Design Your Own DIY Holiday to Colombia

Cali, the master metropolis in westerly Colombia.     Exposure: Wikimedia CommonalityThe Following Enceinte Gamble Address No nation is more geographically blame than Colombia. Picture Heading Colombia undiscovered.For a DIY holiday in Colombia, follow the well-traveled zones of the Caribbean glide betwixt Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Tayrona Home Common; the midcountry 'tween Cali, Medellin, and Bogota, which encompasses the Java Trigon and Los Nevados Subject Ballpark; and the Santander realm northwards of Bogota, with its inscrutable canyons and Course V whitewater on the Suarez Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Cartridge, Oct 2010

    photograph limitedXX ComponentWhat do this freeskier, surfboarder, triathlete, crampon, and snowboarder get in usual? They're all women, and they can all beef your ass.By Ryan KroghBIG AngleFizgig Armstrong has forever seemed to bead doping allegations wish a peloton total of chumps. Just Jeff Novitzky got on his stern. Fill the federal tec with a record of high-profile convictions and a repute for assaultive as ruthlessly as the Texan himself.By Brian AlexanderJoltedOn January 12, the seism in Haiti dropped a five-story hotel on top of Aaron Gulley's begetter, a rector and Read more [...]
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Galeras volcano eruption in Colombia

View of the volcano Galeras by Pasto In Colombia, on Saturday evening, January 2, the eruption of the volcano Galeras, reports Associated Press. Data on casualties and devastation caused by the eruption of the volcano, have been reported yet, but the authorities were ready to evacuate to safer places about eight thousand people living near the Galeras. At 10 kilometers from the active volcano located Pasto, which is home to about half a million people. Chapter of the National Society of the Red Cross Carlos Ivan Marquez (Carlos Ivan Marquez) told AP, that asylum for the reception of evacuees, Read more [...]
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Emergency evacuation of more than 8 thousand. Persons. Columbia

Developments in Colombia continues. The previous post about the volcano in Colombia Due to the volcanic eruption of Galeras in the south-western Colombia, authorities began an emergency evacuation of more than 8 thousand. Persons, whereby the movement of vehicles in the area suspended, local media reported. Locals after admission to Saturday night signal the beginning of the explosive eruption of the volcano and the highest of alerts, "red", power delivered to the asylum Pasto, the capital of the department of Nariño, located near the border with Ecuador. From the crater of the volcano ejected Read more [...]
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Colombia fires enveloped

On Saturday, Interior Minister Fabio Valencia Cossio Colombia declared disaster area 12 of the 32 departments of the country due to the raging fires. Over the past few days the flames were killed over three thousand hectares of forests in several departments in the central, western and northern parts of Colombia. According to recent data registered in the country six major forest fires affecting the territory of 98 municipalities. Affected by the fires is not. As the minister said, the move allows the government of Colombia to seek international assistance for the purchase of fire equipment. Read more [...]
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Flooding in Colombia. Footage of the miraculous salvation. Video

Dramatic footage of the rescue operation managed to remove the witness in Colombia. There is a powerful flood had caught 3 passengers and taxi driver. To evacuate them from the car had through the window. The girls were rescued. And when it came to the driver - something unexpected happened. Turbulent flow car was deployed, the poor man fell into the water, and it took over. As it turned out later, the man was unhurt after a few hundred meters it caught rescuers. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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In Colombia began the eruption of Galeras

Colombian authorities began to evacuate about 9 thousand people living near the volcano Galeras eruption which began on Wednesday, in the region of high alert «red» degree. In this area has focused more 400 police to assist the civilian population. To receive evacuees prepared nine shelters in the city of Pasto (nariño Department) near the border with Ecuador. As said on the radio the chief of the National police, General Oscar Naranjo (Оscar Naranjo), representatives of the forces of law and order ensure residents safety of their personal property, as well as encourage them Read more [...]
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The landslide came down in the North-West Colombia. The plot

All passengers trapped in Colombia under the landslide buses were killed The head of the Colombian regional emergency management John Freddy Rendon reported that about 30 passengers and two coaches, who on Monday due to the landslide in the area of the mountain road in the Department of Antioquia under the rubble, declared lost. \"To date, despite the work of about 100 rescue and search dogs, under the ground could not find a single body, \" he said. - Clearing a large-scale landslide of mud and rocks further complicated by the ongoing heavy rains, causing displacement of the soil\". According Read more [...]
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102 people were killed in Colombia due to flooding

Thousands of people leave their homes in Colombia — the country was lashed by storms and floods. Killed at least 102 people.

Source: NTDRussian

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The number of flood victims in Colombia continues to grow

Because of the gathering and sat down in Colombia has killed four people, including an infant. Thus, the dead are a total of 140 people. The Colombian Red Cross raises the alarm, because the disaster has destroyed houses and roads in most provinces of the country. The suburbs of the capital of Colombia, bogotá was almost completely flooded. Source: Вести.Ru, TV Channel \"Zvezda\" Read more [...]
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In Colombia, 10 people died as a result of the gathering of landslides

BOGOTA, November 23. In Colombia, 10 people were killed in different regions of the country as a result of natural disasters provoked the strongest in recent years, heavy rains. As reported on Monday in the office of the International Committee of the red cross in Colombia, the total number of victims of the rainy season has grown so up to 150 people, with more than 1.3 million victims. Due to the descent of landslides six people died and three are missing in the Department of Caldas in the East, four more people were killed in the Department of Antioquia in the North-West Colombia. Strongest Read more [...]
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Strongest over the past 40 years the rains in Colombia

The Colombian government declared a national disaster in connection with the strongest over the past 40 years heavy rains. As reported on Thursday by the Minister of internal Affairs of the country, German Vargas Lleras, now the decision of the government shall approve the national Congress. According to the International Committee of the red cross in Colombia, the total number of victims of the rainy season is over 150 people and more than 1.3 million victims. «This step will allow you to gain access to international credit lines for allocation of resources to assist people», — Read more [...]
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Devastating floods continue in Colombia

The rainy season in the country was delayed for a month. Banks went all the major rivers. Died - at least 170 people. Destroyed more than 10 thousand residential buildings. Residents in a panic to flee their homes. Almost completely flooded one of the cities - Kali. Several provinces were left without electricity and any communication with the outside world.The road blurred. And there is a message about the avalanche landslide in one of the villages near the city of medellín. Rescuers do not exclude that under tons of dirt can be people. Authorities estimate the flood as a national tragedy. Read more [...]
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About 200 people could become victims of a landslide in Colombia. Video

Colombia: mud washes townDozens of people were killed in Colombia in the floods and mudslides. The number of victims grows. Around the city of Medellin is the rescue operation. Tons of dirt buried 50 houses. In the country a few weeks, do not stop the rains. Because of the floods, tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes. The element of danger and neighboring Venezuela, where rapid evacuation. MOSCOW/BUENOS AIRES, 6 Dec. About 200 people could become victims of the landslide, which occurred Sunday afternoon in one of the blocks of the Colombian city of Medellin (Medellin), Read more [...]
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Landslide in Colombia. Photos

Debris flow landslide covered an entire residential block in Colombia. According to the latest data, 27 people were killed.About 4 thousand cubic meters of dirt and stones in a matter of seconds hit the houses of the quarter La Gabriela in the municipality of Porto Bello, which is a suburb of Medellin. (Federico Rios / EPA)From the landslide has suffered from 30 to 50 houses. Photo: the weeping woman away from the scene of the landslide. (Federico Rios / EPA)At night the police, military and firefighters continued to search. (Albeiro Lopera / Reuters)Rescuers Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Colombia earthquake

Off the coast of Colombia earthquake of a magnitude of 5.6. Tremors were recorded in 113 km from the city of Monteria. The earthquake was located at a depth 39,9 km On casualties or damage reported, there is no tsunami threat, reports the U.S. Geological survey.

In January 1999, Colombia earthquake of a magnitude of 6.2, which claimed the lives of more than 1.2 thousand people and more than five thousand were injured.


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The landslide covered the bus in Colombia, killing eight people

14/04/2011 Eight bus passengers were killed and another ten missing in the landslide on the road Bogota-Manizales in the East of Colombia, said on Thursday the local media with reference to the rescue. As noted by the publication, the incident with the bus company Expreso Bolivariano occurred on Wednesday evening, when a landslide caused by heavy rains fell on the track. Just in the bus were 18 people, including the driver and his assistant. Rescuers found the first bodies of the dead on Thursday in connection with the fact that a landslide bus took away from the scene for almost a kilometer. Read more [...]
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The rainy season in Colombia has led to flooding and landslides

April 21. The rainy season in Colombia has led to flooding and numerous landslides. Victims of the disaster were already about 100 people. A few dozen missing. Residents were evacuated from the disaster zone. They will be placed in temporary shelters and tents.The amount of water in the tanks at two hydroelectric power plants close to critical. The authorities have raised their threat level in the area of the stations to the maximum. Forecasts are not encouraging: the rains will go several months. And therefore, there is a high risk of new landslides. At risk of a third country. On the eve Read more [...]
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Part of Colombia went under the water — floods don’t stop

Mobilized rescuers and firefighters. From the affected region evacuated dozens of families. On the border with Venezuela ontogeny agricultural lands. In 30 out of 32 regions of Colombia declared a state of emergency. According to weather forecasts, the rain will last until June.Source: Channel PEAK, photoblog.msnbc.msn.comSource: Read more [...]
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After 11 months of rain Colombians are wondering what can stop them

In the novel \"one Hundred years of solitude\" five-year rainstorm locks people in their homes, washed away the banana plantations and turns the city of Macondo in ruins. But this flood, which is a product of the imagination of Columbia novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his masterpiece novel, pales in comparison with the real flood that now plagued his homeland. Because of the almost non-stop now for 11 months of the rains, their banks out of the river and burst levees, flooding villages and agricultural land 28 of the 32 provinces of the country. Fall Andean slopes, burying under a neighborhood, Read more [...]
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