Woman suffering from uncontrollable orgasms, committed suicide

39-year-old Gretchen Mollanen town of Spring Hill, Florida, who had suffered a so-called persistent sexual arousal disorder (PGAD) and experienced in the day to 50 uncontrolled orgasm without sex, could not stand this test, and committed suicide.This November, Gretchen Mollanen gave an interview in which said: "The disease, this beast, completely changed my life. Zhiznelyubkoy I was, but illness has destroyed me. This is not life, and I'm seriously considering suicide."The press does not report on how it was way out of a poor woman who has struggled with this disease for nearly sixteen Read more [...]
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American and Israeli unmanned executioners interested UN

UN human rights activists decided to investigate Israeli drone airstrikes, the U.S. and the UK. The methods by which these countries destroy their enemies across the globe to raise issues in Russia, China and Pakistan.UN investigates deaths of civilians during air strikes committed by unmanned vehicles. The Commission will examine the 25 air attacks committed in Pakistan, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan and Somalia. Most of the drone attacks have caused the U.S., responsible for the rest of the United Kingdom and Israel. The investigation led by the UN special rapporteur on human rights in counter-terrorism Read more [...]
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Hijacking and survival strategy

Hijacking aircraft are extremely rare, however, as you can see, this is one way for terrorists to present their demands to the authorities and to attract attention. This airline threat very seriously. And of course, after September 11, 2001 is the most confusing attack.It should be remembered that it is the only company in the history of thefts committed terroristamismertnikami. It is difficult to say whether they will remain the exception or is it the beginning of a new kind of terrorism. In any case, it is unlikely that the hijackings themselves more committed will not.Over the past few decades Read more [...]
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Daniel Camargo-maniac in the guise of a preacher

In prison, the capital of Ecuador - Quito - killed by a maniac, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison, who raped and strangled 30 young women and girls. As it became known, Daniel Camargo, a Colombian by birth, who committed crimes in Ecuador, was killed in his cell. Camargo, who in cruelty and cunning did not concede notorious Chikatilo confessed during the investigation that "choosing only young, beautiful women and girls of school age." President College of Physicians of Ecuador, who took the examination criminal, described him as a sane, cold and cruel entity. The formation of Read more [...]
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Prosecutors go, bandits are

It is estimated that every eighteen minutes in Russia are committed murder. Or attempted murder that the law and judicial statistics is considered unique. But do not grab a calculator and do not remember that day - 24 hours, and an hour - 60 minutes, and days this year have already passed ... the General Prosecutor's Office has saved us time: 10 months 24,133 committed murder. Is that a lot? Question blasphemous - murders never so little to be pleased. And in this case - to one-third more than last year, and two and a half times more than five years ago. But statistics is dry and at the Read more [...]
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Economic and moral damage caused by alcohol abuse and alcoholism

Studies in the general hospitals in France showed that in 1967 39% of the total number of hospitalized men and 13% of women were placed in the hospital due to alcohol abuse. For the maintenance and management of these patients spent 41.8% of the budget of general hospitals, with the main part of the payments made by the social insurance. Costs as a result of accidents at work, cause which - alcohol is in France from 500 thousand to 1 million francs. In Australia, these costs amount to $ 80 million. Considerable loss of production due to theft is committed by drunks. However, "... any material Read more [...]
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