UCHALY of p-tion n. in Resp. Bash. Located 450 km to the south-east from Ufa, surrounded by the lake. Uchalu, Yushaly, Urgun, Kalkan et al. W. DOS. Feb 1. 1963 on the basis of the settlement. Concentrating comb that Uchalu Small, p. trust New Uchalu and Mining Department Mindyak. In 1934, on the shores of the lake. Yushaly were discovered deposits of copper-pyrite ores. Integrated development Uchalinsky field early. after the formation of 28 July 1954 Uchalinsky Concentrating comb that. In 1958, were put into operation and career Uchalinsky Mezhozernogo mines (mining ores mined in an open and Read more [...]
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Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant (UEIP)

Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant (UEIP) nach.svoyu history on December 1. , 1945, when the post was made. The USSR Council of the page. Country's first gas diffusion r da by Mfr. enriched uranium for military purposes. It UEIP in 1949 has been turned out for the first material in Russian. uranium atomic bomb. UEIP included in the M-in The Russian Federation Atomic Energy (formerly of M Wed heavy machinery). UEIP forming enterprise Novouralsk Sverdl. region. Combe-t is a major diversified enterprise with fewer than 15,000 people. Regular. products, as before, is the enriched uranium, but the Read more [...]
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Uralasbest, AO

Uralasbest, AO Lv. Asbestos Mining and Processing comb tons, the largest in the world specializing in the extraction and beneficiation of ores and asbestos mfr. asbestos. Regular. in 1889 based on the open in 1885 Bazhenovsky asbestos deposits in the northeast by ECAT. The mines acquired by Baron Gerard de Sukatanom produced manually sorted by asbestos fiber length and sent to the consumer. By 1914, its annual production is approx. 25 thousand. Tons. In 1918 the company was nationalized in 1922 created state. Trust Soyuzasbest, united Bazhenovsky mines, deposits Nevyansky, Rezhevskoy and then Read more [...]
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TAVDA TIMBER built in 1929-1933, Tavda, now Svenl. region, on the basis of the sawmill C-Yes, inorg. in 1913. In 1920-25 was closed in 1927-1928 reconstructed and in 1933 became part BECAUSE IN the 1930s the comb-t, with 15 timber frames, made. annually about 500 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber. During the second world war comb t mastered new types of defense products, has introduced plywood f-ku, hydrolysis of the C-d production. ethyl alcohol and fodder yeast, increasing the vol. products 6 times. In the postwar period, comb t continued to expand, reconstructed, to develop new products. Read more [...]
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Sterlitamakskaya ON SODA

Sterlitamakskaya ON SODA in 1945 built Sterlitamak Soda sd, to-ing by 1951 had a total workshops for Mfr. caustic soda and purified sodium bicarbonate, s-dskuyu CHP quarry limestone crushing and screening p-Coy, rassolopromysel, ancillary facilities. In 1952 and in 1956 commissioned a cement and zd by Mfr. roofing slate. In 1957, three s-da were combined into a soda-cement comb t Mfr. -cerned continued to expand. In 1962 entered the second phase of workshops Soda Manuf., In 1971 a set of workshops for Mfr. chloride, carbon dioxide, barium hydroxide, and the third stage of Manuf. soda ash. In 1973 Read more [...]
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SIBAY of rep. subordination rep. Bash. Located 457 miles southeast of the from Ufa. S. on the site of the village. Novo Sibaevo mentioned in lists us. points Orenbah. lips. compiled in 1866, the history associated with the mining of copper-pyrite ores, opened in 1913 on the basis of-cerned in 1948 was created Bash. copper and sulfur comb t. S. pawned away from the train. d., and energy sources. Official titles. he received from the refs. slave. pos., formed in August. 1938 mine Sibai. Nov 21. 1955 slave. pos. S. received the status of In 1952 the railway was built Magnitogorsk-Sibai, opened in Read more [...]
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SVERDLOVSKY Worsted Mill (SC Uralteks)

SVERDLOVSKY Worsted Mill (SC Uralteks) Built Sverdl. in 1955-1959. Full design is powerful. reached at the end of 1963, with 38,880 spindles, 15,552 spindles and torsion 482 looms. Annual Mfr. products was 6 million linear meters of finished fabric and 1112 tons of finished twisted yarn. The volume and level of Manuf. S.K.K. ranked among the top ten comb-ing the USSR. It has a spinning Mfr. five workshops, weaving with two shops and finishing with two shops in a working-ryh approx. 3 thousand. Slave. and employees. In the 1970s, on the comb are reconstructed, was replaced approx. 300 pieces of Read more [...]
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Respond comb

Someone yells, someone photographed. And someone and climbs upward through the mountains. Respond places around really beautiful. This rock slides, cascading in mountain taiga. Around the remarkable open views. And if you go a bit further, the trail will lead to the Plain tales or on Sand Slides. Where as if someone specifically sprinkled with quartz sand track and everywhere outputs pink aventurine. Respond With a huge amount of comb associated legends and beliefs. Happy and not so. And at the end of December 1945 in the criteria of low clouds on the crest Respond plane crashed, soaring from Read more [...]
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ORSK city ​​region. subordination Orenbah. region. Located on the Ural River where it meets the r.Or, 327 km to the east of Orenbah. Regular. in 1735 as a fortress on Orenbah. fortified boundary line. Was the reference point for trade with Kazakhstan and Compare. Asia. In 1865 becomes y. of Orenbah. lips. In the years. CET. War in the region of OA were bitter fighting between supporters of the white and red movements. Until the end of the 20's economy was dominated by small semi-handicraft enterprises. The rapid growth of the beginning. with Ser. 30s due to the prom. p. O. big prom. c. South. Read more [...]
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ORENBURGSKY SILK MILL (AO Teksoren) Regular. in Orenbah. in 1942 on the basis of the evacuated Rzhevsk the silk, Karpovskaya and Pavlovsky Posad silk-weaving f-k, Moskov. silk weaving and dyeing and finishing comb is the red rose. During the Second World War served orders fr., In the postwar years. provided ext. needs of the Soviet Union. Combe-t produces fabrics of natural and artificial silk, including crepe de chine, georgette, crepe, chiffon and others. Raw receives from Wed Asia, the Caucasus, Moscow. region. and from foreign countries. The company does not have a complete cycle of severe Read more [...]
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ORENBURGSKAYA AREA formed on December 7. In 1934, the composition region. came hours. ter. Wed-Volga region, sowing. h. Teplevskogo district and the southern Kazakh ASSR. h. Ziangurinskogo district Bash. ASSR. Located in the foothills of the South. W. The climate is continental (Wed January temperature. -14 To -18 C, in July 19-22 C). Chap. p. Ural. Pl. 124 thousand. Sq. km. Ts Orenbah. In the region. '12 Population. 1939 1672, 0 thousand. Pers., Mountains. 22.7%. 1989 2174.5 thousand. Pers., Mountains. 65%; nat. Ingredients: Rus. 72.2%, 7.3% Tatars, Kazakhs, 5.1%; Ukrainians 4.7%, 3.2% Mordvinians, Read more [...]
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NEW LYALYA of p-tion n. in Sverdl. region., located 320 km north of the ECAT. on the river. Lala. The first settlement. arose in 1723 when p. treasury medeplavilnogo h-huh. Due to depletion of copper deposits zd in 1744 has been closed. Us. pos. worked for evil. and platinum mines, engaged in fisheries. In the beginning. XX century. in NL were built a sawmill and paper f-ka. Put into operation the kraft pulp zd (1922), zd by MY. wood pipes (1932), f-ka for the manufacture of paper bags (1934), to-rye in 1937 were united in wood and paper comb t. In December. 1938 pos. NL converted in to the 40-50 Read more [...]
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NEOLITHIC URAL the final stage in the stone. (VI-IV millennium BC.) Coincided with the warm and moist Atlantic period. The optimum ratio of heat and moisture to determine the highest flourishing flora and fauna W. Forest space occupied a considerable part of the forest-steppe and tundra zones W. At South. W. boundary between forest and steppe reached a position close to the present-day. In N. had mastered the technology of manufacturing of pottery and width. spread such methods of working stone, sanding, sawing, drilling. Us. W. widely used rich natural resources, especially various types of stone. Read more [...]
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MAGNITOGORSK IRON AND STEEL WORKS the largest meth. the company d & country, page-cerned beginning in 1929 at the Magnitnaya mountain on ru Comb t was constructed as part of the Ur.-Kuznetsk prom. complex. Est. iron base Magnetic mount, later Sokolov-Sarbai mining, coal was supplied from Kuzbass. P. it was dedicated in a special production. unit subordinate to the Supreme economic Council of the USSR and the supervision of the higher benches. instances. Although. built blast furnaces, railway branch, dam through R. U., mine was laid, the construction of the first objects of Magnitogorsk has attracted Read more [...]
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LIPCZYNSKI TYPE MONUMENTS archaeology of the bronze age TRANS, determined by eponime Lipczynski the Parking lot at the lower RV Tours (Svenl. region, Sloboda-Turin R-n).... in the 1920s Pagetrail. The distribution l.t.s. do on. R-us Sat., Cf. and South Africa. TRANS, Cf. and Lower pritable. Their formation was probably autochthonous and convergent on the whole Ter. General Neolithic subbase identified similarities and specific Genesis and Yakult. innovation elements differences in the development of CTD. R-new distribution lipczynski complexes. Highlights three local option education: separateur. Read more [...]
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Kungurskiy tannery

Kungurskiy tannery Built in 1724 and Kungur put early. Development of leather mfr. By 1917, in the city it was carried out on 12 merchant plants, to-rye produced 5,200 pounds. tanned leather and 150 thousand. pairs of shoes in nationalized in 1918, all leather s-dy and shoe f-ka in 1936 were merged into the leather and footwear comb-ton, to-ing and joined Vitebsk, Kiev shoe f-ki evacuated to Kungur during WWII. For years. War comb tons produced approx. 5,000,000 pairs of shoes and up to 4 million of lap belts. In the postwar period, the development of the comb that came at the expense of conversion Read more [...]
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Krasnoural’sk (BOGOMOLOVSKY) copper smelter

Krasnoural'sk (BOGOMOLOVSKY) copper smelter Built in 1927-1931, 75 km north Nizhny Tagil in place of large deposits of copper pyrites. In the district of the page. Grew Krasnouralsk. For its equipment, tech. equipment comb t is the most advanced facility in the industry and annually smelted flotation method more than 12 thousand. tons of blister copper. In the late 30's he Mfr. approx. one-third of blister copper at U. During the Second World War on the comb are built the largest sulfuric acid plant, which allowed hundreds of thousands of tons of sulfuric acid. In her Mfr. team regularly won prizes Read more [...]
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KRASNOKAMSK city ​​region. subordination in Perm. region. Located on Ave. Shore of the Kama river, 37 km to the northwest from Perm. First we have. item originated from the beginning. page. Kama Pulp and Paper comb one Zakamsk CHP number 5 and paper f-ing Goznaka. In June 1934 at the ter. comb that oil was discovered. Soon St. W. from K. was discovered Severokamskoe oil field. As a result, K. turned into c. oil district, where oil has been extracted from beneath the bed Kama way directional drilling wells, carried out for the first time in the world krasnokamtsami in collaboration with the Read more [...]
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KONETSBOR V, KONETSBORSKY TYPE OF MONUMENTS parking, storage. archeology, Resp. Komi, Pechora district, 3 km to the south-east on p. Konetsbor Ave. Bank of the river. Pechora. Opened in 1964, Inst. V.I.Kanivtsom in 1969. Refers to the Copper Age. Located on the edge of the eroding III floodplain terraces. Pl. more than 300 square meters, excavated 27 sqm Revealed low-powered fireplace, around-cerned focused findings and ceramics stone implements. Ceramics for more than 20 thin-walled vessels poluyaytsevidnoy shape and round-conical bowl. Thick horizontal ornament covers all areas of the outer Read more [...]
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Kachkanarskaya ore processing plant

Kachkanarskaya ore processing plant one of the country's largest mining and enrichment yellow. ore. Geol. exploration early. conducted in 1937, Pp. comb is the beginning. In June 1950, Combs-t uses titanium-magnetite ores and Chusovskoy Kachkanarskogo fields with low iron content in the ore (16%) and with a significant presence in them of vanadium. In 1963 was put into operation the first stage of the comb one powerful. 8.15 million tons of crude ore per year in 1965-71 lent aglof on, new careers and concentrating section f-ing, f-ka pellets. Combe tons by 1980 reached its design is powerful. Read more [...]
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