Boris Eltsin

Boris Eltsin (? 1937), involved. roar. movement of owls. desks. and state. figure. Pers. RSDLP (1897). Since 1910, led the Party work in Ufa, belonged to the Bolsheviks. In 1917, the vowel Ufa mountains. Council, pers. Executive Committee of the slave. and Soldiers. dep., Provincial Committee of societies. org-tions, Ufa com-ta RSDLP; held inconsistent watered. position of conditional support Bp. Prospect Island, the creation of a homogeneous social. Prospect Island. The fall of 1917 he ran from the RSDLP (B) in the elections to the Constituent coll. in Ufa Province. In 1918-20 before. gubsovnarkoma, Read more [...]
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Eideman Robert Petrovich

Eideman Robert Petrovich (27.04 (09.05). 1895 Leyastsiema place in Valka., Latvia 12.06.1937), and active participation. page. Cr. Arm. W., owls. commander and military theorist, Corps Commander. Of employees. Since 1914, the Social Revolutionary-maximalist, a student of the Petrograd Forestry Institute, then the listener Nicholas Infantry College (Kiev), Ensign. In October. 1916 aimed at military service in Kansk. Prev. Kan Council Soldiers. dep. Since Oct. 1917 Deputy. prev. Kan Council office., Soldiers. and the cross. dep., Deputy. prev. CEC Siberia (Tsentrosibir). Elected member of the All-Russia. Read more [...]
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Blast away, birch

Local historian T. Syrova spotted in the archive documents about planting birch alley at Pervomayskaya street, and shared her discovery with readers' Local History Box "(issue number 6 in 1985). Its interesting responded one of the participants in these events - Nikolai A. Utkin, who has worked for many years deputy chairman and chairman of the street committee Pervomajskaya. His memories significantly supplemented certificate archive.Home on May Day, with rare exceptions, were private. And the summer of 1935 came to their hosts representatives of district executive committee IK Paklin and Read more [...]
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In order not to lose the origins

     "Letter 19-year-" to the authorities in Nizhny Tagil puts question about historical memory     Last Thursday, in the meeting room City Duma was crowded. Gathered to discuss an appeal to the mayor and deputies signed by nineteen honorary citizens of the city, professors, intellectuals Ivan G. Semenov, Boris Davidovich Geytsanom, Tatiana Konstantinovna Gus'kova Duma members were discussing a document with two deputy commissions: on Social Policy and Urban Affairs.     What does the letter say? It is requested to consider funding start Read more [...]
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DOCUMENTATION CENTRE CONTEMPORARY HISTORY Udmurt Republic (TSDNI SD) and rhivohranilische doc-desks. org-tions and societies. movements in the UDM., Izhevsk. Created on October 1. 1991 In 1922-24 Office Istpart at Veps Regional Committee of the RCP (b), 1924-30 istpartotdel Veps Regional Committee of the CPSU (b), in connection with the liquidation in 1930 Dep. Doc. were transferred to the Veps region. archival bureau and Istpart Nizhkraykoma VKP (b), in 1936-91 partarhiv UDM. Committee of the CPSU (1990 UDM. republican committee of the RSFSR). Stores docs bodies and org-tions of the CPSU and Read more [...]
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DOCUMENTATION CENTRE CONTEMPORARY HISTORY ORENBURG REGION (TSDNIOO) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1925 he formed istpartotd. Provincial Committee of the CPSU (b), and in 1940 created partarhiv Regional Committee of the CPSU (b), since August. 1991 TSDNIOO. Contains St. 760 thousand. Affairs. Archive holds funds desks., Komsomol bodies and org-tions operating on ter. region. in 1919-91. A large group of doc. constitute personal files of employees desks. owls., Komsomol bodies, index cards Communists, their personal affairs. Stored dock. and the memories Read more [...]
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Ural-Siberian Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (b)

Ural-Siberian Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) the supreme organ of the Bolshevik Party in the U. and Siberia. Created decision of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) in December. 1918 All Over. time to change the name (Siberian Bureau of the Central Committee of the Ural-Siberian Bureau of the Central Committee, the Siberian region. Bureau of the Central Committee, with January. in July 1919 was the Ural-Siberian branch of the Central Committee of the RCP (b)), lasted until 1924 Max. active in the region and country. CET. War. Stationed in Ufa and Vyatka (at the locations Read more [...]
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Mikhail Tukhachevsky

Mikhail Tukhachevsky (03 (15) .02.1893, s.Aleksandrovskoe, Dorogobuzh y., Smolensk Province. 06.12.1937), one of the org-tori page. Cr. Arm, military theorist, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1935). Of the nobility. In 1914 he graduated from the military Aleksandrovskoe School (Moscow), Lieutenant. Outcast. first world. War. In 1918, recruited for military work in fin. Central Executive Committee. From the beginning. CET. War on the Eastern. fr. Since June 1918 com. 1st Arm., From April. 1919 5 th arm. Participated in Buguruslan, Zlatoust, hands. Chelyaba. operations, the defeat of the Whites in Read more [...]
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Turkina Mikhail Pavlovich

Turkina Mikhail Pavlovich (06 (18) .11. 1887 Motovilikhinsky zd Perm. Lip. 10.11.1947, Perm), part. Owls. activist and journalist. Of the slave. He graduated from the s-uch-School dskoy. Pers. (1903). Since 1902 participated in the roar. work on the D & in Petrograd. Repeatedly arrested, exiled in Siberia. Since 1910 was in exile. After the February. roar. arrived in Petrograd. The delegate of the 2nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets, a participant in October. roar. After October. armament. recovery. back to Perm. One of his hands. Motovilikhinsky Council secretary. its executive committee, and Read more [...]
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SUNITA Lev Borisovich

SUNITA Lev Borisovich (11.02(23. 02.)1887, , Mhlyn, Chernigov province. OK. 1943), watered. figure, org-tor of higher education and the teacher, publicist. CL. RSDLP (1905). Active participants. Rev. movement of Russia, one of the org-tori of the Communist party of Austria. In 1919-22 in CR. Arm., Deputy pollicott. Oreb. the division of the 1st arm. and CL. Oreb. provincial Committee of the RCP(b), the delegate of the eighth Congress of the RCP(b), then served in Curcurmin, 5th arm. (Ufa, Chelyaba., Novonikolayevsk (Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yeniseisk). With Feb. 1923 APR. 1926 on U., teacher Read more [...]
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Sumin Peter Ivanovich

Sumin Peter Ivanovich (1946, C. Upper Sonarca Chelyaba. region), the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region. After graduating in 1964 high school, worked on Chelyaba. Metallurgist. C-de (CHMP) assistant steelworker, a master of the electric plant. From 1971 to 1978 C. was elected Secretary of the Komsomol CHMP, the first Secretary of the Metallurgical district Komsomol Committee, first Secretary of the Chelyabinsk city Committee of the Komsomol. In 1978, on its own initiative C. spent on the production of Deputy chief of EMS-5 CHMP. From 1980 to 1984 was elected the second, then first Secretary of Read more [...]
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SULIMOV Daniel Ye (12.22.1880 (01.03.1881) Minyar zd Ufa Province. 27.11.1937) participation. roar. movement of owls. desks. and state. figure. Of the slave. Received early. education. Pers. RSDLP (1905). Participated in a roar. movement in Minyar pers. env. com-ta RSDLP (1909-14); Siberia propagandist-agitator and the Party-torus (1914-15). In 1915-17 in the arm. After Feb. 1917 pers. Pres. Glazov Garrison Soldiers. com-one before. Glazovskaya org-tion of the RSDLP (B), org-torus and participation. nationalization of enterprises, then -politkom management Simsk mountain env. Ufa Province. (Until Read more [...]
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Old posters

Before me the old posters. They are seventy, or even more years. It is necessary to deploy them - surrounded the memories. My parents VP Ivanov and VF Ivanov (Krassovskaya) for more than fifteen years gave the factory theater. Father was involved mainly in the choir. Rehearsing, singing the notes. In concert, performed folk songs and Ukrainian. Mother also sang in the choir, played in productions of "Guilty Without Guilt", "Children Vanyushina" in one-act plays. All - in his spare time. January 2, 1902 in the factory theater was staged opera "Askold's Grave." Mother told me that she sang in the Read more [...]
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Stalin (Dzhugashvili) Josef

Stalin (Dzhugashvili) Josef (06 (18) .12.1878, Gori, Tiflis province. 05.03.1953, Moscow), Sov. desks. and state. figure. From a family of artisan. He graduated from the spiritual uch-School in Gori (1894), studied in the Tiflis Theological Seminary (1894 1899), ruled for a roar. activity. Pers. RSDLP in 1898, prof. revolutionary. I delegate Vseros. Confer. RSDLP in Tammerfors (Finland),? IV and all subsequent party congresses. Repeatedly arrested, escaped. In 1912, in absentia (in exile) was co-opted to the Central Committee and Eng. Bureau of the Central Committee of the RSDLP. In December. Read more [...]
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SPUNDE Alexander P.

SPUNDE Alexander P. (7 (19) .05.1892, g.Tsesis, Latvia -19.09.1962, Moscow), Sov., Desks. and households. figure, pers. RSDLP since 1909 Rod. family servant. He graduated from the auction. school in Riga (1907). Worked as a clerk at the railway. d., office. optical z-yes. For participation in the roar. Traffic was repeatedly arrested. In 1913, exiled to the Yenisei province. After the February. roar. prev. Perm. Municipal Committee, pers. Perm. Provincial Committee and Ur. Regional Committee of the RSDLP (B). Delegate and member of. Bureau of the Bolshevik faction of the 2nd All-Russia. Congress Read more [...]
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Soldiers’ Committee

Soldiers' Committee the same type of elected councils org-tion, resulting in Russian. arm. during the roar. 1905-1907 and recreated after the fall of tsarism. W. their education early. in March 1917, especially after the appearance of the order number 1 in the Petrograd garrison, Soldiers legalized. someone you. Command, as well as the neck-rye tips, including Perm. env., tried to limit their impact on the democratization of the arm., but to no avail. In the first floor. March SK emerged in Vyatka, ECAT., Perm., Ufa, Chelyaba., and then the other. garrisons. Total in 1917 in the garrisons W. was Read more [...]
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Smilg Ivar Tenisovich

Smilg Ivar Tenisovich (20.11 (03.12) .1892, Alai, Latvia -12. 03.1938, Moscow), statesman. and desks. figure, pers. RSDLP since 1907 Rod. in the family of a revolutionary who was executed in 1906 involved. events of 1917 and civil. War. In the summer of 1918, Eastern. fr., from 07/17/1918 pers. PBC and watered. Commissioner third arm. Participated in the development of military operations (ECAT. Offensive, Nizhny Tagil, Kushvinskogo defensive) to ter. Perm. lips., with 28.10. 1918 pers. FAR Eastern. fr. Izhevsk-Votkinskaya, Perm., Ufa operations. On 03/04/1919 pers. RVSR, Head of the Political Read more [...]
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Saddlers Timothy I.

Saddlers Timothy I. (1876-1930), obschestv.-watered. and households. figure. Rod. in g.Verhneuralske Chelyaba. y. Since 1905 participated in a roar. movement. Read the report for The struggle for land in the Kirghiz steppes surveyor C. was fired from his state. service. In 1906 he was elected Dep. I State. Council of Cossacks Orenbah. lips. Entered into a faction Trudoviki. In his speeches in the Duma defended the interests of the Cossacks and the nat. minorities. Participated in publishing in Orenbah. Social-Democrats. gas. Steppe was her post. author. After the dissolution of the State I. C. Read more [...]
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Revolutionary Committee of acts

    After his release, Nizhny Tagil Kolchak to establish solid revolutionary order in the rear of the Red Army at the organizational meeting of the interim the Executive Committee of the Soviet of Workers 'and Peasants' Deputies with the 29th Infantry Division of the 3rd Army was formed Nizhnetagilskij Provisional Revolutionary Committee, which concentrated in his hands all power - both military and civilian.     In Nizhny Tagil branch of the State Archives of the Sverdlovsk region preserved a unique foundation of the Revolutionary Committee, reflecting various activities Read more [...]
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Told documents

    In the first weeks after the victory October armed uprising in Petrograd visited hundreds of delegations hours to learn the truth the policy of the Soviet government. Delegates local soviets, factory committees, Staff of the Red Guard, military units also sought support in Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee. Recently found unique materials Petrograd RMC on the arming of the Red Guard many cities and towns of the country, including the Lower Tagil.     Among the documents Petrograd artillery warehouse found invoice for the grant of arms of the Red Guard Nizhny Read more [...]
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