Rain in the Rostov region

Movement of intercity buses in the Rostov region in all directions is closed due to heavy ice, the cause of which served as rain.

«The movement of passenger vehicles in the Rostov region is closed in all directions due to the fact that sub-zero temperatures — it ranges from -5 … -6 ° — the rain, and the roads are covered with ice, «- said on Friday the agency» Interfax «Minister of Roads, Transport and Communications of the Rostov region Vasily Holla.

Source: Interfax

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In China a heavy snowfall

Powerful snowstorms hit the Northeast China, the air temperature dropped to -24 °. In Heilongjiang Province, which borders Russia, airports delayed more than 60 flights, interrupted bus service, closed four highways are marked with road accidents. The air temperature dropped to minus 24 degrees Celsius. In Harbin - the administrative center of Heilongjiang - a few hours the airport was closed "Taiping". Also closed the airport in Changchun - the capital of Jilin Province, which followed there planes land in other cities. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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Appendix №1

    This index card included in basically documents that were not used operation. Some of that is here, applied, but the best part is not in the work. They are required to fully disclose the history of Orthodoxy in the Tagil earth.Number Address Summary document and Date1 F. op.  g. n. 211.1, 41,1i 2 Protocol for lease religious institutions of church buildings. Resolved take after inspection commission engineering. May 5 In 1923.2 211,1,41, 18,19, 58 26,28,29,44i Correspondence admotdela NT and admotdela Ektb. On carrying out the registration of church societies. Read more [...]
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Australia — powerful fires and floods

As a result of severe forest fires in Australia have already burned more than 30 thousand hectares of forest. Flame height in some places reaches 18 meters. In fire involving dozens of firefighters and aviation calculations. It is reported that at this point the spread of fire was stopped. East green continent suffers from flooding. He was summoned to unusually heavy rains. According to meteorologists, three days in some areas had the annual rainfall. Two city declared disaster zones. They canceled classes in schools, no shops, a closed road. Many farms have been completely cut off from the outside Read more [...]
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Illegal monastery in Sirbishino

    It has long been wiped out by a convent, located fifty kilometers from Nizhny Tagil nearby village Sirbishino. However, until 1895 there were only a dormitory for nuns, and then in 1913 was incorporated community, and only in 1916 the drive has a new status of the monastery.     On the eve of the October Revolution, the monastery numbered in one nun and forty three novices. The monastery itself was made of wood. Vvedenskaya church was laid June 18, 1913 and consecrated in honor of the Entry of the Theotokos February 1, 1914. After eight years of its existence in Read more [...]
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By the rivers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory continue to operate 70 ice crossings

Despite the fact that in most regions of the Russian Federation in all reigns spring, in almost all areas have already been floods, there are places where winter conditions persist. In the Krasnoyarsk region so far are 70 ice crossings. With all of this sixty have already closed. So in the Evenki urban area with 22 April 2013 closed 6 ice crossings. The drive motor vehicles is prohibited by Chun River, Kamo, tach (in 3 places). In connection with the established warm weather also closed 5 driveways on winter road "Bike - Boguchansky border area and 1 drive on winter roads" North Eniseisk - IOP Read more [...]
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The fact that two closed «atomic» city of Chelyabinsk region and Ozersk Snezhinsk located on the shores of large lakes, and the need to protect these objects almost gentler Russia’s borders. That sent, sailors anchored in the Ural Mountains. In total, in the South Urals are 240 members of the Pacific Fleet. At the disposal of the sailors there are several dozen combat naval units and even a few mini-ports. Here’s a fleet in the Southern Urals.

And, for example, 32 Marine detachment guarding Ozersk and all located on a peninsula in the lake Irtyash. In addition to the convenience of it, apparently, still makes for a scarce «land sailors» ocean surroundings. Although in general, all the guys are serious: the shape of a ribbon, vest, compass, and even the ship's figurehead kolokoly-«flasks», Szyvayuschie sailors for lunch. More «interestingness»: 1) The day of the Navy of the Russian Federation in the closed towns Chelyabinsk region extends in a big way, and the main events prazdnichka every Read more [...]
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In Komi opened ice crossing rivers Black, Kozhim and Vychegda and closed through the Great Vizinga

Walking ice crossing closed Sysolsk area of ​​the Komi Republic. Breath of spring gives itself felt. Ice cover on the river Big Vizinga is not as strong, at the crossing gullies occur. In order to ensure the safety of the population in this Sysolsk crossing was closed. Her closing should in no way affect the livelihood of the people. For a week earlier on February 8 in the Komi Republic was opened three ice crossings. In the town of Inta across rivers and Dark Kozhim allowed to move vehicles. In Ust-Kulom area on the river between Vychegda Smolianka village and the village of Ust-Him opened Read more [...]
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In Iran, because of the heat closed government offices and schools

Today, July 10, in Iran because of the heat closed government offices.

The air temperature in the Iranian capital Tehran reaches 48 degrees Celsius.

In most provinces, a few days also closed schools and higher education institutions.

Source: Komersant

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Russia threatens African swine fever

Russia threatens African swine fever. Deadly animal virus spread from Georgia to the South of the country three years ago. Its distribution in North and West are constantly evolving. As noted today at hardware meeting with the President of the Udmurt Republic, the head of the Republican administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor, flash, ASF — so the vets called disease — already registered in the Orenburg region. In Udmurtia — dozens of large pig farms. They grow 90 percent of the national herd. To prevent mass infection of livestock that can lead to Read more [...]
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Night walk on the abandoned factory shop

Greetings to you my dear fans Postapokaliptika, abandoned factories and buildings. There are not many, but for you I want to tell a photo, video report on our recent outing. I understand that it was not on the site, but nevertheless I hope that you enjoy.Karoche saying we gathered at nightfall once again climb the abandoned flubam, indulge flashlights, and just to see together, do not need to work for the night from Friday to Saturday. Where to go do not know yet, spudded on 20 minutes in the Internet server, where an urgent search to find a suitable, clever with urbantripskih etc. sites are Read more [...]
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Kamchatka. In the siege of volcanoes

The residents of the Far East of Ust-Kamchatsk is more than a day in the blockade: from the village not to leave, not to fly. And even forbidden to leave the house! And blame two awake on the eve of the volcano. Shiveluch and Klyuchevskaya Sopka is located a hundred kilometers from Ust-Kamchatsk, and hit tons of ash. And 5 thousand inhabitants is the only affected. But the Kamchatka volcanoes, according to scientists, can do no less trouble than the world-famous islenski Eyjafjallajökull. — Please do not leave the house until further notice. Tiny Ust-Kamchatsk, following the instructions Read more [...]
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Closed cardiac massage

Perhaps many people have seen the video where Vinnie Jones teaches doing chest compressions, I took the trouble to translate the movie for those who does not speak the language overseas.to enable subtitles, click the buttonFor those who have a slow Inet few screenshots with explanationsPulley representation British Heart FoundationMy name is Vinnie Jonesand I'm going to teach you a lesson you will never forget There are times in life when you have to be tough. Suppose a person falls unconscious before you What will you do?We need a volunteer who can not breatheHere's one I made Read more [...]
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The headquarters of the UN is closed on weather conditions, meeting cancelled

Snowy new York © REUTERS/ Yuri Gripas According to the official information of the press-centre of the United Nations, \"because of the bad weather the headquarters of the United Nations in new York during January 27 is closed, all assigned here on the day of the meeting has been cancelled\". This is the second YTD case where the headquarters of the UN is closed on weather conditions. Due to weather force majeure, the new York mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the attack in the city \"emergency weather situation.\" According to the American television metaocaml, in new York fell 48 cm of snow. Read more [...]
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For tourist: Putting food on the march

Quenching in the campaign. This operation can be done on the set rovnenko, moderate heat oven. It may be under fire pit, private utensils or leaves, paper, smeared on the outside of clay.To extinguish the goods needed in the pit first hot coals. Lower the sealed container with water and food in the pit. Place a layer of coals around it, and the top cover with a thin layer of soil. If it can be, Zamosc pit stones, the better to keep warm. Implementation of this method protects the products from getting into their flies and other insects.Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: SPINNING REELS closed spool

Closed coil - Radiant coil with closed spool designed so that greatly simplify and reduce the possibility of casting fishing line entanglement. It is clear that this can be achieved to the detriment of other properties.USEFUL INFORMATIONShow in 1950 the first closed steel coils use demand, especially among beginners because casting using their simpler than using other types of coils. Inspired by the popular manufacturers in all parts of the world have flooded the market closed coils own designs, because there was a single task to do and also a cheap reel. Currently, there are many Read more [...]
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Transcam closed due to bad weather

Across the North Caucasus has dramatically complicated the situation on the roads. The reason is the heavy snow and the threat of avalanches. At least the day extended the ban on travel on the TRANS-Caucasian highway - only between Russia and South Ossetia. According to meteorologists, the height of the snow cover on the mountain slopes greater than m is a critical level, and the snow is still. Today in the district of transcam a tragedy happened: killed a worker engaged in the construction of avalanche gallery. David Pochaev, representative of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in North Read more [...]
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Woke up the largest volcano in Europe — Etna

Due to the eruption of mount Etna Russian tourists stranded in Sicilymay 13.More than 80 Russian tourists are not able to fly home from Italy. Their flight Bergamo-Moscow was cancelled because of the awakened volcano Etna. The runway of the airport of Catania in Sicily, where is now their Charter plane, covered with ashes, so that the liner, like many others, just can't fly. The group, which has a year-old child and a pregnant woman, held at the airport Bergamo is more than a day. Representatives of the airlines come into contact only when joined the case of the Russian Embassy. Now tourists Read more [...]
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The beaches of the state of new York was closed because of an invasion of sharks

The beaches of the city Westhampton in the state of new York closed due to sharks observed in the coastal waters. About the appearance of sharks in the police said witnesses noticed them in the water. Power, without hesitation, decided to ban swimming at local beaches. According to some reports, sharks only six. One of the sharks even managed to photograph. In the analysis of pictures, biologists have suggested that in the surrounding water swam whale sharks are huge, but not dangerous to humans. Experts believe that the sea giants have come to the beaches in search of plankton and small fish, Read more [...]
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Raging in the world weather

08.01.2011. In Latvia thousands of people were left without electricity. The reason of the strongest snow. The authorities imposed a state of emergency in 40 districts. In an emergency mode work and utilities in Germany. In Rhine water level has reached a critical level. Under the threat of flooding dozens of communities. The situation is no better and in Belgium. In Wallonia due to flooding closed roads. There are reports of dead and injured.In Latvia because of snow and power interruptions imposed a state of emergency. Tens of thousands of people live for a week without light. «We Read more [...]
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