Holland chamber

In the first week of August 1968 on the occasion of the familiar hunter bought a hammer shotgun 12 gauge, very slightly (2.7 kg), the company "Holland, Holland." Trunks of steel, not damaskovye, length 76 cm, can be seen made taking into account the use of black powder. Lodge direct, "English", wood dark brown, even black.A friend asked me to go to the booth and check out what kind of fight. Prior to the opening of hunting season is still more than a week, and then the opportunity to rifle company with a worldwide reputation in the hands of the hold, which may be objections !? He became patrons Read more [...]
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Christmas pike

Once we dropped catch pike weighing sixteen kilograms of two hundred gramsPhoto: Alexander Tokarev Adopted in our family to the table New Year has always been a fish in aspic. Do not purchased from the market repeatedly frozen and thawed discs, is reminiscent of a little fish, and caught himself from fresh and juicy pike… Well, if it, white-bellied, is a gain for a dozen ruffs snotty, okunishek much, and can be larger. Peak, highest point in the estimates for the above product would certainly pike, but catching it is like a lottery: you can unexpectedly obrybitsya an hour, Read more [...]
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Magic Hole

Frost with the wind now so frequent in our region to go and see that to believe in a positive outcome out fishing difficult even for experienced anglers and scorched. And with our long-standing friend and hope not much to see. Therefore, the morning raking the snow around the car parked in the yard, did not expect to catch. But if there was free of the affairs and concerns the short winter day, of course, you need to go fishing, poburit as increasing physical training ice, breathe in the country fresh air.Even in the dark, I went immediately to the shore. After all, as a rule, the fish bite near Read more [...]
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This was the last day of the winter hunting. To be memorable holiday closing, we went to the most remote places of our hunting area, knowing that in those places always usual beast.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova They arrived at the village, where only two houses and dozens of empty, ramshackle huts. Yet three of its last inhabitants of the district leaders continue to clean the road. And then to get to the forest, you need to go several kilometers on skis. Excited talk about upcoming hunting, we quickly got out to collect weapons, skis and continue the path.Coming out, I slipped and Read more [...]
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Evolution sidushek …

Cheerful day! All of us have become accustomed to a simple, but sometimes things are irreplaceable - Seats tourist. Most often it is simply a rectangle of polyurethane foam with a fastening strap with an elastic band and a snap. There are various options (dvuskhsloynye, paneled, etc.), but are typically does not change ... And recently I came across a completely different copy! I saw on fellow straight "pampers" instead of traditional sidushki! Unfortunately at this time was not up photos! ( I will try to describe the words - it's tying of two upholstered seat belts and tightly fit to the body. One Read more [...]
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Shrekych and time

KU all dear, here pofotkalis little bit commented decided honest people entertain their inconsistent and muddled storyI do not sobyus Tale of the way, I do not care where to goShrekych and went fishing, like Ladoga this time of yearWell more understandableShrek Ivanovich noble bastard, he is very happy to fishing continue photo contest "make the viewer stutterer"roost so steep local guys who do not want them used Th stolen motor (as seen in the sleeping zone soaked bilge water)proper motorspent the night on the islandIsland speciesthose who did not belong to the motor slept Read more [...]
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Surely everyone has pictures with little regard for a separate article, but do not be ashamed to show comrade. Let's take a general photo album? Perhaps I'll start. The first successful fishing small, with the end result ...Frog alive!A couple of my pictures: Comrades (vyzhivuntsy) chipped in and congratulated me on his birthday. THANK YOU FRIENDS! That bought triptych!Couple trophy, fishing fish.Oh! Not that!Well, something like that. Fumbling in the bins is still inserted in the comments. I urge you, dear comrades, SHARE photo, let everyone see! Read more [...]
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Subject oftop.

Comrades, I need help. You need one radio range of civil, or for temporary use or for as cheap as possible. On what, why not buy, etc. please write to the PM. Fellow moderators, even though the topic was hanging a little bit, then you can delete.

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Poems about fasting

Back ... back your comrade from a three week trip. What we have here is new? End of the world is not canceled? No? Then I will tell you my new poem. Began in September, a wonderful school time  School is all done? Tell me I have about what the school does not teach.Twenty years in the country mess Does not rise We have four tribes of five years. We were quite youths How to put the Union ends And now I go to school our children. Gorby was in deficit - Dust on the shelves of lies! Under Boris on the country attacked a miracle! Prices soared corkscrew, People took to trade, Navezli grub there Read more [...]
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Kaleidoscope of history — Newspaper For ore!

     We invite you to remember what to write about Newspaper VYSOKOGORSKY miners "For ore!" back in 1957.     October 11, 1957. The sixth issue "Crocodile", Satirical newspaper enrichment plant Lebyazhinsky mine, was devoted to a showcase for the technology. "Crocodile" sharply ridicules those workers and captains of industry, whose fault and negligence violated safety rules, sometimes with danger to life. Pitchfork "Crocodile" Head of OTC got Comrade. Osipov, senior control master Comrade. Kazakov, who is to blame Comrade Read more [...]
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Kaleidoscope of history — newspaper for metal

    On the yellowed pages of the binder carefully preserved in the archives of newspapers NTMK "For metal" Novo-Tagil Metallurgical Plant 60-year-old is looking at us a completely different era. Just died down a great war, Plant rearranged to civilian lives and develops. Let's see what care Tagil metallurgical late 1940s…Newspaper "For metal"     In the autumn of 1947 at the Novo-Tagil Metallurgical Plant held a large repair blast furnace №1. Challenges and winning this repair actively consecrated pages factory factory newspaper. For Read more [...]
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Rally of young pensioners (alternative rally near St. Petersburg).

Now I like the postman Pechkin, become kinder! Now I have the MPL with the logo "three Christmas trees!" My beauty!And if more to the point, here's a little report about young pensioners rally, which took place near Volokolamsk 20.08.2012 year. At the invitation of Comrade Zakat, two seasoned experiences survivalist (botsman & 13serg), decided to visit his residence with state audit morale of his charges. To my pleasant surprise, there was already present comrade Fox Tail. Unfortunately, I could not come comrade Darkeol, but we have, until recently, it had hoped to witness. All Guard prepares Read more [...]
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Fishing. North Sos’va 15.09.2012-25.09.2012 Annual report (better late than never)

All health! WARNING MANY TEXT AND PHOTOS! I'll start a little distance, not once about the trip. I like to go fishing, and generally, wherever be away from civilization. And it's not the fish and fishing. The road itself attracts and involves difficulties associated with it, and then, finally, you have come to your place! Yes, and the absence of large numbers of people, plays a role. One word vacation. Colleagues (mostly girls) wonder why I, and I like weird people, yourself during the holidays torment distant roads, difficulties, etc. Wife persuades me regularly to make foreign passport and Read more [...]
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River series. Irtysh-2

Good health to all of you comrades! Remember a lot of people tried to help me in choosing a knife for gift synu.V end of a long discussion of this problem (due to the many proposals on the cutter market), comrade from the glorious city Tagil obliged to inform it of the final rezultate.Nu and for my part, have dared to put video modest attempt at so-called unboxing "and, since today, Sunday, is not a sin and Kintz see, maybe someone handy (please do not laugh much). Remember Sarov storm bounced once, well, after I saw him in the window, then the slightest doubt on this score dissipated (bbls-such Read more [...]
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The hive mates, ATTENTION.. Who is not with us? Join us..

" With the WORLD ON the Threads - the SURVIVALIST SWAG " Collect only 100 rubles for a good prize, which can get specifically for you)) Send money on yandex-money account number 410011974664681 though how comfortable you method.. and send the scan copy of the receipt in a personal - will be assigned a number of roles, and it will be located here http://vk.com/album-30159529_179573910Next hold a lottery among these checks by Randy online, and find out who is the favorite or favorites ( looking much pile up).Well, comrade, not IMIS - weaving on not a bad thing to share, and you will vigialnce Read more [...]
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Continuation of the report or fix computer glitch …

At each point of the instructor led lectures - experts at their craft! We must pay tribute to the guys. At points were fires for heating and hot tea, as the weather was pretty grim. The most interesting thing is that we, with Nordom, got the point number 5! So I wanted to say - was sent to the "fifth point", or - put on a "fifth point"! Joke! Instructing the last three teams we spent in total darkness by the light of lanterns. Photos of points:Arrived comrade Serg13! Showed "split"! Envy!November 20. Place of employment - Transfiguration defense sports complex 45go razvedpolka Read more [...]
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Walk for swag, or as I have not bought a kettle from Expeditions

This post, I am profoundly convinced that directly relates to survival, especially closely affects, say, "layer" comrades actively preparing to relocate away from the "benefits of civilization", in the hope, and perhaps in the belief avoid many consequences BP ( whatever it was). Overlooking the numerous aspects of the training I have periodically had bouts of depression caused mainly lack of time given to us, and of course financial problems, or simply say, banal lack deneg.Byvalycha, read post comrade purchase Fiskars ax, lantern Phoenix or knife from Helle and salivating something flowing and Read more [...]
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Walk Weekend.

Spring has come - povylazili comrades. So I decided to get out into nature with a friend. Taking the camera down and then chevoy yum-yum, moved out of townOutside the city, we decided to walk along the shore and two ponds pofotkatsyamoved porozhkipassed "dense forest"and choosing a cozy hollowpitched bivachokon the advice of comrades acquired mosque "Tramontina" in place of an ax and was incredibly surprised by her efficiencyand this dry dubochek 10cm in diameter chop down instantly I was not expectinglit a fire (bonalno: paper + matches)put water Read more [...]
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Acquisition of relevant veschey.Baraholka.Ekspress review.

Good day, dear comrades! Yesterday, from the glorious comrade Volodimer-Fierce, which live in the same city, received an offer to go to Moscow and open season "successful nishtyakov" at a flea market in Novopodrezkovo.S happily agreed, unnecessarily long set out to find one adapted for sharpening blades, yes and once again communicate with Volodya and his son for me always a pleasure. By the way comrade raises fighting son , a joint march-throw for Sergivoposadskim Forests with them you can read in Potapich zdes.V destination we arrived around 11:00 and immediately plunged into the whirlwind that Read more [...]
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Acquisition devices on foreign websites. A few tips …

Comrades and the question arose as a result of the proposal. Who buys from you interesting and useful things Soup shall we say not in Russia? I actively yuzayu ebay and a couple of Chinese websites for 2 years, at least 20% saving, high ... yeah not installed until the maximum. Immediately, I note that there are many pitfalls that I will try to enumerate. 1. Issue of financing the enemy, although it is more philosophical. I certainly feel the class, racial, and political hatred zabugornye huckster, but their home backyard is frozen until sometimes bloody boys eyes. 2. Question deception and faulty Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).