery away Abiquiu, NM.     Exposure: Jim Lo ScalzoThe Rio Chama in northerly New Mexico—leastwise the ten-mile extend that starts close a monastery where the monks brewage beer—is not especially angry. The biggest curl is a Form III curler, and the drift ends supra a dam that creates the jet-ski oasis of Abiquiu Lake. Besides, the urine oftentimes resembles Yoo-Hoo, so the sportfishing is ordinarily really bad.Silence, the Chama is one of my darling places on ground for a dim-witted rationality: I erudite to hatful hither. I commencement Read more [...]
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Close to reality TRAINING ( what it is)

In the last article on the subject "hard target" we've touched on the features of physical training for self-defense. and faced with the term "close to reality training".let's find out what it is and what it will do. Not going to carefully outline how to do this or another blow, one or another technique. It's the 1-x, worthless - you need to demonstrate and practice . And 2, similar literature a lot. But what is missing in podabayuschee as is information about how to make training on self-defense really close to reality. The PRINCIPLES of Close-to-reality TRAINING ON self-DEFENSE:1. Read more [...]
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Why Eco-Friendly Underclothes Makes the Outflank Present

    Pic: Courtesy SwantsArguably, the greenest endow is the one you don't buy, since, as we've been taught, blatant usance breeds rot. Naturally, a hug and near intensions won't inevitably do at your kinfolk's vacation fiesta. Fountainhead, hither's a commodity compromise, on with approximately direction for everything from gag gifts to life-savers.1. A digital living double-decker for gas-hogs.Machinelike is a modest twist that plugs into a car's information porthole (cars manufactured since 1996 get them – it's the like embrasure mechanism use to run introductory nosology). Read more [...]
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At the top of Hillside

Between Chernoistochinsk and Nizhniy Tagil has a low wooded hill called Kosogor. In the early spring was visited by students from the tourist circle at Chernoistochinsk Children's Art House. Path first passed through Chernoistochinsk path to the Red River, which flows from the southern side Hillside. Slightly to the side of the road, down the stream, the remains of a wooden bridge. At the location it is possible to determine that the old road passed close to the mountain and had a curved track. Because the top of the mountain got its name. After crossing the river, a group of young tourists, Read more [...]
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