Austrian debut

More recently, in Austria an interesting competition shooting dulnozaryadnogo weapons. Jubilee XV Championship of Europe first took the team of the Russian Federation.The members of the Spanish national team with gladly took patronage over the teams of Ireland and Russia. Despite uncertainties Russian legislation and «childhood diseases» growth, MLARF (Association dulnozaryadnogo weapons of the Russian Federation) was able to become a full member MLAIC (International Committee dulnozaryadnyh associations) and ready to declare Statement Read more [...]
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As I walked away from the fish

To participate in competitions on fishing can be treated differently. Personally, I do not so much to win as to practice in accuracy and skill. I am a fourth year participating in the competitions held on Akhtuba, and every time I use one «gun» - Bezmotylku.This year I have to practice and have not escaped. Consumer routine tightened like a swamp. Well, it does not matter. The water area is familiar to me for the past year. It is a place near the town beach, the Volga. For nearly there, most of the fish turns on the border of algae and clean the bottom. Local fishermen Read more [...]
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Deliberate loss

AT last Saturday of March from the familiar children from Vologda received an offer to take part in regional competitions on mormyshke. Place – Lake Siverskoe Kirillov. Well, here I know a lot. Not once had to fish in these areas and take part in various competitions.Fish – perch and sorozhka, less ruff, zhivtsovogo size. Tackles: fishing line 0.07, tiny jig in black or silver. Nozzle: bloodworm, maggots, wormwood, worm. Bait: fine feed bloodworms and / or free-flowing mixture. I used all of this many times, and even ten. Strategy and tactics are known. Big fish Read more [...]
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On vetchevskih meadows

After speaking at the trial on 6 May and a diploma at us with Donna rest day. Lifting postponed to 7:00, especially since moving to Kadanok canceled.Photo by the author According to the organizing committee and from the words of Gennady Ivanovich Ilyin field in Sobakin and Lezhakino completely flooded, and Teleginskih maps the maximum that it can guarantee, – This cool two or three dogs. In order not to disrupt the championship and did not leave the meeting without a majority of dogs with a bird, advanced Organizing Committee, the Jury and present members of the bureau of Read more [...]
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Second Tambov

May 25-26, 2013 in Tambov lands on the border areas, and the Sign of the Tambov region, near the village of Kuzmino-Gat, in the meadows between the rivers Forest Tambov and Tambov Cna the II contest spaniels for field and bog meadow game for the prize Ruslan 2291 / s. The competitions were organized by a section of fans spaniels Tambov society of hunters and anglers. Location – meadow with grass up to 20–25 cm and single shrubs. The weather was lucky it was not hot, the rain beat us by. The density of game, mainly quail, was quite sufficient.Chief Expert of All-Russian Read more [...]
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Competition in the compact-sporting «Cup of the Moscow City Duma»

May 1 the majority of Muscovites went to the countryside to rest, but the most persistent headed to Moscow on the Sporting Club Sporting competitions-compact "Cup of the Moscow City Duma"All athletes arrived at the stand  in a positive frame of mind and competitions were held in almost homely atmosphere. The weather was good and not at random that did not stop the athletes mood.But all this peaceful atmosphere concealed beneath a rather serious fight strong athletes. So, the competition was attended by Lemeshko Andrei Kondrashov Vladislav Sergey Alexandrov and others.Although, as noted, many Read more [...]
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In solotchinskih meadows

XIII All-Russian competition spaniels commemorating BE Vagina, by field and marsh game took place in the first half of June in Rybnovsky region Ryazan region in the floodplain of the Oka, near Solotcha. Photo by Oleg Leus Date spanielistov in these places have become a tradition, this year they celebrated a quarter-century.At the end of the 80s RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz organized spanielistov Union Conference, the main result of which was the establishment of contacts between the fans of these dogs from different regions of the USSR. In order to strengthen these ties in Ryazan spanielisty Read more [...]
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Tula contests decoy ducks

In Tula, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Tula region, the Committee on hunting and fishing, Tula Region, the Administration of the Proletarian District of Tula Inter-regional competition decoy ducks.Photo: Vladimir Motkova Organizers of competitions: trooz «Hunting and Fishing», INGO «Company birdwatchers them. AS Batasheva», INGO «Club Russian decoy».As part of the competition will be held an exhibition of ancient Russian poultry breeds: Tula fighting and Kholmogory geese, Orel, Pavlovsk and Yurlovsky breeds of chickens, Read more [...]
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Match pointers

In Ketovsky District Kurgan region in Utyatskom hunting farm passed 5th complete contest Pointing Dogs. The competitions are organized in the framework of the planned measures Kurganskoyi Sverdlovsk regional hunting organizations, with the participation of the Association "Deutsche drahthaar" and held August 11-14, 2011.In Ketovsky District Kurgan region in Utyatskom hunting farm passed 5th complete contest Pointing Dogs. The competitions are organized in the framework of the planned measures and the Sverdlovsk Oblast Kurgan hunting organizations, with the participation of the Association «Deutsch Read more [...]
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The contest for the position of editor-weapons section

The magazine "Hunting and Fishing XXI Century" and the Russian Hunting Newspaper announces competitive recruitment for the vacant post of editor-weapons section.Photo: Anton ZhuravkovaDuties:Writing articles, interviews, reviews, etc. Armory theme (modern and old);Editing and proofreading texts materials;Finding and attracting new authors;Participation in the selection of illustrative materials etc.Have:Portfolio articles;Base authors;Contacts among the arms manufacturers and salons for organizing photo shoots and preparation of reviews.Know:Armoury and hunting themes;Fundamentals of copyright;Grammar Read more [...]
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Holiday Frantisek Horela

Among the participants appeared kurzhaar German, Czech fouseki, Weimaraner, two pointer, English Setter and GordonPhoto: Anton Borisenko The idea is not known to It appears out of nowhere. Her preceded by various thoughts, plans, experiences,… That's our thoughts, supported by heated debates about advantages and our shortcomings and «their» dogs inevitably come down to the need to see with your own eyes.So, a year ago, we are going to go on the most representative and monobreed prestigious competitions in Germany — Read more [...]
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Compete Estonians

DANE race Estonian Hound in the Leningrad regionThe first mono-race Estonian Hound in the Leningrad region held 7 to 8 May 2012. The organizer of the competition acted Military Hunting Society (MO SBI UNOS). It also provided a venue for catching up section of the Military Hunting Society, namely, «Bobochinskoe» hunting.On the farm, the lake «Beauty», There is a hunting base «Vladimirovka», Will place the participants, guests and experts easily. The farm is located on the Karelian Isthmus, 120 kilometers from St. Petersburg toward the city of Vyborg.The forest Read more [...]
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Propellers soar into the sky

Exercise in target shooting-propellersPhoto by Victor Gurov The Sporting has an interesting exercise - target shooting-propellers. As the competition is held in this form, I will show the example of "Open Championship First Shooting Hunting Club" on 19 May 2002, a party of which I happened to be. Shooting playground, its equipment and the target Rifle pad can be fitted on any open spot. the main thing – provide a measure of security. Shooting is conducted with a small number. From a distance of 25–30 m five-throwing machines are installed at intervals of 3–5 meters and 20 meters Read more [...]
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Bringing up the champion. Article Two

In winter, when the dog was not yet a year old, while walking she began to pay attention to the pigeons and sneak up on him. This reflex I had the opportunity to work in a dog rack liner after the command "Fetch!" And stop after getting a bird on the wing. So effortlessly on walks with us Dunyasha mastered the basics of action when dealing with bird. TO conducted training'll take advantages of high speed on the liner visible bird. However, I I noticed that the dog took his eyes searching for the birds, and no flair, several delayed its development field; Read more [...]
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Holiday suhinichskih hunters

On the eve of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland on February 21, in the Kaluga region, the territory held Suhinichskogo fish farm Hunting and Fishing Festival, dedicated to the end of autumn and winter hunting season.Photo by Victor Balobin Organized competitions district society of R & R, with the support of the municipal district «Sukhinichsky District» and the head of the district administration, AD Kovalev.This annual celebration on a warm spring day, the hunters gathered, united in seven teams, and numerous spectators. Among them were many young people and children Read more [...]
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Cup Starshinova

In December of last year on the ice in the Khimki Reservoir 13th time the competition took place on the ice fishing lure — «NK Cup Starshinova». The water area was the same as the year before, but this time organizers have offered to start not from Tushino, and from the Leningrad highway, from «tribune».It is possible that the number of 13 scared off some teams, but most likely blesnilschiki simply yearned for ice and decided to devote himself to a trophy fishing. Maybe the competition is still effectively carried out in two rounds and in Moscow, Read more [...]
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Bashkir passion

Bashkortostan - is a wonderful and very peculiar piece of Russian land. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about it and can not imagine, at least in general terms, its territory, landscapes, flora and fauna, and, most importantly, its people, hunting and fishing in the beautiful steppes, mountains and forests.Photos from the archives of the Bashkortostan OOOR The point, according to the authors, is as follows. Place of competition hounds hare been previously defined -ugodya Association RB R & R in Baltachevsky District Republic - agreed with the local administration, as well as Read more [...]
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For the prize of the club «sherna river»

Christmas holidays last for a long time, and not to sit at a desk all the time, my husband and I decided to arrange for our friends hunters little entertainment - hunting biathlon. Who does not know the hunting biathlon - the application is a sport in which you want to pass a certain distance on hunting skis, hold defeat targets and reach the finish line. Photos of Hope Trofimova The event was a great success, and the women liked to root for their husbands and their cheering. After a successful friendly competition came to acting Chairman of the Board of the Central Administrative Read more [...]
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Accurate shot — Decoration competition

No one questioned that accurate shot - the decoration of hunting and hunting sign of high culture. But hunting will not soon learn marksmanship, especially in our time, with the obvious reduction in the number game, and to train in accuracy of our younger brothers, I think, is sinful. Today, for OBEFO in hunters rushed to people who are not ohotminimuma know the requirements and their infantry training leaves much to be desired. When we go on hunts, increasingly see as a hunter the simplest situations is lost, firing on prohibitive distance and It Read more [...]
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Kuban pheasant

Two and a slight thousands of kilometers from the Klyazma on Kovrova to Krasnodar Kuban for half of the day - not great record for this motorist charged. Early October. On Kubanschine is bird flight. Rich vysypki woodcock, quail and other migrating from northern regions. There are local «zest» — handsome pheasant… This year, the northern cyclones cheated us golden Indian summer. And so it has turned out, a trip to the Kuban became at the same time and the pursuit of bygone kovrovchan golden autumn for the splendor and richness inherent only to her views. Read more [...]
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