Canada: Flooding in Toronto has left more than a million people without electricity

July 9, 2013. Yesterday in Toronto, Canada began heavy showers. Now completely flooded city streets, sometimes the water level reaches 2 m. Traffic, including the metro, paralyzed. According to forecasters, less than a day in the metropolis has dropped 90 mm of rain, and most likely in the next few hours, this figure will increase to 100 mm. Authorities urged people as possible not to leave their homes, but some of them even if you want to not be able to do that. Meanwhile, thousands of people were locked in the commuter trains currently rescuers evacuate the passengers. In Toronto, a "hot Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Azerbaijan

Southern Azerbaijan hurricane. As a result, homes were damaged and power lines. Lerik and Yardimli areas located in the south-east of the country, have been completely de-energized. According to information received in the regional Emergency Commission, the wind blowing at a speed of 30-40 meters per second, threw more than 300 power line poles, 4 pylon high voltage Lerik. As a result, tens of kilometers were torn electrical wires. As a result, the area was completely de-energized. In some communities, there were serious problems with the connection. With many buildings the wind tore the roof. Read more [...]
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Earthquake and tsunami in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands experienced a tsunami generated by a large undersea earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale. According to the National Department of emergencies, completely destroyed at least one village on the coast. On Sunday, in the Solomon Islands have been a number of powerful earthquakes measuring 7.2 and 6.5 points, which led to the formation of a three-meter tsunami. Wave is completely washed away a village on the island of Rendova, where more than 3,600 people. On the island of Tetepare were damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes. Reports of casualties have been reported yet. After Read more [...]
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The usefulness of vegetables know all: they are rich in vitamins, macroelements and microelements in all of them there. Vegetables are one of the main components of a huge number of tasty dishes from different cuisines of the world, adding to the food its inimitable notes of taste.But in a campaign that lasts more than 2 days, you can not take a huge amount of new vegetables. Vegetables immediately choke and rumpled, and in the summer is guaranteed to go bad on the 2nd day, the maximum on the 3rd. For himself to bear them pretty hard. Garlic with sweet bell peppers live longer than others, but Read more [...]
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Village Okunёvo

Base: unknownLiquidation: 2002Cause of extinction: liquidation traditional transport (road) postsModern state: residential settlement History:Settlement Okunёvo Turin district of Sverdlovsk region (65th kilometer Shoryginskoy former narrow-gauge railway) rasselёn in 2002, after which road was completely dismantled. According S.Bolashenko who visited this place in the same 2002, now it is a sad place debris, dead zone. A huge number of black, dilapidated houses, impassable thickets. There are no signs of life almost everywhere. The only path leads from the impasse narrow-gauge railway to the most Read more [...]
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survival self-defense

Warning: the following tips do not apply to those who believe that having served in airborne or special forces (and from time to time even without it), I am convinced that "cooler only egg and pig tail"; with four higher education, enrolls himself in "the elite society" to which all must bow down to the feet.In these clinical cases, to recommend that or just worthless. The worldview of the Creator on a number of issues may not coincide with the view of commanders of individual groups and even with "accepted".In tourism practice analysis of incidents related to conflicts Read more [...]
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Is thither such a matter as a wet wagon-lit when it comes to abridgment in tents?

Thru Tramper     Pic: courtesy, Heap HardwearThru TrampA:How interesting. I've ill-used both those tents?or tents much ilk them?and suffer experient minimum compression problems. So I'm a niggling at to excuse this, demur maybe to say, yes, perhaps you do emit more wet than the intermediate someone. It's completely potential?virtually citizenry ooze a pint about of fluent during the nighttime, a compounding of wet expelled spell respiration and wet that evaporates from the hide. No doubtfulness, thither is a classical bell-curve graph that could be derived and that would put about Read more [...]
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Remaking vest.

Somewhere about a month ago I had a sewing machine, though not modern, but does its job fine. And I decided to "slightly" alter his vest that used instead of a backpack, carry with them enough for three days "Avtonomka" Left as it was, it became right. Grid as a carrier element seemed to me unreliable, it was decided to replace it completely. And the quality of the roughly wretched limp. After the modification was somehow pookuratney Fully finished left side nashil pockets, and the volume and location also seen improvements changes every birthday declined under certain something on the rear Read more [...]
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Tornado in Cuba

Sometimes it seems that the prophecies described thousands of years ago in the Bible, begin to come true. Fires, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes - this is an incomplete list of natural disasters that hit recently on our planet. But tonight, on the Eastern provinces of Cuba walked powerful tornado (wind speed over 102 km/h), the epicenter of which was concentrated in Granma. Local authorities report that a tornado completely destroyed 16 residential buildings in the small village of El-Ahi (Kupechesky municipality), 32 houses caused severe damage, and with 7 living quarters completely tore the roof. Read more [...]
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Canada: Flooding in Manitoba reached unprecedented levels

Unprecedented flooding in Canada Local authorities say the flood this year, how about «unprecedented» that covers 20 provinces, where already declared a state of emergency. Flood waters spread across the province, flooding roads and threatening the destruction of the dams. Because of the element of the fear of completely losing their business. In Winnipeg there is a rapid increase in water level of up to 20-foot mark. Officials said that will carry out further monitoring. Minister of emergency situations in Manitoba Steve Ashton said that the situation with the flooding the worst, Read more [...]
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Drought in Central China has become the strongest in 50 years

on 2 may. Drought in Hubei province, which began in the winter and is still ongoing, has become the strongest in 50 years. According to the website of the Chinese radio with reference to local authorities in some areas of the province for more than 6 months, no significant precipitations, which completely dried wheat and sureity, and it is impossible to plant early Fig. Currently, the drought had already suffered 52 County and town in the province. The drought has covered an area of more than 470 thousand hectares, square 7840 hectares of crops were completely lost. On the section of the Read more [...]
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Geography stationary earth

April 2011. What would happen if the earth will stop spinning on its axis? On the stationary Earth, first, will not be followed day and night. One day will last for the whole year, and will radically change the climate. But it will not end. Water and land will also be swapped. If the Earth stops spinning, it will disappear and its centrifugal force. The one from which the scatter of the hanging seat on the carousel. When the Earth rotates, the centrifugal force of its rotation counteracts the force of gravity, seeking closer to the equator and \"stretching\" across the planet. see also: Slowing Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: To grayling visit

In Perm region has many rivers, where you can look forward to excellent catches of grayling euros, and if luck will turn face, then you can fully catch trophy fish and weighing up to 2-kg. Once the fish in local areas was completely ordinary, but at the moment it's different. Actual fishing for grayling remained far in the mountains, where we headed. Also in this issue you'll see: competitions in fly fishing - fly fishing with artificial; fishing with spinning in Finland dating representatives of the Japanese firm with Ecogear Lower Volga ... ­ Read more [...]
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23 thousand inhabitants Romania cut off by snow from around the world

on 10 February. Almost 23 thousand inhabitants Romanian province Buzau cut off from the outside world due to the huge amount of snow, which lasted all proslo week. In some villages, houses and trees completely disappeared in the snow, and residents are forced to dig tunnels and trenches, to be able to walk through the streets. According to the prefect of Buzau in the snow captivity was 38 settlements. In emergency areas already targeted unit rescuers, police and army, which will give local residents with food and necessities, and will deliver in hospitals for those who need hospitalization. Read more [...]
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The death toll from typhoon Pablo has reached 420

Previously reported 331 dead and 380 missing. The total number of Filipinos who suffered from "Pablo", exceeded, according to the National Civil Defence, 5 million. Typhoon also damaged more than 7,000 houses were completely destroyed more than three thousand. In shelters and evacuation centers are over 275 thousand people lost their homes. In the three most affected provinces - East Davao City, Davao and southern Compostela Valley - emergency was declared. According to the administration of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA), the Read more [...]
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Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of the outgoing 2012

12/13/2012 This year is not over yet, but scientists are summing results remember the most important discoveries that were awarded this year. New Planet, the incredible achievements, new animals, worthy of Guinness World Records ... now think of the most high-profile openings of the year.10) The giant crocodile which broke all records. Giant crocodile Lolong 6.17 meters in length, live in captivity, the biggest crocodile. It is written in the book of Guinness World Records. After he was accused of assaulting people, killing two people, he was caught in the Philippines, was placed in a nursery Read more [...]
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Scientists propose to completely remove the ability to post comments with scientific news

The Internet is a wonderful opportunity for the exchange of information between scientists all over the world and share the latest scientific discoveries and advances to read them by the public. However, this openness and accessibility of scientific data can have unexpected and unpleasant consequences, warn two professors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Dominique Brossard (Dominique Brossard) and Dietrich Shefel (Dietram Scheufele), permanent authors section of the journal PerspectivesScience, warn all researchers who decided to publish the results of Read more [...]
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The Arctic in 20 years will be completely free of ice in summer

on 2 April. Perennial Arctic sea ice will completely disappear in the next 20 years, and polar waters can be crossed without icebreakers, but in winter, the Arctic ocean will freeze for many hundreds of years, believes Professor, University of Cambridge Peter Adams (Peter Wadhams), quoted by the newspaper Mail Online. «A large part of the multiyear ice melt in the next decade, and in 20 years the Arctic will be completely open in the summer... however, annual ice will cover the Arctic ocean every winter for many hundreds of years», — said Adams, whose words are reported. According Read more [...]
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Anomalous weather events continue to run amok around the world

Forecasters their forecasts do not Bode well, and the number of dead and injured, meanwhile, continues to grow. Tornadoes, heavy rains and floods broke the quiet life of several countries. In light of these events that brought the U.S. and Canada magnetic storm, can accurately be called a gift from heaven. Julia Tablewhich will continue. This Northern Poland, Pomeranian Voivodeship were several tornadoes. The wind speed in some areas has reached two hundred kilometers per hour. According to local police, one person was killed and at least another ten were injured. Almost completely destroyed Read more [...]
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Scientists are very close to the old dream of man to extend his youth

2012 around the world and in Russia dedicated to the Arctic and its global role in the life of mankind. Siberian and Tyumen scientists for many years paying close attention to the permafrost, and the unique biological resources that it holds. In particular, the minds of the researchers are relict bacteria, discovered a few years ago in Yakutia on Mammoth Mountain, near the river Aldan. Told academician, director of the Earth Cryosphere Institute, Tyumen Vladimir Melnikov, of the 300 strains isolated bacteria, 70 have described. Four strains completely deciphered genome. Moreover, one of these Read more [...]
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