Weather sign

«There is no bad weather» - This proverb to the townsfolk and the romantics… For someone who struggling to survive in the wild, the weather is usually a bad or very bad. Very important to predict the weather, to prepare for various eventualities: frost, storm, snow, rain, thunderstorm. And here need high-quality weather forecast, and not the lazhovy as we usually transmits weather bureau. After all, your life is on the map. In this article we will touch on a number, which can make short-range weather forecast. In the fall, spring and winter, when it was cloudy and cold, and in Read more [...]
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Weirdest Endure: Vent Lightning

Chilly's Puyehue vent, June 2011.     Exposure: Francisco Negroni/CorbisWHAT: Electromagnetic discharges that heat during eruptions and interior ash plumes.WHERE: Any big, volatile bang ejecting monolithic ash clouds, such as Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland or Chaitén in Chili.HOW: As magma breaks asunder, it becomes aerated, creating outlet lightning that strikes out round the vent’s mouthpiece. Preen lightning can manakin as far as respective c miles from the vent, as erupted ash, stone, and gas interact with wet in clouds to produce bolts capable 20 miles longsighted.SUPERFREAKS: Read more [...]
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Weirdest Brave: Waterspouts

    Pic: burax/FlickrWHAT: An capable 8,000-foot-high swirling tower of air – sometimes containing a seeable funnel mottle – that can actuate at 30 knots and produce winds of 200 mph.WHERE: The Heavy Lakes, the Mediterranean, and nearly tropic and semitropical shoal seas. The Florida Keys mean 100 to 500 spouts a summertime.HOW: As fond, dampish air rises to mannikin sea-level agglomerate clouds terminated heavy bodies of h2o, winds produce a swirling convolution that can beam a editorial of capsule up into the clouds’ pedestal.SUPERFREAKS: Waterspouts suffer knocked Read more [...]
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Going Everest

    For the retiring pentad weeks, Grayson Schaffer has been stationed at Pedestal Cantonment. Finis Friday, he began what can be as immediate as a two- to three-day journeying cover to Kathmandu, contingent when and where you select to speed your misstep by hopping on an plane, whirlybird, or motortruck. But the brave hasn’t been cooperating, and Schaffer sent us the tone downstairs from Lukla, the nearest hamlet to Groundwork Ingroup with a good-size strip, explaining their ill-omened effort yesterday to collar a whirlybird drive.It's been xcvii showery in Lukla for Read more [...]
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Noctilucent clouds season is not going to be completed

Syktyvkar, Russia, July 17, 2013 © Pavel S | July 20, 2013. Owing to the change of astronomical and atmospheric factors noctilucent clouds season is nearing completion. Still glowing gossamer thin continues to delight his fans in different parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Night of the 14th of July in the twilight of the Moscow sky again appeared gently glowing clouds. Even those who previously had never seen such a phenomenon, immediately realized that this noctilucent clouds.Indeed, with noctilucent clouds is difficult to make a mistake. Either they have it or they do Read more [...]
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USA: Ominous clouds covered Michigan

July 25, 2013. Yesterday at about 20:30 local time over the state of Michigan there were ominous clouds of yellow-orange color. According to one of the local newspapers, the witnesses of this strange phenomenon immediately began to shoot video and take pictures, then post them on the network. One of the locals in the comments wrote that what he saw is the craziest thing he'd ever met. In fact, many residents of Michigan expected after such a horrific sight to see some kind of a hurricane or tornado.But meteorologists have denied such claims, noting that it is a rare phenomenon is called Mammatus. Read more [...]
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Nacreous clouds over Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, July 24, 2013 © Gerardo Connon | July 29, 2013. July 24, about an hour after sunset, Gerardo Connon of Rio Grande City, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, went outside and was stunned - the sky shone rare nacreous clouds. The phenomenon was so bright and colorful that eclipsed lights street lighting. Nacreous clouds are high altitude clouds. They occur at an altitude of 20-30 km and seemingly glowing in the dark sky by lighting rays of the sun over the horizon of the past. Nacreous clouds are rare and only in some polar regions of the Earth. Typically, Read more [...]
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In Moscow colder to -3 °

Cold weather, set in the metropolitan area is in no hurry to change for the better. Moreover, the short night frosts are expected. Warming, according to meteorologists, will only come to the following weekend. On Monday night in the air temperature drops to -2 ... -3 ° C in Moscow will be a couple of degrees warmer. In the afternoon, the thermometer will show 9 + ... + 11 ° C annoying all scattered clouds, sunny weather is expected. In the following days will be slow warming, but on Tuesday night also possible light frosts. By this heat should only be closer to the weekend. If weather forecasts Read more [...]
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The villages of Ivano-Frankivsk region was a tornado

Photo courtesy of Crime TV 29.06.2010 Natural disasters recently swept the west of the country. Ivano-Frankivsk region suffers constantly. No sooner had the poor villagers recover from the previous rains and hurricanes, as they were replaced by the tornado came. Recently, some villages severely affected by the elements revelry. Now, some people simply have nowhere to live. What was going on in the village, people have taken for end of the world. Huge clouds swept over the sky and strong wind tore trees from their roots. — When there were two clouds, we got a tornado. He is twenty-five Read more [...]
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In the suburbs hail the size of a walnut

Despite the fact that the outside temperature is not reduced (today, July 10, she was five to seven degrees above normal), the rains and thunderstorms. In the center of Moscow is a fine rain. A storm began in the suburbs. In Noginsky district went hail the size of a walnut. Drivers in shock - in the morning had to hide from the sun, and now - due to hail. The weather changes every two hours - that the sun, the clouds. However, stuffiness does not decrease. According to meteorologists, the thermometer will rise next week to plus 36 degrees. In the shade! Until the evening sun on July 10 will Read more [...]
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In the sky above Tomsk rainbow appeared 4

July 13 inhabitants of Tomsk could see 4 rainbow unusual shape. Unique natural phenomenon appeared over Tomsk at 7 am. In Tomsk the Hydrometeorological Center reported that rainbow for our latitude - a normal phenomenon, especially during the cyclone, which is above the Tomsk region, however, explain the appearance of an inverted rainbow could not. "Sami rainbow - it is the refraction of light. On one side - the clouds, the rain, on the other hand - the sun. The sun hits the droplet clouds and refraction of light begins. Rainbows can be several, depending on how things are areas of Read more [...]
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Moscow was chosen noctilucent clouds

The current weather conditions allowed many citizens to consider the finest noctilucent clouds. They are visible in the Northern part of the sky on summer nights, when the Sun only for 5...13 C - sets. The best conditions for their observations are noted from 15 may to 20 August. It is noteworthy that the optical density of these clouds are so low, that through silvery cobweb can see the stars, told Вестям.Ru leading expert of the Center PHOBOS Marina Makarova. They seem to glow in the sky. Form noctilucent clouds, usually at a height of 80 km. However, as formed and why - question, a Read more [...]
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Unusual clouds hung over Krasnodar

Today, 21 July, 17:00 GMT in Krasnodar it was possible to observe the clouds, like the plumage of a huge bird. According to witnesses, residents of the capital of the Kuban, the sight they saw for the first time. Some of them believe that it is a sign, but who sent it to us earthlings, it is not yet clear.If you believe the folk signs, these are the kind of scary clouds - a harbinger of trouble. Or to be more precise, it is a sign that soon will start a storm, heavy rain with gusty winds, which can lead to a natural disaster. Meteorologists are not yet commented on this natural phenomenon.Source: Read more [...]
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Unusual clouds in Moscow

Yesterday Moscow residents have seen clouds of unusual shape. If you have pictures of yesterday's sky over Moscow, then send them to us via e-mail: Oleg Lukyanov Read more [...]
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More than 50 thousand people were evacuated because of the Merapi volcano in Indonesia

31 Oct — RIA Novosti. More than 50 thousand people forced to flee their homes in the centre of the Indonesian island of Java in connection with the increasing activity of the volcano Merapi, said on Sunday broadcasting Corporation Bi-bi-si. On the eve of the volcano again began to emit lava flows and pyroclastic clouds (glowing clouds of ash, volcanic rocks and gases). According to locals, this is already the third eruption during the week, and it is much stronger than the previous one. Loud sounds of a new eruption began around midnight on Saturday local time. According to the Agency Read more [...]
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Strange clouds began to appear around the world. Photo

Unusual cloud in the form of a ring over Bilbao, Spain, 13 February 2011 Meteorologists say that nothing like they had never seen before. These clouds are similar whether on a stormy sea, whether on the surface of the earth. They are dark, whimsical «dented». Of them stick Curling «horns». View — frightening. And ominous. Images of these clouds come from all over the world. Dark uncannily clouds, surprisingly, not a threat. Wherever they appeared, the people waited for hurricanes. But there was nothing. Another unusual cloud in the form of a ring appeared at Read more [...]
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Unusual iridescent cloud over mount Everest (photo)

Iridescent cloud over mount Everest This rainbow cloud appeared in the sky over mount Everest was struck by astronomers, catching them by surprise, writes Oleg Bartunov, researcher at the State Astronomical Institute. Shternberg in Moscow, recorded an incredible sight on the camera during a Himalayan expedition to Nepal.These two images contain almost the entire spectrum of the rainbow, which is a unique phenomenon observed when any of these places. Probably, this effect is caused by light reflecting off tiny ice crystals in the body of water vapor, which consists of the Read more [...]
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In English the sky appeared upside down rainbow

UK residents have witnessed a rare phenomenon, which they call a \"smile in the sky\". Just a few minutes rainbow hung \"upside down\" over England. But the resourceful British managed to capture a unique phenomenon, characteristic of the North and South poles. Unlike traditional rainbow, \"smile in the sky\" appears on the clear sky, no rain clouds. The rays of the sun should light at a certain angle thin like mist veil of clouds at a height of 7-8 thousand meters. At a similar altitude Cirrus clouds are composed of tiny ice crystals. And when the convex clouds of ice crystals fall under Read more [...]
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How can I foreshadow changes in the endure when I’m out in the wilderness?

Lightning     Pic: Kyle Nishioka/FlickrI’ve encountered much of upwind folklore o'er the age from books and otc guides. A few methods are dependable, and others may exercise contingent what contribution of the U.S. or reality you're in. Infra, I've listed roughly of the signs that I swear on to valuate upwind weather in the raging. Hear almost the traditions of the country where you domicile to see what farmers and local autochthonous mass, who worked out the design farsighted ago, anticipate. Maria's Backside CloudsThese high-pitched cirrhus clouds, which sustain a featherlike, Read more [...]
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The Angry Register

    Picture: Henrik DresherQ: Why are around clouds apartment on the ass and sorted dead at the like el? —Jason Satterlund, Nashville, Tennessee A: It's elementary: Try visualizing the Enceinte Plains on a sulphurous Lordly day. With temperatures in the mideighties and proportional humidness of 45 percentage, air leave chill to 59 degrees when it rises a perpendicular knot—the rightfield compounding of weather to causa vapour in the air to contract and mannequin absolutely horizontal taint bases at just that height. The cauliflower-shaped mound clouds so balloon Read more [...]
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