The anthill to help extremals

In the forests of the middle band, in the forest, you can always find anthills. How can use the anthills in the end, the person who turned one on one with wild nature. It is known that nests with greater or lesser degree of objectivity used for orientation. On a more or less open glades or in uniform density of the forest, the nest is always located on the South side of the tree trunk, protecting the colony from the cold from the North. In addition, there are many original areas the use of an anthill. Large brown or black ants can be caught and eaten. Better to cook them, but there can be extreme Read more [...]
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Survival in cold water

Be in ice water – serious test. Even for the trained organism – it is a huge stress. The water temperature is less than 5 degrees. Celsius, a person can survive for about 15-20 minutes, and then begin to decrease the body temperature. Blood will begin to move more slowly, begin to go numb limbs, straying breath. And then – end. It's one thing if you need to cross the conscious water obstacle with ice water. Other – if you accidentally It was in cold water. If you fall into a lake or river – try, without losing a second, to get out to the beach. If the wave around the Read more [...]
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Thin ice

There are times when people across the frozen lake, falls through the ice. Obviously, you should try to avoid unreliable ice or ice on the rivers with a rapid current, which can make the ice scour, even in spite of the bitter cold. We will consider the situation when a person went on the ice and fell through. When you fail under ice in cold water, you breath. This comes from the sharp temperature drop and shock. You start to suffocate. If time does not take himself in hand, water can enter the lungs and the person drowns. Second hazard when released into the icy water – it may be a cardiac Read more [...]
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The bed of heated stones

In extreme conditions very often have to worry about cold nights without a roof over his head. During sites should use any opportunity to warm up. Just a banal fire – that's good, but not always enough. Often base the ground beneath us is very cold – and even no flooring or a bed of branches are not able to help. Then we have to go for more radical steps to keep warm. So, are you staying for the night. Cold. Shelter and does not allow fire to keep warm. Very well, if the terrain is mountainous, and nearby there is a mountain river. To create a warm bed, we need stones. Stones better Read more [...]
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In Greece — Flooding

Active cyclone hit by heavy precipitation on Greece and Turkey. Antalya fell 98 mm. daily precipitation in Greece over the past 24 hours had accumulated in some places up to 98 mm. As a result of heavy rains in some places began flooding. Firefighters have recorded more than 90 calls to pump water out of flooded homes. Bad weather in the first place hit central and northern Greece. Landslides have interrupted the movement of trains on the route Thessaloniki - Athens. Emergency crews organization of railways OSE Greece apart the rubble on the rails to resume message. Due to a heavy storm at the Read more [...]
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In Kemerovo -40 °

Classes in local schools canceled, postponed flights suburban and intercity buses. Pupils first to eighth grades do not learn in Kemerovo on Wednesday because of the impact the 40-degree cold. Wednesday, December 23, became the most frosty day for the area since the beginning of the autumn-winter season. In "the coolest spots" field today recorded minus 40-43 degrees in the "warmest" - minus 34 °. Transporters canceled due to cold weather a number of inter-regional, inter-city and suburban bus lines. "Because of the cold weather on Wednesday in Kemerovo canceled classes the first shift of the Read more [...]
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In Taiwan, 14 people froze to death

The victims of the cold snap in Taiwan began to at least 14 people, wrote on Monday, news service Sina. The thermometer in the largest Chinese island overnight fell to 7 ° C, which in this region is considered to be unprecedented for the December cold. Due to hypothermia only in the capital Taipei died 14 people, the statistics for other areas of the island is not given. The victims are mostly cold people venerable age: all the victims from 50 to 89 years. Forecasters predict that the cold weather on the island so far will continue. It is predicted that by the middle of the week, the thermometer Read more [...]
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Anomalously cold in the Trans-Baikal

Abnormally cold weather set from Monday to Chita, frosts down to minus 45-50 degrees will hold in the Trans-Baikal region until 4 January. "From December 28 to January 4 in Chita and the edge is expected abnormally cold weather with an average temperature below normal by 7-15 degrees. In some places severe frosts with temperatures -45 -50 ° », - he said. According to him, in the night from Sunday to Monday in Chita registered temperature -41,1 °. The temperature in the -49 ° registered in certain areas in the central part of the province, in the south and south-east, in the northern municipalities. «C Read more [...]
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Authorities of the Region are asked to save electricity

Governor of Trans-Baikal Territory on Tuesday appealed to the people of the region in the period of abnormally cold temperatures expected until January 4, economical use of electricity and to refrain from extensive use of high-power electrical appliances. From December 28 to January 4 in the Trans-Baikal region is expected to abnormally cold weather with an average temperature below the norm by 7-15 °. In some places severe frosts with temperatures -45 -50 °. In the night from Sunday to Monday in Chita registered temperature -41,1 °, in other areas of the province, the thermometer fell to -49 Read more [...]
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Abnormal cold

Weather in the last days of 2009 will bring a lot of surprises the people of Russia. In Irkutsk, December 31 declared a public holiday. The city is now -36 °, and on the field frost even stronger. In Buryatia, the thermometer dropped below -50 °. Today in Ulan-Ude - minus 37 °, and the New Year's Eve forecast promises all minus -48 °. Situation is not better in the Far East. On Wednesday, just four of the region received emergency warning about passing a powerful cyclone. Wind storm, snow, blizzards and a sharp drop in temperature expected in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands in the Khabarovsk Read more [...]
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Beijing off the gas because of the cold snap

The Chinese capital because of the cold snap severely reduced the supply of gas to industrial enterprises, supermarkets, office buildings, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper "China Daily". A cold front brought air on Sunday in Beijing heavy snow and the lowest temperatures in 50 years: up to -16 ° Celsius. In this regard, in the city jumped 30% gas consumption: residents of the capital to escape the cold, including gas heaters. In this regard, the authorities considered a priority to ensure gas supplies to residential buildings, rather than in the premises of factories, shops and offices. According Read more [...]
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Global climate change. Report

Global climate change does not break any meteorologists, nor the inhabitants of the planet. Forecasters continue to count the record levels of the weather, while infinitely faulting in the projections even in the coming days. According APInews.Ru, weather anomalies associated with global processes occurring inside our planet ive space. Scientists report that the extremely cold winters will alternate with the now familiar warm, as well as a cool summer and will alternate with fries. This phenomenon - of a quantum evolutionary transition, which takes place tonight at the scale of the universe. Read more [...]
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In Florida, because of the severe frosts killed wild animals

Established in the last few days in Florida cold caused damage to agriculture and the state led to the deaths of wild animals. Counting serious losses prepare farmers growing citrus. According to preliminary estimates, harvest of oranges and grapefruits this year may fall by 30%. According to the head of the Association of Central Florida citrus producers Ray Royce, "this situation is not catastrophic," but if the cold will last, it may become one. According to the National Weather Service United States, in Florida for a few days, the thermometer is held below zero. This is the longest cold, Read more [...]
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In Yakutia, cold, very cold

Forecasters predict the coming days shestidesyatigradusnye frosts in the Yakut village Oymyakon, which is traditionally considered one of the two "poles of cold" in the Northern Hemisphere, said Tuesday RIA Novosti Yakutsk Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. The second pole of cold in the Northern Hemisphere is located over Greenland and northeastern North America. Here winter temperatures can drop to minus 65-70 °, but because of the cold summer we have noted here and the lowest average annual temperature in the Northern Hemisphere in the center of Greenland below -30 Read more [...]
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The coldest winter in India

The coldest in the last seven years winter was the cause of death in the northern states of India, more than 400 people, according to Indian media on Wednesday, citing official sources. Cold hold for a second month. In Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi the capital of the temperature at night drops to 5 - 7 ° Celsius. Thermophilic India, houses in which traditionally are not adapted to the cold weather, do not have central heating and double glazing, even, it was a real disaster. Among the dead from the cold, most - the homeless and day laborers who flock to the capital for work from remote places Read more [...]
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In India, dense fog and intense cold

Thick fog and intense cold continued to demoralize moving rail and air transport in the north of India. Bad weather has made changes to the flight schedule at least 170 flights after the night of Tuesday to the capital of India Delhi dropped a thick fog. In addition, the Indian authorities have canceled hundreds of flights around railway lines.
Visibility on the streets of Delhi in many areas does not exceed 50 m, making it difficult to car traffic.


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Turkey covered snowfall!

Snow paralyzed Turkey. In Istanbul virtually stopped traffic on. At least two people were killed and dozens injured in the past day from frostbite in Turkey, passed on Sunday, local media quoted police sources. Heavy snow and strong wind, the speed of which sometimes reaches 70-80 km / h, paralyzed life in parts of the country, including in Istanbul. Cnegopad lasts about a day. Roads are having many kilometers cork. It stops the movement of marine trams. Because of the strong gale came shortages of electricity and natural gas. Several urban areas remained without electricity. In Istanbul, there Read more [...]
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In the south — cold, northern -teplo

In these days of January frosty anticyclone put everything upside down. In the south of the European part of severe frosts, and to the north of anomalously warm. The reason cyclones moving through the water areas of the Arctic seas, do not miss the cold air, and the mean daily temperature on the eve of the north-east of European Russia was above normal by 12-16 degrees. In addition to heat, cyclones are snowfall, wind increase, raising the snowstorm. And in the area of ​​inclement weather, first of all, are the extreme northern regions of the Republic of Komi Vorkuta, Inta, Pechora, Usinsk. Today, Read more [...]
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Cold in Europe and the world. Overview

Severe frosts came again in some European countries. As expected, pretty chilled residents of the region have yet to freeze an unusually long time - until the middle of spring.Snowfall, which at the beginning of the new year paralyzed much of the Germany, now in several areas were changed unusual frosts here. On Monday, all over the country in the afternoon temperatures below zero, and in Berlin the coldest - minus 12 °. Forecasters promise that will be prolonged frosts and snowfalls begin Wednesday. But the problem with departures and landings of aircraft started now, as expected disruptions Read more [...]
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In Mongolia, due to the cold weather killed more than 1.7 million head of cattle

About 90% of the territory of Mongolia is covered with snow, which does not allow the animal to get to grazing. In some areas, killing nearly 60% of the cattle. Mongolia suffers from loss of cattle due to lack of food caused by high snow and extreme cold. According to official figures, has killed more than 1.7 million head of cattle. On Monday, from Ulan Bator, the agency MONTSAME, went convoy with aid intended for 12 regions of the country. Trucks carry animal feed, as well as flour, rice, fuel, medicines, warm clothes, matches and other essentials for the pastoralists. In the farewell ceremony Read more [...]
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